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Gepetto is a kind, wise, adult appearing in the story "Pinocchio". He is the father of Pinocchio and runs a Toy Shop where he makes plenty of wooden based toys. Like baseball bats and puppets or dolls. But he also sells things like stuffed cat dolls.

He first met the Super Readers when he came in to see what all the noise was in his workshop and kept trying to get Pinocchio to confess that he was the one to break his items. Everytime Pinocchio would lie his nose would grow, only after Gepetto would leave the room. Pinocchio finally admitted to his crime and felt much better after doing so, along with pleasing his dad.

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Gepetto is a kind and caring father. He never loses his temper with Pinocchio, even upon finding out that the small child did lie to him. He kept becoming disappointed however and implied plenty of times during the episode that he even knew that Pinocchio was indeed responsible for breaking the items.

Though he did admit to be upset, when Pinocchio finally confessed. He admitted to feeling much better, as did Pinocchio, and did not punish the wooden child.


Like so many other characters, Gepetto has gone through a couple of beta looks and designs. His current used one consist of tanned-olive skin and a slightly darker nose. He has brown eyes, eyebrows, short hair, and a beard. Gepetto wears a blue elbow length suit top with a pale gray-green vest with three buttons, dark brown pants with black belt, and loose brown shoes. He usually has a measuring tape around his shoulders. He also has a dark teal beret on his head.

Design A: Gepetto looked much older and wore a small pair of glass over his small dot brown eyes, an orange nose, white-gray curled hair and small mustache. He wore the same shirt, but pale pink in color, along with dark pink vest/shirt over it, brown loose pants, white socks, and dark brown shoes with buckles at the tongue. His hat was dark red-brown.

Design B: Gepetto loses his dot eyes for white coloring and the same glasses. He also gains short gray hair, eyebrows, and mustache. He wears the same shirt but with a short dark blue curved vest, the same pants and socks, but non-pointed toed shoes.

Design C: Gepetto's eyebrows, hair, and mustache are now brown-gray. His shirt is white-gray while he wears a khaki-yellow apron and the pants and shoes he currently wears.



  • Originally in the story of Pinocchio, Gepetto was a much older man who made himself a wooden child. Then with magic from a special Fairy, Pinocchio became alive. Eventually at the end of the story, Pinocchio even became a real boy. None of this is touched up upon in this episode however, so it is unknown of their orgins in this series.