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  • Earth Defenders: These are natural monsters who are very instinctive and protective of their territory, Earth. They see the crystals and Vortaak as threats and go out their way to destroy them, even if it means destruction of human cities.
  • Global Defense Force: Human engineered mechas, built to protect humanity from other monsters, the Vortaak, and the crystals. They usually ally themselves with monsters who fight the Aliens evil mutants, and do not destroy too many human structures.
  • Aliens: The Alien faction is made up of monsters that have allied themselves with the Vortaak invaders, and thus want to destroy the humans and conquer Earth.
  • Mutants: Monsters from the mutant faction are driven by a lust for power. They are drawn to the crystals, and will destroy all in their path to get such power.
Image Name Faction Kaiju-Pedia Information Data Origin Debut Episode
Kiko godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kiko Earth Defenders Kiko. The son of the 8th Wonder of the World and the prince of Skull Island. 1933-12-22 The Son of Kong
Godzilla 1954 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 1954 Earth Defenders Godzilla. The original monster from the 1954 movie. It defended the Earth from dangerous fire. 1954-10-27 The Rise of Godzilla
Giant Doctor Serizawa godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Giant Doctor Serizawa Mutants Giant Doctor Serizawa. A brilliant young scientist, Serizawa stumbled upon a deadly chemical reaction while performing studies on the element oxygen. 1954-10-27 The Rise of Godzilla
Anguirus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Anguirus Earth Defenders Anguirus. Despite his fierce nature, Anguirus has traditionally been shown in various media as being a close friend of Godzilla. 1955-04-24 Earth Defenders Team-Up
Snowman Earth Defenders Snowman. A yeti kaiju that is most likely brown in color to blend in with its woodland surroundings, although this can only be speculated as his only appearance was in black and white. Snowman has an extremely muscular body and is able to lift a woman and run extremely fast without trouble. The creature has a humanoid face along with human body features, such as opposable thumbs. Snowman is significantly taller than humans, and has shaggy fur all over its body. 1955-08-14 Freezing in the Ice Mountain
Snowman's Child Earth Defenders Snowman's Child. A juvenile yeti kaiju and the son of Snowman. 1955-08-14 Freezing in the Ice Mountain
Bride of Godzilla aka RoboMusume Global Defense Force Bride of Godzilla aka RoboMusume. Robot Daughter was built by Dr. Shida in the image of his foster daughter. Robot Daughter is sent to protect Japan, after it is discovered that a group of giant monsters are leaving the Hollow Earth. She defeats Anguirus, Giant Chameleon, and Giant Archaeopteryx in turn, and fights Godzilla, who falls in love with her. Later on, she takes Godzilla to the center of the Hollow Earth. There, she detonates the Hydrogen Bomb in her chest, killing Godzilla and sealing off the entrance to the Hollow Earth. 1956-10-23 Bride of Godzilla?
Rodan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Rodan Earth Defenders Rodan. Despite their destructive nature, care deeply for each other and are unwilling to live without one another. 1956-12-26 Earth Defenders Team-Up
H-Man Mutants H-Man. A radioactive liquid kaijin and new liquid organism spawned when humans were exposed to concentrated H-bomb radiation, the H-Man made its way to Tokyo and began a reign of terror by mysteriously melting several people. Initially, authorities dismissed the theory that these disappearances were caused by the H-Man and assumed they were connected to gang activity, but this all changed when they witnessed the H-Man kill an officer at a nightclub. A plan was set into motion to destroy the H-Men where they hid by setting a fire that would spread through all of Tokyo's sewers. The operation was successful, and while the H-Men in Tokyo were exterminated, the possibility still remained that as long as nuclear weapons existed, the H-Man could one day replace mankind as the dominant species on Earth. 1959-03-28
Kidomaru Earth Defenders Kidomaru. A giant bull demon kaiju that resembles a giant bull with a nasal horn. 1960-04-27
Ogra Earth Defenders Ogra. A powerful sea monster and Gorgo's mother that hasvery basic attacks, relying on high strength and durability. Her attacks are limited to: biting, scratching, punching, and ramming into things. In the Charlton comic book series, she was shown as been able to resist alien weaponry as well as survive been hit by nuclear bombs. 1961-03-29 The Burning of London
Varan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Varan Earth Defenders Varan. This ancient reptilian creature known as a Varanopode, which lived from the Triassic through Cretaceous Periods. Varan escaped extinction and lived for millions of years at the bottom of a lake in the Japanese countryside. 1958-10-14 Earth Defenders Team-Up
Konga Mutants Konga. Originally a baby chimpanzee, that was found in Africa by by British botanist Dr. Charles Decker. He was brought to London where Dr. Decker made him the subject of his hideous experiments. The insane botanist creates a serum that turns Konga into a ferocious gorilla-sized ape, then he mesmerizes the chimp and sends him kill all his former enemies. 1961-03-22 The Burning of London
Gorgo Earth Defenders Gorgo. A creature that lives underwater with his mother, Ogra. Gorgo has dark green skin with a tan belly and glowing red eyes. He has a pair of small fins on the sides of his head, and also has large and powerful hands. As they were depicted with the same suit, Gorgo and his mother differ only in size. 1961-03-29 The Burning of London
Mothra Larva godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mothra Larva Earth Defenders Mothra. This larva was first discovered on Infant Island, where natives to the island worshiped her as a goddess. 1961-07-30 The Newly Born of Mothra
Mothra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mothra Earth Defenders Mothra. She grown into her imago form, remained asleep on Infant Island while her people were abducted and enslaved by the terrorist organization known as the Red Bamboo, who operated on nearby Letchi Island. 1961-07-30 The Newly Born of Mothra
Maguma godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Maguma Earth Defenders Maguma. It was awakened by missile fire at the North Pole. 1962-03-21 Freezing in the Ice Mountain
Kujira Gami godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kujira Gami Earth Defenders The Whale God aka Kujira Gami. A large North Pacific right whale, a species of whale which was once common in the entire north Pacific but is now one of the most endangered whale species on Earth. North Pacific right whales in reality may reach over 19 or 20 meters, with several records with uncertainty such as 20.7 and 21.3 meters in length and 135 tones in weight. 1962-07-15 The Whale God
King Kong godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Kong Earth Defenders King Kong, the gorilla. He climbs big buildings with people his hand. If he falls, it will be beauty that killed the beast. 1962-08-11 The 8th Wonder of the World
Oodako godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Oodako Mutants Oodako. A giant octopus and a cephalopod kaiju. 1962-08-11 The 8th Wonder of the World
Gigantor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gigantor Global Defense Force Gigantor. A giant robot that was created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama in order to battle giant volcanic monsters and protect the earth. 1963-10-20 Gigantor Against the Invaders
Matango Mutants Matango. A species of fungus native to a remote island in the South Pacific, the Matango were mutated by the radiation from nuclear tests conducted in the area. Their growth accelerated, the Matango overran the entire island. The crew of a fishing boat which crashed on the island fell victim to the Matango after eating it, transformed into grotesque creatures covered in spores. When a yacht crashed on the island not long after, the passengers found the older shipwreck and discovered a log warning about the dangers of consuming the fungus. However, one-by-one the crash survivors gave in and ate the fungus, and were themselves transformed into Matango zombies. Only one survivor managed to escape back to Japan, but still ended up being infected by exposure to the Matango spores. 1963-08-11 The Mushroom People
Atragon Atragon. Otherwise known as Gotengo. flying multipurpose warship that was constructed to defend Japan, with powers of flight, tunneling and going underwater. 1963-12-22 The Atragon
Manda godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Manda Mutants Manda. This dragon that lived in the sea and was the guardian of Mu, an underwater kingdom. 1963-12-22 Deep Blue Kaiju
Godzilla 1964 Earth Defenders 1964-04-29 Earth Defenders Team-Up
Dogora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dogora Aliens Dogora. A mutant space cell and a gaseous jellyfish-like alien kaiju was mutated after coming into contact with a radiation pocket over Japan. The creature began destroying satellites before descending to Earth to feed on sources of carbon, primarily diamonds and coal. Dogora grew at an accelerated rate as it fed, eventually growing into a colossal tentacled monster. The JSDF were able to blow Dogora apart with their missiles, but this only induced the creature to undergo cellular fission and reproduce into countless more Dogora cells. Fortunately, it was discovered that wasp venom caused a chemical reaction within Dogora's cells which caused them to crystallize, and so chemical plants around the globe worked to synthesize artificial wasp venom. The JSDF attacked Dogora using this compound, crystallizing all of its cells and finally ridding the world of the space monster. 1964-08-11 The Space Monster Returns
King Ghidorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Ghidorah Aliens King Ghidorah. It is under someone's control in most of his appearances. Whenever he isn't, he became confused due to no longer receiving commands from his masters and was overwhelmed by Godzilla and other opponents, eventually trying to retreat. 1964-12-20 Zap or Snap
Frankenstein Mutants Frankenstein. A kaijin that is based on the Frankenstein's monster from Mary Shelley's classic horror novel, Frankenstein. 1965-08-08 Modern Prometheus
Baragon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Baragon Earth Defenders Baragon. This kaiju's ability to burrow underground. one example of this was when he used this ability to ambush Godzilla off-guard. 1965-08-08 Hole Lotta Problem
Gamera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gamera Earth Defenders Gamera. A giant flying turtle monster from the 1965 movie. A friend of children and battle against evil monsters. 1965-11-27 Gamera's Return
Litra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Litra Earth Defenders Litra. Litra can fly 5 miles per hour and see things from far on the ground. 1966-01-02 Phoenix X Dinosaur
Gogola Mutants Gogola. A reptilian kaiju with his design is reminiscent of those from Gorgo and Godzilla, being a reptilian kaiju that stands upright on its hind legs. It features long, almost Humanoid arms with four fingers on each hand. It possesses a short and stumpy tail, and it's head is bulky, with two small black eyes and long, sharp teeth, reminiscent of those from Goblin sharks. 1966-01-01 Hanuman meets Godzilla
Gomess Earth Defenders Gomess. Also a scientific name Gometius is a prehistoric dinosaur-like kaiju. A leviathan from the ancient age of the synapsids, Gomess was a monster who, in ancient times, was the predator of the bird monster Litra. 1966-01-02 Phoenix X Dinosaur
Namegon Aliens 1966-01-16 The Monster from Mars
Peguila Earth Defenders 1966-01-30 Freezing in the Ice Mountain
Juran 1966-01-23
Gorgos 1966-02-13 Operation Rock Monster
Jiraiya godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Jiraiya Earth Defenders Jiraiya. A toad spirit summoned by Ikazuchi-Maru who is now Jiraiya to do battle the Serpent Orochimaru. From it's massive maw, the Toad can fire a stream of deadly flames. 1966-03-05 Attack of the Water Flow
Orochimaru godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Orochimaru Earth Defenders Orochimaru. A massive dragon like snake that was summoned by Orochimaru to fight Jiraiya and his toad. From it's mouth, the dragon can fire a high pressured stream of water. 1966-03-05 Attack of the Water Flow
Tsunade's Spider Earth Defenders 1966-03-05 Attack of the Water Flow
Eagle of Dojin Hiki Earth Defenders Eagle of Dojin Hiki. A massive eagle and the savior of the young Jiraiya. 1966-03-05 Attack of the Water Flow
M1 Mutants 1966-03-05
Balloonga Aliens 1966-03-13
Garamon Aliens 1966-03-27 Distant Planet Challenge
Kanegon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kanegon Earth Defenders Kanegon. This kaiju has the ability to stamp his feet and cause an earthquake. 1966-04-10 Kanegon Saves the Day
Barugon Earth Defenders Barugon. A gigantic quadrupedal reptile, with sharp teeth, a long horn on his snout, smaller horns above his eyes, and a long whip-like tail. He has two rows of short spikes running down his back, which begin to glow when the creature is ready to attack. Barugon also possess a very long, stiff tongue with a clubbed tip, and has purple blood. 1966-04-17 Barugon's Counterattack!
