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  • Earth Defenders: These are natural monsters who are very instinctive and protective of their territory, Earth. They see the crystals and Vortaak as threats and go out their way to destroy them, even if it means destruction of human cities.
  • Global Defense Force: Human engineered mechas, built to protect humanity from other monsters, the Vortaak, and the crystals. They usually ally themselves with monsters who fight the Aliens evil mutants, and do not destroy too many human structures.
  • Aliens: The Alien faction is made up of monsters that have allied themselves with the Vortaak invaders, and thus want to destroy the humans and conquer Earth.
  • Mutants: Monsters from the mutant faction are driven by a lust for power. They are drawn to the crystals, and will destroy all in their path to get such power.
Image Name Faction Kaiju-Pedia Information Data Origin Debut Episode
Kiko godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kiko Earth Defenders Kiko. The albino son of King Kong. Left on his own on Skull Island following his father's capture and subsequent death, Kiko was encountered by Carl Denham when he returned to the island with Hilda Petersen. The two rescued Kiko from a pit of quicksand, earning his loyalty and protection. Kiko assisted and rescued the pair on several occasions, eventually helping them retrieve the treaure of the island and finally giving his life to save Denham's when the island sank into the ocean during an earthquake. 1933-12-22 Rivalry Returns
Godzilla 1954 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 1954 Earth Defenders Godzilla. The original monster from the 1954 movie. It defended the Earth from dangerous fire. 1954-10-27 The Rise of Godzilla
Giant Doctor Serizawa godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Giant Doctor Serizawa Earth Defenders Giant Doctor Serizawa. A brilliant young scientist, Serizawa stumbled upon a deadly chemical reaction while performing studies on the element oxygen. 1954-10-27 The Rise of Godzilla
Anguirus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Anguirus Earth Defenders Anguirus. Despite his fierce nature, Anguirus has traditionally been shown in various media as being a close friend of Godzilla. 1955-04-24 Earth Defenders Team-Up
Snowman Earth Defenders Snowman. A yeti kaiju that is most likely brown in color to blend in with its woodland surroundings, although this can only be speculated as his only appearance was in black and white. Snowman has an extremely muscular body and is able to lift a woman and run extremely fast without trouble. The creature has a humanoid face along with human body features, such as opposable thumbs. Snowman is significantly taller than humans, and has shaggy fur all over its body. 1955-08-14 Freezing in the Ice Mountain
Snowman's Child Earth Defenders Snowman's Child. A juvenile yeti kaiju and the son of Snowman. 1955-08-14 Freezing in the Ice Mountain
Alien Terrorist Aliens Alien Terrorist. The Terrorists were evil and cruel aliens. He's also Alien Miracle's archenemy, when he and Alien Miracle battled against each other, until Alien Terrorist quickly kills him with his sword and his on his way to earth to find Miracle's crystal ball. Moments later, Terrorist appeared and began destroying the city, searching for Miracle’s crystal ball. 1973-12-21 A Kaiju Christmas
Trunker Mutants Trunker. Trunker's head has features similar to that of a human's. Although Trunker has said human features in the face, his body is mostly monster, with bumpy shrimp colored skin, four fingered hands, and claws. 1973-02-10
RoboMusume godzillathemonstrousmission.png
RoboMusume Global Defense Force RoboMusume. The Robot Daughter was built by Dr. Shida in the image of his foster daughter. RoboMusume is sent to protect Japan, after it is discovered that a group of giant monsters are leaving the Hollow Earth. She defeats Anguirus, Giant Chameleon, and Giant Archaeopteryx in turn, and fights Godzilla, who falls in love with her. Later on, she takes Godzilla to the center of the Hollow Earth. There, she detonates the Hydrogen Bomb in her chest, killing Godzilla and sealing off the entrance to the Hollow Earth. 1956-10-23 Bride of Godzilla?
Lavras Mutants Lavras. One of Gymaira’s Kaiju slaves, Lavras was the more sympathetic monster being controlled by Gymaira. He was first spotted by UGM where they saw him “kidnap” Sawako Hoshi in his right hand before fleeing the scene, jumping into the water and swimming away. Later on, the woman that Lavras took with him returned completely unharmed but without saying a word to UGM. It appears that the woman and Lavras had some sort of connection that UGM didn’t know about. 1980-07-23 The Blood-sucking Vampire Monster: Part 1
Rodan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Rodan Earth Defenders Rodan. Despite their destructive nature, care deeply for each other and are unwilling to live without one another. 1956-12-26 Earth Defenders Team-Up
Tondaile Mutants Tondaile. An amphibious beast, Tondaile was often known by the locals of the area where it lives for eating people and is called "the Ghost Fire." One day when a kid named Jiro was banished from his house, he and his dad witnessed the beast eat a person walking nearby. 1973-05-25 Pup's Great Fight
Paleosaurus Earth Defenders Paleosaurus. A colossal quadrupedal dinosaur, the Paleosaurus was a dark green in colour, covered in thick scales, and with a mouthful of viciously sharp teeth. Due to having been irradiated by some unknown method, it emitted a constant aura of radioactivity which was lethal to living beings and interfered with electrical equipment. It was also able to discharge bolts of electricity in a manner similar to that of an electric eel, and the radiation which saturated its form was transmitted through these blasts. It was also invisible to radar tracking. 1959-03-03 The Burning of London
H-Man Mutants H-Man. A radioactive liquid kaijin and new liquid organism spawned when humans were exposed to concentrated H-bomb radiation, the H-Man made its way to Tokyo and began a reign of terror by mysteriously melting several people. Initially, authorities dismissed the theory that these disappearances were caused by the H-Man and assumed they were connected to gang activity, but this all changed when they witnessed the H-Man kill an officer at a nightclub. A plan was set into motion to destroy the H-Men where they hid by setting a fire that would spread through all of Tokyo's sewers. The operation was successful, and while the H-Men in Tokyo were exterminated, the possibility still remained that as long as nuclear weapons existed, the H-Man could one day replace mankind as the dominant species on Earth. 1959-03-28 Lethal Liquid
Tetsujin #26 1960-02-01
Marine Kong Aliens Marine Kong. A giant dinosaurian robot created by the Z-Gang to conquer Japan. 1960-04-03 The Return of the King of the Monsters
Kidomaru Earth Defenders Kidomaru. A giant bull demon kaiju that resembles a giant bull with a nasal horn. 1960-04-27 The Gallop of the Horned Kaiju
Shuten Doji Earth Defenders Shuten Doji. A mythical oni or demon leader of Japan, who according to legend was killed by the hero Minamoto Raikō. Although decapitated, the demon's detached head still took a bite at the hero, who avoided death by wearing multiple helmets stacked on his head. 1960-04-27 The Gallop of the Horned Kaiju
Ibaragi Doji Earth Defenders Ibaragi Doji. An oni (demon or ogre) featured in tales of the Heian period. In the tales, Ibaraki-dōji is based on Mount Ōe, and once went on a rampage in Kyoto. The "Ibaraki" in his name may refer to Ibaraki, Osaka; "dōji" means "child", but in this context is a demon offspring. Ibaraki-dōji was the most important servant of Shuten-dōji. 1960-04-27 The Gallop of the Horned Kaiju
Tsuchigumo Jinnai Mutants Tsuchigumo Jinnai. A Demon that could appear as a web-slinging human wizard or a Giant Spider; deadly in either form, he was more than a match for most samurai. 1960-04-27 The Gallop of the Horned Kaiju
Ogra Earth Defenders Ogra. A giant monster that the main characters do not suspect her existence until more than halfway through the story, assuming that her son Gorgo is a fully-grown member of the species. She goes about her rescue mission in a straightforward fashion, pausing only on occasion. For instance, she surfaces to sink a light cruiser, and throttles Big Ben after rockets fired from the ground travel through its massive clock to strike her. After rescuing Gorgo, she ends her attack on London immediately. Ogra has dark green skin with a tan belly and glowing red eyes. She has a pair of small fins on the sides of her head, and also has large and powerful hands. As they were depicted with the same suit, Ogra and her son differ only in size. Her name is partially derived from the name of her son, Gorgo. In-universe, "Ogra" is the name of a legendary sea spirit known to the people of Nara Island. 1961-03-29 The Burning of London
Varan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Varan Earth Defenders Varan. This ancient reptilian creature known as a Varanopode, which lived from the Triassic through Cretaceous Periods. Varan escaped extinction and lived for millions of years at the bottom of a lake in the Japanese countryside. 1958-10-14 Earth Defenders Team-Up
Konga Mutants Konga. Originally a baby chimpanzee, that was found in Africa by by British botanist Dr. Charles Decker. He was brought to London where Dr. Decker made him the subject of his hideous experiments. The insane botanist creates a serum that turns Konga into a ferocious gorilla-sized ape, then he mesmerizes the chimp and sends him kill all his former enemies. 1961-03-22 The Burning of London
Gorgo Earth Defenders Gorgo. A creature that lives underwater with his mother, Ogra. Gorgo has dark green skin with a tan belly and glowing red eyes. He has a pair of small fins on the sides of his head, and also has large and powerful hands. As they were depicted with the same suit, Gorgo and his mother differ only in size. 1961-03-29 The Burning of London
Mothra Larva godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mothra Larva Earth Defenders Mothra. This larva was first discovered on Infant Island, where natives to the island worshiped her as a goddess. 1961-07-30 The Newly Born of Mothra
Mothra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mothra Earth Defenders Mothra. She grown into her imago form, remained asleep on Infant Island while her people were abducted and enslaved by the terrorist organization known as the Red Bamboo, who operated on nearby Letchi Island. 1961-07-30 The Newly Born of Mothra
Maguma godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Maguma Earth Defenders Maguma. It was awakened by missile fire at the North Pole. 1962-03-21 Freezing in the Ice Mountain
Kujira Gami godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kujira Gami Earth Defenders The Whale God aka Kujira Gami. A large North Pacific right whale, a species of whale which was once common in the entire north Pacific but is now one of the most endangered whale species on Earth. North Pacific right whales in reality may reach over 19 or 20 meters, with several records with uncertainty such as 20.7 and 21.3 meters in length and 135 tones in weight. 1962-07-15 The Whale God Returns
King Kong godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Kong Earth Defenders King Kong, the gorilla. He climbs big buildings with people his hand. If he falls, it will be beauty that killed the beast. 1962-08-11 The 8th Wonder of the World
Oodako godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Oodako Mutants Oodako. A giant octopus and a cephalopod kaiju. 1962-08-11 The 8th Wonder of the World
Gigantor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gigantor Global Defense Force Gigantor. An old warbot first built in WWII, he was built by Shotaro's father and was one of 28 attempts at a project intended to be used as a weapon to help Japan finally win the war. Unforunately, by the time Tetsujin was ready to be deployed, the war was already over and Japan lost. However, now in 2017, Gigantor was rediscovered by Professor Kaneda's late son, Shotaro, and now he, Dr. Bob Brilliant, Inspector Blooper, and Steve, restore the robot to its original glory, and put it to work against criminals, terrorists, and evil robots. Gigantor bares a resemblance to a medeival knight, and has 2 rocket thrusters on his back which help him to fly. He was also modified by Dr. Brilliant by giving him an incredible arsenal of weapons, guns, and cannons, so he can stand a chance in battle during the modern age. 1963-10-20 Gigantor Against the Invaders
Bacchus Aliens Bacchus. A robot reverse-engineered from the remains of the original Black Ox by the United States military to serve as a weapon to stop terrorism and other threats to the country as well as the entirety of the Earth. It does well at this at first, but it malfunctions and goes on a rampage through San Francisco, before finally being brought down by Tetsujin. Bacchus is equipped with the ability to shoot fire from its mouth as well as its fingertips. It has a pop-out missile launcher inside its chest. 1964-01-15 Fire Fight
Gilbert 1964-01-19
Saturn 1964-01-15
Garon Aliens Garon. A large mech designed like an Apatosaurus dinosaur. It is to date, the biggest robot in the series, and unlike the other robots in the series, who are controlled externally through remote control, Garon is the only robot that is controlled from the inside, like traditional mecha of modern day. 1964-01-06 The Mechanical Dinosaur
Matango godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Matango Mutants Matango. A species of fungus native to a remote island in the South Pacific, the Matango were mutated by the radiation from nuclear tests conducted in the area. Their growth accelerated, the Matango overran the entire island. The crew of a fishing boat which crashed on the island fell victim to the Matango after eating it, transformed into grotesque creatures covered in spores. When a yacht crashed on the island not long after, the passengers found the older shipwreck and discovered a log warning about the dangers of consuming the fungus. However, one-by-one the crash survivors gave in and ate the fungus, and were themselves transformed into Matango zombies. Only one survivor managed to escape back to Japan, but still ended up being infected by exposure to the Matango spores. 1963-08-11 The Mushroom People
Tetsujin #27 Global Defense Force Tetsujin #27. An attempted robot that was built before #28. 1963-10-20 Rampage
Alien Zetton Aliens Alien Zetton. The Zettonian Aliens were one of many races who, at one time or another, would seek Earth as their own. However, unlike many of the others before them, they were far better prepared for their invasion, having obtained one of the most powerful monsters to ever fight an Ultra, Zetton. The Zettonians headed towards Earth, their ships massive in number, prepared for a full scale invasion. 1967-04-09 Strongest of the Ultra Monsters! Its Name Is Zetton!!
Atragon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Atragon Global Defense Force Atragon. Otherwise known as Gotengo. flying multipurpose warship that was constructed to defend Japan, with powers of flight, tunneling and going underwater. 1963-12-22 The Atragon
Manda godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Manda Mutants Manda. This dragon that lived in the sea and was the guardian of Mu, an underwater kingdom. 1963-12-22 Deep Blue Kaiju
Black Ox Aliens Black Ox. A huge black robot built by Dr. Franken meant to be Tetsujin's rival. He wanted to build a weapon of destruction that could rival Tetsujin's strength and power, and Black Ox does just that. He can do everything Tetsujin can do and more. Unlike Tetsujin, he has an incredibly destructive laser weapon in his yellow eyes, which unleashes a powerful laser that completely destroys anything it touches, as well as the ability to create a black fog from its fingertips that can make it difficult for enemies to see him. His fingertips are also capable of emitting flames to burn opponents. 1964-02-03 Black Ox
Robby 1964-02-17
Godzilla 1964 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 1964 Earth Defenders Godzilla. This Godzilla is the most prolific version of the character, appearing less than a year after the previous Godzilla's demise, again a prehistoric sea creature awakened from his ancient slumber by nuclear testing. While this Godzilla followed in his predecessor's destructive footsteps at first, he eventually fought on the side of the human race, where he joined forces with Mothra and Rodan to drive off the evil space monster King Ghidorah. Godzilla would go on to become a frequent defender of the Earth, rising whenever the planet's well-being was threatened by malevolent forces, whether they were other monsters or sinister alien races. Over time, Godzilla established himself as the undisputed King of the Monsters, gaining more allies like Anguirus and King Caesar. He also raised a son, Minilla, and trained him to take up his mantle. After slaying King Ghidorah at the end of the 20th century alongside six other monsters, then smashing the Kilaak aliens' secret base, Godzilla returned to Monsterland to live out the rest of his days in peace. 1964-04-29 The Return of the King of the Monsters
Dogora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dogora Aliens Dogora. A mutant space cell and a gaseous jellyfish-like alien kaiju was mutated after coming into contact with a radiation pocket over Japan. The creature began destroying satellites before descending to Earth to feed on sources of carbon, primarily diamonds and coal. Dogora grew at an accelerated rate as it fed, eventually growing into a colossal tentacled monster. The JSDF were able to blow Dogora apart with their missiles, but this only induced the creature to undergo cellular fission and reproduce into countless more Dogora cells. Fortunately, it was discovered that wasp venom caused a chemical reaction within Dogora's cells which caused them to crystallize, and so chemical plants around the globe worked to synthesize artificial wasp venom. The JSDF attacked Dogora using this compound, crystallizing all of its cells and finally ridding the world of the space monster. 1964-08-11 The Space Monster Returns
King Ghidorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Ghidorah Aliens King Ghidorah. It is under someone's control in most of his appearances. Whenever he isn't, he became confused due to no longer receiving commands from his masters and was overwhelmed by Godzilla and other opponents, eventually trying to retreat. 1964-12-20 Zap or Snap
Frankenstein godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Frankenstein Mutants Frankenstein. A kaijin that is based on the Frankenstein's monster from Mary Shelley's classic horror novel, Frankenstein. 1965-08-08 The Modern Prometheus Attacks! Tame his Rotten Heart, Tomoko!
Baragon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Baragon Earth Defenders Baragon. This kaiju's ability to burrow underground. one example of this was when he used this ability to ambush Godzilla off-guard. 1965-08-08 Hole Lotta Problem
Okariyan Earth Defenders Okariyan. A Kaiju the living curse of an ancient flute. Upon being given his grandfather's flute and played by a boy in the modern age, the monster was brought to life within the city. Okariyan, rather clumsily, rampaged through the city looking for the boy that brought him to life. 1973-07-20 The Whistle's Curse
Gamera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gamera Earth Defenders Gamera. A giant flying turtle monster from the 1965 movie. A friend of children and battle against evil monsters. 1965-11-27 Awaken! The Last Hope!
Litra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Litra Earth Defenders Litra. Litra can fly 5 miles per hour and see things from far on the ground. 1966-01-02 Phoenix X Dinosaur
Gogola Mutants Gogola. A reptilian kaiju with his design is reminiscent of those from Gorgo and Godzilla, being a reptilian kaiju that stands upright on its hind legs. It features long, almost Humanoid arms with four fingers on each hand. It possesses a short and stumpy tail, and it's head is bulky, with two small black eyes and long, sharp teeth, reminiscent of those from Goblin sharks. 1966-01-01 The Arrival of Gogola
Gomess godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gomess Earth Defenders Gomess. Also a scientific name Gometius is a prehistoric dinosaur-like kaiju. A leviathan from the ancient age of the synapsids, Gomess was a monster who, in ancient times, was the predator of the bird monster Litra. 1966-01-02 Phoenix X Dinosaur
Goro Earth Defenders Goro. Once a normal monkey, Goro was exposed to the drug Helypron Crystal G. The drug modified Goro's body, transforming the monkey into a towering primate behemoth. The creature escaped into the wilderness where it quickly became friends with the man named Goroh. The two stayed together as the monkey's hunger and playful nature made it start to take more risks. 1966-01-07 Monkey Business
Namegon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Namegon Aliens Namegon. A slug-like kaiju that came from Planet Mars. He can fire beams of energy from his eyes. They do not have an explosive force, though the beams can kill a human, freezing them on contact. Namegon, being a slug monster, will dissolve rapidly when exposed to saltwater. 1966-01-16 The Monster from Mars
Peguila godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Peguila Earth Defenders Peguila. The monster has flappy wings and are not made for flying, but for making strong wind. 1966-01-30 Freezing in the Ice Mountain
Juran godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Juran Mutants Juran. The flower monster is not only a monster, but is also a flower to grow and trap bad guys in its petals. 1966-01-23 Eternal Life Spreads Everywhere!
Gameron Earth Defenders Gameron. A small turtle Kaiju that was born as a regular turtle, Gameron was given a chemical by a boy named Taro in his biology lab. Little did anyone suspect that the chemical was actually a top secret mutagen that the school had been given by mistake. Later that day Gameron grew much larger and managed to scare off a pair of robbers that were trying to kidnap Taro. After Taro got on the turtle's back Gameron started to fly across Tokyo and went into the ocean to find the Ryūgū-jō. 1966-02-06 The Little Turtle That Could Fly
Dragon Earth Defenders Dragon. After Otohime embarrassed Taro, the boy rode Gameron while chasing the girl who rode a missile. She turned the missile into the Dragon and had it attack Taro. The dragon killed his turtle, Gameron in a single shot and the boy fell into the sea as the dragon vanished and Otohime rescued him. 1966-02-06 The Little Turtle That Could Fly
Gorgos Earth Defenders Gorgos. Awakening during the modern times, Gorgos emerged from a lake nearby Mt. Fuji and crashed down upon the highway. Because his boulder was obstructing traffic, it was dynamited into oblivion. Unfortunately, later that night after the destruction of the boulder, the chunks of his rock began to clump together, forming Gorgos's true form. Gorgos then moved through the forest, knocking over trees and causing a ruckus among the area. Takeru, a "modern day wildman" that lived in the forest was watching the beast, a tree fell down and pinned his foot from Gorgos's rampage. 1966-02-13 Operation Rock Monster
Jiraiya godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Jiraiya Earth Defenders Jiraiya. A toad spirit summoned by Ikazuchi-Maru who is now Jiraiya to do battle the Serpent Orochimaru. From it's massive maw, the Toad can fire a stream of deadly flames. 1966-03-05 Attack of the Water Flow
Orochimaru godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Orochimaru Earth Defenders Orochimaru. A massive dragon like snake that was summoned by Orochimaru to fight Jiraiya and his toad. From it's mouth, the dragon can fire a high pressured stream of water. 1966-03-05 Attack of the Water Flow
Tsunade's Spider godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tsunade's Spider Earth Defenders Tsunade's Spider. A large spider that Tsunade can transform in order to help Jiraiya defeat Orochimaru. 1966-03-05 Attack of the Water Flow
Eagle of Dojin Hiki godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Eagle of Dojin Hiki Earth Defenders Eagle of Dojin Hiki. A massive eagle and the savior of the young Jiraiya. 1966-03-05 Attack of the Water Flow
M1 Mutants M1. A super express train called the Inazuma-1 was on its maiden voyage carrying many passengers, one of which was carrying a suitcase containing the first man-made artificial lifeform, codenamed M1. When Ippei accidentally brought the suitcase containing M1 onto the Inazuma-1, it was confiscated and put into the trains on-board safe. However, during the voyage, stimulated by a camera flash, M1 grew into an ape-like creature, broke out of the safe, and scared one of the crew members. 1966-03-05 Humans and Kaijus
Balloonga Aliens Balloonga. Arriving on Earth on board the Saturn-1 exploration rocket, Balloonga started life as a small object. Exposed to energy, the creature rapidly began to grow. Within hours it hovered over the city of Tokyo, blotting out the sun and devouring any form of energy it could. Rockets only made it grow bigger and a coming typhoon fed it even more. It seemed as if the beast would devour all energy on the planet until an artificial sun was created deep within space. As the intense energy reached the Earth, it got Balloonga's attention. The strange creature began to drift upward, heading for the artificial sun that could feed it for eternity or kill it. 1966-03-13 Face-to-Face with a Balloon Monster who Hovers
Garamon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Garamon Aliens Garamon. The robot monster is perhaps the most recognziable monster and is among the Kaiju most associated with the landmark series. 1966-03-27 Distant Planet Challenge
Kanegon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kanegon Earth Defenders Kanegon. This kaiju has the ability to stamp his feet and cause an earthquake. 1966-04-10 Kanegon Saves the Day
Barugon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Barugon Earth Defenders Barugon. A gigantic quadrupedal reptile, with sharp teeth, a long horn on his snout, smaller horns above his eyes, and a long whip-like tail. He has two rows of short spikes running down his back, which begin to glow when the creature is ready to attack. Barugon also possess a very long, stiff tongue with a clubbed tip, and has purple blood. 1966-04-17 Rainbow Lizard Barugon!
