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Elsa meets a penguin named Skipper who suffers short-term memory loss, and he will join Elsa in her quest.


  • Marlin - Elsa (Frozen)
  • Dory - Skipper (Madagascar)


  • Elsa: Has anybody seen a car? Please? A white car? They took my daughter! My daughter! Help me, please.
  • Skipper: Look out!
  • Elsa: Wah!
  • Skipper: Aah!
  • Elsa: (thuds) Ooh. (groans)
  • Skipper: Ohh. Oh, oh. Sorry. I didn't see you. Ma'am? Are you okay?
  • Elsa: She's gone, she's gone.
  • Skipper: There, there.
  • Elsa: No, she's gone.
  • Skipper: It's all right.
  • Elsa: She's gone.
  • Skipper: It'll be okay.
  • Elsa: No, no. They took her away! I have to find the car!
  • Skipper: A car? Hey, I've seen a car!
  • Elsa: You have?
  • Skipper: Uh-huh. And it passed by not too long ago.
  • Elsa: A white one?
  • Skipper: Hi. I'm Skipper.
  • Elsa: Where? Which way?
  • Skipper: Oh, oh, oh, oh. It went, went-um... This way! It went this way! Follow me!
  • Elsa: Thank you! Thank you, thank you so much!
  • Skipper: No problem. (dramatic music plays as Elsa follows him)
  • Elsa: (pants offscreen as she still follows Skipper) Hey... Wait!
  • Skipper: Will you quit it?
  • Elsa: What?
  • Skipper: I'm trying to walk here. What? Land ain't big enough for you or something like that?
  • Elsa: Huh?
  • Skipper: You got a problem, sweetie? Huh? Huh? Do you? Do you? Do you? You want a piece of me? Yeah, yeah! Ooh, I'm scared now! What?
  • Elsa: Wait a minute.
  • Skipper: Stop following me, okay?
  • Elsa: What are you talking about? You're showing me which way the car went!
  • Skipper: A car? Hey, I've seen a car! It passed by not too long ago. It went, went-um... this way! It went this way! Follow me!
  • Elsa: Wait a minute, wait a minute! What is going on? You already told me which way the car was going!
  • Skipper: I did? Oh, no.
  • Elsa: If this is some kind of practical joke, it's not funny. And I know funny. I'm a queen.
  • Skipper: No, it's not. I know it's not. I'm... I'm so sorry. See, I... I suffer from short-term memory loss.
  • Elsa: Short-term memory loss. I don't believe this.
  • Skipper: No, it's true. I forget things almost instantly. It runs in my family. Well, I mean, at least I think it does. Um. Hmm. Where are they? Can I help you?