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[Opening shot A shot of the skyline of Townsville in Undertale story style]

Narrator:The city of Townsville...

[It shows a screenshots of Powerpuff Girls defeated the villains and monsters]

Narrator:...every time villains and monsters try to destroy this town, the powerpuff girls defeat them and save the day.

[The screen fades to black]

Narrator:Until suddenly...

[Screen fades back and revealed Frisk walking through the forest and noticed something in the distance]

Narrator:...a child named Frisk from Undertale walking through forest and saw a town. I've never played Undertale game before in my life.

[Shots Frisk seeing Townsville about 4 miles away]

Narrator:But what's gonna happen if Frisk goes to Townsville?

Frisk enters apartment of townsville/Frisk meets Blossom

[Frisk through the side walk in apartment. Until The Gnome appears in front of Frisk in the rose]

The Gnome:I heard a new kid visiting the Townsville. I'm The Gnome. You must be new here in this town, kid. I will teach how to fight.

[Frisk is in tutorial with The Gnome]

The Gnome:This heart right here is your soul. Your soul starts off weak, but get stronger if you gain LV. LV stands for love. Do not worry, kid. I'll share some with you.

[The Gnome creates his magic ball]

The Gnome:These white ball that you see in battle I have is magic ball. I hope your ready. Here it come, move around.

[Frisk gets hit and went down to 1 HP. The Gnome's face changed into evil smirk]

The Gnome:You're such an idiot. I have taken 3 girls power in along time ago. You only have 1 HP left for me to take.

[The Gnome creates his magic ball]

The Gnome:Now give me your last HP!

[Magic ball is coming towards Frisk. When it gets closer, Blossom comes from right side of screen flying in high speed and punches The Gnome. The Gnome went offscreen]

Blossom:And don't come back!

[Blossom noticed Frisk]

Blossom:Huh? Hello! Are you okay? That Gnome really hurt you. But I save your life. I'm Blossom. What's your name?

[Long pause for 4 seconds]

Blossom:Frisk. Your name is Frisk. Right? If your lost, I'll take you to my house.

[The game went to overworld]

Blossom:Come with me, Frisk.

[Frisk takes Blossom's stubby arm, Blossom and Frisk walks to Utonium Residence]

Frisk meets Bubbles and Buttercup

[Frisk and Blossom goes inside Utonium Residence]

Blossom:Welcome to my house, Frisk.

[Frisk goes upstairs. Buttercup came out from the bedroom]

Buttercup:Who's there?!

[Buttercup noticed Frisk]

Buttercup:Oh. It's just you.

Text:You ask Buttercup she's evil.

Buttercup:What? No I am not evil.

Text:You tell Buttercup she's evil.

Buttercup:I'm not evil.

Text:You tell Buttercup she's evil.

Buttercup:I'm not evil!

Text:You tell Buttercup she's evil.

Buttercup:I'm not evil for crying out loud!

Text:You yell Buttercup she's evil.

Buttercup:Uh, duh, augh... Look at me! Do I look evil to you?! No! I am not evil!

[Bubbles appears from stairs]

Bubbles:Buttercup is not evil!

[Blossom appears from stairs]

Blossom:Yeah, Frisk! Buttercup is not evil. You're absolutely lying to her.

Bubbles and Buttercup:Frisk?

Blossom:Yes. That kid name is Frisk.

Bubbles:Hi, Frisk! I'm Bubbles!

Buttercup:Hello, Frisk. I'm Buttercup.

Text:You ask the girls to have adventure.

Blossom:Sure, Frisk.

[Frisk leaves the house]

Bubbles:bye, Frisk! Have fun going in adventure!

Frisk adventure the Townsville

[Frisk walking to the Townsville. Frisk skipping through the Townsville passing the citizens. Camera shows Mayor and Ms. Bellum inside of Townsville Hall. Frisk also skipped pass Pokey Oaks Kindergarten along with Ms. Keene and some students]

The Gnome 1st Boss fight

[Frisk is about to walk back to Utonium Residence, but The Gnome block Frisk]

The Gnome:Clever. Very clever. You are friend of 3 strong girls. But I have to teach you a lesson because you befriend with them.

[The fight started and The Gnome have 200 HP]

Text:The Gnome is attacking you for no reason.

[Frisk pressed ask from Act Button]

Text:You ask The Gnome he's defeated before.

The Gnome:Yes. 3 girls defeated me once while singing. Now I will defeat you.

[The Gnome create a magic ball and uses at Frisk. Frisk dodged it. Frisk pressed ask from Act Button]

Text: You ask The Gnome to stop fighting. But he refuses to stop.

