Gadget Kisses Chip.jpg

A romantic scene from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Dirty Rotten Diapers.

Rebecca Cunningham Kisses Baloo

Mariah Wong kisses Ray Kon

Dani Fenton kisses Bart Simpson

Zoe Drake Kisses Max Taylor

Marie Kisses Oliver

Becky Thatcher Kisses Tom Sawyer

Serena Kisses Ash Ketchum

Kanga Kisses Winnie the Pooh

Kim Possible Kisses Ron Stoppable

Toodles Galrone Kisses Tom

Mrs. Brisby Kisses Basil

Lola Bunny Kisses Bugs Bunny

Serena/Sailor Moon Kisses Darien/Tuxedo Mask

Lita/Sailor Jupiter Kisses Brock

Eleanor Miller Kisses Theodore Seville

Brittany Miller Kisses Alvin Seville

Marina Kisses Hubie

Amy/Sailor Mercury Kisses Tracey Sketchit

Raye/Sailor Mars Kisses Ash Ketchum

Misty Kisses Gary Oak

Amy Rose kisses sonic the hedeghog

Peach kisses Mario

Daisy kisses Luigi

Zelda Kisses Link

Buneary Kisses Pikachu

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