Daimajin Earth Defenders Daimajin. A mighty stone warrior yokai that comes to life. He has an angry scowl on his face, green skin, red eyeballs with yellow irises and wears Samurai armor. He also carries a massive dagger, which hangs around his waist in a sheath. When Daimajin isn't active, he resembles a massive statue which is either embedded in a rock face or the ground, and has a smoother face which is either stone-coloured or bright red. 1966-04-17 Oni
Pagos Earth Defenders Pagos. A prehistoric subterranean reptile kaiju that has a bulky body and moves on four limbs. His head is elongated, and he has many sharp teeth, as well as two long fangs, in his mouth. Pagos has five horns: one on the nose, two above the eyes, and two more on the crown. These two horns on the top of the head are the longest and directed backwards. On the back Pagos has wide low plates, like Baragon. 1966-05-01 Kemur's Attack
Kemur Aliens Kemur. A species of aliens that had been granted incredible abilities via the processes of natural selection and evolution, the first Kemur travelled back in time to 1966 from the near-future year of 2020 to abduct humans to extend his lifespan and recover from weakness brought on through overexerting himself. 1966-05-08 Kemur's Attack
Ragon Mutants 1966-05-15 Monster on the Beach
Legion Aliens 1966-07-13 Advent of Legion
Bemular Aliens Bemular. A ruthless, alien, reptile-like monster that somehow managed to escape from the Monster Graveyard. He was confronted by Ultraman on Earth and was destroyed. 1966-07-17 The Arrival of Ultraman
Alien Baltan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Baltan Aliens Alien Baltan. This alien has 2 drills and can dig through tunnels. 1966-07-24 Otherworldly Foe
Sanda Earth Defenders 1966-07-31 Battle of the Brothers
Gaira Mutants Gaira. An evil green gargantua that escape from the laboratory and lives under the sea. This monster only goes on a rampage through Tokyo and eats some of the human flesh. 1966-07-31 Battle of the Brothers
Neronga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Neronga Earth Defenders Neronga. The monster that can make himself invisible and Baragon's evil twin brother. 1966-07-31 Hollow Monster
Guesra Earth Defenders Guesra. An amphibious Kaiju that attacked several seaports in search of cacao beans. 1966-08-21 The Monster Has a Sweet Tooth!
Antlar Mutants Antlar. A ant/beetle-like kaiju that terrorized the civilization of Baradhi. It was stopped by Ultraman in part thanks to the Stone of Baradhi left by the "God of Noa". 1966-08-28 Antlar and the Railroad Disaster
Pigmon Earth Defenders 1966-09-04 The Lawless Monster Zone
Red King godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Red King Earth Defenders Red King. Also known as Redking, is a destructive ancient kaiju who originally appeared on an Island and terrorized any inhabitants it could find. 1966-09-04 The Lawless Monster Zone
Jirahs Earth Defenders Jirahs. A mutated frill-lizard Kaiju created by a mad scientist who aspired to create a legend-worthy beast. It was killed in a duel with Ultraman. 1966-09-18 Monster of the Lake
Gango Mutants Gango. An an ephemeral Kaiju created by the Wishing Stone It disappeared after the human who invented it willed it out of existence, and Ultraman carried the wishing stone away where it could be kept safe from others who would use its incredible powers to wreak havoc. 1966-09-25 The Magic Meteor from Space
Dodongo Mutants Dodongo. An ancient Kaiju that awoken after the death of the Mummy Man. 1966-10-02 Revenge of the Mummy
Mummy Man Mutants Mummy Man. a revived ancient creature that attacked a research facility. His demise led to the summoning of Dodongo. 1966-10-02 Revenge of the Mummy
Pestar 1966-10-09 Mass Destruction! Oil S.O.S
Gavadon 1966-10-23 Drawn to Life!
Bullton Aliens 1966-11-06 The Monster Calling Stone
Booska Earth Defenders 1966-11-09 Booska vs. The Alien Menace
Alien Zarab Aliens 1966-11-13 Imposter from Another Planet
Banila Mutants 1966-11-20 Red vs. Blue
Aboras Mutants 1966-11-20 Red vs. Blue
Hydra Earth Defenders 1966-11-27 Hydra's Wrath
Kemular Earth Defenders 1966-12-04 The Taste of Poison!
Telesdon Earth Defenders Telesdon. Also spelled Teresdon, is a prehistoric, worm-like monster that was controlled by the Underground People to attack the surface. 1966-12-11 Otherworldly Foe
Ebirah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ebirah Mutants Ebirah. It used its giant, scissor-like right arm and spear-like left arm to attack ships approaching the island, preventing them from approaching the outer reaches of the coast. 1966-12-17 Deep Blue Kaiju
Ookondoru Mutants Ookondoru. The Giant Condor also known as the Giant Eagle is a giant bird kaiju mutated by the nuclear runoff produced by the Red Bamboo on Letchi Island, the Giant Condor attacked Godzilla after the latter had fought off a squadron of Red Bamboo fighter jets. The creature was no match for the King of the Monsters, who quickly set it ablaze with his atomic breath and sent it plummeting into the ocean. 1966-12-17 The 8th Wonder of the World
Gubila Earth Defenders Gubila. The whale beast that attacked an undersea base. It was lured unto land and killed by Ultraman. A second one appeared in the Future Earth World, but Ultraman Cosmos calmed it and let it go, only for it to be killed by Alien Bat. Since then, numerous other Gubilas have been encountered by various Ultras. 1966-12-25 Zigra Strikes Back
Guigass Earth Defenders Guigass. An ape-like Kaiju that was one of the three awakened by the comet Tsuifon. It was later destroyed by the SSSP, leaving Ultraman to deal with Red King. 1967-01-01 Monster Majesty
Dorako godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dorako Mutants Dorako. Dorako is the goddess of might. He uses his two sharp claws to dig underground or battle monsters. 1967-01-01 Monster Majesty
Gomora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gomora Earth Defenders Gomora. He's like Godzilla, only he doesn't cause an earthquake. His tail can whip up a helping hand. 1967-01-08 Monster Majesty
Dada godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dada Aliens Dada. This creature can use its drill to make holes in the pavement. 1967-01-22 Suicide Battle! Burning with Anger
Woo Earth Defenders 1967-02-05 Struggle at the South Pole
Keronia Aliens 1967-02-12 Man-Eating Plant
Zumbolar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zumbolar Earth Defenders 1967-02-19
Alien Mefilas godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Mefilas Aliens Alien Mefilas. A race of recurring aliens that originate from Planet Mefilas. Alien Mefilas' name comes from Mephistopheles, the demon from the Faust story. 1967-02-26 The Forbidden Word! The Challenge of Alien Mephilas!!
Skydon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Skydon Earth Defenders Skydon. An ankylosaurus-like kaiju from space that landed on Earth in a meteor. Landing in a small construction site, a grumpy Skydon immediately attacked and set the site on fire with his flames. Skydon's name is a combination of the words "Sky" and "Dawn," Dawn because of Skydon's first arrival at the crack of dawn. Other interpretations claim that Skydon's name is actually a combination of "Sky" and "Down", as Skydon dropped down from the sky but yet another interpretation claims that the "Don" suffix alludes to the monster's resemblance to quadrupedal dinosaurs. 1967-03-05 Megaton
Seabozu Mutants 1967-03-12 Escape the Monster Grave Yard
Zaragas Mutants 1967-03-19 The Bright Light Killer
Guilala Aliens Guilala. In general, Guilala resembles a large, birdlike creature with a bulky, muscular body and strange antennae on top of its head. Guilala's head is silver with pink eyes, while his body is dark grey. The tips of his antennae are bright gold. Guilala also has a series of horns on the back of his head which curve upwards, and his forehead has a strange, periscope-like appendage rising out of it, which may be a third eye. Guilala's feet are large, and have well-developed claws. On the front of each of his thighs, he has wave-like ridges which run vertically down towards his shins. 1967-03-25 A Space Monster Shall Appear
Geronimon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Geronimon Earth Defenders Geronimon. A mysterious monster who was at one point rumoured to be the leader of all of Earth's natural monsters, Geronimon is also an extremely capable necromancer, able to revive any monster he chooses using a strange power only he has access to. Angered by Ultraman and the SSSP constantly destroying the monsters under his command, Geronimon battled Ultraman in a duel, only to be defeated himself from a combination of the hero and humankind. 1967-03-26 King vs. Chief
Kiyla Aliens Kiyla. Also known as Keylla, is an alien Kaiju that lives in a planet called Planet Q. Kiyla is capable of emitting brief flashes of bright light from his eyes which can easily stun an opponent, or cause explosions. Kiyla's tail can spontaneously catch certain projectiles, notably Ultraman's Ultra-Slash. 1967-04-02 Distant Planet Challenge
Sennengama 1967-04-05 Johnny Sakko and his Flying Robot
Zetton godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zetton Aliens Zetton. A beetle-like kaiju who is considered to be the most powerful monster by battling against other monsters and the ultra brothers. 1967-04-09 Strongest of the Ultra Monsters! Its Name Is Zetton!!
Gyaos Mutants Gyaos. The vampire monster that is considered to be Gamera's archenemy, Gyaos was also Gamera's second foe, and emerged from an underground cave to feed on humanity. Gamera battled the creature in several encounters, finally destroying it by pulling it into the crater of an active volcano. 1967-04-15 Gamera's Return
Male Gappa 1967-04-22 The Triphibian Monsters
Female Gappa 1967-04-22 The Triphibian Monsters
Baby Gappa 1967-04-22 The Triphibian Monsters
Amegon 1967-07-30 Monster of the Storm
Windom Global Defense Force 1967-10-01 The Shapeless Challenger! Ultra Seven Appears!!
Alien Cool Aliens 1967-10-01 The Shapeless Challenger! Ultra Seven Appears!!
Giant Robo Global Defense Force 1967-10-11 Johnny Sakko and his Flying Robot
Eleking godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Eleking Earth Defenders 1967-10-15 Godzilla vs. the Discharge Dragon
Miclas Earth Defenders 1967-10-15 Godzilla vs. the Discharge Dragon
Alien Godola Aliens 1967-10-22 Attack of the Striped Alien Banana!
Alien Bira Aliens 1967-10-29 Jumbo Shrimp!
