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Genie Jafar is Jafar's Genie From Aladdin

He played Skeleton Barbossa in Pirates Of The Caribbean (PrinceBalto Style)

He is a living skeleton

He played Giant Red in All Arabians go to Heaven 2

He is a Giant Red

He played Marshmallow in Frozen (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style)

He is a snow monster

He played Grandfather in the Codename: Animals Next Door movie, Operation: Z.E.R.O.

He is an evil grandfather

He played Uka Uka in Danny Cat (Crash Bandicoot)


  • In Baltladdin played By Tai Lung
  • In Aangladdin played By Killer Croc
  • In Simbaladdin and Balooladdin played as himself
  • In Dumboladdin played as Sharptooth
  • In Pigletladdin played by Dragon Maleficent
  • In Todladdin & Bluladdin played By Sabor
  • In Dannyladdin played By Max
  • In Kovuladdin and Dodgerladdin played By HellHound
  • In Trampladddin played By Shere Khan
  • In Homerladdin Played By The Great Animal
  • In Orinoladdin Played By The Big Red Thing
  • In Olladdin Played By Discord
  • In Ericladdin and Bambiladdin Played By Alameda Slim
  • In Dawrinladdin Played By Chineas Dragon
  • In Kimikoladdin played by Aku
  • In Linkladdin played by Ganondorf
  • In Rainbowladdin Dash played by Demon Sunset Shimmer
  • In Twiladdin played by Dark Dragon
  • In CJladdin played by Satan from South Park
  • In Rinladdin played by Black Jewel
  • in Sunsetladdin played by Sectonia
  • In Caleladdin played by Scar
  • In Redclawladdin played by Dragon Maleficent
  • In Aleladdin played by The Hydra
  • In Tailsladdin played by Joanna the Goanna
  • In Basiladdin Played By Nega
  • In Dimitriladdin Played By Hades
  • In Jilladdin Played By Azazel (Tekken)
  • In Astroladdin and Astroladdin II: The Return of Captain Hook Played By Lord Poltergeist
  • In Kellyladdin Played By Cartman
  • In Allisonladdin Played By Dark Kahn
  • In Toleeladdin Played By Tiki Tong
  • In Susanladdin Hurley Played By Dragon (Cat)
  • In Yellow Kirbyladdin Played By Molgera
  • In Kai-Laddin Played By Red Gyarados
  • In Tiffladdin Played By Devil Kazumi
  • In Aimeeladdin Played by Unknown (Tekken)
  • in Noreenladdin Played by Dark Queen
  • In Ling Xiaoyuladdin Played by Alf Layla wa Layla
  • In Abbyladdin Played by True Ogre
  • In Lululaddin Played by Janemba (1st form)
  • In Muddy Mudskipper (Aladdin) Played by Devil Jin
  • In Zaraladdin played by Majora
  • In Vinnyladdin Played By Katz
  • In Stephenladdin Played by himself
  • In Michelleladdin Played by 10,000 Volt Ghost
  • In Erikaladdin Played by Bad Apple
  • In Hoholaddin Played By Gorilla Grodd
  • In Jacobladdin Played By Mr. Nezzer
  • In Star Butterflyladdin Played By Ganon (Ocarina of Time)
  • In Zigladdin Played by Bill Cipher
  • In Marinaladdin Played by Jubileus the Creator
  • In Mabelladdin Pines Played by Corrupted Shinnok
  • In Giladdin Played by The Storm King


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