Daimajin godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Daimajin Earth Defenders Daimajin. A mighty stone warrior yokai that comes to life. He has an angry scowl on his face, green skin, red eyeballs with yellow irises and wears Samurai armor. He also carries a massive dagger, which hangs around his waist in a sheath. When Daimajin isn't active, he resembles a massive statue which is either embedded in a rock face or the ground, and has a smoother face which is either stone-coloured or bright red. 1966-04-17 Oni
Pagos godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Pagos Earth Defenders Pagos. A prehistoric subterranean reptile kaiju that has a bulky body and moves on four limbs. His head is elongated, and he has many sharp teeth, as well as two long fangs, in his mouth. Pagos has five horns: one on the nose, two above the eyes, and two more on the crown. These two horns on the top of the head are the longest and directed backwards. On the back Pagos has wide low plates, like Baragon. 1966-05-01 Kemur's Attack
Kemur godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kemur Aliens Kemur. A species of aliens that had been granted incredible abilities via the processes of natural selection and evolution, the first Kemur travelled back in time to 1966 from the near-future year of 2020 to abduct humans to extend his lifespan and recover from weakness brought on through overexerting himself. 1966-05-08 Kemur's Attack
Ragon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ragon Mutants Ragon. Are a race of aquatic humanoid monsters that were generally reclusive but easily provoked. A pair appeared on the island of Iwanejima and a mutated one appeared terroizing the seaside some time later. 1966-05-15 Monster on the Beach
Alien Keel godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Keel Aliens Alien Keel. Most Alien Keel Hypothetically wear a set of armor. Grande's and Vittorio's arms theorized that they did not share the same helmet altogether. 1966-05-22 Alien Keel Enters
Goga Mutants Goga. After destroying the ancient civilization of Aranka, Goga was somehow trapped inside a small statue. Centuries passed and the creature became nothing but a legend, but when the statue was stolen, a six-thousand year old curse came to life. Beams of light fired from the statue’s eyes, engulfing one of the burglars in flame. The statue then fell apart, revealing the snail-like creature. The beast quickly began to grow, becoming larger and larger. 1966-06-12 The Big Shell Defense
Todola Aliens Todola. A walrus-like Kaiju that lived somewhere in the clouds. Unlike Maguma, this creature has whiskers and his roar is different than his. Not long after, the titanic king of this dimension emerged from the plumes of white. Todola roared, ready to destroy those that had invaded its home. 1966-07-03 The Blizzard of Glory
Galu Mutants Galu. The first non-dinosaur Kaiju and Mutated brother of Gororo sent to fight Izenborg 1978-01-27 The Trio of Dinosaur Devil
Lord Goa Aliens Lord Goa. An alien overlord bent on conquering Earth, he is opposed by the forces of the Wizard Methuselah, chiefly Goldar, his wife Silvar (Mol) and their son Gam, who was created in the image and likeness of their young Human ally, Miko Mura (Mamoru Murakami). The three warriors are living machines, who can transform into rockets. Goldar is gigantic, and the one who fights the giant monsters summoned by Rodak to attack the Earth. Miko is their watchmen, summoning them with a whistle given him by the wizard when he spies one of Rodak's schemes in progress. 1966-07-04 It's Here! It's Ambassador Magma!
Moguness Mutants Moguness. A monster whose personality is completely destructive, being that he mercilessly attacked an area with very few houses for no reason, apart from attacking a train which only passed in front of him. Something interesting was that after facing Goldar he immediately showed that he was afraid, retreating after the hero attacked him and simply defeated him. 1966-07-11 It's Here! It's Ambassador Magma!
Legion godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Legion Aliens Legion. Are extraterrestrial silicon-based kaiju that are the Symbiotic Legion were a race of insectoid aliens that cultivated colossal plants which allowed them to spread from planet to planet. Upon arriving on Earth, the Legion established a flower in downtown Sapporo, but were interrupted by Gamera, who destroyed their flower and killed several of the creatures. The gigantic Mother Legion fled the nest and relocated to Sendai, where she successfully established a second flower and defended it from Gamera. Gamera prevented the flower from firing its seed into space, but was seriously wounded in the process, while the city of Sendai was completely leveled. The Mother Legion and her Soldiers made their way to Tokyo to build a third flower, with the JSDF helpless to stop them. Fortunately, Gamera was revived and flew to Tokyo and resumed his battle against the invaders. Gamera was forced to call upon a dangerous ability that required him to consume the very energy of the Earth itself in order to finally destroy the Mother Legion and end her species' assault upon the planet. 1996-07-13 Advent of Legion
Bemular godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bemular Aliens Bemular. A ruthless, alien, reptile-like monster that somehow managed to escape from the Monster Graveyard. He was confronted by Ultraman on Earth and was destroyed. 1966-07-17 The Arrival of Ultraman
Alien Baltan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Baltan Aliens Alien Baltan. This alien has 2 drills and can dig through tunnels. 1966-07-24 Otherworldly Foe
Sanda godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sanda Earth Defenders Sanda. A Frankenstein-spawn kaiju that resembles his "brother" Gaira, being a humanoid giant covered in fur and scales. He is also significantly larger than Gaira. Unlike Gaira, Sanda has a more human-like face and what appears to be a beard on his chin. Sanda's fur and scales are a light-brown color. 1966-07-31 The Kin of Frankenstein! The Good Yellow One and the Maneating Green One!
Gaira godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gaira Mutants Gaira. An evil green gargantua that escape from the laboratory and lives under the sea. This monster only goes on a rampage through Tokyo and eats some of the human flesh. 1966-07-31 The Kin of Frankenstein! The Good Yellow One and the Maneating Green One!
Neronga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Neronga Earth Defenders Neronga. The monster that can make himself invisible and Baragon's evil twin brother. 1966-07-31 Hollow Monster
Bidora Aliens Bidora. The second kaiju that Lord Goa sent to fight Magma. Due to it's wings, Birdora can fly at high speeds. Birdora can launch a bolt of greenish gas from its mouth, the gas being able to momentarily blind Goldar. In addition to being extremely explosive, it can create small to large explosions, but a large explosion against Goldar did not work. 1966-08-01 It's Here! It's Ambassador Magma!
Frenix Mutants Frenix. An aquatic kaiju that was summoned by Lord Goa fight Ambassador Magma by swimming under water with its fins from both sides of the monster. 1966-08-12 What Happened To Chopper #067?
Greenmons Mutants Greenmons. Was the first form of the carnivorous plant called Miloganda. Greenmons then committed the murders of the scientists that brought him to Japan, before being stopped by Ultraman. 1966-08-14 Plant Attack
Aron Mutants Aron. A massive fire breathing dinosaur that is sent to earth by Lord Goa in order to rampage Tokyo and destroy Ambassador Magma. This creature is similar to the Atomic Dragon, Agon, because they both have similar personalities. 1966-08-20 Tokyo on Fire
Guesra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Guesra Earth Defenders Guesra. An amphibious Kaiju that attacked several seaports in search of cacao beans. 1966-08-21 Awaken in the Murky Sea
Gareon Mutants Gareon. A kaiju along along with Drox, were sent in tandem to fight Magma, only for an accidental head butt from Drox that angered Gareon. The two fought, and were beaten by Magma. 1966-08-24 The Powered Headbutted Kaiju
Drox Mutants Drox. A kaiju originally was sent to fight Magma himself, but was later joined by Gareon. After a ill timed headbutt, the two kaiju fought each other. 1966-08-26 The Powered Headbutted Kaiju
Antlar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Antlar Mutants Antlar. A ant/beetle-like kaiju that terrorized the civilization of Baradhi. It was stopped by Ultraman in part thanks to the Stone of Baradhi left by the "God of Noa". 1966-08-28 The Magnetic Beetle: Awakening of Antlar
Pigmon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Pigmon Earth Defenders Pigmon. A passive Kaiju species that his name is a shortened combination of "Pygmy Monster". 1966-09-04 Isle of the Vicious Monsters
Red King godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Red King Earth Defenders Red King. Also known as Redking, is a destructive ancient kaiju who originally appeared on an Island and terrorized any inhabitants it could find. 1966-09-04 Isle of the Vicious Monsters
Chandlar Earth Defenders Chandlar. An ancient Kaiju that appeared on an island. The two known specimen were killed by Red King(s). 1966-09-04 Isle of the Vicious Monsters
Magular godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Magular Earth Defenders Magular. A thorny devil-like kaiju that lived on Tatara Island. Unlike most Kaiju, it was destroyed by the SSSP instead of an Ultra Warrior. A second one appeared on the Planet Hammer, only to be destroyed by Rei's Gomora. 1966-09-04 Isle of the Vicious Monsters
Suflan Mutants Suflan. A species of blood drinking plants on Tatara Island and Johnson Island. The plants seemed to be recreated by Alien Bell to inhabit his dimension. 1966-09-04 Eternal Life Spreads Everywhere!
Stopgon Earth Defenders Stopgon. A blue dinosaur-like Kaiju that has flat spines like the Stegosaurus, and also have one horn in front of his face. As the monster dies into pieces, the monster just reassembles itself and continues to rampage Tokyo. 1966-09-05 Stopgon's Attack!
Dakoda Aliens Dakoda. An odd Kaiju with its powerful suction tentacles. The creature hovers over the airport like a flying octopus, sucking planes into its long, writhing tentacles and crushing them. 1966-09-09 The Kaiju is Odd, Who Could be Only an Odd
Gabora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gabora Earth Defenders Gabora. A uranium-consuming Kaiju that terrorized several radioactive power plants and consumed all the radium it could find. It was eventually lured out and defeated by Ultraman. 1966-09-11 Ultra Brother Number One?
Black Giant Aliens Black Giant. A massive faceless kaiju that was sent to earth by Lord Goa to battle against Ambassador Magma. 1966-09-13 The Massive Black Giant
Teravarden Earth Defenders Teravarden. A massive dinosaur like kaiju that lives in the cave up the mountain, then was release when the earthquake erupts and was controlled by Lord Goa in order to go on a rampage through the village. 1966-09-17 Double or Knowing!
Wara Aliens Wara. The last monster made by Zobina and Gottes to fight against Izenborg and Golda, along with Shizalas to push against humanity, all four attacking Japan, and fighting Izenborg and Golda, however, the woolly aquatic monster died to Izenborg. 1978-06-23 Freeze Frame of a Kaiju
Peter Earth Defenders Peter. This monster has the raging ability to splash water on bulidings. 1966-06-26 Peter vs the 30,000 Year Choju
Jirahs godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Jirahs Earth Defenders Jirahs. A mutated frill-lizard Kaiju created by a mad scientist who aspired to create a legend-worthy beast. It was killed in a duel with Ultraman. 1966-09-18 The Lake is a Kaiju’s Nest
Gango godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gango Mutants Gango. An an ephemeral Kaiju created by the Wishing Stone It disappeared after the human who invented it willed it out of existence, and Ultraman carried the wishing stone away where it could be kept safe from others who would use its incredible powers to wreak havoc. 1966-09-25 The Magic Meteor from Space
Pidora Mutants Pidora. A massive insect kaiju that fought Ambassador Magma by Using the wings on its back, Pidora can fly at high speeds in order to defeat Ambassador Magma. 1966-09-25 The Bugs Prays Here
Dodongo godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dodongo Earth Defenders Dodongo. A monster from the distant past. The servant and loyal steed of Mummy Man, he emerged following the death of his master, and began to rampage, enraged by his loss and intent on killing the humans who had slain the ancient humanoid. Though Ultraman briefly attempted to spare the monster, he ultimately had to make the decision to kill Dodongo, allowing him to rest in peace. 1966-10-02 The Mummy Cries Again
Mummy Man godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mummy Man Earth Defenders Mummy Man. a revived ancient creature that attacked a research facility. His demise led to the summoning of Dodongo. 1966-10-02 The Mummy Cries Again
Take-Majin Earth Defenders Take-Majin. An ancient yokai with his skin is almost entirely covered in golden armour, the sole exception to this being his face. He has eight arms, six of which sprout from his back. Take-Majin has a red gem embedded in his forehead and blue gems embedded in his elbows, waist, and on the tops of his feet. 2008-07-05 Take-Majin is Here
Sangiras Mutants Sangiras. A scorpion like kaiju and one of Lord Goa's Kaiju sent to earth along with Grania to fight Ambassador Magma. 1966-10-08 Survival of the Mightiest
Pestar Mutants Pestar. A Kaiju that fed upon oil and attacked several oil rigs to quench itself. After it was lured onto land, he was knocked out by the SSSP. Later, he was destroyed by Ultraman, who proceeded to undo the damage Pestar had done. 1966-10-09 Oil Wars
Grania Aliens Grania. One of many kaiju created by Lord Goa by sending it to earth to find Ambassador Magma, along with another monster name Sangiras in order to destroy him for good. 1966-10-15 Survival of the Mightiest
Gavadon Mutants Gavadon. A Kaiju that was created when children's graffiti of creatures were brought to life by strange rays coming from outer-space. It was eventually detained by Ultraman and taken to outer space, and changed into a constellation. 1966-10-23 Drawn to Life!
Balzas Aliens Balzas. A creature with one eye and three antennas that look like flowers was sent to earth by Lord Goa to wreck the carnival, disappears, and then reappears in another spot on a road, only to disappear again. 1966-10-24 Godzilla vs. Balzas
Bullton godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bullton Aliens Bullton. A meteorite-like creature that can manipulate reality. 1966-11-06 The Monster Calling Stone
Jigira Aliens Jigira. A kaiju that can trap anyone by using its its magnetic horns. Ambassador Magma appears to save anyone, but it lets anyone go and retreats. Jigira attacks an electrical power plant and Ambassador Magma is called for help! 1966-11-06 Jigira Strikes!
Booska godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Booska Earth Defenders Booska. A mutated iguana whose unusual abilities comes from his crown and later on befriends a mutated squirrel/alien hybrid named Chamegon. 1966-11-09 A Day with Booska
Alien Zarab godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Zarab Aliens Alien Zarab. Are a race of aliens from Planet Zarab in the 8th Galactic System talented at creating illusions. They have been mostly portrayed as vile beings with the desire to destroy other worlds, either through trickery and deception, or brute force. They are best remembered for being the first aliens to imitate an Ultra. 1966-11-13 Imposter from Another Planet
Banila godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Banila Mutants Banila. A monster whose rivalry with the fellow ancient monster Aboras has persisted for centuries, the original Banila was sealed away by humans in the distant past, but was released after scientists found and inadvertently activated the capsule he had been contained in. The weaker of the two monsters, Banila was quickly defeated by Aboras, who would later be destroyed by Ultraman. 1966-11-20 Red vs. Blue
Aboras godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Aboras Mutants Aboras. A monster whose rivalry with the fellow ancient monster Banila has persisted for centuries, the original Aboras was sealed away by humans in the distant past, but was released after scientists found and inadvertently activated the capsule he had been contained in. The stronger of the two monsters, Aboras managed to defeat Banila, but then turned his ire on the SSSP, forcing Ultraman to take action. 1966-11-20 Red vs. Blue
Umibozu Earth Defenders Umibozu. A yokai that appeared and was a third party in the mix between Lord Goa and Ambassador Magma. 1966-11-22 Don't Get Knocked on an Umibozu!
Hydra Earth Defenders Hydra. A supernatural Kaiju that was apparently awakened by the soul of a child who was killed by a careless driver. It attacked several motorists before being countered by SSSP and eventually Ultraman. The Kaiju was allowed to escape, however. Its whereabouts are unknown. 1966-11-27 Hydra's Wrath
Kanix Mutants Kanix. A massive crab like kaiju that attacked schools of the world if the Earth is not surrendered to him. It appears in several locations but the army troops, using bazookas, cannot harm him. 1966-11-29 Threat from the Deep Blue Sea
Kemular godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kemular Earth Defenders Kemular. A frog-like amphibian Kaiju that used its toxic gas to kill wildlife and feed. It was killed when Ultraman exposed its vital organ for the SSSP to attack. 1966-12-04 The Taste of Poison!
Kindora Mutants Kindora. A massive lizard kaiju that was the second to last kaiju to fight Ambassador Magma. 1966-12-06 The Reptilian-Sized Battle
Telesdon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Telesdon Earth Defenders Telesdon. Also spelled Teresdon, is a prehistoric, worm-like monster that was controlled by the Underground People to attack the surface. 1966-12-11 Otherworldly Foe
Ebirah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ebirah Mutants Ebirah. It used its giant, scissor-like right arm and spear-like left arm to attack ships approaching the island, preventing them from approaching the outer reaches of the coast. 1966-12-17 Deep Blue Kaiju
Ookondoru godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ookondoru Mutants Ookondoru. The Giant Condor also known as the Giant Eagle is a giant bird kaiju mutated by the nuclear runoff produced by the Red Bamboo on Letchi Island, the Giant Condor attacked Godzilla after the latter had fought off a squadron of Red Bamboo fighter jets. The creature was no match for the King of the Monsters, who quickly set it ablaze with his atomic breath and sent it plummeting into the ocean. 1966-12-17 The 8th Wonder of the World
Jamila Mutants Jamila. Originally an astronaut who came into contact with an extraterrestrial mutagen and transformed into a monster. He returned to Earth with a vengeance for the human race, but was killed by Ultraman. Deemed a victim of an unfortunate fate, a plaque was raised in the former human's memory. 1966-12-18 Space Monster Jamila Appears
Gao Gagogon Aliens Gao Gagogon. The final kaiju which considers himself the strongest monster, for the final attempt at defeating Ambassador Magma. 1966-12-20 The Reptilian-Sized Battle
Gubila godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gubila Earth Defenders Gubila. The whale beast that attacked an undersea base. It was lured unto land and killed by Ultraman. A second one appeared in the Future Earth World, but Ultraman Cosmos calmed it and let it go, only for it to be killed by Alien Bat. Since then, numerous other Gubilas have been encountered by various Ultras. 1966-12-25 Zigra Strikes Back
Guigass godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Guigass Earth Defenders Guigass. An ape-like Kaiju that was one of the three awakened by the comet Tsuifon. It was later destroyed by the SSSP, leaving Ultraman to deal with Red King. 1967-01-01 Long Live the Prince
Dorako godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dorako Mutants Dorako. Dorako is the goddess of might. She uses her two sharp claws to dig underground or battle monsters. 1967-01-01 The Hasty Challenger
Barebadon Earth Defenders Barebadon. A massive winged monster that flies towards a valley every fifty to sixty years. 1981-01-21 Terror Of The Skies
Gomora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gomora Earth Defenders Gomora. He's like Godzilla, only he doesn't cause an earthquake. His tail can whip up a helping hand. 1967-01-08 Long Live the Prince
Dada godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dada Aliens Dada. This creature can use its drill to make holes in the pavement. 1967-01-22 Triple Faced Freak!
Goldon Earth Defenders Goldon. Were a race of gold-consuming kaiju. Two appeared and fed off of a goldmine but were killed by Ultraman. 1967-01-29 The Golden Touch
Woo godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Woo Earth Defenders Woo. A strange supernatural Kaiju that watched over the snow capped Phantom Mountain, seemingly protecting an orphan girl. After several attempts were made at the girl's life, Woo began to rampage about the mountain and Ultraman intervened. Woo only stopped after the orphan girl succumbed to the cold after being chased by local huntsmen. 1967-02-05 Beware of the Abominable Snowman
Keronia godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Keronia Aliens Keronia. Evolved over the centuries in the Amazon to hate mankind, Keronia unwisely decided to start his conquest of the Earth in Japan, where he met Ultraman instead. 1967-02-12 Plant Attack
Zumbolar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zumbolar Earth Defenders Zumbolar. This creature's underground habitat was disturbed by human construction, so he came up to see what all the hubbub was, and of course the military attacked him and then Ultraman smashed his head in. Totally uncalled for. 1967-02-19 Can't Beat Flame with Flame
Alien Mefilas godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Mefilas Aliens Alien Mefilas. A race of recurring aliens that originate from Planet Mefilas. Alien Mefilas' name comes from Mephistopheles, the demon from the Faust story. 1967-02-26 The Forbidden Word! The Challenge of Alien Mephilas!!
