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Role plays

They played Scooby doo in Moribunda And findo (aka Scooby doo)

  • They are a dog

They played genie in Teriladdin

  • They are a genie

They played muk and Luk in Elmoto and Elmoto II: Monster Quest

  • They are bears

They played doogal in Moribunda and finado (aka doogal)

  • They are a dog

They played jacquimo in Marielina

  • They are a bird

They played donkey in Teri (aka shrek)

  • They are a donkey

They played chip and dale in Moribunda ‘n finado rescue rangers

  • They are chipmunks

They played Timon and pumba in The Rabbit Queen, The Rabbit Queen 2: Lola's Pride and The Rabbit Queen 1 1/2

  • They are a meerkat and warthog

They played ducky and bunny in Creature story 4

  • They are a duck plush and a rabbit plush

They played roger rabbit in Who framed Finado and moribunda

  • They are a rabbit

They played flounder in The Little Mer-Teletubby, The Little Mer-Teletubby (TV Series)and The Little Mer-Teletubby II: Return to the Sea

  • They are a guppy

They played Bullseye in Animated Toon Story 2 (DavidPeartFan2003 Style), Animated Toon Story 3 (DavidPeartFan2003 Style) and Animated Toon Story 4 (DavidPeartFan2003 Style)

  • They are horses


In Legend Quest (kenzcoolz style) they are played by Tiff and tuff



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