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He is the Character in the Neverending Story.

He Played Kocoum in Dustyhontas

He is a Fierce Indian

He Played Grundel in Dustylina

He is a Toad

He Played Steele in Kodito, Kodito 2: Huskey Quest and Kodito 3: Wings of Change

He is Sled Dog

He Played The Grand Duke of the Owls in Rock-A-Kodi

He is an Owl

He Played Scarface in The Huskeys of Farthing Wood

He is a Blue Fox

He Played in Kodicules

He Played Pitch in Rise of the Pets

He is a Boogeman

He Played Gaston in Beauty and the Jedi

He is a Hunter

He Played Aladdin in Gmorkladdin, Gmorkladdin 2: The Return of Kodi and Gmorkladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a Street Rat

He Played Prince Adam in Beauty and the Spell-Weaver

He is a Prince

He Played Governor Ratcliffe in Jenny Mcbribehontas and Jenny Mcbribehontas 2: Journey to a New World

He is a Governor

He Played Kuriza (1st Form) in Dragon Ball Z: Gmork's Revenge (Princekodi Animal Style)

He is the Son of Frieza

He Played Red in All Wolves go to Heaven 2 (Princekodi Animal Style)

He is a Demon Cat

He Played Rasputin in Lillystasia

He is a Evil Monk

He Played Bill Sykes in Pipkin and Company

He is a Loan Shark

He Played Roscoe in Fleet and Company

He is Bill Skye's Dog

He Played The Great Animal in The Bird Mouse

He is a Great Animal

He Played Dragon the Cat in The Secret of NIMH (Live Action Style)

He Played Ferdinand in Kovu and RJ: The Movie

He played Nuka in The Wolf-Dog King II: Balto's Pack

He is an evil ion


  • Wife- Sly
  • Father- Steele
  • Mother- Belladonna
  • Grandfather- Buster
  • Grandmother- Princess the White Wolf
  • Great Grandfather - Carface
  • Great Grandmother- Madame Mousey
  • Paternal Aunt- Metal
  • Cousin- Jade


  • Kodi and Dusty
  • Garth and Lilly
  • Copper and Aleu
  • Charlie and Sasha
  • Humphrey and Kate
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