[The Gnome create two magic ball. One of them is light blue and one of them is orange. The Gnome Uses them. Frisk stay still to avoid light blue Magic Ball. Frisk move through it to avoid orange Magic Ball. Frisk pressed talk from Act Button]

Text:You tell The Gnome he's should be nice to people.

The Gnome:I should be nice sometime. Except for those three girls and you.

[The Gnome create ten mini version of magic ball. Ten mini magic ball started bouncing towards the right. Frisk dodged them. Frisk pressed talk from Act Button]

Text:You tell The Gnome he's suppose to be nice to you. And you gave him a cute face.

The Gnome:Am I going to be nice? With you? How did you do your cute face? (Sigh) I will be nice to everyone. Including three girls. But...

[The Gnome create a blue hat that is the same shape of his hat]

The Gnome:Here you go.

[The fight is over and the game went back to overworld]

The Gnome:I am sorry for what I did to you. I won't do it again. I promise. Goodbye, Frisk.

[The Gnome vanishes. Frisk wears a blue hat as a armor. Frisk walks to Utonium Residence]

Frisk goes back to Utonium Residence

[Frisk goes in Utonium Residence and Powerpuff Girls is there]

Blossom:You are back, Frisk. How is adv-

Bubbles:Nice hat, Frisk!

Buttercup:Where did you get that blue hat, Frisk?

[Long pause for 3 seconds]

Blossom:The Gnome created it for you?

Bubbles:That's so nice!

Buttercup:Why is he on good side now, Frisk?

[Frisk shrugged]

Text:You ask The Girls they got no hands.

Blossom:We are born like this in this house.

Text:You ask Blossom how she and her sisters are born in this house.

Blossom:We'll show you how we were born in this house.

[Powerpuff Girls walks to Professor Utonium's lab and Frisk follows them]

Blossom:This place in here when we are born.

[Blossom points at the pot while looking at Frisk]

Blossom:This is how we are born, Frisk. We were made by Professor Utonium. We call him Professor. He created us with super, spice and everything nice. He stirring to make perfect little girl, but he accidentally Added an extra ingredient to the concoction... Chemical X. And that's how we were born, Frisk. We are The Powerpuff Girls. And have super power.

Text:You ask Blossom Professor Utonium is here.

Blossom:he's not here.

Text: You ask Blossom to have adventure again.

Blossom:Sure. You will meet Professor when you came back, Frisk.

[Frisk leaves]

Bubbles:Bye again!

Buttercup:Don't get hurt, Frisk.

White Kitty 2nd Boss fight

[After Frisk spared or killed some monsters, Frisk goes in front of a tree that have 6 scratches on a branch. Frisk looked at the right and camera moved to the right and revealed White Kitty is freed from being stuck on a tree. Frisk walks towards White Kitty and he backs up with is Angry look. Frisk continue to walks towards White Kitty and he's getting angrier]

White Kitty:(Hisses) Back up!

[The fight started]

White Kitty:I'm not a good kitty! I'm a bad kitty!

[White Kitty have 250 HP]

Text:This cat hates you.

[Frisk pressed ask from Act Button]

Text:You ask White Kitty he's defeated before.

White Kitty:Yes I have had defeated before! Blossom punches me in the jaw and ended me stuck on a tree!

[White Kitty pounced Frisk. Frisk dodged him. Frisk pressed talk from Act Button]

Text:You tell The Gnome he's should be nice to people.

White Kitty:Why are you telling me I should be nice to people? Formerly I'm nice. But I am not going to be nice again!

[White Kitty slashes Frisk 4 times. Frisk dodged them. Frisk pressed pet from Act Button]

White Kitty:Huh?! What are you doing?!

[Frisk pressed pet from Act Button again]

White Kitty:Why are you... petting me?

[Frisk pressed pet from Act Button the 3rd time]

White Kitty:I guess... that's nice. (Purrs)

[The fight is over and the game went back to overworld]

White Kitty:I guess... I'm gonna be a good kitty. I guess I'm gonna go now. Goodbye, kid.

[White Kitty Leaves. Frisk walks to Utonium Residence]

Frisk meets Professor Utonium

[Frisk is in front of the house. Before Frisk could get in, Frisk take off the blue hat and it disappears. Frisk goes inside]

Blossom:Hello, Frisk. You have came back. And look who's here.

Professor:Hello there, Frisk.

[Frisk is confused]

Text:You ask Blossom how he know your name.

Blossom:Me and my sisters told him.

