Gary Oak is Ash's Rival in Pokemon

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Gary Oak played Rai in Tai Chi Chasers (1701Movies Human Style)

Gary Oak played Brick In The Rowdyruff Boys (1701Movies Human Style))

Gary Oak played Prince Achmed in Ashladdin

Gary Oak played Blue in Pokemon Origins (Ooglyeye Style)

Gary Oak Played Sasuke Uchiha In Rairuto

Gary Oak played Kovu in The Spy King 2: Ron's Pride

Gary Oak played Butch in Max Neutron: Boy Genius

Gary Oak played Draco Malfoy In Ash Ketchum and the Sorcerer's Stone

He is Harry Potter's archrival, son of Lucius Malfoy and former Student of Slytherin

Gary Oak played Theodore Seville in Ash Ketchum and The Pokemon Trainers (1983)

Gary Oak Played Reed Daley In An American Tail: The Myster of the Night Monsters (Chris1702 Style)

Gary Oak Annoying Darien In Sailor Misty

Gary Oak played Chip Tracy in Jimmy and the Boys (1983)

He portrayed Wilder Dautry in Cold Case Toonime (Rotten Seeds Production)

S3E23 Joseph, he was the murder victim which he was shot to death only to find out that it was meant for Joseph Shaw (portrayer to be identified). His ghost will be seen by Joseph Shaw himself.



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