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Gerhadt is a Bear Dragon (Based upon Kraid but with five fingers in each leg, blue eyes, without a third eye, can able to stand on four or two legs, a bit more than Ursinthere sized and without three belly buttons that can shoot) which has escaped from the cruel Dark Elves in order to save himself from being eaten and enslaved like the others like him.

Like all Bear Dragons, he is kind, he is good, gentle, super friendly, amiable, he loves his belly being touched (because it's a sign of good treatment for most Bear Dragons), he loves being ridden on the back and staying with the good races.

When Gerry and the Band of the Bear arrived at Iron mine City (Built by the Dwarves with the help of Tolarians), he met Gerhadt while investigating the caves and Gerry touches his head with two hands, closes his eyes and tells the Band of the Bear that his kind was enslaved, eaten and hunted (Even Bear Dragon eggs are eaten).

Gerhadt's a goal is to be with Humans and Wolf-people who will treat him like a part of the family.

When the Band of the Bear have defeated the Invading Orc, Gnoll and Goblin army at Reichburg, the people including Gotthilf the human leader of the Reichburg Knights have agreed to let Gerhadt stay (After being told that Bear Dragons are suffering due to the enslavement, consumption and cruelty by the Dark Elves and they want a better place where kind people will treat them like a part of the family).

Happy about the people who have agreed with the Band of the Bear, Gerhadt licks Gerry for his benevolence by taking him to Reichburg and then Gerry hugs his head and tells him that he will have a great time with people who love him.

While the Band of the Bear left, Gerhadt lives peacefully with the People of Reichburg (Working with them and helping them)

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