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Freckles Biggle is a silly little boy biggle who is yellow with teal-green spots and lion cub shaped biggle ears with red satin. He first appeared in Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Billy's Birthday and last appeared in Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Meet the Biggles as a young silly boy biggle.

Personality Edit

Freckles is silly, enthusiastic and sensitive. He would always say silly things or help anyone in trouble in need. Freckles was the third Biggle in Biggleland. He lives next to Billy and Ruby Biggle's house. It revealed that he keeps everyone secrets. Like Billy and Ruby Biggle, Freckles changes color whenever he is angry, sad, upset, sick or tired or when he is frustrated. He also has a love crush on Ruby Biggle.


  • Freckles was the second wacky character. The first being Professor Majorchord.
  • In Kidsongs: Billy's Birthday, it revealed that Freckles loves birthday cake.
  • It was revealed in Billy's Birthday that Freckles is not good at Simon says.
  • He is voiced by Jetta Q.
  • Freckles never appeared with Professor Majorchord, Fooba Wooba John or Pierre.


Freckles is a yellow biggle with green spots, big and small and red curled ears. Freckles has a red tail and red hair. He has a pouch like all the other biggles.


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