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The four-toed jerboa (Allactaga tetradactyla) is a rodent of the family Dipodidae and genus Allactaga that has four digits. They are native to Egypt and Libya. Four-toed jerboas live in coastal salt marshes and dry deserts. Similar to the other jerboas in the genus Allactaga, the four-toed jerboa are small hopping rodents with large ears and a long tail with a black band near the white, feathery tip. The tail assists and serves as support when the jerboa is standing upright. They have long hind feet and short forelegs. The pelt of the four-toed jerboa is velvety in texture and the upper-parts are speckled black and orange, the rump orange, and the sides gray. The four-toed jerboa hind-limbs have an extra digit compared to other jerboas in the genus Allactaga. The extra digit is smaller in size and nonfunctional compared to the other three digits.


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