Gene Galacticbot
Gene Galacticbot
is one of the main protagonists in the 2021 CGI animated film, The Galacticbots. He is voiced by Steve Carell.


Gene is a 15 year old Gallaxharian with fair skin, blonde hair, brown eyes and cheeks. He wears a light blue tight zentai suit, pale blue wristbands with a blue star on both, blue shirt with a pale blue star, blue shorts, pale blue cap sleeves and a pale blue belt with a bright blue star in it and blue boots with a blue star on both. His magic powers has blue stars in it. He is the friends and his signature color is blue.


In the movie, Gene is strong, heroic, and brave and is the leader of his friends and the Galactic Boys, and he is the friends. He also has a crush on Giselle.

Gene Galacticbot played Francis in A Cartoon's Life (Zack Isaac Sanchez Style)

Gene Galacticbot played SpongeBob SquarePants in The GeneBob GalacticbotPants Movie


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