The Parody Wiki

Felicie as thumbelina

Victor as prince Cornelius

Woody woodpecker as jacquimo

Ugly dog as hero

Granny as mother

Kion as li’l bee

Poppet as gnatty

Figaro as baby bug

Zeta as mrs. Toad

Hunter as Grundel

Nigel as Gringo

Von talon as mozo

Dr. Strangeglove as berekely beetle

Panthy as gnatty’s mother

The fairy godmother as the good witch

Judy hoops as mrs. Rabbit

King voracius as

Various animals as farm animals

Various monsters as jitterbugs

Merida as queen tabitha

Wreak-it Ralph as king colbert

Boog as mr. bear

Remy as The reverend rat

Barry B. Benson as buzzbee

Orinoco as mr. mole

Nellie as mrs. Fieldmouse

Lori Loud,

And Leni Loud as blue and green fairies


And dawn as purple and pink fairies

Dora as grundel’s new girlfriend/wife