I.R.Navarros First Parody Of Disneys Peter Pan And Its Sequel Return To Neverland.


  • Ford Brody As Peter Pan
  • Twilight Sparkle As Tinkerbell
  • Miki Saegusa As Wendy Darling
  • Ozaki As John Darling
  • Ichiro Miki As Michael Darling
  • Io Shinoda As Jane
  • Sasha Lafleur As Nana
  • Various Obedient Characters As The Lost Boys
  • Ian Scrooge Rose As Captain Hook
  • CharlieIsPoopy Is Mr Smee
  • Various Disobedient Characters As The Pirates
  • Godzilla(MonsterVerse) As The Crocodile
  • Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla As The Octopus
  • Yuji Shinoda As George Darling
  • Yuki Ichinose As Mary Darling
  • Various Characters As The Indian
  • Ellie Brody As Tiger Lily
  • Jewel(Rio),Sasha Lafleur,Kate The Wolf,Rouge The Bat,Rainbow Dash,Lola Bunny,Sawyer Cat,Minerva Mink,Susan As The Mermaids
  • Nick Tatopoulos As Edward
  • Jun Hayasaka As Danny
  • Cynder As Nana ||
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