Skydon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Skydon Earth Defenders Skydon. An ankylosaurus-like kaiju from space that landed on Earth in a meteor. Landing in a small construction site, a grumpy Skydon immediately attacked and set the site on fire with his flames. Skydon's name is a combination of the words "Sky" and "Dawn," Dawn because of Skydon's first arrival at the crack of dawn. Other interpretations claim that Skydon's name is actually a combination of "Sky" and "Down", as Skydon dropped down from the sky but yet another interpretation claims that the "Don" suffix alludes to the monster's resemblance to quadrupedal dinosaurs. 1967-03-05 Attack of the Megaton Monster
Seabozu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Seabozu Mutants Seabozu. Falling from the sky on to Japan, Seabozu was needlessly and repeatedly assaulted by Ultraman until he was finally launched into space on a rocket. His crime? Being a big weirdo. Uh oh. 1967-03-12 Escape the Monster Grave Yard
Zaragas Mutants Zaragas. Zaragas can change into meteorite form to travel through space. He breathes yellow fireballs, has a huge horn, and is an able melee combatant. 1967-03-19 Zaragas' Big Counterattack
Guilala godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Guilala Aliens Guilala. In general, Guilala resembles a large, birdlike creature with a bulky, muscular body and strange antennae on top of its head. Guilala's head is silver with pink eyes, while his body is dark grey. The tips of his antennae are bright gold. Guilala also has a series of horns on the back of his head which curve upwards, and his forehead has a strange, periscope-like appendage rising out of it, which may be a third eye. Guilala's feet are large, and have well-developed claws. On the front of each of his thighs, he has wave-like ridges which run vertically down towards his shins. 1967-03-25 Godzilla vs the X from Outer Space
Geronimon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Geronimon Earth Defenders Geronimon. A mysterious monster who was at one point rumoured to be the leader of all of Earth's natural monsters, Geronimon is also an extremely capable necromancer, able to revive any monster he chooses using a strange power only he has access to. Angered by Ultraman and the SSSP constantly destroying the monsters under his command, Geronimon battled Ultraman in a duel, only to be defeated himself from a combination of the hero and humankind. 1967-03-26 King vs. Chief
Keylla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Keylla Aliens Keylla. An alien monster that lives in a planet called Planet Q. Keylla's name is taken from the English terms "Killer" and "Eye". 1967-04-02 Distant Planet Challenge
Sennengama Mutants Sennengama. A kaiju that is similar to Jiraya's and it looks like a giant toad that can rampage through the countryside by using his fire breath to destroy everything that stood in it's path. 1967-04-05 Don't Get Trampled!
Zetton godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zetton Aliens Zetton. A beetle-like kaiju who is considered to be the most powerful monster by battling against other monsters and the ultra brothers. 1967-04-09 Strongest of the Ultra Monsters! Its Name Is Zetton!!
Gyaos godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gyaos Mutants Gyaos. The vampire monster that is considered to be Gamera's archenemy, Gyaos was also Gamera's second foe, and emerged from an underground cave to feed on humanity. Gamera battled the creature in several encounters, finally destroying it by pulling it into the crater of an active volcano. 1967-04-15 Awaken! The Last Hope!
Zariganid Mutants Zariganid. The newest creation of Dr. Gori that was to work together with another monster Spincobra. Zariganid first appeared rising out of the ocean when it discovered that the eggs it laid were being attacked and started to attack the seaside village. 1971-07-24 Threat from the Deep Blue Sea
Alien Vandel Aliens Alien Vandel. Are a race of aliens which they They start life as an eyeball-like Vandel Egg that then later hatches into fully matured adult Vandel. 1967-04-16 They'll See a Laser
Vandelar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Vandelar Aliens Vandelar. A Kaiju that has a reptilian appearance with a dark green body covered with red scales all over. Has a row of scales going down the middle of his body and a second row goin around his neck. He has clawed feet on his short legs and three small claws on his stubby arms. He also has an alligator-like mouth with red lips and a row of teeth, two large flaps on the back of his neck, and two eyes with tubes connected to the back of each one. 1967-04-16 They'll See a Laser
Kin Me Zou Earth Defenders Kin Me Zou. A stone statue brought to life by Kouga Genyousai in order to fight monsters and destroy Kamen no Ninja Akakage. 1967-04-19 Awakens the Stone Statue, Kin Me Zou!
Gappa godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gappa Earth Defenders Gappas. All three of the Gappas share the same characteristics, as they are based on various reptiles and birds, such as eagles and hawks. Overall, they resemble enormous bipedal griffins. As exhibited in the two adults seen in the film, the species is sexually dimorphic. The female has a smaller head crest and has a flatter face compared to her mate. Their scales are triangle-shaped, and their eyelids are the reverse to that of humans. The Gappas' wings are unlike those of birds; they are actually evolved ribs. 1967-04-22 The Triphibian Monsters
Baby Gappa godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Baby Gappa Earth Defenders Baby Gappa. A juvenile ancient bird kaiju and the son of the adult Gappa himself. 1967-04-22 The Triphibian Monsters
Galban Aliens Galban. A Kaiju made of metal that first appears from an explosion in the mountains of an unknown planet. After wandering the planet, Captain Ultra and his crew attacks the beast. Their attack is a success when Captain launches a shot to the creature's exposed center. This causes Galban to explode. 1967-04-23 The Next Attack
Blukong Mutants Blukong. An armadillo-like Kaiju that can roll himself into a ball for defense of fast movement, can spew flames from his mouth, also, Blukong can spew acid from his mouth, and his back is much more durable then his front. 1967-05-07 Rolling About
Hitotsume Aliens Hitotsume. A massive flying eyeball kaiju that can fly through the village, and destroy everything by beaming it from it's eye. 1967-05-17 Floating Eyeball?! That's Strange!
Ghoslar Mutants Ghoslar. A bat-like kaiju that can fly using its wings as well as using them for space travel, then can become invisible and thus invulnerable to attack. During this form, it can reveal itself to specific individuals that it desires to reveal itself to. Ghoslar stream of flames from his mouth, while flapping his massive wings, Ghoslar can cause hurricane gale force winds. 1967-07-09 The Terror of the Kaiju Duos!
Metallinome Aliens Metallinome. A Kaiju that has pincer claws for hands which are very powerful. He's the one responsible for resurrecting the monster army in order to destroy the universe. 1967-07-16 The Terror of the Kaiju Duos!
Mechani-Kong godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mechani-Kong Aliens Mechani-Kong. This kaiju was built by the evil scientist Dr. Who in order to destroy King Kong. 1967-07-22 Mechani-Kong Strikes
Giant Sea Serpent godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Giant Sea Serpent Earth Defenders Giant Sea Serpent. A kaiju that has been Patrolling the waters around Mondo Island, the Giant Sea Serpent was confronted by King Kong when it approached the Hover Car as it made its way back to the Explorer. The serpent constricted its body around Kong, but the giant ape was able to triumph and threw the defeated serpent aside into the water. 1967-07-22 Mechani-Kong Strikes
Gorosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gorosaurus Earth Defenders Gorosaurus. An evolved relic species of the Allosaurus, a carnivorous dinosaur from the late Jurassic Period. It moves nimbly and uses its long tail as a springboard to pounce and attack. Its ultimate attack is a two-legged flying kick that can connect from as far as 30 meters away. 1967-07-22 Mechani-Kong Strikes
Jaian Earth Defenders Jaian. A peaceful ape-like Kaiju. After he fell from his Comet home, Jaian was stranded in the wreckage of a fallen ship until two you children found and befriended him. 1967-07-23 The Arrival
Amegon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Amegon Aliens Amegon. It can send a deadly stream of water from its mouth. 1967-07-30 Monster of the Storm
Bakuton Aliens Bakuton. A kaiju that can control machinery to do what he wants, fire concentrated streams of energy from his eyes, and fire a stream of flames from his constantly open mouth. 1967-08-06 The Synthetic is Non-Pathetic!
Kyudora Aliens Kyudora. A kaiju can merge with dead bodies and control them from within. When inhabiting a body, he is immune to attack. However, his reflection reveals his position. Should an attack hit this reflection and rebound onto the host body, Kyudora will lose his connection with the body and he will be revealed. It's called the Dead Body Inhabitance. 1967-08-13 Over My Dead Kyudora Body!
Urugon Earth Defenders Urugon. A minotaur-like Kaiju which contained in the mountains of planet similar to ancient Greece, Urugon retained its sentience, destroyed the city and caused citywide panic. Later, Urugon wakes fully after the people of the city pray to him. He then proceeds to rampage. But with the combination of the citizens' and Captain's weapons, the beast is defeated. It then shrinks to a human sized skin of itself. 1967-08-20 Godzilla vs. Urugon
Shamolar Mutants Shamolar. Also known as Chamoller is a Kaiju that can launch lasers from its eyes or heads. 1967-08-27 The Wave of Electrical Collision
Alien Rajigon Aliens Alien Rajigon. An alien that can sends itself through a radio or TV. 1967-09-03 The Wave of Electrical Collision
Windom godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Windom Global Defense Force Windom. A metallic capsule monster and is chronologically the first to be deployed. Contrary to popular belief, Windom is a giant metallic organism native to its home planet instead of being a robot. 1967-10-01 The Shapeless Challenger! Ultra Seven Appears!!
Alien Cool Aliens Alien Cool. An alien that collects human specimens using a vaporizing and teleportation ray from his invisible flying saucer. He commenced attacks on an industrial area; all a part of an attempt to cause the TDF (Terrestrial Defense Force) to submit into unconditional surrender. 1967-10-01 The Shapeless Challenger! Ultra Seven Appears!!
Ora Earth Defenders Ora. Nessie's mother and a giant brontosaurus that was killed by the aliens. 1967-10-02 Godzilla and the Dinosaur
Alien Waiell Aliens Alien Waiell. Were aliens from the planet Waiell who fed on human blood. 1967-10-08 Root Enough for You
Agon Mutants Agon. A beetle kaiju who face to fight with anyone. 1967-10-08 Brawl on Mount Fuji
Terranodon Mutants Terranodon. A Kaiju that appears to be like any normal pteranodon, but much larger and with bug-like eyes. 1967-10-09 Godzilla and the Dinosaur
Ganda Mutants Ganda. A massive fish kaiju that can swim under water battles every monster that gets in his way. 1967-10-11 The Fish Creature
Giant Robo godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Giant Robo Global Defense Force Giant Robo. A robot that was originally Built by Big Fire as a weapon for world domination. Fortunately, he ended up in the hands of Daisaku Kusama. 1967-10-11 Giant Robo Awakens
Emperor Guillotine godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Emperor Guillotine Aliens Emperor Guillotine. A tyrannical alien overlord who oversaw an invasion of Earth on several fronts: infiltration, corruption of world governments, frontal attacks, terror incidents and extortion. The organization he led, known as Big Fire or Gargoyle Gang depending on the language of the broadcast, was made up of a ruthless group of antagonistic operatives, some alien like himself, and some opportunistic Humans who seemed to come from every bad corner and movement on Earth. At first, only some world governments knew of this threat, and used operatives to combat it like Japan's Team Unicorn. At a certain point, Guillotine was prepared to use giant mecha and daikaiju to promote his conquest, and on an island fortress, captive scientists built the Giant Robo, a mecha of power, skill and adaptibilty to lead the final conquest of Earth. 1967-10-11 Giant Robo Awakens
Dakolar Mutants Dakolar. The Kaiju that has has a gillman-like appearance with an amphibious head and webbed membranes underneath his arms. On his face, he has two red eyes with several ridges underneath and going down his cheekbones. Above his eyes is a head crest sticking out. He has a greenish-yellow body color with a lumpy appearance, a back fin, and is shown with suckers on the sides of his body and underneath his tentacle-like arms. 1967-10-11 Giant Robo Awakens
Eleking godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Eleking Earth Defenders Eleking. A water-dwelling, monochromatic monster that's the pet of the Alien Pitt, Eleking’s long tail and electrical abilities make him a challenging opponent for an Ultra Warrior. Starting off as a small tadpole, Eleking quickly grows to 53 meters. 1967-10-15 Godzilla vs. the Discharge Dragon
Miclas godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Miclas Earth Defenders Miclas. A second capsule monster used by Dan Moroboshi and from a planet known as Buffalo, and he coincidentally looks a bit like buffalo. This kaiju is forced to live in a tiny capsule until deployed to fight other monsters by Ultraseven. 1967-10-15 Godzilla vs. the Discharge Dragon
Globar Aliens Globar. A giant flying ball like robot that can fly thanks to jets in some of its arms. It has missiles in several of its arms (the tips) Globar also has several grabbing cables that can emit from several of the holes on the globes body. The monster can also pull in all its arms (like a turtle) and turn itself in a rolling ball of death! Globar can also charge up its body with extreme heat, like a coal simmering in a outdoor grill. 1967-10-18 So Clear, You Hear, Nuclear
Alien Godola godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Godola Aliens Alien Godola. The Alien Godolas were a race infamous amongst the universe, known for their cruelty, tricks, manipulation, and infiltration. They were indeed skilled invaders, always having a plan for conquering whatever "inferior" species they set their eyes on. Naturally however, they had run afoul of the Space Garrison, beginning when a group of invaders targeting Earth were thwarted by Ultraseven and his human allies. 1967-10-22 Attack of the Striped Alien Banana!
Gozlas Earth Defenders Gozlas. A gorilla kaiju seems to be based upon a traditional gorilla though there are some differences in its design. For example, it has yellow glowing eyes and an enlarged head. It also has a row of sharp teeth visible at the bottom of its mouth. 1967-10-23 Monkey Business
Kakuryu Earth Defenders Kakuryu. A giant Triceratops that is one of Nessie's enemies and is briefly referred by Takeru when the latter horned saurian was wading towards him. Kakuryu looks exactly like the ceratopsid dinosaur Triceratops. He has bluish-green skin and yellow eyes. 1967-10-23 The Prehistoric Monsters
Gabari Mutants Gabari. A massive insect like kaiju that looks like an ant and spread every acid around the village in order to destroy everything that stood in it's path. 1967-10-25 Gabari the Massive Insect!
Satan Rose Mutants Satan Rose. A Kaiju that can summon powers which include rapid growth, constricting tentacle-like vines, suction flowers and lava bombs. 1967-10-25 What You See That They Got Spored!
Alien Bira Aliens Alien Bira. Are an alien species of giant crustacean-like creatures from the planet Bira. They have access to extremely advanced technology and numerous abilities, including the power to levitate in midair, to grow to daikaiju proportions, to shoot energy beams or expel toxic yellow gas from their mouths. 1967-10-29 Jumbo Shrimp!
Lygon Aliens Lygon. A giant Egyptian-style android monster built and operated by the intergalactic criminal organization known as Big Fire, or The Gargoyle Gang. He includes a forehead horn drill, mouth flames, a wrecking ball and swimming. 1967-11-01 Big Battle in Desert
Alien Pegassa Aliens Alien Pegassa. He can disguise themselves as humans to blend in with society. 1967-11-05 A Rouge in Disguise
Gangar Aliens Gangar. A giant flying mechanical hand. 1967-11-08 The Giant Claw
Ice Warrior Aliens 1967-11-11
Alien Quraso Aliens Alien Quraso. A race of normally peaceful aliens, a single Alien Quraso - an escaped prisoner and serial murderer known as Prisoner 303 - fled to Earth where he immediately resumed his violent acts, stealing the life force of humans and consuming gasoline. Fortunately, information sent by the other Quraso to Earth was vital in tracking 303 down, who eventually met his end in battle against Ultraseven. 1967-11-12 The Marksman's seceret?!
Shishiryuu Earth Defenders Shishiryuu. This dinosaur has never been properly named in the show, but they mention it as "ceratosaurus" as it's scientific name. He is likely based on several existing dinosaur species', such as Tyrannosaurus, Tarbosaurus and Allosaurus. He is also a freezing monster. 1967-11-13 Monster Of The Mountains
Doguma Mutants Doguma. An insect-like Kaiju. From it's mandibles, Doguma can spit a stream of flames. 1967-11-15 Brawl on Mount Fuji
Dorogon Aliens Dorogon. A monster swallows a jet plane of the Commonwealth of Sordia when it is flying and an atomic submarine of Furenkov Republic when it is under the sea. 1967-11-15 The Dragon Stalker
Alien Metron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Metron Aliens Alien Metron. They're the aliens from their Planet Metron. A highly intelligent species known for their strategies, most of their kind are cruel beings, but a few friendly people from Planet Metron are known to exist as well. 1967-11-19 Rock, Paper, Specium Ray
Ikageras Mutants Ikageras. A starfish monster that battles Giant Robo. He can fly, create hurrican force winds with its fins. He can always swim and spit a stream of acid dissovling liquid from his mouth. Strong enough to melt off one of Robo's arms! 1967-11-22 Tokyo on Fire
Alien Chibull Aliens Alien Chibull. It had advanced technology that could take simple objects like toys and make them dangerous weapons. When Android Zero Directive was carried out the carriers of his badges which located at the toys would be subject to Alien Chibull's mind control. His main base, a toy shop had lots of security systems disguised as toys. 1967-11-26 Kanegon Saves the Day
Ankylosaurus Earth Defenders Ankylosaurus. A kaiju with red spikes on his back, yellow glowing eyes and spikes at the end of its tail. 1967-11-27 Defensive Attackers
Doublion Aliens Doublion. A fearsome, two-headed beast that was created by Big Fire in order to destroy Giant Robo. One head spits fire, while the other spits hot oil. 1967-11-29 Fight with the Doublion
Gappo Earth Defenders Gappo. An owl like kaiju that is a kind and gentle creature, meaning no harm to others. 1967-11-29 Wise Enough For Ya?
Alien Icarus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Icarus Aliens Alien Icarus. Are bat-like aliens from the fourth dimension that can disguised himself as the suspicious neighbor in question is revealed to be Icarus, who is preparing to launch an invasion fleet from their secret base in the 4th Dimension. 1967-12-03 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Sparki Aliens Sparki. An electric monster with tentacles around its body and kidnaps tens of thousands of spectators in order to leverage them to control all of Japan! 1967-12-06 The Attack of the Tentacled Kaiju!
Nurse godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Nurse Global Defense Force Nurse. A mechanical monster that resembles a Chinese Dragon. It was dispatched by Alien Wild to attack a group of human do-gooders known as The Ultra Guard. 1967-12-10 Pedan's Return! Go Godzilla and Ultraseven
Jyako Mutants Jyako. A cat like kaiju that was created by an evil wizard in order to wreck the village and destroy Kamen no Ninja Akakage. From it's muzzle, Jyako can spit a stream of fire. 1967-12-13 Cat Kaiju Got Your Tongue
Kamacuras godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kamacuras Mutants Kamacuras. They are huge, carnivorous insects that possess the intelligence to act collectively when engaging in predatory activity or combat with an enemy. 1967-12-16 The Bug Prays Here
Kumonga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kumonga Mutants Kumonga. It is not averse to attacking humans, as it spends a good deal of time trying to capture Saeko and Goro and later attacking them and the team of scientists in a cave. 1967-12-16 The Bug Prays Here
Minilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Minilla Earth Defenders Minilla. Once appeared in the dreams of a troubled boy in order to give an example of how to deal with bullying and other childhood issues. He is also very playful, enjoying such games as kicking large boulders and jumping over or riding on his father's tail. 1967-12-16 The Reunion of the Son
Alien Spell Aliens Alien Spell. A blood sucking alien that first appeared where he took on the human disguise of that a watch salesman in Fukuoka, where he was selling fancy and advanced watches for a low price. As he took off, minutes later all of those who purchased his watches then fell ill and died. 1967-12-17 Bloodthirst
Alien Iyros godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Iyros Aliens Alien Iyros. An alien from the planet Iyros that crashed landed his saucer on Earth. They are also called Alien Ayros. 1967-12-24 Aliens Incoming
Unbalan Mutants Unbalan. The synthetic monster was originally a man-sized monster and was turned into a giant as it wreck the whole town of Tokyo, luckily he was stopped by Giant Robo and was being defeated. 1967-12-27 Strike Against the Amberon
Nessie Earth Defenders Nessie. A young brontosaurus whose parents died and is now fighting the aliens who killed her parents, with the help of the Japanese military and her human friend. possesses great physical strength and much like her father, the ability to fire a steam of flames. 1967-10-02 Godzilla and the Dinosaur
Kenryu Earth Defenders Kenryu. A giant stegosaurus looks almost exactly like the actual dinosaur Stegosaurus, sporting large spines on its back and multiple rows of needle-like teeth. 1968-01-01 The Prehistoric Monsters
Agon Earth Defenders Agon. An atomic dragon kaiju. Being reptilian, is covered in scales that become lighter towards the inner part of his body. His head somewhat resembles that of a Gila monster, but with short spines coming from the top and back. Similarly, he possesses sharp, curved claws at the tips of his webbed fingers. 1968-01-02 The Return of the King of the Monsters
Ganmons Aliens Ganmons. A one eye kaiju that battles Giant Robo and it can summon powers which includes levitation, retractable legs, a vacuum, a searchlight and an energy ray. 1968-01-03 The Next Attack
King Joe godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Joe Global Defense Force King Joe. A powerful alien robotic titan and one of the most deadly weapons ever conceived, created specifically for the purpose of slaying monsters, including Godzilla. 1968-01-07 Pedan's Return! Go Godzilla and Ultraseven
Diatryma Earth Defenders Diatryma. Diatryma is clearly based on its prehistoric counterpart, but it is also incorporating several features taken from other extinct avians or avian-like creatures, such as Archeopteryx. 1968-01-08 Pecking It While You Can
Iron Power Aliens Iron Power. A mechanical face that can summon powers include flight, sharp pointed teeth and body separation. 1968-01-10 JAWS
Guron Mutants Guron. A reptile like kaiju that lives in the cave beneath the mountains and fights any monsters and wreck the village. 1968-01-10 The Reptilian-Sized Battle
Icelar Earth Defenders Icelar. A creature created by Emperor Guillotine that can blast twin streams of freezing cold from the tentacles on its necks. So strong are these blasts that they can create small hurricane force winds (like Rodan). Icelar can also emit this same freezing stuff from his maw on occasion. 1968-01-17 The Mountain of Whirls
Annon Aliens Annon. An alien that came to Earth after the Earth defense forces sent a probe space ship to investigate his people's space. After bring the space probe back to Earth he ignited it, but was also blown apart from his body and was reduced to an eye while his body took the form of an odd shaped rock. 1968-01-21 The Anonymous for the Tremendous
U-Tom Global Defense Force U-Tom. The actual history behind the existence of U-Tom is unknown, except that they resided within an underground city. Above the underground city was a mining team who suffers from frequent signs of earthquakes every time during mining operations, followed by a flash of light. 1968-01-22 Astro Tom!
