Manny Rivera/El tigre as George of the Jungle

Frida Suarez as Ursula Stanhope

Django of the Dead as Ape

Sliver Wolf as Lyle van de Groot

Zebra Donkey as Shep

Senor Chapi as Tokie 

Sergio/Senor Sinestro as Thor

Dr. Chipotle Jr. as Max

Puma Loco as Kwame

Cheif Emiliano Suarez as Arthur Stanhope

Voultra as Beatrice Stanhope

Cactus Kid as N'Dugo

Davi Roccoco as Kip

El Oso as Baleto

Zoe Aves/Black Cuervo as Betsy

Sophia, Anita, and Nikita Suarez as Ursula's friends

The Sliver Sombrero as TV Weather Man

Cosmic Cleopatra as TV Anchor

Carla as TV Reporter

Carlito as Parasailor

The Mustache Mafia as The Mercenaries

El Mal Verde as The Lion

Various Super Heroes and Villains as The animals

The Narrator as himself

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