Firelord Ozai is the main villain of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is the younger brother of Uncle Iroh and the father of Prince Zuko and Princess Azula.

As Sykes in Squeaky & Company

He is a loan shark

As Dr. Robotnik in Balto The Wolf-Dog

He is a fat, conquering tyrant

As Ammand The Corsair in Pirates Of The Caribbean (PrinceBalto Style)

He is a pirate

As Heat Miser in The Year Without An Iroh Claus

He controls all the world's hot weather

As Jafar in Aangladdin

He is a sorcerer

As Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Canines

He is an evil ninja

As Dr. Calico in Balto

He is an actor portraying a TV villain

As Professor Screweyes in We're back!: An Exotic Animal's Story

He is an evil circus owner

As Rico in Home On The Tundra

He is a bounty hunter.

As The Joker In Batman: (1989) (PrinceBalto Human Style)

He is an evil clown


In Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal Ozai Played By Shere Khan

In Avatar: The Last Airbender (PrinceBalto Human Style) Ozai Played By Shan Yu

In Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style Ozai Played By Scar

In Avatar The Last Airbender Coolzdane Style Ozai Played By Jafar

In Avatar The Last Airbender (PrinceKodi Human Style) Played By Lord Rothbart

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