[Bubbles and Buttercup appears]

Bubbles:He's our dad!

Buttercup:He made us.

Blossom:His name is Professor Utonium. We call him Professor. He is a scientist.

[Frisk is nervous. Frisk goes by the front door. Text appears before Frisk leave the house]

Text:You ask Professor does these girls love you.

Professor:Yes. The girls loves you.

Girls:We love you, Frisk! Have fun going on an adventure again!

[Frisk leaves the house]

The Smiths 3rd Boss Fight

[Frisk goes to The Smiths house. Frisk knocks the door, but nobody answered it. Frisk is walking away. Until a black vehicle with laser on top arrived as Frisk about to leave the yard. The Smiths dressed as supervillains jumps out of the vehicle]

Text:You ask all four of them who are they. Harold], Marianne, Julie and Bud:The Smiths! And we are back from jail!

[The fight started and four of them have 300 HP]

Text:This family is a villain??

[Frisk pressed ask from Act Button]

Text:You ask The Smiths they're defeated before.

Harold, Marianne, Julie and Bud:Yes!

Harold:We got defeated by Powerpuff Girls and throw us in jail! I've been in jail for like two times!

[Harold uses his laser gun to shoot at Frisk, but Frisk dodges it. Frisk pressed talk from Act Button]

Text:You tell The Smiths they should be nice.

Harold:We should to be nice. But The Powerpuff Girls ruin our life!

[Harold uses his laser gun to shoot at Frisk 2 times, but Frisk dodges it. Frisk pressed talk from Act Button]

Text:You tell The Smiths to stop.

Harold:You don't tell us what to do, kid!

[Harold uses his laser gun to shoot at Frisk 4 times, but Frisk dodges it. Frisk pressed talk from Act Button]

Text:You tell The Smiths you should play with them and you give them a cute face.

Harold, Marianne, Julie and Bud:(Gasps) You will?

Bud:I've never been played before.

Julie:I want to play with you! I promise!

Marianne:We will play with you. We promise.

[Harold drops his laser gun]

Harold:(Sigh) Ok. We are now nice. And we will play with you.

[The game went back to overworld]

Harold:Let's go inside. When we change our clothes, we will play.

[Frisk and The Smiths goes inside the house]

Text:3 minutes later...

[Frisk comes out of the house. The Powerpuff Girls is on a road looking confused]

Blossom:That was weird. How did you make friends with Villains? Oh well. We hope you wan't make friends with monsters.

[Powerpuff Girls walks away. Frisk walks to the left]

If you killed The Smiths

[The game went back to overworld and The Powerpuff Girls is on a road looking proud]

Blossom:Good job, Frisk! You are a hero! We are going home now.

[Powerpuff Girls walks away. Frisk walks to the left without controlling]

citizens tells Frisk a story of Mojo Jojo

[Frisk goes to City of Townsville. Frisk saw a giant telescope house on a large hill in this city. Frisk walks to it, citizens distracts Frisk every time Frisk stops about 5 feet]

Man #1:We would not let you go in there.

Man #2:There's an evil monkey name Mojo Jojo.

Woman #1:He tries to take over this town.

Man #3:The first time, he and his all minions that are millions of monkeys take over.

Woman #2:Powerpuff Girls is in space for no reason.

Man #4:But they came back and take all of them down.

Woman #3:Mojo Jojo randomly got himself gigantic for some reason.

Man #5:He spits fire at Powerpuff Girls but they dodged it.

Man #6:Powerpuff Girls fights him.

Woman #4:He think he won.

Man #7:When he got up to the tallest building, Powerpuff Girls take him down once and for all.

Man #8:And the day is save for the first time.

Woman #4:If you go to his lair, he will torture you. Good luck and try not to get tortured.

[Frisk still walking towards Mojo's lair]

Judgement (Frisk meets The Powerpuff Girls style)

[Frisk is almost to Mojo's lair, but Frisk stops. Camera pans to the right and reveal investor, had a hat to make shadow hide his face]

investor:So you finally made it. The end of your journey is at hand. In a few moments, you will meet Mojo Jojo. Together... You will determine the future of this world. That's then. Now. You will be judged. You will be judged for your every action. You will be judged for every EXP you've earned. What's EXP? It's acronym. It stands for "execution points." A way of quantifying the pain you have inflicted on others. When you kill someone, your EXP increases. When you have enough EXP, your love increases. Love, too is an acronym. It stands for "Level of Violence." A way of measuring someone's capacity to hurt. The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others.