Alien Metron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Metron Aliens Alien Metron. They're the aliens from their Planet Metron. A highly intelligent species known for their strategies, most of their kind are cruel beings, but a few friendly people from Planet Metron are known to exist as well. 1967-11-19 Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
Alien Chibull Aliens 1967-11-26 Kanegon Saves the Day
Alien Icarus Aliens 1967-12-03 Mystery! The Haunted Neighborhood
Nurse godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Nurse Global Defense Force 1967-12-10
Kamacuras godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kamacuras Mutants Kamacuras. They are huge, carnivorous insects that possess the intelligence to act collectively when engaging in predatory activity or combat with an enemy. 1967-12-16 The Bug Prays Here
Kumonga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kumonga Mutants Kumonga. It is not averse to attacking humans, as it spends a good deal of time trying to capture Saeko and Goro and later attacking them and the team of scientists in a cave. 1967-12-16 The Bug Prays Here
Minilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Minilla Earth Defenders Minilla. Once appeared in the dreams of a troubled boy in order to give an example of how to deal with bullying and other childhood issues. He is also very playful, enjoying such games as kicking large boulders and jumping over or riding on his father's tail. 1967-12-16 The Reunion of the Son
Alien Iyros Aliens 1967-12-24 The Great Monster War
Mechani-Kong godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mechani-Kong Aliens Mechani-Kong. This kaiju was built by the evil scientist Dr. Who in order to destroy King Kong. 1967-07-22 Mechani-Kong Strikes
Giant Sea Serpent Earth Defenders 1967-07-22 Mechani-Kong Strikes
Gorosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gorosaurus Earth Defenders Gorosaurus. An evolved relic species of the Allosaurus, a carnivorous dinosaur from the late Jurassic Period. It moves nimbly and uses its long tail as a springboard to pounce and attack. Its ultimate attack is a two-legged flying kick that can connect from as far as 30 meters away. 1967-07-22 Mechani-Kong Strikes
King Joe Global Defense Force 1968-01-07 Mass Destruction! Oil S.O.S
Alien Shaplay Aliens 1968-02-18
Viras Aliens 1968-03-20 Viras Attacks
Marukobukarappa 1968-03-20
Gandar Mutants 1968-03-24 Frozen City! Kamen Rider in Peril
Star Bem Gyeron Aliens 1968-03-31 Steel Monster
Dinosaur Tank 1968-04-14
Agira Earth Defenders 1968-05-12 Truckzilla!
Rigger 1968-05-12
Dancan Aliens 1968-05-26 Duiguising Kaiju!
Crazygon 1968-06-23 Truckzilla!
Alien Guts Aliens 1968-06-30 The Ultraman Trappers
Imitation Ultraseven Aliens 1968-08-18 Seven vs. Seven
Pandon Aliens 1968-09-01 Are Two Heads Better Than One?
Guiron Aliens 1969-04-21 The Knife Monster
Griffon Mutants 1969-07-26 Latitude Zero
Gabara godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gabara Earth Defenders Gabara. Once a toad before it unexpectedly mutated into a monster, Gabara lives on Monster Island. It has no tail, and boasts many features not native to amphibians—stocky legs for bipedal movement, a long neck, fangs, horns, and fur. 1969-12-20 Shocking Peril
Jiger Mutants Jiger. Other wise known as Monster X, is an ancient Kaiju and also a horned quadrupedal reptile somewhat reminiscent of the extinct dinosaur Triceratops. Unlike Triceratops, however, Jiger has a dorsal sail, two nose horns and a single forehead horn. 1970-03-21 Attack of Jiger
Gezora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gezora Aliens Gezora. This giant mutated cuttlefish, was taken over by an alien from outer space known as Yog. 1970-08-01 Seaside Fears
Ganimes godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ganimes Mutants Ganimes. This crab-like kaiju attacked Sergio Island, but he was destroyed by explosives. 1970-08-01 Seaside Fears
Kamoebas godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kamoebas Earth Defenders Kamoebas. A space amoeba snuck into the capsule of the Helios 7 space probe that later crash-landed on Sergio Island in the South Pacific, allowing the amoeba to enter the body of a mata mata turtle that it then turned into a giant turtle monster. 1970-08-01 Earth Defenders Team-Up
Gokinosaurus Mutants 1971-02-13 The Great Monster War
Takkong 1971-04-02 Mass Destruction! Oil S.O.S
Arstron Earth Defenders 1971-04-02 Three Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo
Sadola godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sadola Mutants 1971-04-16 The Orb from Outer Space
Kingsaurus III 1971-04-23 Crippled
Gudon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gudon Mutants Gudon. The monster that attacked Tokyo 34 years ago, and it ate Twin Tail for his meal. 1971-04-30 Intimate Enemies
Twin Tail Mutants 1971-04-30 Intimate Enemies
Ghostron 1971-05-21 Monster of Destruction!
Shugaron Earth Defenders 1971-06-18 The Day of the Chubby Monster!
Seagorath godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Seagorath Earth Defenders 1971-06-25 Seagorath and Seamons
Seamons godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Seamons Earth Defenders 1971-06-25 Seagorath and Seamons
Terochilus Earth Defenders 1971-07-16 Rodan's Rival
Zigra Aliens 1971-07-17 Zigra Strikes Back
Hedorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Hedorah Aliens Hedorah. Hedorah is a monster of pure contamination, feeding off factory smog and waste fluids to grow. It turns metal to rust and bone to ashes wherever it passes. 1971-07-24 Shocking Peril
Bemstar Aliens Bemstar. A bird-like monster from the Crab Nebula whose species is known for the interesting ability of being able to consume objects and energy alike through a special 'gorge' on their abdomens, Bemstar has since become one of the most frequently recurring enemies, and has reappeared many times in numerous continuities. 1971-08-06 Return of Bemstar
Beacon Aliens 1971-08-27 Television Attack!
Nokogilin Aliens 1971-10-01 Invasion of the Space Pincher!
Varricane Earth Defenders 1971-10-15 Shrooms!
Yadokarin Aliens 1971-10-22
Zoa Muruchi Aliens Zoa Muruchi. A fish-like kaiju and his head design is based on a salmon. Muruchi features some elements of his design in common with male salmonids (fish in the salmon family, including salmon, trout, grayling and char), such as his long jaw and hooked kype. Muruchi's name comes from the Japanese pork dish Inamuruchi. The "Zoa" in Zoa Muruchi's name means "Hate" in the Alien Mate's language, hence Bio's hatred against Earth for his father's death. 1971-11-19 Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
Pris-Ma Mutants 1971-12-03 The Light Monster
Iron Aliens 1971-12-05 The Steel Dragon's Rage
Draculas Aliens 1971-12-10
Alien Nackle Aliens 1971-12-17 A Kaiju Christmas
Black King godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Black King Mutants 1971-12-17 A Kaiju Christmas
Snowgon Aliens 1972-01-14 Struggle at the South Pole
Kodaigon Earth Defenders 1972-02-04
Femigon Mutants 1972-03-03
Gigan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gigan 1972 Aliens Gigan. In 1972, a type of space dinosaur whose role on his home planet was analogous to that of Godzilla's on Earth. 1972-03-12 Aliens Incoming
Alien Bat Aliens 1972-03-31
Verokron Mutants 1972-04-07 This One Blow is Filled with Anger!
Yapool Aliens 1972-04-07 This One Blow is Filled with Anger!
Vakishim godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Vakishim Mutants 1972-04-21 This Blow is Filled with Anger!
Daigoro Earth Defenders 1972-12-17 The Monster Assault
Garasharp Mutants 1972-04-27
Aribunta Mutants Aribunta. A pecies of ant Terrible-Monster that was created by by combining a carnivorous ant and a space monster. The servants of one of Yapool's agents, Giron Man, two Aribunta were tasked with constructing an underground fortress for their master beneath the city of Tokyo, attacking any humans unlucky enough to be caught in their path. After Ace defeated the first Aribunta, the second went with its master to attack the surface while Ace was imprisoned underground. Fortunately, Zoffy came to the rescue, then joined Ace in defeating the two subterranean menaces. Since Aribunta's debut, several other individuals of the species have appeared, almost always as servants of alien beings. 1972-05-05 Bonds of Brothers! Ace and Zoffy!!
Doragoris Mutants Doragoris. A moth terrible-monster created by Yapool from combining a moth with a space monster. Renowned for his sheer strength and brutal fighting style, the original Doragory posed a significant challenge for Ace, and could only be defeated by the hero accessing his Ace Blade to slice him to pieces. 1972-05-19 Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
Unitang Mutants 1972-06-16 Choju Attack!
Sabotendar Mutants 1972-06-23
Goliath Aliens 1972-12-17 The Monster Assault
Baraba 1972-06-30 Behold! 10,000 Super Beasts
Ace Killer Aliens 1972-07-07 Terror! The Flower from Hell
King Crab 1972-07-14 Behold! 10,000 Super Beasts
Cowra Mutants 1972-07-21
Mazaron Man 1972-09-01 Volcano Fights!
Mazarius 1972-09-15 Volcano Fights!
Sphinx 1972-09-22
Alien Hipporit Aliens 1972-09-29 The Ultraman Trappers
Alien Fire Aliens 1972-12-29 Alien, Monster, Robot Attack
Lunaticks Aliens 1972-10-13 Volcano Fights!
Gitagitanga 1972-10-20
Coakes Mutants 1972-11-10
Snowgiran Mutants 1972-12-22 A Kaiju Christmas
Shishigoran 1973-01-12 Leilon's Return!
Kaimanda 1973-01-12 Leilon's Return!
Onidevil 1973-02-02
Hanzagiran 1972-02-23
Jet Jaguar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Jet Jaguar Global Defense Force Jet Jaguar. This human-sized robot was created by a Japanese scientist for unknown reasons. Created with a great potential for learning, Jet Jaguar achieved sentience and began to modify himself and his programming. 1973-03-17 The Heroic Robot Defends
Megalon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Megalon Aliens Megalon. Sometimes is considered one of the least intelligent beetle kaiju. This is demonstrated by the fact that he is easily manipulated by external stimuli. 1973-03-17 Aliens Incoming
Jumbo King Mutants 1973-03-30
Astromons Aliens 1973-04-06 Terror! The Flower from Hell
Oil Drinker Mutants 1973-04-06 Terror! The Flower from Hell
Cosmo Liquid 1973-04-13 Attack of the Kaiju Duo
Live King 1973-04-13 Attack of the Kaiju Duo
King Tortoise Earth Defenders 1973-04-27 Tortosie Attack
Queen Tortoise Earth Defenders 1973-04-27 Tortosie Attack
Mini Tortoise Earth Defenders 1973-05-04 Tortosie Attack
Enmargo 1973-07-06
Birdon 1973-07-27 The Ultra Killer
Kemjila 1973-07-27 The Ultra Killer
Alien Empera Aliens Alien Empera. Also known as the Lord of Darkness and simply The Emperor, is the sole survivor of an alien race, having embraced the darkness to survive on his dying planet. He is the ruler of Empera Army and the commander of Dark Four Heavenly Kings. 1973-09-21 God, Save the King Part II: Alien Empera's Attack
Mukadender 1973-09-28 Fight! Taro Against Mukadender
Alien Temperor Aliens 1973-11-16 The Wrath of Alien Temperor
Alien Miracle Aliens 1973-12-21 A Kaiju Christmas
Mochiron Aliens 1973-12-28 Mortar Kaiju!
Tyrant 1974-01-04 Chimera
Alien Kisaragi Aliens 1974-02-01
Piccolo Alien 1972-02-15 Pinocchio
Gorgosaurus 1972-02-22
Gelan 1972-02-22
Mechagodzilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mechagodzilla Aliens Mechagodzilla. A weaponized anti-Godzilla robot created by the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens based on research of Earth's strongest living being, Godzilla. 1974-03-21 The Fistful of the Mecha
King Caesar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Caesar Earth Defenders King Caesar, the ancient guardian of the Azumi family, was sleeping in a mountain, waiting to be awoken. 1974-03-21 The Fistful of the Mecha
Dorobon Aliens 1974-03-29 The Monkey Thief!
