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Garnet is one of four Crystal Gems in Steven Universe.


Wallace = Partner

Jamie = boyfriend

Garnet played Hawkgirl in Justice League And Justice Leauge Unlimited (PrinceBalto Human Style)

She is a Superhero

She played Brick from Incredibles 2 (Systariansrule2024 Human Style)

She played Blossom in The Powerpuff Gems, The Powerpuff Gems Movie, and The Powerpuff Gems (2016)

She played Mermaid Rikki in Mako Cartoon Network Characters and Cartoon Network: Just Add Characters

Voice Actors

  1. Estelle - English
  2. Mitsuki Saiga - Japanese
  3. Valentina Favazza - Italy
  4. Marie Diot - French
  5. Hilly Israel - Israel