Ginger Galacticbot
Gabriela "Ginger" Emiliano Filemón Galacticbot is one of the main protagonists in the 2021 animated film, The Galacticbots. She is voiced by Martha Higareda.


Ginger is a 15 year old Gallaxharian with yellow skin, brown hair with goggles and blue eyes. She wears a purple heart hairpin on both sides of her hair, light purple tight zentai suit, pale purple wristbands with a purple heart on both, sleeveless purple knee-length dress with a pale purple heart, pale purple cap sleeves and a pale pink purple with a bright purple heart in it and purple boots with a purple heart on both. Her magic powers has purple hearts in it. She is the friends and her signature color is purple.

She played Thumbelina in Gingerlina (Thumbelina)


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