Searagon Earth Defenders Searagon. A a quadrupedal creature, always seen walking on all fours similar to a reptile or amphibian, both of which it closely resembles. Searagon's skin has a dark green coloration except for its underbelly, which is a yellow hue, providing a contrast in colors. This yellow color also appears on large circular growths on its back and on spines growing out of its face, near its eyes. 1968-01-24 The Sea Monster
GR-2 Aliens GR-2. GR-2 was created by the terrorist organisation Big Fire to function as a naval combat machine. It is equipped with hydrofoil propellers for underwater travel, though it is also capable of operating on land. In underwater combat, GR-2 is capable of propelling itself towards enemy robots and goring them with the large crescent blade attached to its head. Underwater and on land, it is capable of launching its fists like rockets to smash through anything in their path. 1968-01-24 Jet Jaguar vs. Torozon
Gizorun Mutants Gizorun. A leech like kaiju that was a human sized kaiju, but grew to a massive size when joining it's six kaiju costars in the final battle against Kamen no Ninja Akakage. 1968-01-24 Teaches for Leaches
Alien Bell Aliens Alien Bell. They are a race of alien creatures from Planet Bell. He traps people in an alternate dimension called Dimension X, where he chases them or sends monsters of his creation after them for his own amusement. 1968-02-04 The Living Planet
Ceratosaurus Earth Defenders Ceratosaurus. A kaiju that was revived from a fossil. He has horn on it's snout, and bumps on the skin. Other than that, there is not really any other physical feature. 1968-02-05 Fight on Us, Ceratosaurus!
Gagara Earth Defenders Gagara. A kaiju that lives somewhere in the mountains, peacefully. If anyone trespass his territory, he'll attack right at this minute. From it's mouth, Gargara can fire a steady stream of flames. 1968-02-07 Torch It for This
Alien Bado Aliens Alien Bado. According to Alien Bado, his people visited Earth's solar system, back when Earth was still forming. They wiped out the only form of life in the system at the time, on Pluto. They did this because they believed that no other form of life should exist besides their species. 1968-02-11 The Marksman's seceret?!
Alien Shaplay Aliens Alien Shaplay. Disguising himself as an assistant to a seismologist, Alien Shaplay and his monster, Giradorus were on a mission to retrieve Ultonium a stone that made up the core of the earth. 1968-02-18 The Marksman's seceret?!
Giradorus Aliens Giradorus. A Bioweapon created by Alien Shaplay to help him in his search for the substance that made up the core of the Earth, Giradorus searched underground while Shaplay disguised himself as the Seismologist's assistant. 1968-02-18 The Marksman's seceret?!
Jigorodon Earth Defenders Jigorodon. Despite being a fictional creature, Jigorodon is most likely based on several prehistoric animals, such as Dimetrodon, Spinosaurus and early outdated Megalosaurus reconstructions. It has a long snout with sharp teeth and a forked snake-like toungue, four limbs with long claws, a puffy body with a sail alongside bumpy textures and lastly a long lizard-like tail. 1968-02-19 Monster of the hills
Zabami Mutants Zabami. A crab like kaiju that came from beneath the sea and attacks the village. From it's mandibles, Zabami can fire a jet of foam. 1968-02-21 Making Them Crabby!
Iron Rocks Global Defense Force Iron Rocks. Created by the Alien Mimy using old submarines, Iron Rocks was a highly armed submarine-battleship hybrid that was kept beneath the ocean. It destroyed any ship unfortunate enough to be caught in its line of fire. 1968-02-25 Tokyo on Fire
Sundragon Earh Defenders Sundragon. Sundragon draws many traits from the Ankylosaurus. Its head is covered with a thick armor which extends outwards into frills. It also has multiple rows of spines protruding from the sides of its torso as well as a spear-like object affixed to the end of its tail. Most of Sundragon's body is colored a light brown/beige color, most likely to help camouflage with the desert terrain in which it lives. 1968-03-04 Big Battle in Desert
Calamity Global Defense Force Calamity. A giant robot that is similar to Giant Robo that is made with armor that reacts to long-range attacks. 1968-03-04 Giant Robo's Double
Babiran Mutants Babiran. A massive flower kaiju that can grow into a giant size from beneath the ground and spread every acid around the village. 1968-03-06 Flower Power
Gabura Aliens Gabura. Gabura was the trump card of the Alien Shadow in their invasion of Earth. After his master's ship was downed by Ultraseven, Gabura emerged from the ship and attacked Ultraseven himself. The battle was relatively short and Ultraseven quickly finished the fight by decapitating Gabura with the Eye Slugger. 1968-03-10 Friend or Foe?
Alien Shadow Aliens Alien Shadow. Although notorious for being aggressive invaders, they do not shy from using cowardly tactics as means of surprising their opponent. 1968-03-10 Friend or Foe?
Jijigora Aliens Jijigora. A cycloptic reptile kaiju and the last opponent of Kamen no Ninja Akakage. 1968-03-13 The Reptilian-Sized Battle
Alien Kanan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Kanan Aliens Alien Kanan. After a bizarre plane crash in the arctic the UG went to investigate the matter. As they sent one of their fighters to investigate Alien Kanan used their lighthouse-like base to create an aurora and took control of an airliner. Shigeru Furuhashi who rode the UG plane was also stuck flying to a airline plane, but Dan was sent to help the situation. Alien Kanan used lasers to scare Dan off, but it did not work and the hero continued moving towards them. From that point Dan went on foot and used Windom against the Alien Kanan's base, but before any damage could be done the capsule monster was hit with the hypnosis beam and was sent against Dan, who then turned into Ultraseven. After tiring out Windom, Ultraseven used the Emerium Beam to break the hypnosis and sent him against Alien Kanan once more. Windom was forced back into his capsule after being hit with Alien Kanan's stun ray. Just then Alien Kanan launched his base like a rocket trying to escape to outer space, but Ultraseven followed them and destroyed the base with a single blast of the Wide Shot. Furuhashi luckily dodged the crash as Kanan's powers where gone. 1968-03-17 The Gliding Menace up North!
Hydrazone Mutants Hydrazone. From a manhole, a large blotch of black liquid oozes out and starts climbing one of the giant pillars supporting a speedway, rotting the steel wherever it touches and sending Tokyo into turmoil. 1968-03-18 The Rise of Hydrazona
Viras godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Viras Aliens Viras. An alien kaiju that began as an expedition force of aliens from Planet Viras who came to Earth in order to conquer it. After an earlier force was defeated by Gamera, the Virasians exploited the monster's affinity for children by kidnapping two Boy Scouts and holding them hostage. They lured Gamera into a position where they implanted a mind control device onto him and sent him on a rampage across Japan. When Gamera broke free of the mind control, the Virasians fused together into the gigantic Viras and battled him. The alien monster was finally defeated when Gamera flew him into the atmosphere and froze him, then dropped him into the ocean below where he exploded. 1968-03-20 Viras attacks part 1
Marukobukarappa Aliens Marukobukarappa. A very strange-looking kaiju, with its mushroom-shaped, orange body, bumps on its head, its very long, thin arms, bulky legs, its chicken beak, and its two popped-out eyeballs. Its bulbous, bumpy surface on its body makes it partly resemble the Matango. 1968-03-20 Fangs to Bite
Gandar Aliens Gandar. A Kaiju that was Brought to Earth by the Alien Poll, the alien race responsible for the Earth's ice age. 1968-03-24 Tokyo Freezed!
Draculan Aliens Draculan. The space vampire and one of Emperor Guillotine's agents. He converts a small town of people into vampires, with the aid of his chopstick-toothed ‘bride.’ He can super-size himself for combat with Giant Robot. 1968-03-25 The Clash of the Swords-Alien
Pachycephalosaurus Aliens Pachycephalosaurus. Pachycephalosaurus looks like the dinosaur pachycephalosaurus, with small white eyes, huge mouth and rows of teeth. It is a Cactus monster. 1968-03-25 The Crash Helmet Kaiju
Star Bem Gyeron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Star Bem Gyeron Aliens Star Bem Gyeron. An alien who lived alone on a planet which shared his name. The beast became a victim of the UG's experimentation on a new rocket that destroyed his homeworld. The Gyeron monster pursued the rocket's origin and left for Earth to destroy it out of vengeance for the destruction of his homeworld. 1968-03-31 Steel Monster
Alien Borg Aliens Alien Borg. An alien that used her ship's mind control capabilities to sabotage the Ultra Garrison from within, but her plot was foiled by Ultraseven. 1968-04-07 Base Hijacked! Part 1
Dinosaur Tank godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dinosaur Tank Aliens Dinosaur Tank. A biological weapon created by the Alien Kill. After its masters were killed in action against the UG, Dinosaur Tank was unleashed. Emerging from the side of a mountain, it had the experimental explosive the TDF was working on, in its mouth. 1968-04-14 The Rampage of a Monster Tank
Alien Prote Aliens Alien Prote. It can command a saucer from far away designed to steal satellites. It's called the Prote Saucer. 1968-04-21 The Illusion of Alien Prote
Alien Platic Aliens Alien Platic. It can control a giant fan-like drill similar to the Ultra Guard's TDF MRI. This vehicle launches grenades and can petrify pilots. 1968-04-28 A Plastic is a Plastic
Darii Aliens Darii. Also known as Dallie or Dally was a parasite kaiju that travelled to earth and found refuge inside a flower pedal. 1968-05-05 Monster Inside Me
Agira godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Agira Earth Defenders Agira. A ceratopsian dinosaur-like Kaiju and one of Ultraseven's Capsule Monsters in order to fight monsters. 1968-05-12 Truckzilla!
Rigger Aliens Rigger. A Kaiju that had thrived on an asteroid-like saucer that was headed for earth that possessed and emitted electromagnetic waves. 1968-05-12 Lost of Things Coming Out of Meteor's Lately
Dancan Aliens Dancan. An alien foam creature that hailed from an unknown world. Dancan came to Earth with the intent of finding a new home. Dancan, being aggressive towards the UG, used his technology to move an entire city to a forest area. He captured Dan and Soga, but they would later attempt to cease his operations on Earth. 1968-05-26 Duiguising Kaiju!
Petero Aliens Petero. A strange rock-like monster composed of 80% water, Petero was the servant of the Zammpa aliens, and put up a difficult fight against Seven until by chance, a crashing meteorite gave Seven the light energy he needed to overpower and defeat his adversary. 1968-06-02 Scary Ghost Like Kaiju!
Alien Pega Aliens Alien Pega. The furriest monster in the world, but with mighty power to shake the ground like an earthquake. 1968-06-09 Base Hijacked! Part 1
Crazygon Aliens Crazygon. A robot from planet Banda, Crazygon is just crazy for car collecting, so what better place to visit than Earth? It picks the cars up with its pincer claw and deposits them into its handy chest storage compartment. 1968-06-23 Truckzilla!
Alien Guts godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Guts Aliens Alien Guts. Are bird-like aliens from the planet Guts that are known for defeating Ultraseven and for his crucifixion. 1968-06-30 The Next Attack
Aron Aliens Aron. A monster sent by Alien Guts to test Ultraseven's strength and abilities while they analyzed from the safety of their saucer. Both the Ultra warrior and Monster fought on a few occasions but ultimately, Aron was killed when Ultraseven decapitated him with the Eye Slugger. However Aron's assignment was now complete and the Alien Guts have the information they required to assassinate Ultraseven. 1968-06-30 The Next Attack
Tepeto Aliens Tepeto. A Kaiju and bio weapon created by the Alien Tepeto. The Tepeto seijin called out to their monster when the UG attacked the base. 1968-07-14 Face with the Kappa Monster
Guyros Mutants Guyros. A kaiju with six tentacles around its body and can swim at medium speeds. It's called the Adept Swimmer. 1968-07-28 Swimming Is All That Matters
Alien Goron Aliens Alien Goron. Are a race of monkey-like alien creatures from a distant star, Alien Goron decided to enslave all of man with his mind controlling technology. 1968-08-04 Monkey Business
Alien Perolynga Aliens Alien Perolynga. An alien from a distant star, Perolynga came to Earth disguised as a little boy. Far out in space, a fleet of flying saucers, each resembling a star, stood awaiting orders for an attack on Planet Earth. 1968-08-11 Daddy's Home
Imitation Ultraseven Aliens Imitation Ultraseven. Or Robot Ultraseven, was a robot duplicate of Ultraseven created by the Alien Salome. This particular model was mass produced as part of an army to conquer multiverse. 1968-08-18 Terror of Robot Ultraseven
Alien Hook Aliens Alien Hook. Another of the vast number of evil aliens seeking to conquer the planet Earth during the First Age of Aliens, Alien Hook first made themselves known to a man who’d seemed to be drunk, alienating him from everyone around him before he suddenly returned to normal, unaware of what happened. 1968-08-25 Crime Bustin' Alien Job
Pandon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Pandon Aliens Pandon. A monster who belonged to the Alien Ghose as their weapon in their conquest for Earth. After the aliens had kidnapped Amagi of the Ultra Garrison, Pandon was released from the aliens' ship to attack the rest of the team by himself. Pandon was able to trap the Ultra Garrison in a ring of fire created by his flames, but as the monster was about to crush them with a boulder, he was confronted by Ultraseven. 1968-09-01 Clash, Ultra Tag Battle
Alien Ghose Aliens Aliens Ghose. Are race of aliens from the planet Ghose. Originally, a group of Alien Ghose was sent to Earth to conquering it or destroy humanity. 1968-09-01 Clash, Ultra Tag Battle
Magon Mutants Magon. A giant mummy-like Kaiju and one of the many mysterious monsters who could turn into giant size when reunited with the Egyptian Jewels amulet. Magon was very powerful and immune to regular gunfire and missiles. 1968-10-12 Revenge of the Mummy
Pakki Aliens Pakki. A monster that was originally a space monkey owned by Alien Monoron. At first it looked similar to a monkey from Earth but due to the difference of the environment between it's homeworld and the Earth; it then grew up to abnormal size and then attacked the village of Okutama, striking at houses and burning them with his flames. Fortunately, the Mighty Jack was able to takedown and defeat Pakk with their fighter planes, firing their missiles against him. Eventually, Pakki was set into flames and then collapsed, finally ending the beast's brief reign of terror. 1968-10-19 Monkey Buisness
Alien Monoron Aliens Alien Monoron. Are some peaceful aliens that lived from the planet Monoron, along with their space monkey that turned into a monster, Pakki. 1968-10-19 Monkey Business
Zaurs Earth Defenders Zaurs. A dinosaur from the loch ness swallowed 3 hydrogen bombs. Zaurs is friends with a girl named Ailsa. 1968-11-02 A New Friend
Plant Humans Mutants 1968-11-09
Alien Delon Aliens 1968-11-16
Big Q Global Defense Force Big Q. A mechanical monster that was invented by some villainess in order to wreck havoc on Tokyo. Its full name is Big Queen 1968-11-30 Mechanical Revenge
Daimon Mutants Daimon. A demonic Babylonian yokai from ancient Babylonia that has brown feathers on its body, a raised skeleton, legs, and limbs, and resembles a bird of prey. He also wears a dark brown belt around his waist decorated with human skull motifs. He was entombed for four thousand years after destroying the city of Ur in Babylonia, until two treasure hunters unintentionally awoke him. 1968-12-14 Yokai Chase
Guiron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Guiron Aliens Guiron. A blade-headed kaiju and one of many monsters spawned when the electronic brain controlling planet Terra went haywire and altered the environment, Guiron fell under the control of the last two surviving Terrans, Barbella and Florbella, who used him as their guardian monster. Guiron was kept underneath a riverbed on Terra and summoned whenever Space Gyaos menaced the planet. When Gamera arrived to save two children who were kidnapped by the Terrans, Guiron was unleashed to battle him. Guiron triumphed in their first encounter, but Gamera recovered and sprung back into action, ultimately killing Guiron by throwing a missile into his head and igniting it. 1969-04-21 The Knife Monster
Griffon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Griffon Mutants Griffon. A surgically altered lion kaiju that his name comes from the mythological beast griffon, which is usually depicted as a winged lion-like creature. 1969-07-26 Godzilla vs. Griffon
Gabara godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gabara Earth Defenders Gabara. Once a toad before it unexpectedly mutated into a monster, Gabara lives on Monster Island. It has no tail, and boasts many features not native to amphibians—stocky legs for bipedal movement, a long neck, fangs, horns, and fur. 1969-12-20 Shocking Peril
Jiger godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Jiger Earth Defenders Jiger. Other wise known as Monster X, is an ancient Kaiju and also a horned quadrupedal reptile somewhat reminiscent of the extinct dinosaur Triceratops. Unlike Triceratops, however, Jiger has a dorsal sail, two nose horns and a single forehead horn. 1970-03-21 Attack of Jiger
Gezora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gezora Aliens Gezora. This giant mutated cuttlefish, was taken over by an alien from outer space known as Yog. 1970-08-01 Seaside Fears
Ganimes godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ganimes Mutants Ganimes. This crab-like kaiju attacked Sergio Island, but he was destroyed by explosives. 1970-08-01 Seaside Fears
Kamoebas godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kamoebas Earth Defenders Kamoebas. A space amoeba snuck into the capsule of the Helios 7 space probe that later crash-landed on Sergio Island in the South Pacific, allowing the amoeba to enter the body of a mata mata turtle that it then turned into a giant turtle monster. 1970-08-01 Earth Defenders Team-Up
Dr. Gori Aliens Dr. Gori. Banished from the peaceful simian Planet E, the mad scientist Dr. Gori and his brutish assistant Karas search for a new planet to rule after Gori's plot to conquer Planet E had been foiled by its government. Coming across the Earth, Gori is captivated by its beauty, but is appalled by its inhabitants' misuse of its environment, leading to severe pollution (since Tokyo was the most polluted city in the world at the time), so mankind must be quickly conquered if this planet is to be inhabitable, so he plots to, ironically, use the very same pollution that's plaguing the Earth to create horrible giant rampaging monsters to wipe out and/or enslave mankind. 1971-01-02 Gori Strikes Back
Karas Aliens Karas. Dr. Gori's "Right hand". His name is derived from "La" in Gorilla. Though in Japanese it is pronounced as "Karas". 1971-01-02 Gori Strikes Back
Hedoron Mutants Hedoron. A Kaiju that was created by Dr. Gori and became Spectreman's first opponent. 1971-01-02 Gori Strikes Back
Zeron Earth Defenders Zeron. Created to lay the foundation for Dr. Gori’s underground base, Zeron was suddenly called off its tunneling task in order to protect Karas in his retreat from Spectreman. Bursting through the ground and demolishing several structures, the subterranean menace was quickly attacked by Spectreman. The iron hero battled the saurian relentlessly, but it was a futile effort. With one shot of his Spectre-Flash, Zeron was destroyed. However, its mission of buying Karas time to escape was a success and the ape scientist’s trusty henchman was able to return to his master safely. 1971-01-16 Gori Strikes Back
Midoron Aliens Midoron. A Kaiju that resembles some dinosaurs who walked on all fours. It is greyish-blue in color, has four legs it uses to walk, a long tail and a long neck. Its head has three horns at the top, its snout is long and has a horn on it. Its mouth is full of sharp teeth and a forked tongue. 1971-01-16 Gori Strikes Back
Gokinosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gokinosaurus Mutants Gokinosaurus. A kaiju that was sent to invade Earth and was one of the many pawns Dr. Gori used to invade the Earth, only to be thwarted by Spectreman. 1971-02-13 Fight Against the Insect Monster
Nezubirdon Mutants Nezubirdon. Despite being a giant rat, Nezubirdon doesn't look like one. It has a huge body with two long necks and two rat-like heads. It has a pair of smaller wings which were never seen used for flight, two legs and a long rat-like tail. Nezubirdon's heads were changed in episode 10 from type A to type B for unknown reason. The first two heads, type A, has bigger pupils, while type B heads have smaller. 1971-02-27 Attack of the Two Headed Rat
Dust Man Mutants Dust Man. A human turned kaiju and a cyborg kaijin resembles the frankenstein at some point. He has a dark gray, humanoid-like body with an unevenly texture all over it. His head is big, and it has screw-like "ears" that resemple frankenstein's. He has a big mouth with human-like teeth inside it. His eyes are red with light yellow eyeballs and they glow whenever Dust Man sees garbage or pollution. 1971-03-13 Fight Against Cyborg to Cyborg!