Alien Valky Aliens 1974-04-05 The Fish Fiasco!
Samekujira 1974-04-05 The Fish Fiasco!
Alien Magma godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Magma Aliens Alien Magma. They are a cat-like alien race from the planet Magma. The Alien Magmas were a brutal alien race and the ones who were responsible for the destruction of Planet L77. 1974-04-12 Magma Seijin's Revenge
Vekira Aliens Vekira. A Kaiju of unknown origins, Vekira entered one of Japan's populated cities and began its devastating rampage. 1974-05-31
Ron Earth Defenders 1974-06-14 Monster Reunion
Alien Kettle Aliens 1974-06-21
King Dark King Dark. A giant robot who served as the major executive of the villain organization G.O.D.. 1974-07-13
Alien Boze Aliens 1974-08-16
Satan Beetle 1974-09-27 The Stag Beetle is a Space Invader!
Oni-On 1974-10-11 The Return of Demon!
Alien Akumania Aliens 1974-11-22 Eye Kaiju!
Dustpan Aliens 1974-11-27 Monster from Planet X
Sevenger Global Defense Force Sevenger. A Capsule Kaiju and the fourth official member of Ultraseven's set of Capsule Monsters. Later part of the Global Defense Force in order to fight monsters to save humanity. 1974-11-29 Sevenger to the Rescue
Ashuran Aliens 1974-11-29 Leo and Jack United! Oath of the Ultra Brothers Forever
Alien Babarue Aliens 1974-12-27 Sevenger to the Rescue
Nova Aliens 1975-03-07 The Red Ghost
Titanosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Titanosaurus Mutants Titanosaurus. A descendant of an amphibious dinosaur that lived in the oceanic regions near Ogasawara. Although originally a dinosaur of meek character, its discoverer Dr. Mafune implanted a control device in its head to help him exact revenge on society. 1975-03-15 Awaken in the Murky Sea
Black End 1975-03-21
Great Leader of Delza Army 1975-12-13
Seagra Earth Defenders 1979-04-04
Mikonos Aliens 1979-05-23
Bedran Mutants 1979-07-21
Roachra Mutants Roachra. A mutant cockroach monster that fought Godzilla in 1978. 1980-03-07 The Monster Assault
Great Leader of Neo-Shocker 1979-10-05
Gikogilar Aliens 1980-04-09 Terror of the Dark Avian
Hoe Earth Defenders 1980-04-16 Sorrowful Monster
Zandrias Aliens 1980-04-23 For the Love of the Sky
Saramandora Aliens 1980-06-25 Reptilian Rampage
Gymaira Aliens Gymaira. An alien monster who came to Earth after destroying a alien spaceship in a meteorite 20 years ago, and made his living by attacking and controlling several living creatures that inhabited the Island he resided on all while hiding inside a massive cave. 1980-07-23 Fight! Great Battle Between Ace and Gimira, Part 1
Zatan Silver 1980-10-22
Fire-Draco Mutants 1980-12-03
Delusion Ultraseven 1981-02-11 Duel! 80 vs. Seven
Margodon 1981-03-25
Mold Aliens Mold. The eldest sibling of the Gua Trio, who together with Juda and Gina combine into their original form Gua. He is also one of the leaders of Gua Army. He was defeated by Andro Melos when he and his siblings formed Gua to combat the Andro Super Warrior. 1983-02-28
Wolfman Mutants Wolfman. A werewolf kaiju with his name simply combines the Japanese words for "wolf" and "man", and is possibly inspired from Universal Studios' Wolf Man character. Unlike the majority of Godzilla kaiju, the Wolfman's name is spelled in kanji rather than in katakana, similar to Toho's Snowman. 1983-10-11 Restricted Area
Shockirins Mutants Shockirins. A mutated sea louse kaiju that resembles marine arthropods like the horseshoe crab with its multiple legs and hard shell. Its shell has many bumps, and it has a two-pronged spike tail. 1985-08-23 Tokyo Reunited
Grand King Aliens Grand King. A powerful cyborg kaiju that was created by Juda. Though the first Grand King is a chimeric robot, empowered by the spirits of several opponents previously fought by the Ultras, numerous unique forms of Grand King exist that appear to be entirely new, rather than combinations like the original. 1984-07-14 Godzilla vs. Grand King
Baby Kong Earth Defenders 1986-12-19 Rivalry Returns
Lady Kong Earth Defenders Lady Kong. A female giant ape and the mate of King Kong. She closely resembles King Kong, but features a few notable differences, in keeping with her gender. The fur around her head is a reddish color, she has a smaller sagittal crest on the top of her head, and she has more pronounced breasts. 1986-12-19 Rivalry Returns
Giant Shadow Moon 1987-10-04
Godzilla 1989 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 1989 Earth Defenders Godzilla. In 1989, an animal with at least semi-sapience that stumbles upon human civilization without any malicious intent, only destroying man-made structures or obstacles like buildings when the humans provoke him, or, when dead-set on arriving at a certain location. 1989-12-16 Tokyo Reunited
Deutalios Mutants 1989-12-16 Tokyo Reunited
Biollante godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Biollante Mutants Biollante. A terrifying example of mankind's ability to unleash horrors upon the world. The result of anti-monster mutagen experiments gone horribly awry, Biollante is a patchwork mix of human, plant, and monster DNA. 1989-12-16 Tokyo Reunited
Godzillasaurus Earth Defenders Godzillasaurus. In 1944, Japanese and American garrisons battling on Lagos Island during the Pacific War encountered a Godzillasaurus, which proceeded to attack and repel the American forces in order to defend its territory. The dinosaur later collapsed from injuries sustained in the battle, while the Japanese garrison paid their respects to the creature before departing. In a misguided attempt to erase Godzilla from history, a group of time travelers used the ship KIDS to teleport the wounded Godzillasaurus into the Bering Sea where they expected it would die far from nuclear testing. In the 1970's, a Soviet nuclear submarine crashed in the dinosaur's vicinity, the released radiation revitalizing it and transforming it into Godzilla. 1991-12-14 Tokyo Reunited
Mecha-King Ghidorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mecha-King Ghidorah Global Defense Force Mecha-King Ghidorah. It has replenishable taser weapons, which can drain an opponent's energy reserves. 1991-12-14 The Bolt Case of Three-Headed Dragon
Gekido-jin Earth Defenders Gekido-Jin. An ancient stone demon. He resembles a large ancient Samurai warrior wearing dark greenish black armor with red and golden details. Underneath he has green skin, long nails and fangs. 1992-01-01
Kilazee Aliens 1992-03-21 The Attack on Earth
Kodalar Mutants 1992-03-21 The Attack on Earth
Dino Megazord Global Defense Force 1992-04-03 Godzilla x Power Rangers
Battra Larva godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Battra Larva Mutants Battra. This larva was awakened by a meteorite in Siberia. Battra swam to the coast of Japan and burrowed, reappearing and attacking Nagoya. 1992-12-12 Trouble With the Lava Monster
Battra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Battra Mutants Battra. Unlike Mothra, Battra sees humanity as a blight on the Earth that must be destroyed if the planet is to survive. 1992-12-12 Trouble With the Lava Monster
Fire Rodan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Fire Rodan Earth Defenders Fire Rodan. The transformation of Rodan, his element is the air, the clouds, and the wind-swept mountain peaks that scrape against them. Nesting in the tops of active volcanoes, Fire Rodan is virtually immune to heat and lava-based attacks. 1993-12-11 The Fiery Transformation
Mechagodzilla II godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mechagodzilla II Global Defense Force Mechagodzilla II. Its armor is made of a combination of artificial diamond coating and the super-heat-resistant alloy "NT-1" engineered on orbital satellites, allowing it to completely withstand Godzilla's heat rays. 1993-12-11 RoboGodzilla
Super Godzilla Earth Defenders 1993-12-23 Super Godzilla
Bagan Mutants Bagan. An ancient super kaiju that has a long horn n the edge of its snout. He has pale white skin and a red stomach. It has four claws on both of its hands and five on its feet. It has pointy triangles coming out of its back. 1993-12-23 Clash of the Dragons
Machine Beast Mothership Fog Mother Aliens 1994-04-16 Ancient Evil
Orochi Mutants 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Amano Shiratori Earth Defenders Amano Shiratori. A swan deity kaiju that can fly, teleport, and can enchant an area allowing it to levitate or teleport objects in that location. 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Utsuno Ikusagami Global Defense Force Utsuno Ikusagami. A warrior god that can create Force Field Mirrors, hurl bolts of light, and fire Sun Bolts from his forehead. Then wields the Sword of Karasai and has ability to flight. 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Kumasogami Mutants 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Kaishin Muba 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Fairy Mothra Earth Defenders Fairy Mothra. Also known as simply Fairy, is a tiny divine moth kaiju and it looks like a miniature Mothra, but the patterns on its body look less like Mothra's or Leo's with each new puppet made for it. 1994-12-10 Aliens from Space
M.O.G.U.E.R.A. godzillathemonstrousmission.png
M.O.G.U.E.R.A. Global Defense Force M.O.G.U.E.R.A.. M.O.G.U.E.R.A. was the GDF's first successful anti-monster robot, employing a wide variety of weapons and defensive systems linked by a powerful auto-targeting supercomputer. 1994-12-10 The Heroic Robot Defends
SpaceGodzilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
SpaceGodzilla Mutants SpaceGodzilla. It has an unknown potential for psychic abilities, including telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, mind control, and the manipulation of many basic elements. Space Godzilla can temper crystal towers from the earth around him, which he uses to magnify and focus his psychic energies. 1994-12-10 Aliens from Space
Bagorah Aliens Bagorah. A large, predatory alien bat kaiju from outer space. Bagorah possessed unfathomably accurate hearing, able to hear Godzilla's shriek on Earth all the way out in the depths of space, fly at remarkable speeds, able to travel to Earth from deep space in a rather short period of time and keep up with modern fighter jets with no apparent difficulty. Bagorah naturally emitted high-frequency sound waves, most likely to serve as a form of echolocation. However, these same waves also had destructive abilities, being able to damage hearing, shatter glass, and in his clash against Godzilla, reduce a modern city building to rubble. Aside from his devastating sonic waves, he also had the ability to unleash powerful concentrated sound blasts at his prey while using his echolocation abilities, which caused a good amount of damage even to creatures such as Godzilla himself. His teeth and talons were quite sharp, able to do damage to even Cybersaur's hull and pose a threat to Godzilla's tough hide. 1995-08-01 Space Invaders
