Geary is a robot who is one of Velo's Champions in Crash Nitro Kart. His home world is Teknee, with his home track being Android Alley. Geary claims that he knows Teknee like the back of his hand, which he believes to be dirty. He says this after his defeat from either Team Bandicoot or Team Cortex which will lead up to him doing two different things, but in the same manner, like cleaning Crash if he is defeated by Team Bandicoot, or cleaning Tiny if his defeat is from Team Cortex. If he loses to any team, he ends up being yelled at by Velo who says that he failed him. For his punishment, he must clean the trophy room and then the entire coliseum. He is raced alongside 2 robots. He can be unlocked in the Game Boy Advance version by beating him in a race on his home track, Android Alley. As weapons, Geary uses cleaning items such as a water sprinkler type bomb.


Geary crashaikou.gif
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