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Fiona is a beautiful princess from Shrek.

Princess Fiona Played Ellie in Fairy Tale Age 2: The Meltdown, Fairy Tale Age 3: Dawn of the Dragons and Fairy Tale Age 4: Contactual Drift

Princess Fiona Played Arista in The Little Nekojin

Princess Fiona Played Anna in Frozen (ShrekAndFiona Style)


  • In Pooh (Shrek) Played By Goldie Locks
  • In Thomas O'Malley (Shrek) Played By Little Red Riding Hood
  • In Basil (Shrek) Played By Robyn Starling
  • In Timothy (Shrek) Played By Alice
  • In Tod (Shrek) Played By Cecilia
  • In Kodi (Shrek) Played By Cinderella
  • In Jack (Shrek) Played By Princess Odette
  • In Dr Dawson (Shrek) Played By Jane Jetson
  • In Danny (Shrek) Played By Ariel
  • In Gru (Shrek) Played By Anna
  • In Dodger (Shrek) Played By Scarlett O'Hara
  • In Bernard (Shrek) Played By Adult Nala
  • In Zig (Shrek) Played By Princess Merida
  • In Darien (Shrek) she is played by Olivia Flaversham (Human), and Serena/Sailor Moon (Ogre).
  • In Yoshi (Shrek) she is played by Nagisa Misumi (Human) and Birdo (Ogre).
  • In Batshrek, She is played by Catwoman (Both Human and Ogre)


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