Cybersaur Global Defense Force Cybersaur. A United Nations-built robot dinosaur that can possessed quite an impressive arsenal, including eight missiles launchers on its shoulders and laser cannons mounted in its wrists and mouth, as well as its shoulders. Its laser cannons contained enough power to injure the weakened Godzilla and pose a considerable threat to Bagorah. It could also constantly emit an electric field which absorbed enemy attacks. It was later equipped with a Sonic Disruptor to deal with Bagorah, but no doubt its greatest weapon was the G-Buster, an enormous gun that extended from Cybersaur's torso. This weapon was so powerful that it sent Godzilla into a coma with one shot. It was also mentioned by a member of the research team G-Force that Cybersaur also had plasma bombs in its destructive arsenal. It can be noted that Cybersaur was still in its late maintenance and development stages when it went into battle against Godzilla; perhaps if the mighty machine was in a fully operational condition, it could have handily beaten the King of the Monsters! 1995-08-01
Burtannus Earth Defenders Burtannus. Whose full name is "Burtannus Rex" was a giant, underground monster with her skin is armour-like and quite tough. She has a large, powerful tail capable of battering opponents, and it is also covered in spikes. Her beak is quite sharp and capable of piercing even Godzilla's hide. Her greatest weapon, however, is the ability to send out a powerful electrical current from her snout spike, an attack strong enough to momentarily stun Godzilla. 1995-08-01
Godzilla Jr. Earth Defenders 1995-12-09 The New Leader
Burning Godzilla Earth Defenders Burning Godzilla. In 1996, a nuclear reaction in Godzilla's heart ignited uranium deposits on Birth Island, causing the island, along with Godzilla and his adopted son, to vanish in a fiery explosion. Godzilla soon resurfaced in Hong Kong, now covered in glowing red rashes and called Burning Godzilla. He annihilated the city with his red atomic breath and eventually disappeared out to sea. During a meeting the next day, G-Force discussed Godzilla's appearance. Professor Marvin, an American scientist employed by the United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center, suggested that something had happened to Godzilla's heart, which was essentially a biological nuclear reactor. 1995-12-09 The Waves
Destoroyah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Destoroyah Mutants Destoroyah. It emerged from a crustacean colony from the Precambrian Eon, awoken from its sleep on the ocean's floor by the "Oxygen Destroyer", an underwater oxygen-disrupting agent used to defeat the original Godzilla. 1995-12-09 The Waves
Ghost Godzilla Earth Defenders Ghost Godzilla. He was the restless spirit of the very first Godzilla. Ghost Godzilla possessed an atomic ray, with mock images of him showing its charge up. While unfinished, Ghost Godzilla was to become fully transparent, barring his glowing dorsal plates once he began to charge his atomic powers. Ghost Godzilla was able to possess and mutate the body of its host, as seen with its possession of Little Godzilla. Ghost Godzilla possessed Kiryu after hearing the roar of Godzilla. 1995-12-20 Super Powered-Monsters
Lord Howe Monster Mutants Lord Howe Monster. A giant, humanoid crustacean that possessed the ability to fire powerful emerald energy beams from its eyes, which never failed to knock Godzilla off his feet. ts shell was also quite tough, as it showed no damage from Godzilla's atomic ray. Naturally, as a crustacean, the Lord Howe Monster was quite adept at swimming. 1996-08-01
Golza godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Golza Mutants Golza. Called by Yuzare as "the earth-shaking monster", is an ancient race of Kaiju from the Ultra-Ancient Civilization's time. At first, a single member returned in the present day to attack the to-be-revived giants, and along with Melba, destroyed all but one of the three statues, housing three of the ancient warriors of light. 1996-09-07 Pyramid of Tiga
Melba Mutants Melba. Called by Yuzare as "the sky-cleaving monster", is an ancient bird-like kaiju emerged from the side of a mountain on Easter Island during the night and shortly after took off to join Golza in the destruction of humanity. Melba reunited with Golza as Golza was destroying Tiga's pyramid of light and assisted the Kaiju in destroying two of the three statues that resided in the pyramid. 1996-09-07 Pyramid of Tiga
Kyrieloid Aliens 1996-09-21 The Stalking Shadow of the Devil! Kyrieloid Appears!!
Gazort Mutants 1996-10-12 Friend Eating Kaiju!
Gilanbo Aliens 1996-10-26 Halloween Witch!
Gagi Aliens 1996-11-09
Evolu Mutants 1996-11-16
Mothra Leo Larva Earth Defenders 1996-12-14
Mothra Leo Earth Defenders 1996-12-14
Desghidorah Aliens Desghidorah. An alien creature and relative of King Ghidorah that gains power from destroying and feeding off of the life energies of the planets in ravages. It arrived in the Solar System approximately 65 million years ago, and cleansed Mars of life before moving onto Earth, which at the time was inhabited by the Elias and their guardian, Mothra. The resultant battle obliterated the Elias' civilization, but Desghidorah was defeated and locked away in a mystically sealed chamber so no one could ever release him. 1996-12-14 The 3-headed Beast of Destruction
Sakunaoni 1996-12-21
Garugaru 1996-12-21
Alien Standel Aliens 1996-12-28 Red vs. Blue
Fire Golza Mutants 1997-01-04 Revival of the Ancient Monster
Magnia 1997-02-01
Weaponizer 1997-02-08
Silvergon 1997-03-01 Super-Powered Monsters
Obikoboushi 1997-03-08 Darkness of Obiko
Goldras Aliens 1997-05-10 Super-Powered Monsters
Cykor Aliens Cykor. An extraterrestrial reptile kaiju with with four elephant-like legs for walking and a pair of arms sporting crustacean-like pincer claws. It has carapace-like armor, tube-like structures emerging from its back, a four-pronged tail, and a lizard-like head with a wide mouth and long curved tusks protruding from the sides of its mouth, which can open and close like insect mandibles. If its limbs are severed, it can extend long segmented tentacles from the stumps. 1997-07-17
Charija Aliens 1997-08-09
Yanakargie Aliens 1997-08-09
Zoiger Mutants Zoiger. called by Yuzare as "the evil wings that burn off the ground" is a kaiju and Gatanothor's humble servant. 1997-08-16 The Ruler of Darkness! Gantanothor Appears!!
Gatanothor Mutants Gatanothor. Called "the great darkness" by Yuzare, is a powerful Kaiju is responsible for the annihilation of the ancient humans that roamed the planet millions of years ago, having surfaced from the mythical city of R'lyeh. After covering the world with perpetual darkness, Gatanothor's reign of terror affected all life on the planet. But when the age of darkness neared its end, Gatanothor, along with its followers (called Zoiger) went into the ancient city of R'lyeh island and hibernated. 1997-08-23 The Ruler of Darkness! Gantanothor Appears!!
Darambia Aliens 1997-09-06 A New Light That Protects the Earth! Ultraman Dyna!!
Sphere Aliens 1997-09-06 A New Light That Protects the Earth! Ultraman Dyna!!
Giralen Mutants 1997-09-13 A New Light That Protects the Earth! Ultraman Dyna!!
Daigerun Earth Defenders 1997-09-27
Sildron Mutants 1997-10-04 Detective Sildron!
Mons-Ahgar Aliens Mons-Ahgar. A biological weapon created by a race of extinct aliens and kept in a blue capsule. These aliens kept their weapon of mass destruction on a comet by the name of Meranie. The aliens then used a few artificial engines to create the illusion of lush forests and pure air to lure other aliens in and eliminate them with Mons-Ahgar, thus creating an intergalactic war before being deceased. 1997-11-15 Planet of Illusion! Dyna vs. the Destructive Beast!!
Garaon Global Defense Force Garaon. A three-headed face used by the three Alien Mijir to conquer other planets and use them as colonies. Garaon was designed as a monster with three faces atop a 344-meter body. The parts had protective covers slipped on and were secretly shipped to the abondened toy factory for the aliens to construct and conquer Earth. 1997-11-29
Ghogo Earth Defenders Ghogo. A fairy kaiju has a long yellow-white fur coat which covers his whole body except for his eyes, antenna and claws. He has big white eyes, also with large black pupils, with an antenna on his head that takes roughly a fourth of his total height. He moves constantly by hopping, with feet similar to chickens' claws. 1997-12-13
Barem Mutants Barem. They are a pollution-byproduct kaiju that were created as a byproduct when Dagahra absorbed pollution. They were even more toxic than the pollution itself, and were what killed the Atlanteans. When Dagahra was re-awakened, he began producing more Barems. 1997-12-13
Dagahra Mutants Dagahra. A pollution-consuming kaiju that was created by the ancient Nilai-Kanai civilization in order to clean up its pollution, Dagahra instead released poisonous starfish called Barem that overran and destroyed the civilization. Dagahra reemerged in the modern day due to increased levels of environmental pollution, but was confronted by Mothra Leo. Dagahra defeated Mothra Leo, but the Nilai-Kanai's other surviving monster creation Ghogo sacrificed itself to revive Leo and transform him into Rainbow Mothra. Rainbow Mothra finally defeated Dagahra by transforming into Aqua Mothra, then splitting apart into countless Micro Mothras and destroying Dagahra's internal organs. Dagahra subsequently exploded along with the Nilai-Kanai Temple, destroying every last trace of the civilization. 1997-12-13
Neosaurus Neosaurus. An ancient, villainous dinosaur-like monster that was created thousands of years ago by an ancient society in Antarctica. Originally a guardian monster, Neosaurus eventually turned on its creators and started to attack until it was stopped and imprisoned by Ultraman Dyna, Mothra, Gamera and a past Godzilla. For many millennia, it remained locked away until a monster battle between two monsters freed it. 1997-12-20 Attack of the Hyper-Clone Monster
Kokakucho 1998-01-17 The Birth Of Medusa!
Mozui Mutants 1998-02-07 Face Your Fears
Reicubas Aliens 1998-02-28 Dyna Defeated!? The Clarkov Will Not Surface!
Deathfacer Aliens 1998-03-14 Alien, Monster, Robot Attack
Geranda Aliens 1998-03-14 Battle in Outer Space
Gigantes Earth Defenders 1998-03-21
Gaigareid Aliens 1998-03-28
Geomos Aliens 1998-05-09 Osaka Great Decisive Battle! Defeat Neo Geomos!!
Mountain Gulliver 5 Global Defense Force 1998-06-27 Dispatch the Giant Robot! Mountain Gulliver 5!!
Pulgasari Earth Defenders Pulgasari. Or Bulgasari is a legendary creature from Korean mythology. He resembled a a bull. He is exceedingly tall, and has a muscular body reminiscent of the Minotaur. He has long horns, and dark fur covering his body. His belly also appears to be protected by plates of gold-colored armor. 1998-07-04
Graikis Aliens 1998-07-11
Terranoid 1998-08-15 A New Shadow! Zeluganoid Appears!!
Super C.O.V. Aliens 1998-09-05 Monsters from the World of Darkness
Vision Dragon Aliens 1998-09-05 Brave Stand! Ultraman Gaia!!
Geel Earth Defenders 1998-09-12 Geel Rampage!
