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Geppetto is Pinocchio's father.

He played The Sultan in Tarladdin

He played Johnny's Angel in Melody Time (160 Movies Style)

He played Tui in Rapunzel (Moana)

He played Preston Whittmore in Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Uranimated18 Version) and Atlantis 2: Tyler's Return

He played Grimsby in The Little Princess

He played Captain Neweyes in We're Back! An Ice Age Story

He played King Triton in The Little Lady and The Little Lady II: Return to the Sea

He is a sea king

He played Humbert the Huntsman in D.W. White and the Seven Insects

He is a huntsman

He played James Waltrip in Cody in New York

He played The Mad Hatter in Linda in Wonderland

He is a hatter

He played Professor Porter in Reefzan

He played Chief Powhatan in Eilohontas

He played Roger Radcliffe in 101 Cubs

He played The Caterpillar in Vanessa in Wonderland

He is a caterpillar

He played The Turtle Archer in Dimitri Hood

He played Bashful in Pepper Ann White and the Seven Men

He is a dwarf

He played Sol in 3-2-1 Characters!

He played Ben Kenobi in Star Wars (Oriana160 Style)

He played Happy in Aka White and the Seven Men

He is a dwarf

He played Major Monogram in Chuckie and Jimmy

He played the Winter Warlock in Timmy Claus is Coming to Town

He is a snow wizard

He played Rafiki in The Chinese Warrior King

He is a baboon