Foxy FNAF office

foxy as robin hood

Freddy Fazbear

freddy as little john

Mangle by bonnie sfm 345-da6c2n6

mangle as maid marian


flo as lady kluck

Springtrap (Tony Crynight)

springtrap as prince john

Mmd nightmare train by tonypilot-d55efdl

nightmare train as sir hiss

Bonnie the bunny sfm by chowpow6-d9czhel

bonnie as skippy

Cream the rabbit by terrarita-d4zk6cl

Cream as sis rabbit


dee as tagalong

Kenny-mccormick-south-park-5 55

kenny as toby turtle

Vanilla the Rabbit (Sonic X)

Vanilla as mother rabbit


goofy as frair tuck

The Simpsons Sideshow Bob

sideshow bob as sheriff

Terrence by originalthomasfan89-d7yb2z6

terrence the tractor as alan-a-dale

Shrek Magic Mirror

magic mirror as king richard

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