Gan-Q Aliens 1998-10-10 Contemptuous Eye for an Eye
Mizunoeno Dragon Earth Defenders 1998-11-14
Balkzardan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Balkzardan Earth Defenders Balkzardan. It releases electric blasts from its tusks, charges its entire body with electricity and can travel at Mach 3 on land. 1998-12-03
Barugaron Aliens Barugaron. A vampiric space kaiju that is very dinosaurian, and it has a slight resemblance to Godzilla. It has three claws on its hands, two on its feet, and many horns on its face and some spikes on its knees, as well as a row of spikes on its back, all of which are yellow. 1998-12-03
Jyarumu Mutants Jyarumu. A kaiju that looks like a dinosaur, and has two strong forelegs with two gliding wings attached to them and two smaller hind legs. It also has a knife-like protrusion on its head, a spike on its back, and a small tail fin. 1998-12-03
Razin Mutants Razin. An armored-plated kaiju that has an opening in his armor in front of his chest, similar to Destoroyah, Biollante, or the Mother Legion 1998-12-03
Seagan Mutants Seagan. Because of its aquatic nature and close resemblance to Gigan, Seagan's name may come from combining the word "sea" with Gigan's name. Seagan resembles Gigan, sporting scythe hands, spikes on its backs, and a similarly-shaped head. 1998-12-03
Vagnosaurus Mutants Vagnosaurus. An ancient kaiju that is ompletely yellow, and has black claws. She has strong forelegs and lacks hind legs, using her tail in their place. Her tail resembles that of a lobster, and various tentacles emerge from it, similar to Biollante's tendrils. 1998-12-03
Mothrapleura Earth Defenders Mothrapleura. They're the Cretaceous divine moth kaiju. Although their imago form is never seen, the Primitive Mothras resemble most other examples of a Mothra larva. However, their skin appears to be much thicker and bears what seems to be armor plating. Unlike modern Mothras, the eyes of a Primitive Mothra do not glow, but are blue in color. 1998-12-12 Tokyo Reunited
Zonnel Earth Defenders 1998-12-26
Pazuzu Aliens 1999-02-06 Wings of Stones
Gomenos Earth Defenders 1999-02-13
King of Mons 1999-03-06 Monsters from the World of Darkness
Basiliss 1999-03-06
Sculla 1999-03-06
Satanbizor Aliens 1999-03-06
Iris 1999-04-06 Revenge of the Southern Guardian
Syazac 1999-04-24
X-Savarga Aliens 1999-05-15
Tigris Earth Defenders 1999-05-29
Izac Mutants 1999-07-03
Yonggary Earth Defenders 1997-07-17
Blitz Blots Aliens 1999-07-17 Unstable
Zogu Aliens 1999-08-14 Angel Descent! Gaia's Final Battle!
Kaiser Dobishi Aliens 1999-08-14 Angel Descent! Gaia's Final Battle!
Godzilla 2000 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 2000 Earth Defenders Godzilla. In 1999, it acted much like its predecessors, being animal-like in attitude. However, it is shown to intentionally destroy mankind's energy sources, as if it loathed the human race and its advanced science. 1999-12-11 Ready, Aim, Rapid Fire!
Orga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Orga Aliens Orga. It was originally an advanced bio-spaceship sent to Earth by an unknown alien force. Upon meeting Godzilla, the bio-spaceship came to the conclusion that it required hand-to-hand combat capabilities to subdue Earth's monsters. 1999-12-11 Ready, Aim, Rapid Fire!
Camearra Aliens 2000-03-11
Megaguirus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Megaguirus Mutants Megaguirus. A vicious and greedy creature who exists to dominate. She stops at nothing to try and kill Godzilla and steal the rest of his energy. Megaguirus relies on her speed and agility to outflank, confuse, and batter Godzilla. 2000-11-03 The Mutant Stops Here
Meganulon Mutants Meganulon. Also known as Meganula are giant Paleozoic dragonfly kaiju that it's name comes from Meganeura, a species of extinct dragonflies from the Carboniferous period approximately 300 million years ago. 2000-11-03 The Mutant Stops Here
Degouf 2001-01-25 Blast from the Past
Dogouf 2001-01-25 Blast from the Past
Jomonoid Mutants 2001-01-25 Pyramid of Tiga
Kurayaminoorochi 2001-01-25 Blast from the Past
Mahagenom 2001-03-09
Lidorias Earth Defenders Lidorias. A friendly giant bird is a rather peaceful bird-like kaiju from the long-dead Kapuya Island, Lidorias lives in harmony with the rest of the world. Once saved by Godzilla before her island disappeared, she now lives on Monster Island and maintains a decent friendship with the King of the Monsters. 2001-07-07 The Chaos Virus
Chaos Darkness 2001-07-07 The Chaos Virus
Golmede Earth Defenders 2001-07-14
Spittle Earth Defenders 2001-07-21
Igomas Global Defense Force 2001-07-28
Don Ron Earth Defenders Don Ron. The Legendary Drug Klesha-beast, also known as "Don Lon", Don Ron is an ancient monster from Japan's past. An old creature revered as a god, Don Ron is also from Kapuya Island. 2001-08-03 Evil Ultra
Chaos Bug Mutants 2001-08-04
Mogrudon Earth Defenders 2001-08-11
Yamawarawa Earth Defenders 2001-09-01
Geshot 2001-09-08
Ephemera 2001-09-22
Jirak 2001-10-20
Renki 2001-11-03
Bolgils Earth Defenders 2001-11-17
Gragas 2001-12-15
Godzilla 2001 Earth Defenders Godzilla. This mighty and scary Godzilla is a supernatural entity inhabited by the restless souls of those killed in the Pacific theater during World War II. Godzilla sought revenge against Japan for forgetting and ignoring the past, and came ashore to punish the nation by obliterating its cities. To combat the beast, the prophet Hirotoshi Isayama awakened three Guardian Monsters, Baragon, Mothra and King Ghidorah, in the hopes they would defend the country. Godzilla easily defeated all three monsters, but their efforts exploited a weakness in Godzilla that the JSDF used to finally defeat him. However, even after Godzilla's body was destroyed, his heart was left behind, continuously beating on the sea floor. 2001-12-15 The Legend of Godzilla
Eligal 2001-01-12
Dragreder/Dragranzer 2002-02-03
Dispider 2002-02-03
Neldorand 2002-02-16
Reycura 2002-02-23 The Wrathful Sea God
Taildas 2002-03-16
Hellzking 2002-03-23
Sydevakter 2002-04-13 Switching Mode!
Giragas Aliens 2002-05-25
Venosnaker 2002-06-09
Vadata 2002-06-15 Monster Smuggling!? Save Life, Cosmos!
Mazalgas 2002-07-20
Genocider 2002-07-21
Tablis 2002-07-31
Dragblacker 2002-08-17
Blancwing 2002-08-17
Hydragoon 2002-08-17
Mienin Earth Defenders 2002-08-18 A Call for Help
Kawanoji 2002-09-06
Dispider Reborn 2002-09-19
Gruanfan 2002-10-08
Kiryu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kiryu Global Defense Force Kiryu. It is genetically identical to Godzilla, but has been augmented with armor plating, enhanced reflexes, and limited flight capabilities. 2002-12-14 Modification
Godzilla 2003 Earth Defenders Godzilla. This Godzilla first appeared in 1999, 45 years after the first Godzilla was killed by Daisuke Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer. His attack led the JSDF to begin arming itself against another attack. The JSDF salvaged the original Godzilla's skeleton from the sea floor and converted it into a bio-robot named Kiryu, which was sent into battle against Godzilla in 2003. Godzilla's roar reawakened the spirit of the first Godzilla within Kiryu, causing it to go berserk and turn against the JSDF. When Kiryu was repaired and battled Godzilla again, the two monsters fought to a draw and Godzilla was expelled from Japan. However, this Godzilla was attracted to Japan again by the presence of the first Godzilla's remains, and engaged in another battle with Kiryu the following year, this time with Mothra and her twin larvae aiding Kiryu. Godzilla was severely wounded by Kiryu, but rather than finish off his organic counterpart, Kiryu became possessed by the original Godzilla's spirit once again and sank itself with Godzilla in the Japan Trench, saving Godzilla's life and taking him far away from humanity. 2003-01-01 War of the Robots
Gloker Global Defense Force Gloker. Are an army of robots that serve as the agents of Universal Judge Delacion, the Glokers were deployed to Earth after she deduced that humans would be the next threat to the universe's peace. 2003-08-02 War of the Robots
Elasmotherium Orphnoch Mutants Elasmotherium Orphnoch. It is an enormous Orphnoch, appearing only in a beast-like Violent Emotion with no apparent human form. It was the trap that Smart Brain lured Kiba, Yuka, and Kaido into for being Orphnochs who don't attack humans, claiming that they were there for a meeting. In the fight, it killed Yuka and ate Kaido. It later appeared again in the arena where Mari was to be executed, but Faiz interrupted. It smashed the Auto Vajin and nearly ate Mari before Kiba, as Orga, sided back with the humans and saved her, being mortally wounded in the process, before it was destroyed by Faiz Blaster Form's Photon Buster. It was armed with sharp claws and teeth, had a large horn on its head, and fired giant needles from around its six eyes. 2003-08-16
Jashin 14 Aliens Jason 14. Leader of the Roaches and ruler of the World of Diend, assuming the human-like form of Fourteen for his "ideal peace", turning humans into mindless slaves. He is a massive creature with multiple arms that floats through the air. He is destroyed by Decade in Complete Form with aid from Armed Hibiki, cutting him in half. After his demise, the Roaches vanish and everyone he'd brainwashed were set free. 2004-09-11
Pedoleon 2004-10-02 Inheriting the Bonds of the Soul! Ultraman Nexus!!
Bugbuzun Aliens 2004-10-30
Galberos Aliens Galberos. The Fiendish Type Beast, also known as "Gelberos" or "Garubelos", Galberos is a three-headed canine-like kaiju from space and a force to be reckoned with. 2004-11-06 Evil Ultra
Lafleya 2004-11-27
Gigan 2004 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gigan 2004 Aliens Gigan. In 2004, An ancient cybernetic monster that was sent to Earth by the Xiliens thousands of years ago, where he was defeated by Mothra and subsequently mummified. 2004-11-29 Modification
Zilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zilla Mutants Zilla. It was shown to not run away nearly as much and tried to fight even when outmatched. 2004-11-29 King of the Rainbow Monsters
Monster X godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Monster X Aliens Monster X. It first emerged from a giant meteorite known as "Gorath" that landed in Tokyo. Monster X is thought to be the ultimate weapon of the Xilien invaders, who approached mankind in a spirit of friendship. 2004-11-29 Mutant X
Keizer Ghidorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Keizer Ghidorah Aliens Keizer Ghidorah. While the pre-mutation Monster X version was noted for its sense of speed, Keizer Ghidorah has a figure more massive even than Godzilla. 2004-11-29 Keizer Attack
Nosferu 2004-12-11
Beast the One 2004-12-18
Froguros 2005-02-05
Arakunia 2005-02-05
Tsuchigumo 2005-02-06
Golgolem 2005-02-12
Yamabiko 2005-02-13
Bakegani Mutants 2005-02-27 Giant Crab Attack!
Kutuura 2005-03-05
Ittanmomen 2005-03-13
Grantella Aliens 2005-03-26
Ooari 2005-03-27
Otoroshi 2005-03-27
Ubume 2005-04-24
Banpira Aliens 2005-04-30
Lizarias Aliens Lizarias. A dinosaur-like Space Beast, Lizarias attacked the earth and was confronted by Ultraman Nexus. The guardian of the Earth fought against the beast, eventually transforming into Junis Blue and taking the battle to the Meta-Field. Inside the field, as the beast began to target the Night Raider forces, Nexus charged forward, slicing the creature with his Schtrom Sword, almost instantly vaporizing it. 2005-05-07
Yamaarshi 2005-05-08
Oonamazu 2005-05-22
Mega Flash Aliens 2005-05-28
Amikiri 2005-06-12
Izmael 2005-06-18
Grangon 2005-07-02 Fire and Ice
Lagoras 2005-07-02 Fire and Ice
Reguila 2005-07-16
Alien Sran Aliens 2005-07-23 Space Invaders
Salamadon Earth Defenders 2005-07-30 The Lawless Monster Zone
Paragler Earth Defenders 2005-07-30 The Lawless Monster Zone
Kesam Aliens Kesam. A member of the People of Nebula KJ-K5, Kesam is part of an organization that takes it upon themselves to destroy all civilizations that cause nothing but wars among themselves. Kesam was responsible for destroying many civilizations throughout the universe, however, when he arrived on Earth, DASH member Mizuki Koishikawa was able to make him realize that his mission was wrong. 2005-08-13
Bugdalas Mutants 2005-08-20 Monsters From An Unknown Planet
Yoroi Tsuchigumo 2005-08-21
Natsunomeryu Earth Defenders Natsunomeryu. Or the Natsunome Dragon, is a peaceful dragon Kaiju that slept in Lake Natsukawa for centuries. 2005-08-27 Save Max! The Legendary Dragon!!
