Flabébé is a character in Pokémon series.


Flabébé is a small white Pokémon with green on its bottom half. It has white arms and long, notched ears, and a green tail. It has a rounded yellow "crown" on its head. It has beady eyes and blush marks, and a small nose. It is seen holding the pistil of a flower, which has petals that come in five colors: red, yellow, orange, blue, or white. These flowers are called "Fairy Flowers" in the anime. When Flabébé is born, it finds a flower and lives in and cares for it during Flabébé's lifespan. It can draw out the power of the flower it holds. It is a female-only species with no male counterpart. According to the Professor Oak's Holo Coaster from The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!, White Flower Flabébé are rare and difficult to find.



Flabébé appears to be based on fairies and nymphs, in particular Antheia due to its flower wreath-like "crown" upon its head, as well as possibly Chloris. It may have also been inspired by the concept of insect pollination, considering its small stature and grasp upon the flower's female organ, the stigma.

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