Neo Hedoron Aliens Neo Hedoron. An improved version of the kaiju and the advanced form of Hedoran. Born from the slug and toxic waste that pollute Tokyo bay, Dr. Gori brought new life to his very first monster. Still in his infantile like slug state, the beast allowed samples of itself to be collected and taken back to Pollution Control Headquarters. Once there, the newly dubbed Neo Hedoron attacked and possessed a scientist. Now armed with superior intelligence, the creature grew to massive size and battled the newly arrived on the scene Spectreman. 1971-03-20 The Revenge of Hedoron
Takkong godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Takkong Earth Defenders Takkong. A giant sea monster from the Pacific Ocean that rises up from the ocean and went on a rampage in Tokyo Bay and gets defeated by Ultraman Jack. 1971-04-02 Two Giant Monsters Attack the Surface
Arstron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Arstron Earth Defenders Arstron. A dinosaur-like kaiju and was the first monster to be fought and defeated by Ultraman Jack. While the original died, other members of its species have risen in later years. 1971-04-02 Violence and Bombing Unite
Zazahn Mutants Zazahn. A sea monster that appears to be composed almost entirely out of kelp, Zazahn appeared as one of the two monsters that rose from the depths of the ocean, where it was defeated by Takkong. 1971-04-02 Two Giant Monsters Attack the Surface
Man Spider Mutants Man Spider. A spider-themed monster created by Shocker. He is a monster specializing in assassination and was responsible for kidnapping Takeshi Hongo so that Shocker could create Kamen Rider 1. 1971-04-03 Return of the Two Kamen Riders
Mitsuzu-Ryu Aliens Mitsuzu-Ryu. Mitsuzu-Ryu is an old and destructive beast, thought to have went extinct 300 years ago but is very well and alive. His favorite meal is oil and his heads can even fight over which how much portions of oil, as well as of what to do next. However they all put aside their differences when it comes to the heat of battle. 1971-04-07 Three Heads Are Better Than One
Mogunetudon Mutants Mogunetudon. An odd creation of Dr. Gori, sent to attack Tokyo by tunneling its way to its final destination. Opening the gates of hell, the creature turned the once beautiful city, into nothing more than smoking ruins. 1971-04-10 Underground, Overground
Bat Man Mutants Bat Man. Bat Man is a loyal subject of the Shocker organization who will follow direct orders without question. He’s also remorseless over his human victims and sees them as nothing but test subjects and soon-to-be loyal servants. 1971-04-10 Return of the Two Kamen Riders
Sadola godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sadola Mutants Sadola. A Kaiju of some unknown species that has been sighted near the Japanese mountains and then attacks Tokyo. 1971-04-16 The Misty Mountains
Scorpion Man Mutants Scorpion Man. Although he was Takeshi Hongo's best friend, Hayase had a fragile psychological that made him gradually become a very spiteful person due to several race losses against Hongo. He showed his cruel side after joining Shocker, this can be easily noticed seeing the way he killed the slaves who were begging for their lives. Hayase also felt no remorse for lying to his former best friend and trying to kill him. 1971-04-17 Fear the Scorpions
Kingsaurus III Earth Defenders Kingsaurus III. A dinosaur-like Kaiju that is so named for being the third 'King monster' in the series, and is the third Kaiju to feature the term in its name, after Red King and Eleking. 1971-04-23 The Kings of Monsters
Sarracenian Mutants Sarracenian. A sarracenia monster. He has a pair of vine tendrils used as whips and lassos, can travel underground and has incredible strength as he literally gives a bear hug to an interrogated Shocker Combatman to kill him. He was destroyed by Kamen Rider 1's Rider Kick. 1971-04-24 Man-Eating Plant
Thunder Gei Aliens Thunder Gei. Thunder Gei takes on a whale-like design. It is light blue in color, has a huge head, huge mouth with whale-like teeth in it, a pair of small eyes and two pairs of fins, one under the head and one under the tail. 1971-04-24 A Thunder Gei for a Tale
Gudon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gudon Mutants Gudon. In ancient times, Gudon actively hunted other monsters, slashing his prey with whip-like arms and feeding on their flesh, including their favorite prey: Twin Tail. 1971-04-30 Intimate Enemies
Twin Tail godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Twin Tail Mutants Twin Tail. A prehistoric insect-like kaiju and one of Earth's fearsome beasts that also happens to be the favorite meal of the predatory Gudon. 1971-04-30 Intimate Enemies
Mantis Man Mutants Mantis Man. A mantis monster. He attacks with a chain sickle mace attached to a kama and can manipulate people that are cut by his claw. He was destroyed by Kamen Rider 1's Rider Kick. He was later resurrected by Shocker as part of the Revived Monster Army before being destroyed by Tokageron's special bomb. 1971-05-01 Revenge of the Deadly Mantis
Shinigami Chameleon Mutants Shinigami Chameleon. A chameleon-themed monster who is a skilled veteran in the expertise of fencing. He can turn invisible at will but still casts a shadow. He also bears a tongue that can be used for lashing or strangling. His plan along with Shocker loyalist Dr. Heinrich is to find the treasure map to a hidden Nazi treasure buried in Japan during the WWII Axis Alliance. It turns out the treasure was already seized before Shocker or Hongo found its location. He was destroyed by Kamen Rider 1's Rider Kick and Rider Chop. 1971-05-08 Treasure Hunt
Bakulah Mutants Bakulah. Another one of Dr. Gori's evil creations, two Bakulahs took shelter in a vacant house where they would attack anyone who entered. 1971-05-08 Bakulah the Insect Kaiju
Gorbagos Earth Defenders Gorbagos. Gorbagos was a nocturnal Kaiju that lived in the mountains. First sighted through a photograph taken by Jiro. MAT arrived on the scene to investigate, but unfortunately, could not find the Kaiju due to Gorbagos's Camouflage ability. 1971-05-14 The Invisible Challenger
Ghostron Earth Defenders Ghostron. A monster that is possibly related to or even a sibling to Arstron. 1971-05-21 Violence and Bombing Unite
Alien Zuno Aliens Alien Zuno. A monster that can posses his victims, but they must be weakened and when he posseses a human body, he can shoot green eye beams. 1971-05-22 Deadly Charge of the Dual-Bladed Monster Gilagind!
Gilagind Aliens Gilagind. A new monster created by Dr. Gori and Karas. Gilagind first appeared by a mountain where he started to due a warriors dance due to the fact that when it was created it was given more brawn than brains. 1971-05-22 Deadly Charge of the Dual-Bladed Monster Gilagind!
Wasp Woman Aliens Wasp Woman. A female bee monster of Shocker. She was destroyed by Kamen Rider 1's Rider Kick. She was later resurrected by Shocker as part of the Revived Monster Army before being destroyed by Tokageron's special bomb. 1971-05-22 Invasion of the Bee Woman
Dangar Mutants Dangar. Also known as Dunger, is a monster that lives on a remote island. 1971-05-28 Isle of the Vicious Monsters
Cobra Man 1971-05-29
Stegon Mutants Stegon. An ancient skeletal sauropod dinosaur, Stegon was in suspended animation beneath the ground of Japan. One day a construction crew managed to awaken it, much to the delight of a group of children. After spewing small amount of acid on one of the workers Stegon arose from one of the hills. 1971-06-04 Revival Of The Undead Kaiju!
Baronsaurus Aliens Baronsaurus. As his name says, is a dinosaur-like kaiju. He is green in color with white skeleton-like stripes on his body. He has spikes running down from the beginning of his neck to the beginning of his tail. On the back of his head is a small spike and at the top is a big one. The creature has four white, fang-like horns, two are on his lower jaw and the other two are on his snout. 1971-06-05 Baronsaurus and Kuruma Nikuras
Kuruma Nikuras Global Defense Force Kuruma Nikuras. A humanoid-like giant robot. It is mostly yellow in color, with some black stripes on its head, white road-like stripes on its legs and a big gray stripe running down from its left shoulder to its right leg. It has two metalic structures which resemble a radiator above and underneath the big gray line which was mentioned before. It is equipped with hooks instead of hands. It has three eyes: green, yellow and red in that exact order, resembling the traffic lights. When it is enraged, its red eye glows, when it is passive, its green eye glows. It has small spikes running down from the back of its head. It has three claws on its feet. 1971-06-05 Baronsaurus and Kuruma Nikuras
Mognezun Mutants Mognezun. Mognezun was a monster who had been feeding on the Yellow Gas (a real life World War II weapon) dumped by Japan's Army, giving the monster his poisonous gas powers. 1971-06-11 The Taste of Poison!
Gebacondor 1971-06-12
Shugaron Earth Defenders Shugaron. Shugaron was once a peaceful monster that lived in the Shirakami Mountains, however it greatly loathed the sounds of vehicles and after construction was done to allow traffic into the hills, the sound of vehicles disturbed the monster into becoming vicious and brutal. His wrath was first felt when he was awoken by a bike gang who were looking for trouble, especially where MAT was training, and the bike gang became victims of Shugaron’s wrath after chasing a girl. 1971-06-18 The Day of the Chubby Monster!
Satan King Aliens Satan King. Satan King was sent by Dr.Gori to torment Japan, but accidentally awoke the monster Magurah. As Satan King and Spectreman fought, with the red monster stabbing a radio tower into Spectreman's thigh, Magulah appeared and the two fought. 1971-06-19 Grand Double Operation: Satan King and Magulah
Magulah Earth Defenders Magulah. Magulah originally was sleeping underground, until the Earthquake caused by Dr. Gori awoke it and killed it's offspring. Now enraged, Magulah surfaced, finding the closest thing to take it's rage out on. That so happened to be Satan King. The two had an on and off fight, until Spectreman interfered, causing the two to team up for a short while. 1971-06-19 Grand Double Operation: Satan King and Magulah
Yamogerus 1971-06-19
Seagorath godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Seagorath Earth Defenders Seagorath. Appearing late one night with his mate, the two monsters Seagorath and Seamons attacked a ship full of diamonds and gems by using their weather-controlling powers. After attacking, they disappeared beneath the waves. 1971-06-25 Seagorath and Seamons
Seamons godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Seamons Earth Defenders Seamons. A song made in 1944 in South East Asia mentioned about Seamons and Seagorath. Then one night, a ship known as the Poseidon was suddenly attacked by Seamons. After sinking the ship, Seamons attacked two fishermen, MAT finally believed the existence of Seamons. 1971-06-25 Seagorath and Seamons
Tokageron 1971-06-26
Mogz Aliens Mogz. A monster and one of Dr. Gori's creations to test out to fight Silver Robo. However he was killed when he was cut by Silver Robo by using his arm's blades to death. 1971-07-03 Kaiju Duo Mayhem
Silver Robo Aliens Silver Robo. A cyborg created by Dr. Gori, he gave his creation several powers based on Spectreman's own powers. To test it's worth, he sends it into the fray of several other monster's he had revived as his test subjects. 1971-07-03 Kaiju Duo Mayhem
Sabotegron 1971-07-03
Eledortus Earth Defenders Eledortus. A turtle-like Kaiju with similar powers to that of Neronga. 1971-07-09 Sayonara Turtle!
Salamandar Mutants Salamander. A monster of Japanese myth and legend, Dr.Gori created his next monster Salamandar out of the myth out of its likeness. The monster first kills a hunter and later went to a local village, a search party and the Pollution G-Men were looking for the monster, Salamandar appeared started to destroy the village. Later that night, sveral army jets tried to attack him but, all were brought down by him. 1971-07-10 Return of Jirass
Terochilus Earth Defenders Terochilus. A mysterious ancient flying Kaiju from the Cretaceous period, Terochilus first appeared flying over a group of party going teens, knocking many into the water moments before the ship exploded from a bomb strapped to it. 1971-07-16 A Demon Bird Who Crosses the Sky
Zigra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zigra Aliens Zigra. An alien creature hailing from a distant planet where fish feed on people. Zigra traveled to earth in a spaceship with the intent of destroying Gamera and enslaving the human race. 1971-07-17 Zigra Strikes Back
Pirazaurus (cyborg) 1971-07-17
Hedorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Hedorah Aliens Hedorah. Hedorah is a monster of pure contamination, feeding off factory smog and waste fluids to grow. It turns metal to rust and bone to ashes wherever it passes. 1971-07-24 Shocking Peril
Spincobra Mutants Spincobra. Another creation of Dr.Gori, Spincobra was created along side Zariganid to work together. Spincobra first appeared attacking a ship at sea and by the doctors command, it hide near a chemical plant to feed of the pollution to grow stronger. Later, the seaweed monster appeared and ambushed Spectreman while he was fighting his comm-rad. Spincobra was able to regrow the crab monsters claw and both were able to beat Spectreman. The two then made their way to the lighthouse. 1971-07-24 Threat from the Deep Blue Sea
Bemstar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bemstar Aliens Bemstar. A bird-like monster from the Crab Nebula whose species is known for the interesting ability of being able to consume objects and energy alike through a special 'gorge' on their abdomens, Bemstar has since become one of the most frequently recurring enemies, and has reappeared many times in numerous continuities. 1971-08-06 The Energy Eater Has Arrived
Sartan Aliens Sartan. Sartan was an alien monster arriving on Earth in the form of a meteorite-like egg. A group of children including Jiro saw the object crash to Earth and investigated the crater, calling MAT to investigate and finding the meteor-like egg. MAT believed the object harmless and left it with them, but it began to flash and move on its own, breaking out of the container, quickly growing to giant size and hatching like an egg, Sartan emerged with the rubble killing a bunny and injuring Jiro. But before they could investigate, Sartan had already vanished. 1971-08-13 Invisible Madness
Magnedon Aliens Magnedon. A stegosaurus-like Kaiju that came from outer space. With its magnetizing powers, Magnedon caused a mass amount of airplane accidents near its resting place. 1971-08-20 Control Is Lost
Moonthunder Aliens Moonthunder. While not antagonistic in any way, Moonthunder is a highly territorial creature and is very protective of her eggs and offspring, leading her to viciously attack anything she deems to be a threat. 1971-08-21 Moon Dweller's Counterattack!
Beacon Aliens Beacon. Beacon was a UFO-like space monster with powers as bizarre as his appearance who first made himself known stalking a plane from within the cover of clouds. Strangely, the plane was seen by many on television at the same time, despite no cameras being present. Those watching soon saw the plane explode. 1971-08-27 Television Attack!
Gokinezula Mutants Gokinezula. A reptilian Kaiju who first appeared living under a garbage dump, feeding on the trash, scaring a clown that was collecting trash. 1971-09-03 Take Out the Trash
Vegaron Mutants Vegaron. Vegaron has a crocodile-like head, brownish eyes, green scales, webbed claws and has wings which vaguely resemble Dorako's, but completely red. 1971-09-04 Devourer of the Lake
Vacuumon Aliens Vacuumon. A cosmic world-eating menace, Vaccumon set his sights on Earth shortly after a solar eclipse, proceeded by the arrival of Zanika, a space creature from one of the planets eaten by the nebula-like monster. On his way, the nebula-like beast sucked planets into his gaping mass at an astonishing rate. Meanwhile, on Earth, a woman began having insane rantings, warning something was coming, that something being Vaccumon. Zanika alerted Ultraman Jack to the space monster, causing him to fly into the creature’s stomach and begin using the Ultra Bracelet, which transformed into a sword, to slash and tear through the beast’s innards, killing Vaccumon. With his death, all the planets Vaccumon had eaten were released. 1971-09-10 Dark Monster Spit Out The Stars!
Zanika Aliens Zanika. A crab-like monster from a planet in the constellation of Cancer, that was both a victim and survivor of Vacuumon's hunger. After his planet was eaten by the entity, Zanika fled to Earth to hide from Vacuumon, only to be discovered in the woods by Hideki Go. 1971-09-10 Dark Monster Spit Out The Stars!
Kingstron Mutants Kingstron. A kaiju who was adopted by Akio and originally it was Kupukupu before mutating into Kingstron. 1971-09-17 Face with the Apartment Monster!
Robot Sphinx Aliens Robot Sphinx. A mechanical monster that was built by Dr. Gori based on the Egyptian Sphinx that is basically just an Egyptian Sphinx, but with sharp claws and a tail. The Sphinx also walks on all fours. 1971-09-17 The Trio of the Sphinx Kaiju
Monster Sphinx Aliens Monster Sphinx. A Kaiju used to replace Robot Sphinx by Dr. Gori in order to fight Spectreman. 1971-09-17 The Trio of the Sphinx Kaiju
Sphinx Spider Aliens Sphinx Spider. A Kaiju alongside the Robot Sphinx and the Monster Sphinx with six legs and the head of the Sphinx and was one of Dr. Gori's monsters to fight Spectreman. 1971-09-24 The Trio of the Sphinx Kaiju
Golden Wolf Man 1971-09-25
Nokogilin Aliens Nokogilin. A space Kaiju that anded on Earth via a comet. In its beetle form, Nokogolin killed a man who was using a shaver. 1971-10-01 Invasion of the Space Pincher!
Gronken Mutants Gronken. Gronken was a monster from Earth who first appeared during the night, attacking a group of giant statues and using his buzzsaws to slice one of them in half before disappearing into the night. 1971-10-08 Buzzsaw Kaiju!
Varricane Earth Defenders Varricane. A jellyfish monster that had the power to create powerful storms. 1971-10-15 Shrooms!
Yadokarin Aliens Yadokarin. When Space Station #5 crashed to Earth, a strange hermit crab-like kaiju made it its home. Hollowing out most of the ship, the beast remained out of sight until a young boy, Jiroh, found the fallen station and entered through the hatch. Disturbed by this, Yadokarin began to move about with MAT trying to rescue the boy trapped inside. 1971-10-22 The Kids are Riding on a Monster
Gadorasaurus Mutants Gadorasaurus. A saurian beast that emerged from a mountain of dirt to chop up trees in the local forest. 1973-07-03 Army of Devils
Kabagon Mutants Kabagon. A massive hippo like kaiju sent by Dr. Gori to fight Spectreman. He has a mouth on his middle in order to chew everything up for his hunger. 1971-10-22 Tanking Up!
Oxter Earth Defenders Oxter. A gigantic ox kaiju, Oxter acted as a guardian of an underwater graveyard of prehistoric buffaloes. When archaeologists contaminated the grave-site with their hands, the guardian lashed out, killing people with its acid. 1971-10-29 Oxter Goes Wild!
Plooma Aliens Plooma. Plooma was a monster used by Alien Zelan as a diversion in his plan to kill Ultraman Jack. After getting Go to separate from MAT, Zelan dispatched Plooma to attack the city in order to distract MAT. 1971-11-05 Plum!
Alien Zelan Aliens Alien Zelan. Two young children visited the MAT base, but while the girl was very talkative, the boy merely glared at Hideki Go, the human host of Ultraman Jack, making him uneasy. He then telepathically talked to him, revealing his knowledge of him being Jack’s hosts and revealing himself as Alien Zelan and giving his treats of world domination, prodding him to turn into Jack to fight the kaiju. 1971-11-05 Plum!
King Maimai Mutants King Maimai. Even as in his larva stage, King Maimai was a massive behemoth buried frozen deep underground but known in legends by the people of the area. He was discovered slumbering underground by a mining crew who accidentally disturbed the ancient titan. Using the two massive sails on his back, King Maimai can fly at high speeds. 1971-11-12 The Flight of the King Maimai!
Zoa Muruchi godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zoa Muruchi Aliens Zoa Muruchi. A fish-like kaiju and his head design is based on a salmon. Muruchi features some elements of his design in common with male salmonids (fish in the salmon family, including salmon, trout, grayling and char), such as his long jaw and hooked kype. Muruchi's name comes from the Japanese pork dish Inamuruchi. The "Zoa" in Zoa Muruchi's name means "Hate" in the Alien Mate's language, hence Bio's hatred against Earth for his father's death. 1971-11-19 Aquatic Attack!
Great Leader Aliens Great Leader. The mysterious high ruler of the criminal organization Shocker and also mostly the archenemy of the two main Kamen Riders. 1971-11-20
Bobby Mutants Bobby. A massive dog like kaiju that was originally a human, when he had a ravenous appetite for raw meat, eventually causing Bobby to turn into a monster! Sandy tried his best to calm Bobby down and pleaded with the Pollution Squad to not shoot him, but Spectreman had to step in and put the poor dog out of its misery. 1971-11-26 We're Getting Dogged
Alien Norman Aliens Alien Norman. An alien was originally a scientist turned into a Monster. He was the owner of Bobby, who was transformed into a ferocious beast by Dr. Gori. 1971-11-26 We're Getting Dogged
Alien Tigris Aliens Alien Tigris. The first alien that Silver Kamen ever face, after the alien killed his father, and swore to get revenge as he fights his first alien. 1971-11-28 The Silver Warrior Appears
Pris-Ma Mutants Pris-Ma. Thawing out from Antarctica (possibly for the first time in centuries), Pris-Ma was quickly on the move, absorbing any matter that came in its path. It first absorbed a lighthouse and its owner in its hunger, which sparked some interest in MAT over how to handle the situation. 1971-12-03 The Light Monster
Iron Aliens Iron. A big bulky metal soldier with a sort of human-like face and short arms. He is silver in color, and has a segmented scorpion-like tail. 1971-12-05 Great Team-Up! Godzilla and Mirrorman
Invaders Aliens Invaders. Invaders were aliens that came from the Red Planet, Planet Devil, also known as Planet X. This planet was notable for being in a dark universe in the fourth dimension, making them more versatile than most lifeforms at the cost of being highly sensitive to light. This aggressive race aimed to obliterate humanity, coming to Earth on their various types of spacecraft. They carried out many evil plans but they were thwarted by Mirrorman and the SGM (Science Guard Members). The Invaders can transform into giant monsters after being bathed in a beam from their spaceships. 1971-12-05 Great Team-Up! Godzilla and Mirrorman
Alien Killgis Aliens Alien Killgis. The second alien that Silver Kamen fought with two large eyes and can breath deadly smoke for those that gets in his way. 1971-12-05 The Silver Warrior Appears
Draculas Aliens Draculas. A vampire-like being from the planet Carmilla, Draculas came to Earth to eradicate the human race, by removing its female population to render humanity functionally extinct. After realizing Earth had much more solar energy then his home world, he possessed the corpse of a dead woman who was named Midori Suzumura, to use as his cover for the day and would feed on young woman at night. 1971-12-10 The Earth Defenders' Mother
Kitty Fire Aliens Kitty Fire. Kitty Fire is strange, she's a humanoid monster with flames surrounding the sides of her body. She is a pale peach, has ridges along her limbs, and what appears to be a cloth wrap like what you would see in India. 1971-12-12 Beware the Cat on Fire!
Alien Shine Aliens Alien Shine. An alien with two horns and a blue body and is one of the aliens that fought Silver Kamen. 1971-12-12 Revenge of the Deadly Mantis
Alien Nackle godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Nackle Aliens Alien Nackle. Are an alien race that are coming to Earth with the intentions of killing Ultraman Jack, disguised as a group of scientists who used their cover to study the Ultra Hero and discover his weakness. However their scheme was thwarted by Jack's counterattack. Other Alien Nackles would then reappear many more times throughout the years. 1971-12-17 Nackle's Attack Plan
Black King godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Black King Mutants Black King. The hitman monster who considers himself to be the bodyguard of Alien Nackle. 1971-12-17 Nackle's Attack Plan
Darkron Aliens Darkron. An alien that has a yellow smoothed skin humanoid with various blue appendages sticking out from different parts of his body. 1971-12-19 Great Team-Up! Godzilla and Mirrorman
Alien Puma Aliens Alien Puma. Despite having a chicken head, this kaijin Silver Kamen is dancing with is named Alien Puma. 1971-12-19 Fight Against Alien Puma
Multi Aliens Multi. The invaders set their sights one a cargo ship carrying the gamma emanating Cobalt 60 isotope. Multi was in charge of transporting this while the invaders committed attacks across the countryside to divert the SGM. Shortly after they saw through this ploy Multi was hit by a random driver in the middle of the night. 1971-12-26 Gigantor Against The Invaders
Alien Julie Aliens Alien Julie. An alien with drill-like hands and one of the aliens that can fight Silver Kamen. 1971-12-26 Booska Vs The Alien Menace
Ika Devil 1972-01-01
Alien Gorgon Aliens Alien Gorgon. An alien that can clone himself as double in order to fight Silver Kamen for good. 1972-01-01 Booska Vs The Alien Menace
Inbera Aliens Inbera. Inbera is perhaps one of the strangest Ivanian monsters along with Iezu. It's back resembles a large shell or cover. On the bottom half, it's like a humanoid bird with rounded ridges on all parts except the face and tail. The head is shaped like a drop of water with a beak. 1972-01-09 It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Not Superman!
