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GoGo Tomago is a female from Big Hero 6.

Voice Actors:

  • Jamie Chung - English
  • Erika Ugalde - Latin American Spanish
  • Masumi Asano - Japanese

GoGo Tomago played Merryweather in Alice the First and Sleeping Lemon

GoGo Tomago played Pocahontas in Gogohontas and Gogohontas II: Journey To A New World

She is a chief powhattan's daughter

Gogo Tomago played Maid Marian in Hiro Hood

She is a vixen

Gogo Tomago with Honey Lemon played Alice in Honey and Gogo in Wonderland

She is a little girls

Gogo Tomago with Hiro Hamada played Jack and Jill in Alice and Pinocchio

Gogo Tomago played Belle in Beauty and the Duck

Gogo Tomago played Tiana in The Princess and the Dog

Gogo Tomago played Elsa in Frozen (Jiminy Cricket Style)

She is a snow queen

GoGo played Disgust in Inside Out (JimmyandFriends Style)

Gogo Tomago played Lois Griffin in [[Family Guy (Smart Cartoon)

GoGo Tomago played Ariel in The Little Hero Girl

GoGo Tomago with Alexis Rhodes played herself (Belle's friends) in Beauty and the Python

Gogo Tomago with Alexis Rhodes played as extras with Rukia Kuchiki in Mushuzan

Gogo Tomago will play Princess Jasmine in Hiroladdin