Friar Tuck is one of Robin Hood's merry men in 1973 Disney film Robin Hood

Friar Tuck played Gramps in The Russians

He is a turtle

Friar Tuck played Rafiki in The Tigger King, The Tigger King 2 Tigger's Pride, and The Tigger King 1 1/2

He is a baboon

Friar Tuck played Sleepy in Wendy White and the Seven Animals

He is a dwarf

Friar Tuck played Yax in Mammaltopia (Vinnytovar Style)

He is a yak

Friar Tuck played Tony in Canines, Inc.

Friar Tuck played Uncle Albert in Marian Poppins

Friar Tuck played Mr. Ages in The Secret of NIMH (CoolZDane Animal Style)

He played Woog in We're Back! A Mammal's Story

He is a blue Triceratops

He played Miles in Barnyard (JimmyandFriends Style)

He is a mule

He played Mr. Ping in Kung fu gorilla, Kung Fu Blue Jay, Kung Fu Blue Jay 2, Kung Fu Blue Jay 3

He is a goose



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