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Freddy Fredlin is a flamingo and one of the two main characters in the Disney Junior animated series T.O.T.S.. He is a T.O.T.S. baby deliverer and Pip's best friend and partner.



Freddy really loves his job in T.O.T.S. and loves it more when comes to delivering babies.

Physical Appearance

Freddy is a coral pink flamingo with dark yellow irises and a golden yellow beak with a black tip. Freddy wears his T.O.T.S. uniform, which is a blue shirt with white buttons. He also wears a light blue cap and smelly navy blue sneakers like rotten eggs. When he goes to sleep, he wears pajamas and a nightcap.



  • In "Out Foxed," he is an expert at hide and seek.
  • In "Lost Lovey," he once owned a stuffed monkey named Mr. Muffins, but he gave him away to Mia after they lost her lost lovey toy, Lady Foo Foo.
  • He is the only T.O.T.S. flyer to actually wear shoes.