Alien Chimera Aliens Alien Chimera. An alien with pointy hands and one of the aliens that fought Silver Kamen. 1972-01-09 Booska Vs The Alien Menace
Builgamo Global Defense Force Builgamo. Also spelled Billgamo, is a robot that was created by Alien Baltan Jr., who watned revenge against Ultraman for his father's death. 1972-01-12 Baltan's Revenge
Snowgon Aliens Snowgon. The biggest snow monster as big as yeti with a metal helmet. 1972-01-14 Snowgon’s Attack!
Alien Solomon Aliens Alien Solomon. An alien that can freeze everything and can turn any people into clones like him in order to fight Silver Kamen. 1972-01-16 The White Planet
Alien Baltan Jr. godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Baltan Jr. Aliens Alien Baltan Jr.. He was the son of the original father who was killed years prior at the hands of the original Ultraman, and revenge was quickly on the mind of junior. Arriving in 1971, the alien set up a base in an apartment complex where he developed a massive robot to do his bidding. 1972-01-21 Baltan's Revenge
Gold Satan Aliens Gold Satan. The biggest golden monster with jewels all over its body. 1972-01-23 Danger! The Gold Demon Attacks
Alien Domino Aliens Alien Domino. The second to last alien to fight Silver Kamen. 1972-01-23 Booska Vs The Alien Menace
Paragon Aliens Paragon. Paragon was a monster that was used by its master, Alien Stora in his plan for invasion. While hiding on top of Mt. Fuji, Paragon used his mirage ability to cause several vehicle accidents, which was causing problems for everyone living nearby Mt. Fuji. 1972-01-28 Strike with Mirage to Mirage!
Alien Titan Aliens Alien Titan. The ruthless and the meanest alien who serves as the leader of the fiendish aliens and also the archenemy of Silver Kamen. 1972-01-30 Booska Vs The Alien Menace
Alien Kiri Aliens Alien Kiri. An alien plant and the creation of Alien Titan in order to fight Silver Kamen. 1972-01-30 Booska Vs The Alien Menace
Kodaigon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kodaigon Earth Defenders Kodaigon. A golem that was created by Alien Grotes which grows into a giant size in order to go on a rampage. It was turned back to a small size after the death of Alien Grotes. 1972-02-04 Revenge of Alien Grotes
Alien Grotes Aliens Alien Grotes. There was an onslaught of alien after alien on Earth, challenging Ultraman Jack's skills again and again, with Alien Grotes being the next one to try his luck. However, instead of coming with a monster already in his possession like many of his predecessors, he came armed with special chemicals capable of bringing objects to life to serve him and disguised himself as an elderly man in a village. 1972-02-04 Revenge of Alien Grotes
Alien Southern Aliens Alien Southern. A fiery red-like Alien kaiju who faces Silver Kamen who turns into a giant in order to fight giant monsters like him. 1972-02-06 Tokyo on Fire
Alien Centaurus Aliens Alien Centaurus. Are a race of aliens from Planet Centaurus. A single member appeared with her Kaiju, Granadas, but after their encounter with Ultraman Jack, the alien destroyed herself and her monster. 1972-02-11 Great Bullets of Fire
Granadas Aliens Granadas. Granadas was brought to Earth by the Alien Centaurus, it burst from the ground and began its relentless assault. Engulfing the streets in blue flame, the beast was confronted by MAT. Showering the forces with missile-like blasts from its maw, nothing could stop it. As blue fire danced around him, Go summoned Ultraman Jack into action! The hero was thrown to the ground, blue fire burning at his body. 1972-02-11 Great Bullets of Fire
Gravity Machine Aliens Gravity Machine. A machine used by the Invaders to attempt to defeat Mirrorman. 1972-02-13 A Battle With Spacetime
Sasoringa Mutants Sasoringa. An insect-like Kaiju that has huge pinchers and has a scorpion-like tail on it's back in order to strike on other Kaijus. He's Alien Rohm's assistant, until his master was killed quickly by Silver Kamen. 1972-02-13 Double on the Trouble
Alien Rohm Aliens Alien Rohm. A stone-like alien that comes to life and transformed into a giant, teaming up with Sasoringa in order to go on a rampage. However he was killed completely by Silver Kamen, leaving Sasoringa to do the job for it. 1972-02-13 Double on the Trouble
Robonez Mutanst Robonez. A rat monster created by experiments by Alien Cygnus-61, Robonez was unleashed on humanity to try and kill Hideki Go (the host of Ultraman Jack) Instead, Robonez was confronted by MAT who fought hard but were unable to stop Robonez. Soon, Go had to transform into Ultraman Jack to fight it and the creature lashed out with its flames and tail, bringing the hero down and clamping onto it with his poisonous fangs. As Jack’s power began to run low, he launched his Ultra Bracelet into its jaws and Robonez was reduced to a skeleton that quickly fell part. 1972-02-18 The Troublesome Alien Messie
Alien Messie Aliens Alien Messie. Alien Messie was the master of Alien Cygnus-61, who in turn controlled Robonez. Alien Messie dosed Go with some poison while disguised as a doctor. After he did that, he grew to giant size and destroyed several nearby buildings. Alien Messie then carried two of his slaves as hostages so that MAT couldn't attack. Go transformed into Ultraman Jack, who used a few beams and punches to weaken the alien, before using the Ultra Bracelet to kill Alien Messie. 1972-02-18 The Troublesome Alien Messie
Zailas Aliens Zailas. He can change his size from that of a human to 47 meters. 1972-02-20 The All Out Attack
Red Killer Aliens Red Killer. A powerful alien creature brought to the Earth by Alien Zoole, Red Killer was unleashed on the Earth to threaten humanity, throwing its boomerangs and destroying buildings, the creature shrugged off MAT's attacks until Go summoned Ultraman Jack! The hero tackled the strange alien beast, but was quickly forced back by a volley of boomerang throws. As his power ran out, Jack caught the boomerangs in mid-air and charged forward, slicing them through Red Killer’s throat and body. When the two turned to face one another, Red Killer's head rolled straight off its shoulders and his body split apart. 1972-02-25 Painting the City Red
Alien Norman Aliens Alien Norman. An alien that can freeze everything on Tokyo by using Icy breath. Luckily he was killed by Silver Kamen. 1972-02-27 The White Planet
Femigon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Femigon Mutants Femigon. A species of supernatural female kaiju who made a surprise appearance after a run of alien invasions, Femigon seemingly requires the possession of living beings in order to manifest her physical form. 1972-03-03 Kaiju Breeding!?!?
Noah Aliens Noah. A large silver robot used by the Invaders with a dinosaur shape and vaguely human face. She have ridges going down her back and tail that is cut short. She has cone-shaped arms and to red magnet shaped objects on her head. 1972-03-05 Phase 2 Begins!
Alien Bolt Aliens Alien Bolt. An alien that was sealed in the Kannon statue, until he was released when the blue eyes on the statue made it destroyed. She can touch and shock any Kaiju if anyone goes near her while fighting. 1972-03-05 Chaos of the Alien
Yametaranese Aliens Yametaranese. Yametaranese was a monster sent by Sasahiller in his plan to conquer the Earth without opposition by making all of humanity lazy and unmotivated. Yametaranese himself however was as his power portrays him, lazy. 1972-03-10 Seashell Kaiju!
Sasahiller Aliens Sasahiller. Sasahiller was an alien who planned to conquer the earth by using his monster Yametaranese to turn all the humans of earth lazy, allowing him to conquer the planet without opposition. 1972-03-10 Seashell Kaiju!
Gigan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gigan 1972 Aliens Gigan. In 1972, a type of space dinosaur whose role on his home planet was analogous to that of Godzilla's on Earth. 1972-03-12 Aliens Incoming
Alien Mork Aliens Alien Mork. An alien that can unleashed his whip from his hand by hitting against any creature that gets in his way in order to defend himself. 1972-03-12 The Whipped Alien Combat
King Zaiger Mutants King Zaiger. King Zaiger was a legendary creature that was described by the original Mirrorman as a king of monsters and a missionary of Hell. 1972-03-12 Zaiger the Invincible
Alien Mysteler Aliens Alien Mysteler. Were a pair of alien brothers, one good and one evil. The two could be told apart by their torsos and size - the good was slightly smaller and had stripes, while the evil was larger and had circular bumps over his body. 1972-03-17 The Good, The Bad and the Alien
Jabala Aliens Jabala. The scaly monster that has a shiny silver body and spines for protection. 1972-03-19 Illusions Of Death
King Bockle Mutants King Bockle. Thirty kilometers under the Earth's surface lived a species of underground humans who were losing their sense of sight over the course of generations and in their place a pair of antennae that could freely manipulate radio waves. Wanting to claim the surface world they sent their champion King Bockle to attack the human world starting with the Underground Science Center in the middle of the night. 1972-03-24 Baltan's Revenge
Kinder Aliens Kinder. A red crustacean-like monster with a yellow "belly" used by the alien invaders. It's head seemingly splits with to tubes rising from it that goes down into smooth shoulder pads. The "belly" has various rounded ridges and has two hooked arms. His legs has smooth pads on it's legs. 1972-03-26 Oddball
Alien Emma Aliens Alien Emma. Originally a human that was turned into a giant red alien and causes him to go berserk and go on a rampage. Luckily he was stopped by Silver Kamen. 1972-03-26 The Kaiju of Tremendous Combat
Yamashiro Mutants Yamashiro. After the defeat of Alien Emma, a weird creature called Yamashiro came out of nowhere with six spikes from both sides of it's body and battles off against Silver Kamen. 1972-03-26 The Kaiju of Tremendous Combat
Alien Bat godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Bat Aliens Alien Bat. The first Alien Bat was aiming to conquer both Earth and the Land of Light, and a second one appeared in the Future Earth World, controlling Hyper Zetton. 1972-03-31 The Resurrection of Zetton
Garagaranda 1972-04-01
Jaguarman 1972-04-01
Girasumon Mutants Girasumon. A plant-like Kaiju that has vines on it's back and has fangs on his mouth. It can attack any Kaiju by using it's vines and swaps them if they get in its way. 1972-04-02 Earth Defenders vs. Alien Kaiju
Chamelegon Mutants Chamelegon. A Kaiju used by the Invaders to attack the Earth, then he makes himself invisible in order to fight Mirrorman. 1972-04-02 Learning the Ropes
Verokron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Verokron Mutants Verokron. A missile Terrible-Monster created by Yapool that Ace fought. Verokron was mentioned to be created by a combination of Space Monster and sea coral. 1972-04-07 The Super Choju Scheme
Yapool godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Yapool Aliens Yapool. An evil entity and the archenemy of Ultraman Ace. He has been defeated many times but proves to be immortal because of his eternal resentment for Ultras. He also tends to avoid death due to his cunning and intelligence, and use of alternate forms and his creations, the Terrible-Monsters, to avoid detection. 1972-04-07 The Super Choju Scheme
Aroza Earth Defenders Aroza. An ancient dinosaur that died and his fossils where shown in the National Science Museum. Then when the Invaders arrived on Earth, they stole the Aroza fossils and revived it making it to cause chaos. 1972-04-09 Resurrection of the Dinosaur
Alien Inbasu Aliens Alien Inbasu. A cyborg-like alien with some garbage stuff around it's body including a Plane, Metal, and trash. When Silver Kamen beams at the creature, it becomes more powerful, absorbing it. Luckily It was destroyed when the missiles from the jets shoot at the creature and was destroyed into pieces 1972-04-09 Seek of an Alien Foe!
Chameleking Mutants Chameleking. The second Terrible-Monster that was created by Yapool from combining the eggs of two different species: an ancient chameleon and a space pterosaur. 1972-04-14 King Chamel!
Alien Gain Aliens Alien Gain. An alien that kinda looks like something you can throw into it's middle when theres a spot by using a dart. This creature also has a big pinch in order to fight monsters to defend himself. 1972-04-16 Stronger than Pincers
Big Eye Aliens Big Eye. A Kaiju created by the Invaders to fight Mirrorman. It can fire an orange beam from its eye. It's called an Eye Beam. 1972-04-16 Gadzooks! It's A Plant with an Eye!
Vakishim godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Vakishim Mutants Vakishim. A Terrible-Monster created by Yapool and created Created through the combination of a space monster and a caterpillar, the first Vakishim was simply one of Yapool's disguises. 1972-04-21 Choju Attack!
Sphenodon Earth Defenders Sphenodon. A large kind of lizard that was supposed to be extinct seventy million years ago. In the present day, a single member manipulated by the Invaders was causing destruction at Sagami Bay, sinking seven ships that were in the area. 1972-04-23 The Resurrection of The Ancient Giant
Alien Wiley Aliens Alien Wiley. A creature with one horn on it's front and can spread the explosive sparks through Tokyo in order to destroy it. Luckily he was destroyed by Silver Kamen for good. 1972-04-23 The Smash-Up to the Fight
Garasharp's Babies Mutants Garasharp's Babies. Garasharp's children, stranded on an island. They were about to be exterminate by the JSDF, however, Gamera came and carries the babies away to their mother so they can have peace and harmony. 1972-04-27 Fangs to Bite
Amoeza Aliens Amoeza. While exploring the Amoeza Nebula, the Space 7 was contaminated with space amoebas. They killed the crewmembers on the return trip, right above Earth, and began to reproduce. When the Space Mammy went to investigate, Takeshi climbed on board to pilot the vessel away from Earth. The slimy creatures climbed through doors and hatches to attempt to get at him, however, he managed to fight them off. 1980-09-03 The Mystery of the Ameba
Garasharp godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Garasharp Mutants Garasharp. Are a race of enormous subterranean snakes who attack an ancient civilization in reaction to its consumption of mana. 1972-04-27 Fangs to Bite
Garan Mutants Garan. A Terrible-Monster that was transformed from an ancient fish from Devonian period of the Paleozoic era by Yapool's Terrible-Monster Creating Machine. 1972-04-28 Peter vs the 30,000 Year Choju
Taigan Mutants Taigan. A liquid monster summoned by the Invaders to fight Mirrorman. After absorbing several animals at a zoo, he took the form of an elephant-like monster with tiger-striped body parts and a tiger's tail. 1972-04-30 Go Wild or Not Gone Wild
Alien Zor Aliens Alien Zor. An alien creature that has huge wings and can spread any explosive sparks to destroy Tokyo. 1972-04-30 Zor to Next Door
Aribunta godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Aribunta Mutants Aribunta. A pecies of ant Terrible-Monster that was created by by combining a carnivorous ant and a space monster. The servants of one of Yapool's agents, Giron Man, two Aribunta were tasked with constructing an underground fortress for their master beneath the city of Tokyo, attacking any humans unlucky enough to be caught in their path. After Ace defeated the first Aribunta, the second went with its master to attack the surface while Ace was imprisoned underground. Fortunately, Zoffy came to the rescue, then joined Ace in defeating the two subterranean menaces. Since Aribunta's debut, several other individuals of the species have appeared, almost always as servants of alien beings. 1972-05-05 Bonds of Brothers! Ace and Zoffy!!
Giron Man Aliens Giron Man. Giron Man was an underground humanoid agent of Yapool's set on building an Underground Fortress beneath Tokyo. To assist the subterranean menace, Giron Man brought with him a monster, Aribunta to serve him. After the first Aribunta was destroyed by Ultraman Ace, Giron Man revealed himself to the ultra as the one who was controlling Aribunta. Shortly after, Giron Man imprisons Ace inside of a circle of stalactites and leaves him to die underground as he joins Aribunta on the surface world in destroying a city. 1972-05-05 Bonds of Brothers! Ace and Zoffy!!
King Wonder 1972-05-07
Alien Fundo Aliens Alien Fundo. An alien creature with spikes around his body, and has a wrecking-ball on his left hand in order to fight back any creature that gets in his way. 1972-05-07 The Boulder-O-Mania!
Brocken Mutants Brocken. A Terrible-Monster that was made by Yapool by combining the bodies of a crocodile with a space monster. 1972-05-12 By the Strings
Androsaurus Earth Defenders Androsaurus. A quadruped dinosaur-like monster. Her body is "short" and has warts on her legs and spikes on her back. A red striped tail drags behind and has strange ball sectioned claws. Her most notable trait is the large horns on her head that start from red to white at the tip. 1972-05-14 One Mad Mama
Alien Burner Aliens Alien Burner. A colorful alien with many eyes that can spread fire and a second to last alien that Silver Kamen ever face. 1972-05-14 Feel the Burn!
Doragory godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Doragory Mutants Doragory. A moth Terrible-Monster created by Yapool from combining a moth with a space monster. Renowned for his sheer strength and brutal fighting style, the original Doragory posed a significant challenge for Ace, and could only be defeated by the hero accessing his Ace Blade to slice him to pieces. 1972-05-19 The Super Choju Scheme
Alien Akiron Aliens Alien Akiron. The last monster with large wings on his back who confronts Silver Kamen in a final battle. 1972-05-21 Face with the Alien Akiron
Coldon Aliens Coldon. Coldon was unleashed unleashed from a space ship onto the mountains in Shizuoka, freezing the local forest. A female Invader contained him in a specialized gun for transport. The Invader used Coldon's powers to assassinate a pair of scientists that night from the Tohto University Space Science Lab. 1972-05-21 The Deadly Freeze
Gammas Mutants Gammas. Also known as Gamas, was a Terrible-Monster that was created by combining an orchid flower with a space monster. 1972-06-02 Photographer Kaiju!
Snake King Aliens Snake King. A large monster with green around his back and a yellow belly. He has eight limbs, all of which have snake heads at their ends. On his head, he has two giant fangs and a crescent moon shaped horn. 1972-06-04 Double Attack
Harigojira Aliens Harigojira. Harigojira's title says it, he's covered by many spike all over his body. The only parts not to be covered in spikes is his arm cannon, hook hand, and narrow horned head. 1972-06-04 Double Attack
Zaigon Earth Defenders Zaigon. Befitting its subtitle, it was created by combining a rhinoceros with a space monster. 1972-06-09 Hell's Envoy
Alien Antira Aliens Alien Antira. An alien and one of Yapool's agents that disguised himself as Hidkei Go and unleashes Zaigon in order to rampage the city. 1972-06-09 Hell's Envoy
Unitang Mutants Unitang. When the horn on Unitang’s horn flashes, it can create large explosions that rival her own size on the ground. 1972-06-16 Comoth of the Super Monster
Sabotendar Mutants Sabotendar. A Terrible-Monster that was created from the Terrible-Monster Creating Machine by combining a hedgehog and a cactus. 1972-06-23 The Hidden Killer
Baraba Aliens Baraba. A choju was created by Yapool via combination of a space monster and the larva of a swallowtail butterfly. Interestingly his name is spelled with the Alphabetical Notation of "Varava". 1972-06-30 The Ultra Killer
Ace Killer godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ace Killer Aliens Ace Killer. Ace Killer was a creation of Yapool in an attempt to kill Ultraman Ace. By luring the Ultra Brothers onto a desolate planet and forcing Ultraman Ace to battle the choju, Barabba on Earth. Ace Killer was released and absorbed the powers and weapons of the Ultra Brothers. With their power, Yapool released a robot replica of Ultraman Ace to demonstrate Ace Killer's power. Withstanding a Metallium Ray, Ace Killer used a barrage of Ultraseven's Emerium Ray and Ultraman's Specium Ray to weaken the robot until it destroyed it with a variation of Zoffy's M87 Ray. 1972-07-07 The Ultra Killer
Arigeida Aliens Arigeida. A massive kaiju that is sent by the Invaders to destroy a missile base, forcing Kyotaro to come up with an alternate technique for killing the monster. 1972-07-09 Over Ambition
King Crab Mutants King Crab. A Terrible-Monster that was created by combining a Japanese horseshoe crab with a space monster. 1972-07-14 King Crab's Vengeance
Sea Killersaurus Aliens Sea Killersaurus. A sea monster who rises out of the water and uses the enormous tusk like things to protect themselves. 1972-07-16 The Aliens who transform into Monsters!
Cowra Mutants Cowra. One of Yapool's many Terrible-Monster that came into existence after Yapool cursed a human into transforming into the bovine beast, Ace was able to successfully reverse the transformation. 1972-07-21 Wrath of the Bovine
Nipponosaurus Earth Defenders Nipponosaurus. Many of these gentle giants were victims to the Alien Godmes invasion, and when the time came, they assisted the red warrior, Koseider in his battle. One Nipponosaurus was seen attempting to fight Tyrannosaurus Jackie but was tossed off a water fall and killed. 1978-07-14 Forest Of Determination
Brontosaur Earth Defenders Brontosaur. When alien forces invaded prehistoric earth, one of the many victims of their ruthless attacks where the gentle giant, the brontosaurs. One brontosaur even lost its life to the ruthless Tyrannosaurus Jackie. 1978-07-14 Forest Of Determination
Pair-Mons King Mutants Pair-Mons King. Pair-Mons King was the combined form of two Invaders with a mission to send back Mirrorman to the two-dimensional world. They attacked the industrial complex of Yokkaichi. SGM attacked Pair-Mons King but he spewed his flames at them. Kyotaro transformed into Mirrorman, Pair-Mons King shot his electric bolts, stunning Mirrorman. He then bit Mirrorman's leg but Mirrorman used the Mirror Kick, killing the monster. 1972-07-23 The Invaders' Last Day
Mayasaurus Aliens Mayasaurus. Mayasaurus was sent to Earth by the Invaders together with his brother, Gorgosaurus to carry out the Jumbo Phoenix Destruction strategy. Mirrorman appeared to fight them and killed Gorgosaurus. Mayasaurus attacked Mirrorman with his radiation fog not found on earth, forcing him to retreat. 1972-07-25 The All Out Attack
Hotarunga Mutants Hotarunga. A Terrible-Monster that was created by combining a firefly with a space monster. 1972-07-28 Shivering is Shivers
Mogura King Aliens Mogura King. Following the killing of Smoke Ness, a weakened Mirrorman was unable to keep fighting. As a result the Invaders summoned their next monster, Mogura King, to the surface to announce to SGM that they would soon be destroyed. 1972-07-30 Phase 2 Begins!
