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Forest Evergreen is Lalaloopsy Land's very best lumberjack. He's a real outdoorsman, who loves climbing trees, stomping around in his boots, and pouring maple syrup... on everything!!! His name comes from the great forests that make up most of Lalaloopsy Land, as well as the mighty Evergreen tree!

About Forest


Forest is fair-skinned with carnation pink cheeks and plain black button eyes. His chocolate brown hair is styled like Ace's. Forest wears a scarlet red checkered shirt with white collar and a pair of denim overalls. He also has scarlet red long long johns and boots in amber and tangerine.


Forest's pet is a small chocolate brown beaver who wears a scarlet red cap. He is very artistic and good at carving pictures into wood.


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  • September 26th is Lumberjack Day.
  • It's possible he is of Canadian nationality, given that many of his interests are commonly associated with stereotypical Canadian things.


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