Gizmo Mogwai

Gizmo was Billy's pet and one of a kind. He is a Gremlin, but because Billy respected the 3 rules (no water, bright light or feeding after midnight) the creature stayed good, cute and friendly. Gizmo learned to talk a little bit by the end of their adventures and was the hero vs the army of evil Gremlins. Howie Mandel voiced the cute little fuzzy guy. The concept and look of Gizmo came to light a fusion of different little dog breeds for his fur and arms/legs. he is by far the most loved star in the movie and one of the most memorable cue creatures of the 80s movies.

==Three important rules==

  1. Don't ever get it wet
  2. Keep it away from bright light
  3. Never feed it after midnight

He played Pikachu in Pokemon (Alvinluvr30 Style)


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