Smoke Ness Aliens Smoke Ness. A Kaiju was sent down from space on one hot day to fill Ashi New Town with toxic gas. 1972-07-30 The Smoke Bullet
King Kappa Mutants King Kappa. A Terrible-Monster that was created by Yapool. He can disguise the top of his colossal head as a swimming pool. 1972-08-11 Water You Taking For?
Siomaneking Mutants Siomaneking. A fiddler crab-themed monster who was in charge of protecting a secret base in Japan's Katsuura sea. Even after his original defeat, Siomaneking returns as a member of various Shocker remnant factions even in modern productions and also as one of the soldiers of the Kingdom of the Dead, the Badan Empire. Dai-Shocker had multiple copies of this cyborg working for them. 1972-08-12 Return of Jirass
Halley Jack Aliens Halley Jack. A Kaiju was attacking Androsaurus and Androsaurus Junior close to the sun. During this case a rocket that was holding Mirrorman was flying by and the Saturnian monsters and Halley Jack went toward it. Mirrorman was eventually freed, but Halley Jack did not quit his pursuit of the parent and child as they came to Earth. The Jumbo Phoenix spotted this and quickly shot down Halley Jack, blowing the monster to pieces. 1972-08-13 Face the Comet!
Zemistlar Mutants Zemistlar. A Terrible-Monster that he was born from the fusion of an Earth cicada and a space monster. 1972-08-18 Gamera vs. The Super Beasts
Aprasar Aliens Aprasar. A bird-like Terrible-Monster that was originally an alien woman whose planet had been destroyed by Yapool and was under his control. 1972-08-25 The Flightful of Spiritness
Magmagon Aliens Magmagon. Magmagon roamed around an area in the Southern Japanese Alps known as Death Valley where the Invaders set up a secret cave base. 1972-08-25 A Kaiju in the Valley!
Black Satan Mutants Black Satan. Originally a statue that Space Mask (an agent of Yapool), order into constructing it. When TAC discovered his true identity, Space Mask make the creature to live and go to a rampage. It did as commanded, growing into massive size and beginning to attack. The order was given to a circling TAC fighter to attack the monster, but their weapons were powerless. It shot down the fighter using the organic missiles. 1972-09-01 Gamera vs. The Super Beasts
Mazaron Man Aliens Mazaron Man. Also known as Mazaronian, was a Terrible-Monster and an agent of yapool, Mazaron Man oversaw Yapool's plan to use Yojo to unleash Mazarius, and ultimately held control over both. Fortunately, Mazaron Man was thwarted by Ace during a climactic battle in the depths of Mount Fuji that concluded with Mazaron Man's demise, while Yojo was reverted to normal, causing Mazarius to vanish. 1972-09-01 Volcano Fights!
Zangani 1972-09-03
Shadow Mons 1972-09-10
Damura Mutants 1972-09-11
Mazarius Mutants Mazarius. A Terrible-Monster that was created by Yapool and a spectral creature created by a ritual carried out by Yojo, Mazarius was under the control of his master, Mazaron Man, and menaced TAC while Ace desperately fought against his master in the depths of Mount Fuji. 1972-09-15 Volcano Fights!
Teroringa Aliens Teroringa. This monster has crab-like claws and ruins buildings with one smash. 1972-09-17 The Dimension Monster's Counterattack
Genius Gorilla Earth Defenders Genius Gorilla. An intelligent ape that was born in a zoo with with intelligence levels so high it can understand the human language. The Gorilla pulled the zoo cages at night so he could be free to talk and be a normal human. 1972-09-18 The Genius Gorilla
Sphinx Aliens Sphinx. Sphinx was a Terrible-Monster under the ownership of Alien Orion, who had resurfaced to take back the Earth for himself after 13,000 of waiting. 1972-09-22 Big Battle In Desert
Invesaurus Aliens Invesaurus. A Kaiju is is serviceable enough, not a bad quadruped monster for the show, but maybe a tad underwhelming and generic and isn’t as intriguing as the drama with the Invader kid. 1972-09-24 The Day Evil Wins
Glimer Mutants Gilmer. A Kaijin that was once a marine fish/mammal that noticed a ship has sunk near its territory. Gilmer then decided to transplant one of the human's brains to him making Gilmer half-fish half-human. 1972-09-25
Alien Hipporit godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Hipporit Aliens Alien Hipporit. Are a race of aliens apparently hailing from a Hell-like world. One member attempted to attack Earth following Yapool's defeat. 1972-09-29 Clash, Ultra Tag Battle
Ghost Aliens Ghost. A ghostly themed monster appropriately, Ghost here is instrumental in part of the Invaders’ scheme to prevent Professor Tamiya from completing an anti-Invader weapon. Having thrown Tamiya’s wheel-chair bound daughter into a river where she is presumed dead. 1972-10-01 Revenge Of The Ghost
Concorne Aliens Concorne. A bird-like Kaiju that has the appearance of a Pterodactyl standing upright with a long tail and an elongated cranium split in two at the back. It has a dark green body color with red bug-eyes and a white beak. It also has a thick short neck and has grille-like decorations on it’s arms and chest. 1972-10-03 Thunder Mask Arrives!
King Flasher Aliens King Flasher. King Flasher is a humanoid kaiju with white skin and a long blue and white cloak. He has a red belt wrapped around his waist to secure the cloak. 1972-10-07 The Trio Kaiju Combat
Queen Flasher Aliens Queen Flasher. Queen Flash looks just like a Flasher Red Eye, except that she has a pink suit and black straps that cross on her body. 1972-10-07 The Trio Kaiju Combat
Jairock Mutants Jairock. Jairock has bumpy white skin, but in some spots it is also grey. Jairock's arms, legs, and neck are very long and skinny. He has two dark grey horns protruding from the sides of his head. He has 4 fingers on each hand and 4 toes on each foot. His feet, hands, and head look very small in proportion to his body. 1972-10-07 The Trio Kaiju Combat
Kabutonga Mutants Kabutonga. A Kaiju that was created by King Flasher and deployed with fellow creation, Jairock. 1972-10-07 The Trio Kaiju Combat
Dragonda Earth Defenders Dragonda. A dragon kaiju appears to be a bipedal dragon. His skin is a bluish-green color, and his stomach is beige. He has long, clawed, 3 fingered hands and long legs. Dragonda's head is fairly large; around his mouth is the same beige color as his stomach, and he has sharp teeth. He has two long horns protruding from the front of his face and the back of his head. 1972-10-07 Baltan's Revenge
Vacumira Aliens Vacumira. Its giant left hand acts like a sort of vacuum, allowing it to suck up smaller objects into it. 1972-10-08 The War Has Begun
Boasaurus Aliens Boasaurus. Being formed by three Invaders fusing together. The first was summoned to destroy a crashed Invader ship while the second was to protect the Red Bird ship during its mission on Earth from Mirrorman. 1972-10-08 Baltan's Revenge
Tirema Mutants Tirema. A tire-based Kaiju that has the appearance of giant, orange-colored, spiked wheel with it’s head and limbs sticking out on one side and it’s tail underneath. It’s head and limbs are covered with dark green scales with a reptilian appearance. 1972-10-10 Thunder Mask Arrives!
Devil Dekanda Aliens Devil Dekanda. Thunder Mask's archenemy and has summon monsters which were known as Devil Beasts. 1972-10-10 Thunder Mask Arrives!
Maoh 1972-10-10
Lunaticks godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Lunaticks Aliens Lunaticks. It was responsible for draining the moon of its magma and leaving it a barren wasteland. 1972-10-13 The Creature on the Moon
Shibiretta Mutants Shibiretta. was created by King Flasher and was deployed with some Flashers, but was destroyed by Junichiro Iwaki. 1972-10-14 The Great Kaiju Battles the Duos
Zarizon Mutants Zarizon. Zarizon is humanoid. His skin is black, and also in some spots, silver. He has Megalon-like drills for hands. 1972-10-14 The Great Kaiju Battles the Duos
Black Gon Mutants Black Gon. A Kaiju was a black cow from outer space that was found by a farm boy named Makoto in the Asagari Plateau. She's also Called Called the Blinding Mist, she can emit blinding mist from her mouth. 1972-10-15 The Lonely Boy
Jairoges Aliens Jairoges. Jairoges was one of four robots reconstructed by the reborn Shiranui Clan in their bid to finally conquer Japan. 1972-10-15 Rise of The Phantom Militia
Barabbas Earth Defenders Barabbas. Being a caveman, Barabbas has frightful levels of strength. 1972-10-16 The Friendly Caveman
Parajudon Aliens Parajudon. A butterfly-like Kaiju with two Scythe-like hands that can chopped on anything and he is one of Dekanda's giant monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1972-10-17 Parajudon the Insect-Like Kaiju
Gitagitanga Mutants Gitagitanga. Because Undergroundmon intended to destroy factories for conquest, the underground creature used Gitagitanga to destroy as many industrial areas as possible. 1972-10-20 Gamera vs. The Super Beasts
Double Satan Aliens Double Satan. Each finger tip on Double Satan’s left hand can be ripped off and thrown to the ground. Once done, each finger will immediately sprout into an identical clone of the robot. When finished, the clones will return to their normal shape and return to its hand. If the robot's control device is destroyed, the clones will automatically return to its hand. 1972-10-22 Double Trouble
Devil Tiger Aliens Devil Tiger. He's extremely acrobatic, capable of doing flips during combat. 1972-10-22 Assault The Underground Base! Part 1
Red Mons 1972-10-22
Nezugira Mutants Nezugira. The rat monster was a fiend, due to radioactive mines invading the rat's territory the rat becomes super huge. It eats people dragging them into the sewers. 1972-10-23
Lydon Aliens Lydon. A Freezing Devil Beast that could freeze people and automobiles. 1972-10-24 The White Planet
Red Jack Mutants Red Jack. He can shoot bolt of what looks to be lightning from his hands. 1972-10-27 The Forecast
Sibilegon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sibilegon Aliens Sibilegon. Visually, Sibilegon resembles a humanoid feline with robotic parts attached to its body. It has a large central console where its chest would be, and its head is almost spherical with binocular-like eyes and a wrinkled, deformed face. It has armour over its legs, and a very long tail. 1972-10-28 Defeat the Magnetic Monster Shibiregon!!
Blanca Aliens Blanca. Blanca was created and sent out by King Flasher, but was defeated by Junichiro Iwaki. 1972-10-28 Defeat the Magnetic Monster Shibiregon!!
Giranda 1972-10-29
Samera Mutants Samera. A Blood-Sucking Vampire Mermaid Devil Beast that can swim on the ocean and was one of Dekanda's monsters in order to fight Thunder Mask. 1972-10-31 Godzilla vs. Samera
Baktari Mutants Baktari. Or Bakutari, was a tapir who was turned into a Terrible-Monster by Yapool in order to fight Ultraman Ace. Luckily, he was turned back to normal when Ultraseven told Ultraman Ace to give it to him. 1972-11-03 Go Wild or Not Gone Wild
Red Rock Mutants Red Rock. A clam like creature with a head in the middle of his 'shell'. A large pearl sits on top of his body and is surrounded by frills, and his whole shell is coloured bright red. Red Rock's arms are tipped by two sharp claws, and he has a long tail which drags along the ground. 1972-11-04 Return of Jirass
Seguro-1 Aliens Seguro-1. A humanoid robot constructed out of a silvery metal. He possesses what appear to be two rocket boosters on his back, and a large circular attachment on his head. Seguro-1's eyes are a dull red, however brighten whilst emitting light. 1972-11-04 Return of Jirass
Monster Zorro Aliens Monster Zorro. After casting down from the heavens, Monster Zorro was slammed into the Japanese landscape. Everyone thought the beast was a meteor, until it finally took form and showed that it was another robotic demon from the Ten Shadow’s creative minds. 1972-11-05 Battle in The Autumn Wind
Hakaider Aliens Hakaider. A Sand Abyss Devil Beast that is made out of iron and has really high defenses and injured Thunder Mask in the fight. 1972-11-07 Godzilla, Gomora, and Red King vs. Hakaider
Coakes Mutants Coakes. Coakes was a Terrible-Monster deployed by Yapool to attack two military bases. TAC members deployed and attacked it's ship but it did paralyse Hokuto for a while. 1972-11-10 Great Bullets of Fire
Gegil Mutants Gegil. A cyborg kaijin resembles a cross between an ant, a cockroach and a beetle. Gegil is like a walking piece of abstract art in that is body is made up of many different colors, and his head isn't symmetrical, nor is it solidly colored. 1972-11-11 The Duo Kaiju Ambush!
King Takoras Mutants King Takoras. A cephalopod kaiju shares similarities with a mushroom, crab, tree and a kelp frond. His skin is a bright red hue and is covered in cephalopod suckers. He also appears to have a large, bulbous cap atop his body. His face is unusually human, and he has beady black eyes with a pronounced chin. His arms and legs appear to have many spikes on them, which are presumably used to hold opponents down. His arms are also very long, and he uses them to strangle his opponents. 1972-11-11 The Duo Kaiju Ambush!
Iezu Aliens Iezu. A Kaiju that is sent by the Invaders to attack a rocket base, Iezu proves to be a decent challenge for Mirrorman, despite his unassuming looks. Armed with all sorts of abilities such as his tentacles still moving after being chopped off, as well as his suckers absorbing Mirrorman’s energy, forcing Mirrorman to retreat. The Invaders soon launch a counterattack with Iezu, along with taking control of SGM member Yasuda’s sister so she can kill Kyotaro. 1972-11-12 The Next Attack
Boure Aliens Boure. A Giant Whale Devil Beast that attack ships in the ocean, during the night. Thunder Mask arrives to put out the fire Boure causes, but the kaiju is too fast for him. He ends up trapped in a rock slide and the kids have to rescue him. He transforms again and fights Dekanda and Boure. He makes his throwing star spark and tosses it right into Boure’s mouth, making him explode. 1972-11-14 Godzilla Faces the Boure
Bad Baalon Mutants Bad Baalon. Also known as Bad Baron, was a Terrible-Monster that was created by Yapool in order to destroy Ultraman Ace. 1972-11-17 The Bad, Bad Baron
Megahertz Mutants Megahertz. A kaiju resembles a large moth with strange, ear-like wings. His skin is mostly black, with white ridges running over it which appear to correspond to the positions of certain bones underneath, such as his ribcage and femurs. On his upper legs, Megahertz has a series of red bumps, which may be armor plating or a defense system. 1972-11-18 Television Attack!
Bulguerrilla Mutants Bulguerrilla. A whip kaiju is a humanoid monster that looks vaguely deformed. He has patches covered in wavy lines, and his eyes seem to be sunken into his head. Bulguerrilla has two powerful whip-like appendages which he uses to slap opponents with. 1972-11-18 Television Attack!
Gyaron Mutants Gyaron. Gyaron's skin is leathery and black. He has 3 pointy fingers on each hand. His legs have raised silver markings that resemble bones. He also has a very large silver head with a snake-like mouth. His eyes are the same silvery color as his head. 1972-11-18 Giant Sized Gyaron
Black Knight Aliens Black Knight. A Shiranui robot has a cannon on each wrist. These are powerful enough to injure Iron King. 1972-11-19 Ultraman vs. Black Knight
Bronze Demon Aliens Bronze Demon. All the yellow balls on Bronze Demon are actually bombs that he can pull off and throw. These create large explosions when they hit something. 1972-11-19 Show Kaiju the Bomb
Monster Bird Aliens Monster Bird. Originally a robot built by the evil Shiranui Clan in their quest to conquer Earth, Monster Bird had been a notably formidable opponent of the clan's main obstacle to conquering Earth, the heroic giant Iron King. 1972-11-19 The Pryo Stream of the Monster Bird
Benburn Aliens Benburn. A Saucer Devil Beast with a yellow body and a green body. He also has a Red shell on the back with yellow spots and was one of Dekanda's Monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1972-11-21 Fight with Benburn
Kaiteigagan Mutants Kaiteigagan. Kaiteigagan was a Terrible-Monster composed of sea shells created to destroy boats off the coast. Kaiteigagan first appeared in the middle of the ocean were it was attacked by TAC's fighter jets. Wile not being able to kill it, they did manage to drive it back to under the waves. 1972-11-24 A Bond that Transcends Space-Time
Dunket Mutants Dunket. Dunket appears to be at least partly insectoid with a large, fly-like head and strange claws for hands. Its skin is blue with diagonal crimson stripes. 1972-11-25 The Assault of the Aliens
Alien Dorok Aliens Alien Dorok. This cephalod-like alien kaiju, battles Human, along with Dunket. Unfortunately Human finally defeats them both. 1972-11-25 The Assault of the Aliens
Eletrikzaurus Aliens Eletrikzaurus. The biggest monster with feathers, claws, and horns on its head, and big nipple like things on its chest. 1972-11-26 The Invaders' Last Day
Dead King Aliens Dead King. Because it's called Dead King doesn't mean the king is dead, it just means it's a monster with a body of a pineapple. 1972-11-26 The Invaders' Last Day
Silver Rider Aliens Silver Rider. Mounted on twin powerful wheels instead of legs. Silver Rider can mow down nearly any obstacle and move across any terrain. 1972-11-26 Going For A Ride
Dorilling Aliens Dorilling. Bemking, the self-proclaimed "Ruler of the Universe," created this cybernetic colossus at his base on the surface of the Moon. Activated in the Japan Alps, Dorilling's mission is to bore massive tunnels to collapse major urban centers and plunge the human order into chaos. The monster's razor-sharp claws can smash solid rock, his drill trail can be weaponized, and his three 100,000 horse-power, head-mounted drills, can bore through five meters of solid steel in five seconds. These powerful drills can also be launched as guided missiles, which return to its housing after striking. Dorilling's deadly Nitroglycerine-spewing flame thrower, located in his mouth, can easily demolish buildings in a single strike. 1972-11-28 They’re Drilling Me Crazy
Dreamgillas Mutants Dreamgillas. His ears are very strong, able to detect flying vehicles from miles away. 1972-12-01 Dream Terrible-Monster Strikes!
Valingar Mutants Valingar. A top kaiju's skin is dark brown and red. His body is very skinny, but he has a large head shaped like a pair of lungs. 1972-12-02 Smash Them Up with Kaiju Duos
Mazinger Z godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mazinger Z Global Defense Force Mazinger Z. A Super Robot created by Doctor Juzo Kabuto to combat Dr. Hell and his Mechanical Beasts, who desired the metal for their own nefarious purposes. When the doctor was killed, his grandson Koji Kabuto piloted the mech to fight against Dr. Hell. 1972-12-03 Mazinger Z is Here
Aphrodite A Global Defense Force Aphrodite A. A giant robot created by Dr. Gennosuke Yumi with inspiration from Prof. Juzo Kabuto's designs. Unlike the Mazinger Z, she was built for the purpose of geological research and as a symbol of peace. As a result, it lacked weapons and much offensive abilities. Overtime, she was upgraded for combat until she was destroyed in battle. The Aphrodite is piloted by Dr. Yumi's daughter Sayaka Yumi. 1972-12-03 Mazinger Z is Here
Garada K7 Aliens Garada K7. One of the two Mechanical Beasts that has a light purple-colored, humanoid body with a red breastplate that holds six yellow slits on it’s pecs, dark purple joints, a dark purple neck, and a black pelvis. It has a skeletal face, dark blue stripes on it’s head, and twin giant black scythes pointing upward and attached to each side of the head. 1972-12-03 Mazinger Z is Here
Doublas M2 Aliens Doublas M2. One of the two Mechanical Beasts that has a dark blue-colored body with a purple chest, feet, and pelvis. It has two, dinosaur-like heads, each connected to a long neck, where each one has pointed snouts with exposed teeth, orange-colored eyes, and two ears pointed downwards. It also has sharp claws on it’s hands, an exposed area on the abdomen holding six red dots, green finger tips, and big green spikes on it’s legs. 1972-12-03 Mazinger Z is Here
Gold Fire Aliens Gold Fire. A fiery-red robot was the most powerful robot in the Shiranui arsenal, controlled by their leader, Shiranui Taro. The machine was able to take on Iron King, matching his moves and dueling to a standstill. 1972-12-03 Tokyo on Fire
Dorodoron Aliens Dorodoron. A Melting Devil Beast that is one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1972-12-05 Godzilla vs. Dorodoron
Soundgillar Mutants Soundgillar. Also called Soundgiller, is a Terrible-Monster created by Yapool. It eats any large soundwaves at first there's no damage are seen but it the amount energy at the last it being transferred. He appear in the city but, Hokuto summons Ultraman Ace to face the Terrible-Monster and at the last brawl, he managed to destroy the Terrible-Monster with the Metalium Ray. 1972-12-08 Gillar Of Sounds!
Grand Flasher Aliens Grand Flasher. A kaiju and an extraterrestrial being and the successor of King Flasher. King Flasher was overthrown by Grand Flasher and commanded the Flasher Core. He seems to have the same hatred for Junichiro Iwaki as King Flasher did, and deploys the monstrous members of the Flasher Core to defeat him. At one point, Grand Flasher had Junichiro nearly dead, but the children who possessed the Human-Sign transformed Junichiro's brother Junjiro into the second Human; Jujiro then saved his brother from near death and continued to help out with eradicating the Flasher Core (including Grand Flasher himself), which they eventually did. 1972-12-09 Smash Them Up with Kaiju Duos
Stock Aliens Stock. A Kaiju that is somewhat resembles a European Dragon. He has flaps of skin between his arms which act as wings, and his body is thin and streamlined. Stock also has three dark spots on his neck. 1972-12-09 The Strong of the Sandstorm
Giringa Mutants Giringa. A punching kaijin is a vaguely humanoid creature with massive arms, and the left side of his body appears to be 'windswept', with long spikes pointing off from it. Both of his fists are always closed and are very large. 1972-12-09 The Strong of the Sandstorm
Great Devil Bem King Aliens 1972-12-11
Zaribazan Mutants Zaribazan. An Armored Devil Beast with two pincher hands and red body with a gray stomach in the middle. He's also one of Dekanda's Monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1972-12-12 Godzilla Fights the Armored Devil Beast
Zaira-Unicorn Mutants Zaira-Unicorn. A cyborg dinosaur-like Kaiju. Zaira-Unicorn. Located in its mouth, Zaira-Unicorn is equipped with a triple barreled cannon capable of launching numerous, missile-strength blasts at once. It's called Tri-Cannon. 1972-12-12 Cannon-Go-Boom!
