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This is a spoof of The 2013 film Frozen Made by ProMasterepic. Prequel of Frozen 2 (ProMasterepic's Style)


  • Luna (MLP:fim) as Elsa
  • Celestia (MLP:fim) as Anna
  • Snow Golem (Minecraft) as Olaf The Snowman
  • Duck (TTTE) as Kristoff
  • Toothless (HTTYD) as Sven
  • King Sombra (MLP:fim) as Hans
  • Dirty Bubble (SpongeBob) as The Duke of Weselton
  • Discord (MLP:fim) and Tirek (MLP:fim) as The Duke's men
  • Indominus Rex (Jurassic Park) as Marshmallow
  • Wolves (Minecraft) as The Wolves
  • The Trolls as Themselves
  •  ??? as Sitron
  •  ??? as Oaken
  •  ??? as Bulda
  •  ??? as Cliff
  • ??? as Elsa and Anna's Parents