Metacisus 2005-09-03
Orochi 2005-09-03
Halen Earth Defenders 2005-09-17 Godzilla vs. the Supersonic Monster
Kamaitachi 2005-09-18
Space Cats Aliens Space Cats. Refer to a collective of cat-like aliens. One of their notable features is performing emoji-like expressions, as well as their species' ability to manipulate the function of memories in their opponents. 2005-10-15 The Space Cats
Notsugo 2005-10-16
EX Gomora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
EX Gomora 2005-10-27
EX Red King 2005-10-27
Kaengumo 2005-12-25
Gfantis Earth Defenders 2006-03-16
Berserke 2006-03-18 Max Rescue Operation: Hold on to! Future
Dinozaur Aliens 2006-04-08 Space Invaders
Toto Earth Defenders 2006-04-29
Kelbim Aliens 2006-04-29 The Bad Seed
Alien Fanton Aliens 2006-05-20
Insectus Mutants 2006-07-08
Gromite Aliens 2006-07-15 Alien, Monster, Robot Attack
Zamsher Aliens 2006-07-22 Arrival of the Cosmic Samauri
Daigarugu Aliens 2006-08-12
Chronorm 2006-09-09
Alien Angel Aliens 2006-09-09
U-Killersaurus Mutants U-Killersaurus. A powerful Terrible-Monster, probably among Yapool's strongest, it later evolves into Neo U-Killersaurus in order to defeat the Ultra Brothers. 2006-09-16 Terror of Yapool
Inpelaizer 2006-10-21 Irod God!
Roberuga Aliens 2006-11-04
Alien Reflect Aliens 2006-11-25 Mebius vs. Leo! Thought of a Man Without a Home!!
Angross Aliens 2006-12-16 Three Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo
Jasyuline Aliens 2006-12-23
Arigera Aliens 2007-01-06 Three Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo
Alien Serpent Aliens 2007-01-13 The Alien and the Robot
Sorichra Aliens 2007-01-30
Deathrem Aliens 2007-02-10
Grozam Aliens 2007-02-10 Immortal Warrior!
Krystalak godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Krystalak Mutants Krystalak. Born from the crystals, Krystalak seeks to bring all of their energies together to make himself into the ultimate monster. 2007-12-05 King of the Rainbow Monsters
Obsidius godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Obsidius Mutants Obsidius. It emerged from a volcano onto the surface world only recently and thus far has resisted all attempts at communication. 2007-12-05 Trouble With the Lava Monster
Alien Rayblood Aliens 2008-02-16 Rayblood
Armored Darkness Aliens 2008-07-25 Armored and Dangerous
Giga Khimaira 2008-09-13
Abyssodon 2009-03-08
Belyudra 2009-12-12
Mecha Gomora Global Defense Force 2010-11-26 The Alien and the Robot
Iaron Aliens 2010-12-23
Legionoid Aliens 2010-12-23 War of the Robots
Shepherdon Earth Defenders 2014-07-15
MUTO Mutants MUTO. They are ancient parasitic Titans that evolved during the Permian period of Earth's history. The MUTOs reproduced by killing members of the Titanus Gojira species, as well as other species of Titans, and laying their eggs inside their prey's radioactive bodies. Like Godzilla, they feed off of the Earth's natural radiation but can adapt and feed off of man-made radiation, such as warheads and nuclear reactors. 2014-07-25 Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism
Kirudah 2014-09-06 Deathgame
Shirakuna Aliens 2014-11-04 Gfantis vs THING
King Usagi Earth Defenders 2014-11-04 MechaGfantis Backfires
MechaGfantis Aliens 2014-11-04 MechaGfantis Backfires
Demaaga 2015-07-14
Greeza Aliens 2015-07-14
Basser 2016-07-09
Majappa Mutants 2016-07-23 Monsters From An Unknown Planet
Skullcrawler Mutants 2017-03-10 Rivalry Returns
Thunder Killer Mutants 2017-05-08 Monsters From An Unknown Planet
Zegun Aliens 2017-10-07
Gillvalis Aliens Gillvalis. A scientific robot Kaiju. As the creator and master of the Galactron robots, Gillvalis is ultimately responsible for almost every Galactron encountered by the Ultras prior to its defeat at the hands of Geed. 2018-03-10 Battle for Earth
Grigio Aliens Grigio. A skeleton-like Kaiju that first to appear is Grigio Bone which evolved into stronger variants while battling against monsters. Grigio means "Gray" in Italian and "Regina" is Italian for "Queen". Grigio was designed by Masayuki Gotoh who pictured Grigio Bone's design as a "Cooler Seabozu". 2018-07-07 Skeleton Monster
Grigio King Aliens 2018-10-06
Behemoth Earth Defenders Behemoth. A mammalian creature resembling a giant sloth. He knuckle-walks like an ape using his long and muscular forelimbs which are larger than his hind legs. Mammoth-like tusks jut downward from his cheeks. Behemoth is covered in light brown fur and appears to have greenish vines or algae growing on his otherwise gray tusks. Behemoth possesses a row of bumpy triangular spikes running along his back, which Monarch describes as being made of "unbreakable granite fortified with metal and ore." 2019-05-31 Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism
Mokele Mbembe Mutants 2019-05-31 Rivalry Returns
Scylla Earth Defenders Scylla. Also dubbed Titanus Scylla, is a giant armored cephalopod daikaiju and refers to the female sea monster from Greek mythology, the daughter of Typhon - Monarch later confirmed that Titanus Scylla was named by the Ancient Greeks, who interpreted her as a female sea monster. It may also refer to the Scylla genus of swimming crabs, as parts of Scylla greatly resemble crabs, particularly her legs. she may be derived from Spiga, another giant spider daikaiju. Scylla also shares a near-similar name with Nerscylla, a giant spider monster from the Monster Hunter franchise, whose name was also derived from the Greek monster. Since Scylla is inspired by Cthulhu and resembles it in some aspects of her appearance, her name may also relate to Cthylla, Cthulhu's daughter. 2019-5-31
Methuselah Earth Defenders Methuselah. Also dubbed Titanus Methuselah, is a giant animal-plant-rock hybrid daikaiju. "Methuselah" was a Biblical figure known for living a long time, a trait shared with almost all other uses of the word "Methuselah", including the oldest planet, the oldest star, and proteins that extend the lifespan of insects. This would suggest that Methuselah is ancient, even more so than the other Titans, but the significance of the name remains unknown. Some Monarch agents gave Methuselah the nickname "Archie" for the time he spent living as an island in a remote Canadian archipelago. 2019-05-31
Segmeger Aliens 2019-08-03
Night Fang Mutants Night Fang. Were a a species of monsters that induced nightmares in humans and Ultras through sound waves. According to director Makoto Kamiya, Night Fang is designed after the creatures from the Cthulhu Mythos. Based on its design and backstory, Night Fang is mostly likely to resemble Cyäegha, a Great Old One that was imprisoned while still having its own cult of followers from the outside world. Like Gatanothor, another monster based on the Cthulhu Mythos, Night Fang's mouth is located above its (main) eyes. 2019-08-17 The Legend of Night Fang
Gorothunder Aliens 2019-11-09
Giestron Mutants 2019-11-30
Juda Aliens Juda. The youngest of the Gua siblings and one of the three leader of the Gua Army along side his brother, Mold, and sister, Gina. 2020-12-13 Godzilla vs. Grand King
Warbat Mutants 2021-03-31 Rivalry Returns

New Monsters:

Image Name Faction Kaiju-Pedia Information Data Debut Episode
Godzuki Earth Defenders A juvenile kaiju and Godzilla's nephew. Tokyo is Going Up in Flames!
Flamous godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Flamous Earth Defenders A phoenix monster that lived in the magma of the Earth, but one day she was urged to go to the surface to nest. The Fire Bird rose from a dormant volcano that threatened to start a chain reaction around the globe. Tokyo is Going Up in Flames!
Stegozina godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Stegozina Earth Defenders An underground monster and an old friend of Baragon. Deadly Formation! Attack from Below
Achilles godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Achilles Earth Defenders A rock monster that looks like a lion. Gods of Egypt
Denkidon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Denkidon Earth Defenders An aquatic reptile monster. Battle in the Deep
Kaisor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kaisor Mutants A green seaweed monster. Battle in the Deep
Bestialities godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bestialities Aliens A centipede-like monster that came to Earth in a UFO that looked like a meteor. Double Attack on Tokyo!
Regitartis godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Regitartis Global Defense Force an Atlantean robot monster. Battle in the Deep
Cyclani godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cyclani Mutants A one-eye creature with two claws. The Cyclops
Magneniticania godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Magneniticania Mutants A size-changing turtle monster. The Monster Magnet
Great Watchuka godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Great Watchuka Earth Defenders A yeti monster. Frozen Terror
Axor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Axor Mutants A cobra monster. The Great Monster Spectacle!
Gravity Goliath godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gravity Goliath Aliens A moon monster that has spots around his body. Battle In Outer Space
Golemmonster godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Golemmonster Earth Defenders A golden statue monster with four arms. Hanuman meets Godzilla
Kamegan Earth Defenders A flying turtle. Double Attack on Tokyo!
Kanigan Aliens An amoeba monster. The Great Monster Spectacle!
Dogira Mutants A giant hornet. Attack of the Murder Hornets
Randon Earth Defenders A Komodo dragon monster and Varan's brother. Battle of the Devil Monsters
Black Widowa Mutants A giant widow spider. Battle of the Devil Monsters
Gazera Mutants A giant squid monster. Battle of the Devil Monsters
Mantice Ray Mutants A giant mutant manta ray kaiju. Frozen Terror
Kumora Aliens A giant fly kaiju. Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me
Hebira Mutants A giant snake monster. The Prehistoric Monsters
Mahngoh Aliens A giant mushroom that was form by a space virus. Mahngoh, the Giant Mushroom
Cyborg Whale Global Defense Force A robot whale. A Tale of Two Whales
Argon Aliens A dragon monster. Terror of the Skies
SuperCroc Mutants A mutant nile crocodile that Resembles a Spinosaurid dinosaur. Guardian of the Nile
Mechaninx Global Defense Force A mechanical sphinx-like monster. Gods of Egypt
Kujigon Mutants A giant slug monster. Mountain Monsters
Grandgoyle Earth Defenders A giant gargoyle that has awakened from a thousand years of suspended animation. Trouble in Paris
Moby Dick Earth Defenders A giant white whale. A Tale of Two Whales
Takora Mutants The four-armed reptilian monster. The New Civilization
Beddra Mutants A giant stag beetle.
Beatera Earth Defenders A giant rhinoceros beetle.
