Fernando Luis

Fernando Luís Rodrigues Correia (Setúbal, 9 of March of 1961) is an actor Portuguese. It began operations in Setúbal Animation Theater , where he remained for two seasons. In 1992 he received the Best Actor Award by the Portuguese Theatre Critics Association for the play The Threepenny Opera of Bertolt Brecht. He then spent the D. Maria II National Theatre, the Teatro Maria Matos, at Cornucópia Theatre and the Open Theater, among others, representing parts of Brecht, Eugene O'Neill, Ray Bradbury, Turgenev, Manuel Teixeira Gomes and Helia Correia . It was directed by the likes of John Canijo, Diogo Infante, Fernando Gomes, João Brites, Filipe La Feria, José Caldas, Jorge Lavelli, Carlos Aviles and Graça Correia. He debuted in film in Black Rose, of Gil Margaret (1992). Since then, he participated in films by directors such as Marco Martins, Manuel Mozos, Margarida Cardoso and José de Sá Caetano. It was directed by John Canijo in Black Shoes (1998), Dark Night (2004) and Evil Born (2007). Regular actor in television series, joined the cast of The Mandarin (1990), Alentejo No Law (1990) and Police (1996), becoming popular, then GP (1998-2000). Then followed the series My Family's One Animation (2001-2002) My Mother in Law is a Witch (2002-2003), Inspector Max (2003-2005), Code Name: Sintra (2005-2006), Bocage (2006) and My Family (2006-2007). In 2007 he made ​​his debut in soap operas in fascinations, for TVI, and participated the following year in the series Ecuador , based on the homonymous work of Miguel Sousa Tavares . In his last television work, he has given life to the villain in the soap opera Sertório Mota Feelings (2009), also for TVI . Last participated in 2011 in the novel "My angel" TVI where he played the character Alipio Saraiva. In 2014 he starred in the Earth 2084 film by Nuno Sá Pessoa whereby GDA won the award for best actor of the year in the annual premiums Shortcutz Lisbon.


  • Lumiere - Beauty and the Beast
  • Rafiki, Zazu - The Lion King
  • Chief Powhatan - Pocahontas
  • Sulley - Monsters, Inc.
  • Sid - Flushed Away
  • Pacha - The Emperor's New Groove
  • Bruce - Finding Nemo
  • Hades - Hercules
  • Maurice - Madagascar
  • Count Dracula - Hotel Transylvania
  • Charlie - Finding Dory
  • Tiberius - The Secret life of Pets
  • Steve - The Monster Clubhouse
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