Glut the Shark

He is a character form the little mermaid

He Played as Snake Jafar In Homerladdin

He is a Giant Cobra

He Played The Rancor In Star Wars (BattleInfopeace Style)

He is Jabba.s Pet

He Played Evil Version of BB Robot In Deadly Friend (NimbusKidsMovies Animal Style)

He is a killer robot

He played Jaws in Glut (Jaws)

He is a man eating shark


In The Little Rapier Boy Glut is played by Devil Jin
In The Little Yellow Princess Glut is played by Midnight Sparkle
In The Little Perfetuo Girl Glut is played by Unknown (Tekken)
In The Little Mer-Wander Glut is played by Doom Dragon
In The Little Aztec Girl Glut is played by Max
In The Little Ditz Glut will be played by King Kong

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