[Powerpuff Girls came out of investor outfit, these girls disguise as investor in one shot episode]

Blossom:...but you. You never gained any love. 'course, that doesn't mean you're completely innocent or naive. Just that you kept a certain tenderness in your heart. No matter the struggles or hardships you faced... You strived to do the right thing. You refused to hurt anyone. Even when you ran away, you did it with a smile. You never gained love. Does that make sense? Maybe not. ... Now. You're about to face the greatest challenge of your entire journey. Your actions here... Will determine the fate of the entire world. If you refuse to fight... Mojo Jojo will be victorious. But if you defeat Mojo Jojo and go home... Townsville will be fine. What will you do? ... Well, if I were you, I would have thrown in the towel by now. But you didn't get this far by giving up, did you? That's right. You have something called "determination." So as long as you hold on... So as long as you do what's in your heart... I believe you can do right thing. Alright. We're all counting on you, Frisk.

Bubbles:Yeah! We are counting on you!

Buttercup:Yeah! We're counting on you, Frisk

Bubbles:We love you!

Blossom:Good luck.

[Powerpuff Girls floats away and Frisk goes to Mojo's lair]

Mojo Jojo Final Boss fight

[Frisk goes inside the lair and Mojo had finish eating his lunch on a table. He noticed Frisk's footsteps sound]

Mojo:Huh? Is someone there? I heard someone had come in.

[Mojo stands up and turns around]

Mojo:Hello! How can I-

[Mojo jumps back]


[Long pause for 5 seconds]

Mojo:... I didn't know you were invited. But... You know how it is.

[Mojo walks about 6 feet to his left]

Mojo:Nice day today. Sun is shining. Birds are singing. Perfect weather for a game a catch.

[Long pause for 5 seconds]

Mojo:... You know what we must do. When you are ready, come into the large room.

[Mojo walks away and Frisk follows him. Frisk and Mojo is now in the lair]

Mojo:This is my lair. This what I do something bad to everything. Sometime I make plan to take over the city. Powerpuff Girls always ruin plan. ... You are friend with The Powerpuff Girls. Well... This is it then.

[Mojo turn towards Frisk]


[Fight had started]

Text:You had befriended The Powerpuff Girls. You confront Mojo Jojo. It seems your journey is finally over.nYou're filled with DETERMINATION.

Mojo:Kid. It was nice to meet you. Goodbye.

[Mojo pulls out a bluster and shoot Mercy Button into pieces. Mojo Jojo has 1000 HP]

Text:Mojo Jojo attack!

[Frisk punches Mojo Jojo from Fight Button and he take 139 damage. Mojo Jojo has 861 HP left]

Mojo Jojo:Sorry, kid. Your my new enemy.

[Mojo Jojo shoots at Frisk 5 times but Frisk dodged them. Frisk punches Mojo Jojo from Fight Button and he take 145 damage. Mojo Jojo has 716 HP left]

Mojo Jojo:You didn't know I'm evil.

[Mojo Jojo swipe Frisk with his bluster one time but Frisk dodged it. Frisk punches Mojo Jojo from Fight Button and he take 154 damage. Mojo Jojo has 562 HP left]

Mojo Jojo:You are a hero and I'm a villain, kid.

[Mojo Jojo shoots at Frisk 7 times Frisk takes 4 damage at one shot. Frisk had 16 HP left. Frisk punches Mojo Jojo from Fight Button and he take 167 damage. Mojo Jojo has 395 HP left]

Mojo Jojo:Everytime I try to take over this city, I got defeated by The Powerpuff Girls.

[Mojo Jojo swipe Frisk with his bluster two times but Frisk dodged it. Frisk punches Mojo Jojo from Fight Button and he take 186 damage. Mojo Jojo has 209 HP left]

Mojo Jojo:Everytime I try to make a perfect plan, I keep failing over and over and over again.

[Mojo Jojo shoots at Frisk 7 times but Frisk dodged them. Frisk punches Mojo Jojo from Fight Button and he take 352 damage. Mojo Jojo has 0 HP left. Mojo Jojo drops his bluster as he stumble down to the ground]

Mojo Jojo:Ah... ... So that is how it is.

[Long pause for 7 seconds]

Mojo Jojo:I remember after I was defeated the first time. Powerpuff Girls safe the day the first time before villains try to take over Townsville. I easily torture Bubbles in her hardcore. I've been thrown in jail for thousands of times. I just want to visit the Townsville. But... Everyone hates me. Please... Young one... This plan has gone long enough. You have the power... Finish me off, and leave this evil place.

[Frisk's soul is between Fight Button and fixed Mercy Button]