Finding Jennyanydots is Cat Defender's spoof of Finding Dory.


Dory - Jennyanydots (Cats) 

Marlin - Bustopher Jones (Cats) 

Nemo - Mr. Mistoffelees (Cats) 

Hank - Munkustrap (Cats) 

Mr. Ray - Gus the Theater Cat (Cats) 

Jenny (Dory's Mom) - Grizabella (Cats) 

Charlie (Dory's Dad) - Old Deuteronomy (Cats) 

Destiny - Jellylorum (Cats) 

Bailey - Skimbleshanks (Cats) 

Crush - Alonzo (Cats) 

Becky - Victoria (Cats)  

Rubber - Pouncival (Cats)  

Fluke - Tumblebrutus (Cats) 


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