Deganguirus Mutants A dimetrodon monster. The Prehistoric Monsters
Rattler Mutants A giant Genetically-Engineered Rattle Snake. The Great Monster Spectacle!
Komodithrax Mutants A giant mutated Komodo dragon monster that is Varan and Randon's sister, whom also is Zilla's mate. Mutant Love
El Gusano Mutants A worm mutation monster. The Insect Monsters
C-Rex Mutants A crustacean mutation monster. The New Cilvilization
Flygan Aliens A bat-like kaiju and Gigan's daughter. The New Civilization
Gus Mutants Its most notable feature is its extremely large mandibles, it is reddish in color, has a stinger on the back of its body and its legs appear to be hollow. Sting of the Spider
Megalonious Aliens This creature has large horns, spider-like mandibles and an armored back. It also has very skinny arms compared to its bulky body and tentacle-like hands. Rise of Seatopia
Mandarm Mutants This creature has an elongated body that appears to be multisegmented, is green in color, has a mouth with large teeth, lacks visible eyes, has small horns, and has small legs that run through its entire body. The New Civilization
Queen Beetch Mutants A giant bee mutation monster. Buzz, Buzz
Chamelzilla Mutants A transformation monster chameleon, and a zilla clone monster. Attack Of The Reptilian Monster
Nanotechura Mutants A petroleum-eating microbe colony kaiju. Take Out the Trash
Gen Du Marais Mutants A mysterious slimy monster. Swamp Years
Pyrorah Mutants A strange creature with squid-like body and eight spider-like legs, the Fire Monster was able to surround itself with a "second body" made of flame, and fed on fire. Tokyo is Going Up in Flames!
King Cobra Mutants A giant mutated snake kaiju. Terror of the Snake Cobra Monster Fate
Lizunder Global Defense Force Were advanced battle machines created by Cameron Winters to kill Godzilla. Lizard Hunt
Hummindan Mutants A giant mutant hummingbird.
Tortisera Mutants A giant turtle. The Return of the Beast
Nightscream Mutants A giant chiropteran monster. The Great Monster Spectacle!
Thonryrus Mutants A thorny devil monster.
Megapedthra Mutants Also known as Cicadthra, is an enormous mutated caterpillar monster. The Insect Monsters
Cryptocledius Earth Defenders A plesiosaur monster. The Prehistoric Monsters
Cyber Zilla Mutants A cybernetic monster and the original Godzilla that nested in New York in 1998. Double Trouble
R.A.Y (Robo Albino Yeti) Global Defense Force A giant yeti mecha created by Dr. Ifukube. Terror of the Snake Cobra Monster Fate
Queen Termitihus Mutants A giant Termite monster. The Insect Monsters
Rattrap Mutants A giant rat monster. Game of Cat and Mouse
Okuenjeru Earth Defenders A giant locust guardian. Battle of Double Monsters!
Sutābīsuto Aliens The eye monster. The Space Beast
Onikajugon Mutants A giant barracuda. Under the Sea
Kamasoribi Mutants An electric eel. The Sea Monster
Guraida Mutants Battle of Double Monsters!
Debirujira Earth Defenders A flying fish. The Fish Creature
Kishira godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kishira Mutants A blue fish monster with gills. What a Light for a Kaiju Fight
Drakiba godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Drakiba Earth Defenders A purple dragon. A Triple of Kaijus
Dwelligator godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dwelligator Mutants Gigantor Against the Invaders
Iwatough godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Iwatough Mutants A rock monster. A Triple of Kaijus
Thornerfist godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Thornerfist Earth Defenders The Great Monster Spectacle!
Armydon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Armydon Earth Defenders A monster with spikes on his back and can roll himself into a ball and Anguirus' cousin. Let's Get Rolling
Okano godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Okano Mutants A sea creature with claws. A Triple of Kaijus
Crackler Mutants An electromagnetic projection kaiju has a lanky body structure with four legs with one claw on each foot, and two arms with three fingers on each. Its head contains six eyes and features two tusks on the lower jaw and a horn at the tip of its snout.
Quetzalcoatl Mutants A giant bird monster with her name comes from a feathered serpent deity from Aztec mythology. Quetzalcoatl
Hiregon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Hiregon Mutants A fish-like monster. Awaken in the Murky Sea
Migron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Migron Earth Defenders A rock monster with muscles. Godzilla vs. Migron
Suradon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Suradon Earth Defenders A dinosaur monster that has a head of the styracosaurs. The Great Monster Spectacle!
Fincroc godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Fincroc Mutants Gigantor Against the Invaders
Kyro godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kyro Mutants An insect monster. Gigantor Against the Invaders
Protodon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Protodon Earth Defenders A purple dinosaur. Attack of the Flying Protodon
Zaptirius godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zaptirius Mutants A bat-like monster. The Electricity of Zaptirius
Moldice Mutants A giant mutant mole kaiju.
Loch Nessie Mutants More commonly known as the Loch Ness Monster, is a prehistoric sea monster kaiju.
Bacterah Mutants A mutated bacteria kaiju that resembles a round plant with a dull green and blue color scheme on its outside area, and a pale beige color on its interior. Bacillus' most notable features are four tentacle-like appendages with pink ends and a wide mouth in the middle of its body.
Repflappy godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Repflappy Mutants Monsters Make the Best
Cosmuchu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cosmuchu Aliens An alien with claws and a helmet. A Supreme Strategy is Easy
Xenowing godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Xenowing Aliens Summer Time in Tokyo
Mechana Tick Aliens An alien kaiju has unique characteristics, such as the ability to incorporate any kind of machinery or technology into its body, allowing it to increase in size & mass. The alien gains the properties and abilities of the technology/machines that have been absorbed into its body. For example, when the monster absorbed a refrigerator, it had the ability to launch ice shards; and when it absorbed a tank, it gained a cannon. Amazingly, the outer space fiend also has the uncanny ability to disable missiles and render them harmless before they can explode in its body. The creature is also intelligent to a degree, as it found the location of a top-secret missile installation by utilizing the internet.
Silverdrah Mutants A mineral-based kaiju.
DNAMimic Mutants A shape-shifting kaiju with its natural form the creature is a gelatinous grey mass of biomass. If it encounters another lifeform and makes physical contact it can assume that creature's form through genetic sampling.
Norzzug Earth Defenders A sphinx-like kaiju Gods of Egypt
Fungus Humungus Mutants A mutant fungus kaiju that appears to be a grey and pale blue round structure of varied fungi sprouting on its body. Prominent structures include mushrooms and pale green tentacle appendages with yellow stripes near the end.
Shrewster Mutants A masked shrew kaiju.
Skeetera Mutants A giant mosquito mutation monster.
Ts-Eh-Go Mutants A giant scorpion mutation monster.
Jelfisha Mutants A jellyfish kaiju.
Dragma Mutants A genetically-engineered kaiju that resemble a cross between a Triceratops and a dragon. They have three legs, wings, and razor-sharp teeth and claws.
Dwellah Mutants A giant mutation fish kaiju.
Grizzhorn Mutants A giant bear mutation monster.
Meducea Mutants A Sea Anemone kaiju.
Rhinosaurus Mutants A giant rhinoceros mutation monster. King Kong in Africa
Armadiroll Mutants A giant armadillo mutation monster.
Shetanisokwe Mutants A giant baboon monster. King Kong in Africa
Mwindaji Mutants A giant sabertooth leopard monster. King Kong in Africa
Kufuli Mutants A giant crocodile monster. King Kong in Africa
Koopzilla Earth Defenders Bowser's alter ego. However, unlike with most of his other alter egos, King Koopa's wardrobe is unchanged, with the exception that he's much bigger and fatter than his normal state. King Koopa became Koop-zilla after eating Dr. T. Garden's Super Sushi, and he used his enlarged state to try to destroy Sayonara. However, King Koopa would later be returned to normal size after Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool injected him with the Super Sushi Shrinker. Great Battle of Two Kings
Yoshizilla Earth Defenders
Charizilla Earth Defenders After being zapped by the Kaiju Pulse Blaster (That cannon can turns the Pokemon's into the giant creatures with kaiju-looking shaping form) Ashs' Charizard transforms to the giant kaiju form as Charizilla. Clash of the Dragons
Tyranizilla Earth Defenders The Primeval Wars
Mukozilla Mutants A villain/kaiju that is extremely tyrannical and destructive. He will manipulate anyone, even other super-villains, to get what he wants. The GX Annihilation Strategy
Satkuma Mutants Giant Monsters Converge on Townsville
Ryugon Earth Defenders
Maneater Mutants Clash of the Apex Predators
OctoKraken Mutants What Happened to Chopper #067?
Koriyu Earth Defenders The ice dragon kaiju. The Wrath of Asylus
Asylus Earth Defenders The legendary evil, cold-hearted, ferocious, wild and indestructible demonic monterous beast, who can do Fire Cannon, Bloody Smash, Flight, Omega Flash, Atomic Ray, Tail Whip, Energy Shield, Gigantic Hammer, flaming Blow, Gigantic Buster and Omega Blaster. The Wrath of Asylus
MechaGamera Aliens A mechanical turtle monster. Mechanical Demise
Crocodon Earth Defenders A crocodile kaiju. The Prehistoric Monsters
Dracotitan Earth Defenders A dragon kaiju. Volcanic Destruction!
Excavadon Earth Defenders A wyvern kaiju.
Gakogon Earth Defenders A dragon kaiju.
Glacies Mutants A large bipedal lizard with a yellow crest on his head with small horns beneath his eyes and small blue pockets presumably of some sort of freezing chemical. He has a large yellow ring around his upper body made of the same material as his horns. He presents a green frill down his back ending at the base of his tail. His scales are a grey purple, and sports an underbelly much like that of a snake. Aliens from Space
Ignis Mutants A large red lion like creature with lizard-like scales, horns, face and a fur mane. It also sports a large cannon on its back that is gold in color. Aliens from Space
Kakurtle Earth Defenders A turtle kaiju.
Korinox Aliens An ice demon kaiju. The Ice Men from Outer Space
Kyodaking Earth Defenders A tree-like kaiju.
Leomega Earth Defenders A lion kaiju. King Kong in Africa
Mammolossus Mutants A mammoth kaiju. The Prehistoric Monsters
Megarex Earth Defenders A tyrannosaurus kaiju. The Prehistoric Monsters
Midronbo Mutants A dragonfly-like monster.
Shironagi Mutants An ant kaiju. Mountain Monsters
Shokulien Mutants An octopus kaiju and Oodako's adoptive son. Under the Sea
Yakedon Mutants An iguana kaiju and Zilla's cousin.
Yankishi Aliens A evil-powered mecha.
Hitsun Mutants A giant Red Fire Fox.
Jyugami Alien A statue of liberty robot.
Panzerfaust Mutants The result is a towering, 40 foot tall monstrosity, combining DNA from Skull island predators Decarnocimex (Giant rock crab) and Vastatosaurus Rex with his own.
Ginko Mutants Made from the stitched together elephant, crocodile, and human body parts, treated with Frankenstein's family regeneration formula, a side effect of which is an increase in size. Modern Prometheus
Cyborg Kong Mutants A bionic kong.
Chyros Mutants An ancient lava god monster.
Animous Mutants A sentient statue kaiju.
Kontsuki Aliens The moon beast creature. Battle on the Moon
Orceast Mutants The orca-like kaiju. Aquatic Attack!