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Francine Frensky
Background information
Feature films Arthur's Missing Pal
Television films Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
D.W. and the Beastly Birthday (cameo)
Arthur and the Haunted Tree House
An Arthur Thanksgiving
Arthur's First Day
Direct-to-video films Arthur's Perfect Christmas
Short films Wearing a Mask!
Television programs Arthur
Postcards from Buster
Video games Arthur's Teacher Trouble
Arthur's Birthday
Arthur's Thinking Games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jodie Resther (TV series)
Marcella Evans (Living Books games)
Bailey Lauren (AMP)
Mary Kay Bergman
Christina Muhlker (Computer Games)
Performance model
Inspiration Wanda Li
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Francine Alice Frensky
Other names Frankie
Barfine Frensky
Flippity Francine
Personality Loyal, kind, bossy (sometimes), foolish, quite girly, tomboyish, tough, cocky (sometimes), happy, horny, slutty, sexy, greedy, caring, stubborn (sometimes), spoiled (sometimes) and shrewd
Appearance Anthropomorphic monkey with a brown complexion, medium-length brown hair with a bob hairstyle with her hairclips on to clip it up (her hairclips are red in the books, but yellow in the cartoon).
Occupation Lakewood Elementary School student
Alan the Brain Power's future girlfriend/fiancé/wife (possibly)
Future mother of Arthur David Franklin Read Jr. (nightmare)
Nationality American
Home Elwood City
Relatives Oliver Frensky (father)
Laverne Frensky (mother)
Catherine Frensky (older sister)
Bubby (maternal grandmother)
Bubby's husband (maternal grandfather)
Francine's grandfather (paternal grandfather)
Nana (maternal or paternal great-grandmother)
Vingo Frensky (great-great-grandfather)
Seth (cousin)
Seth's mother (aunt)
Seth's father (uncle)
Francine's cousin (cousin)
Pets Nemo (cat)
Allies Muffy Crosswire (best friend), Arthur Read, Buster Baxter, Binky Barnes, Fern Walters, Jenna Morgan, Brain Powers (possible future boyfriend/fiance/husband), Alex, D.W. Read, Nigel Ratburn, Prunella Deegan, Sue Ellen Armstrong, Ladonna Compson
Enemies Arthur Read (sometimes), Muffy Crosswire (sometimes), Brain Powers (sometimes)
Likes Red, sports (especially soccer, football, kickball, bowling, and baseball), horses, spending time with her friends, being the animals (especially a hippo), being sexy, her butt, dancing, boys (specially Arthur and the Brain)
Dislikes Cherry soda, getting into trouble, Muffy's antics, being embarrassed, rejection, being insulted, bad luck
Powers and abilities

Francine Frensky is a character in Arthur.


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Alternate hairstyles

Even though Francine doesn't like having her hair done like her best friend Muffy does, she has had a few alternate hairstyles in the series. Her signature hairstyle is a straight flip, even though it's not flat. In Arthur's Valentine, she has wavy hair when she becomes Arthur's secret admirer while at a cinema sitting in seat 3B. In "Francine's Bad Hair Day", Muffy urges her to get her hair done for school pictures, and Francine first wants the Prom Queen hairstyle that Muffy was getting. Francine has a dream where she's playing kickball and has super-long hair that can be used to retrieve the ball or reach a base. When Francine checks out the results, she is given a tightly curled hairstyle instead. After "Francine's Bad Hair Day", she has since kept her signature hairstyle. In the end of "The Lousy Week", she and Muffy are both given a buzz cut to eliminate lice from reproducing in their hairs.