Machless Mutants Machless. Also known as Machles, is a Terrible-Monster that hates any transportation that goes at the speed of sound. Machless appeared in a forest and attacked a bullet train at a bridge. 1972-12-15 The One Finned Wonder!
Spider Mutants Spider. An arachnid kaiju that was created by King Flasher and deployed with some of the Flashers. But, he was ultimately defeated by Junichiro and Junjiro Iwaki. 1972-12-16 Duos of Fears Baloney
Danbaraki Mutants Danbaraki. An aquatic kaiju appears to be an undead, fish-like humanoid. The right side of his body is covered in living tissue, and has scaly greenish-blue skin, scales and a fish-like eye, whereas his left side is skeletonized and his left eye is missing. Danbaraki has a mouth full of sharp teeth and a crest-fin which runs along the middle of his head. He also has a similar fin on his left arm. 1972-12-16 Duos of Fears Baloney
Goliath godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Goliath Aliens Goliath. Goliath is a giant blue monster with long arms and enormous hands. Square patterns cover his entire body, from chest to groin. His head is adorned with a yellow horn and brown armor on his back. 1972-12-17 The Monster Assault
Daigoro godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Daigoro Earth Defenders Daigoro. Although being directly related to his mother, Daigoro looks very different. In general, he resembles a giant hippopotamus with beige-yellow skin. He has large, friendly eyes and powerful hands. 1972-12-17 The Monster Assault
Gromazen R9 Aliens Gromazen R9. A Mechanical Beast that has an aqua blue-colored body with a dark gray abdomen, dark gray upper arms, and black pecs. It’s arms are connected to circular shoulders, has blades on it’s forearms, and has rectangular feet with a wide triangular top. Gromazen R9 also has a small mouth grille, two spikes sticking out on each side of the head, yellow blank eyes, and gray octagon-shaped antennas. 1972-12-17 Nightmares of a Robot
Daigoro's Mother godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Daigoro's Mother Earth Defenders Daigoro's Mother. A kaiju is first seen infuriated when her son went missing, destroying a helpless city in an effort to find him. After tearing through it, she could sense her son in the near area and began to go near where she thought he was. But, before she could reunite with her child, the military fired a barrage of missiles that killed her, leaving Daigoro an orphan. 1972-12-17 The Monster Assault
Shooting Star Iron Mask Aliens Shooting Star Iron Mask. Dekanda's servant and was disguising himself as Rin. He's also Megatron's boss as he grows himself into a giant and teams up with Megatron to fight against Thunder Mask. 1972-12-18 Godzilla Fights Against the Megatron
Megatron Mutants Megatron. A Great Dinosaur Devil Beast with horns on top of his head, and this creature is made of metal. He's also one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1972-12-19 Godzilla Fights Against the Megatron
V.I.N.CENT Global Defense Force V.I.N.CENT. An optimistic robot similar to both R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars, he is very clever, polite, and smart, though he does have a tendency towards displaying an air of superiority towards those he feels beneath him. 1972-12-21 V.I.N.CENT at Your Service
Snowgiran Mutants Snowgiran. Snowgiran was a Terrible-Monster who belonged to the demon Namakage, who unleashed his beast onto Japan as vengeance against the people who chose to celebrate Christmas and praise Santa Claus. 1972-12-22 A Kaiju Christmas
Namahage Earth Defenders Namahage. A mysterious phantom and the master of Snowgiran, Namahage's anger towards humans for seemingly abandoning their gods and celebrating Christmas was exploited by Yapool, with Namahage willingly becoming a soldier in the alien mastermind's ranks. She was killed when the Father of Ultra fired his Father Shot at her. 1972-12-22 A Kaiju Christmas
Girudogira Mutants Girudogira. A Kaiju created by Grand Flasher and deployed him to combat Junichiro and Junjiro Iwaki, the Human brothers. 1972-12-23 The Kaijus of Murky Mountain
Garamedon Mutants Garamedon. With similarities to Megalon, Garamedon has a large head that flows into his body. He has large yellowish-orange antlers sticking out from the sides of his head. He also has large eyes with yellow sclerae and red irises which presumably blink sideways, in a similar fashion to Hedorah. He has large strong arms ending with large claws. Also, on his arms are spikes in yet again the orangey color. Like most bugs he has a large shell on his back. Finally, he has large firm legs with two-toed feet. 1972-12-23 The Kaijus of Murky Mountain
Gaia Q5 Aliens Gaia Q5. A Mechanical Beast that has an entirely gray-colored body with pink eyes, a white eye mask, and black stripes on it’s chest and around its neck. It has two horn-like antennas on top of it’s head, which usually produce a red bolt in between and both of the antennas bended toward each other, and a spike on each shoulder. It also has a mechanical, cape-like shell on it’s back and has sharp teeth in it’s mouth. 1972-12-24 The Arrival
Tonga Zaurus Mutants Tonga Zaurus. From its belly, Tonga Zaurus can lower a ramp and dispatch a three-cannoned tank in which is in the disguise of a three-headed hydra. 1972-12-24 Assault The Underground Base! Part 1
Alien Fire Aliens Alien Fire. Another alien with plans to conquer Earth, Alien Fire arrived with another of Yapool's Terrible-Monster, Firemons. 1972-12-29 Fire Storm
Firemons Mutants Firemons. A birdlike Terrible-Monster, and the servant of Alien Fire. 1972-12-29 Fire Storm
Impulse Mutants Impulse. A Kaiju that was created by King Flasher and deployed with a few of the Flashers, but was destroyed by Junichiro and Junjiro Iwaki. 1972-12-30 Giant Ant Appears!
Antguirus Mutants Antguirus. Like Garameddon, Antguirus is a bug and has a lot of characteristics of a beetle. He has a brown head with large antlers of the same color protruding from it. He also has a large brown body and abdomen covered with orange patterning. Another characteristic is his large strong arms ending with strange claw-like hands. Finally, all of that is held up by his short, thin, back legs. 1972-12-30 Giant Ant Appears!
KingDan X10 Aliens KingDan X10. The Mechanical Beast and it seems to have some form of sentience as it nods to Baron Ashura command and "laugh" after Koji figured out his plans. KingDan X10 looks similar to a Viking warrior with a bull horned helmet while wearing centurion battle armor and skirt. 1972-12-31 KingDan X10 the Mechanical Beast
Gaenbo Aliens Gaenbo. A Flame Devil Beast that can breath fire to burn up the city and was one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1973-01-02 Fight Against the Gaenbo
Cricketton Aliens Cricketton. He is Titanian Operative No. 7. Like all the other Titanians, he wears a black hat, a red cloak and a white mask. In his giant form he is an insect monster. 1973-01-04 The Bugs Prays Here
Alien Steal Aliens Alien Steal. A kleptomaniac alien from Planet Steal, Alien Steal travelled to Earth to loot merchandise, but was thwarted by Ultraman Ace. 1973-01-05 Destroy Space Superman Alien Steal!
Dorigon Earth Defenders Dorigon. This creature has the standard dinosaur Kaiju build with the head of a triceratops. He has three horns on his head. 1973-01-07 Brotherly Bonds
Dorigorus Earth Defenders Dorigorus. A Triceratops-like monster, like like his brother, have the standard dinosaur kaiju build with a triceratops head. He is blue and has a single horn. 1973-01-07 Brotherly Bonds
Zaila Aliens Zaila. A Mechanical Beast that paired up with Danchel and a humanoid Mechanical Beast with noticeable drill-like horns on its head. It is covered in thick armor and the abdomen features a compartment that houses missiles. Zaila's armor is its core defense, protecting it against projectiles. The horns on its head can be used as drills for close combat. For mid to long-range battle, Zaila uses missiles from its fingers and abdomen as well as energy bolts from its eyes. 1973-01-07 Earth Defenders vs. Zaila and Danchel
Danchel Aliens Danchel. A Mechanical Beast that along with Zaila served as the monster of the week and has a greenish yellow lizard-like body but with human-like upper limbs and face with fangs and a horn sticking out of the top of its head. Danchel can release liquid oxygen from its tail to freeze enemies in place. Its powerful back legs allow it to jump high to attack enemies. It can release electric charges from the horn on its head usually when the opponent is close. It also contains a storage space for the Iron Masks. 1973-01-07 Earth Defenders vs. Zaila and Danchel
Dagon H Aliens Dagon H. A Smokescreen Devil Beast that can create a steam whistle of death and was one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1973-01-09 Godzilla vs. Dagon H
Shishigoran Mutants Shishigoran. A Terrible-Monster that possessed a young boy, Shinda, with a cursed lion mask. He was summoned with a lion song made by the possesed Shinda's dad. He began rampaging through the city, stepping on buildings and causing explosions with his eye flashes when suddenly, the Terrible-Monster Kaimanda awoke! The duo went about wreaking havoc. 1973-01-12 The Curse of the Lion Drum
Kaimanda Mutants Kaimanda. A Terrible-Monster that was brought to life when Shinda's dad played his bongos to punish the people who did not worship the traditional lion dance. He then began rampaging through the city with the Terrible-Monster Shishigoran. 1973-01-12 The Curse of the Lion Drum
Ozones B3 1973-01-14
Jurass-Don Mutants Jurass-Don. One of Phantom Militia’s most unusual weapons, Jurass-Don was used as a decoy for Gentaro and Iron King. While the heroes battled the huge robot in the streets, the Phantom Militia was able to move freely through the city and kidnap Professor Fukunaga. The scientist had developed a robot that could sense human brainwaves and move freely around them with it. With this technology, their machines would prove unbeatable! When the target was acquired and in their possession, Jurass-Don retreated from battle. 1973-01-14 That's Really Bizzare
Tora Girasu Mutants Tora Girasu. He can fire a barrage of missiles from his back. 1972-01-14 The Prehistoric Monsters
Anti Go-Ne Aliens Anti Go-Ne. He was the first of the Go-Ne Generals to attack Earth. Like the other Go-Ne Generals, he had the ability to summon monsters from the Earth. He does this by using the Anti Sticker. 1973-01-16 Anti, Mad, Satan and Demon Rise from the Grave
Alien Gross Aliens Alien Gross. The Alien Gross were a race of aliens who wanted to take over Earth. Their leaders, the Go-Ne Generals, brought monsters and cyborgs to earth in hopes of conquering it. 1973-01-16 Return of Alien Gross
Alien Emerald Aliens Alien Emerald. A peace loving race, like Earth they too were invaded by the Alien Gross. With their great powers they fought off the invaders and knowing that they intended to conquer Earth they sent one of their kind to Earth to help. This being merged with Naoki Tachibana and his plane to create the being known as Jumborg Ace. 1973-01-16 Return of Alien Gross
King Jaigras Aliens King Jaigras. A monster with the standard dinosaur build of many monsters. He has a long tail and large arms. All over his body are ridges and on his head is are orange horns. The arms and legs have warts on the front side. 1973-01-16 Return of Alien Gross
Girigorin Aliens Girigorin. A Steel Devil Beast that looks like a ladybug and was one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1973-01-16 Fight Against the Girigorin
Iceron Mutants Iceron. The biggest monster with ice all over its body, and a plated nose. 1973-01-19 IceZilla!
Stegorus Mutants Stegorus. A mutated stegosaurus-like monster Fireman fought until he was free from being mind control by Alien Meteor. 1973-01-21 Free the Dinosaur!
Abdora U6 1973-01-21
Capri-Gon Mutants Capri-Gon. One of the many robot enemies to fight the hero, Iron King. His name comes from Capricorn, the goat, a constellation. 1973-01-21 Capri-Gon's Body Pulse
Derebingu Aliens Derebingu. A Radio-wave Devil Beast with blue skin and one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1973-01-23 Derebingu the Radio-Wave Kaiju
Battera Aliens Battera. A Power Generation Devil Beast that can electricuted the house with lights and can create chaos around the neighborhood. 1973-01-23 Fight Against from Claw to Claw
Rubangar King Aliens Rubanger King. A bulky merman-like monster with various warts around his body. He's green in color with various hair-like threads on his arms and legs. On his head he has to large fins on his head along with a katana and two large fangs. He was created by Anti Go-Ne. 1973-01-24 Disturbance at Toku-Con
Fubugirara Earth Defenders Fubugirara. A Terrible-Monster and a native to the uninhabitable icy and snowy third star in the Leo constellation. He was created by a possesed old man who lived deep in the mountains. He headed to Shiozawa ski zone as it was similar to his home planet's environment. He started attacking the surrounding villages and tourists at the ski zone. 1973-01-26 The Cold-Blowing Battle
Demos F3 1973-01-28
Chitangar Aliens Chitangar. Also known as Titanium, is one of the Kaiju created by Anti Go-Ne, in order to destory Jumborg Ace. 1973-01-31 Can't Beat Flame with Flame
Onidevil Mutants Onidevil. An oni monster (possibly a Choju mutated from Yapool's remains) appears one day from a grey cloud. TAC arrived at the scene to combat the monster, but had trouble when members Konno and Hokuto's arms went numb, due to eating red beans. Hokuto transformed into Ultraman Ace, but Ace too was numb, allowing Onidevil to escape. With the help of Ultraseven Hokuto was cured. Onidevil reappeared this time forcing a daytime into a night with his Dark Zone. Ace showed up and was able to defeat Onidevil with little difficulty, curing everyone with numb arms. 1973-02-02 Fight with Onidevil the Terrible
Dayan N4 1973-02-04
Dozilla Mutants Dozilla. Dissatisfied with only being able to recreate four of their old robots, the Shiranui Clan created a device to attract and control Kaiju in order to bolster their ranks. Dozilla, along with Kangarole, were brought in by the signal and with them, the clan's plan would be put in motion. 1973-02-04 Attack of the Kaiju Duo
Jurasairous Mutants Jurasairous. A mutated dinosaur Kaiju that lived during the Jurassic period and is a Kaiju that considers to be Gorosaurus' archenemy. 1973-02-04 Primeval Invasion
Thinnerman Aliens Thinnerman. A Brainwave Devil Beast with a chain as his weapon that can defend himself from an ememy and was one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1973-02-06 The Chained Kaiju
Giant Robot Zero Aliens Giant Robot Zero. The big blue monster with a diamond on his head, and a horn drill for a hand. 1973-02-07 A Jumbo-Sized Robot Battle
Brighton J2 1973-02-11
Kumagross Aliens Kumagross. Down to their last robot, the Phantom Militia focused their assault on Tokyo once again. With incredible power and strength, the robotic monster was able to withstand Iron King’s might when Goro transformed. However, the titan of terror was soon overpowered. After being dealt a series of blows, Kumagross was ordered to retreat by its terroristic masters. 1973-02-11 Iron of Steel
Spacer Aliens Spacer. A Kaiju held by Planet Gomerus as the planet went rouge. Spacer was summoned from the underground of Gomerus at a time but went back in. 1973-02-11 The Return of Planet Gomorous!
Planet Gomerus Aliens Planet Gomerous. A living planet/daikaiju that started causing global disasters to Earth. SAF researched these unpredictable events and found out it was Planet Gomerus that caused Earth these events. Gomerus unleashed Spacer on its atmosphere to see its power. 1973-02-11 Coming of Doom
Gatabilan Aliens Gatabilan. A Heavy Tank Devil Beast with a horn and has a spike on his tail to fight against enemies. 1973-02-13 Face-to-Face with the Horned Kaiju
Death Kong King Mutants Death Kong King. It can remove its breastplate and use it as a shield. 1973-02-14 Fire Bombs Away!
Kame Bazooka 1973-02-17
Hasami Jaguar 1973-02-17
Great Leader of Destron 1973-02-17
Bicong 09 1973-02-18
Kabutron Aliens Kabutron. Kabutron is a biped upright insect kaiju with four arms, and a beetle shell on its back. It sports a Kabuto horn, and gold armor with red spots. It has no visible eyes. 1973-02-18 Titanian Operation #1
Kinokurages Mutants Kinokurages. A Kaiju and a mysterious type of mutant bacteria from space. It's body is Jellyfish like body with the tentacles coming from the bottom center. The top is a greenish orange with opal like eyes. The underside is bright orange. 1973-02-18 Oil Wars
Alien Kikero Aliens Alien Kikero. An extraterrestrial and one of Captain Ultra's sidekicks to fight the forces of evil in order to protect the galaxy. 1967-04-16 They'll See a Laser
Genshiron Aliens Genshiron. A Radioactive Devil Beast and one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1973-02-20 Godzilla vs. Genshiron
Green Mask 1973-02-20
Mons Robo Mutants Mons Robo. A cybernetic monster, Mons Robo initially is defeated during his first battle with Jumborg Ace, but soon gets a second chance to go on his rampage when Naoki’s boss sells the Cessna that is Jumborg Ace, forcing Naoki to try and buy it back.

Mons Robo is a fun cyborg monster, and it makes me sad that all the photographs of him don’t show off his single eye underneath that lens he has on his head. With his pudgy body and mouth full of little sharp teeth, he’s also oddly cute. I kinda want a cat-sized version as a pet, not gonna lie.

1973-02-21 Disaster in Nagasaki!
Hanzagiran Mutants Hanzagiran. Hanzagiran was a Terrible-Monster that was being manipulated by an old man who had become bitter towards his village for being disrespectful to the environment. In retaliation, the old man crafted a flute that was used to transform the tiny salamander that was Hanzagiran into the towering monster it was, where it attacked the village, much to the sadness of the old man's daughter. 1973-02-23 The Four-Legged Choju from Hell
Kumagorus Mutants Kumagorus. In a pond close to a nearby city, chemicals were exposed the local wildlife at the microbial level. Among these included the plankton, two of which rapidly mutated in an adult and an infant monster known as Kumagorus. The adult Kumagorus is armed with two horns on the head ideal for goring enemies. 1973-02-25 The Horns of the Bipedal Kaiju!
Goronko S2 1973-02-25
Kerus Aliens Kerus. A space saboteur that succeeded Kesam in his plans to destroy earth on behalf of their civilization. As such he lacked his predecessor's compassion and took pleasure in the destruction of mankind as opposed to a misguided sense of justice. 2006-03-04 The Rightful Decision
Missiaira Aliens Missiaira. A Guided Missile Devil Beast that looks like a rocket and one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1973-02-27 Godzilla vs. Missiaira
Kappalge 1973-02-27
King Tedgon Mutants King Tedgon. In place of its hands are two whips that he uses in battle. 1973-02-28 Whipping It and Snapping It
Ika Fire 1973-03-03
Televi Bae 1973-03-03
Nerogiras Mutants Nerogiras. A Kaiju that is extremely strong carnivorous monster, Nerogiras holds a particularly gruesome reputation for effortlessly killing three monsters, ripping them to pieces with his bare hands, before being put down for good by Fireman. 1973-03-04 Monster Of Death
Modilus 1973-03-04
Spartan K5 1973-03-04
Kamagyrus Aliens Kamagyrus. A Kaiju and a Titanian Operative No. #3 and serves Titanian No. #1. Like all the other Titanians, he wears a black hat, a red cloak and a white mask. In his giant form he is an insect monster. 1973-03-04 Into My Possession
Kedam Aliens Kedam. Are Kerus' soldiers who attempted to destory all of the branches of DASH. However, they failed and all were killed. 2006-02-04 The Rightful Decision
Gastang Aliens Gastang. A Poison Gas Devil Beast that can create deadly poison to kill all those who gets in his way, including the Earth Defenders. 1973-03-06 Rumble to Crumble
Glass King Aliens Glass King. One of the monsters that was made by Anti Go-Ne in the middle of a forest one day to attack a power plants to absorb its electrical energy. 1973-03-07 The First Wielder
Univerlages Aliens Univerlages. An race of aliens that look like jellyfishes. It has three tentacles used to attack and ensnare enemies. 1973-03-09 The Super Monster from the Constellation
Aquarius Mutants Aquarius. The servant of Univerlages, Aquarius was sent to attack Earth as an advance guard, only to be found and defeated by Ace after her master was destroyed. 1973-03-09 The Super Monster from the Constellation
Baranda V Global Defense Force Baranda V. A robot that fought fireman. It is also known as Varander V. 1973-03-11 The Iron Superweapon
Chigul E7 1973-03-11
Gorias W3 1973-03-11
Kirigiron Aliens Kirigiron. He is Titanian Operative No. #6. Like all the other Titanians, he wears a black hat, a red cloak and a white mask. In his giant form he is an insect monster. 1973-03-11 Into My Possession
Rhinoblaster Mutants Rhinoblaster. An American football-playing rhinoceros monster and a ruthless and cold monster that will do anything in his power to destroy the Rangers, though despite this, he is quick on his feet and very clever. During battle, Rhinoblaster was a brawler and liked to wrestle with his enemy and overwhelm them with his pure strength and only used his ranged attacks as a finishing attack. During his return in The Wedding, he became far more jokey and acted as comedy relief although he retained both his serious-when-it-needs-to-be attitude and intense loyalty to Rita and Zedd. 1994-05-09 Don't Have a Poor Eyesight
Raidogon Aliens Raidogon. A Bird Beast and one of Dekanda's monsters to fight Thunder Mask. 1973-03-13 Godzilla vs. Raidogon
Tsunojiras Earth Defenders Tsunojiras. A reptile Kaiju bares a close resemblance to the popular Ultraman series kaiju, Gomora. Tsunozillas has brown, rough skin with beige-colored horns, and dull orange eyes. Tsunojiras' eyes were colored in a brighter shade of orange, and his horns were made a metallic gold. 1973-03-13 Children Stealing Monster
King Ginger Aliens King Ginger. One of the Kaiju created by Anti Go-Ne and yet another strange monster. It appears to be standing on it's hands which are actually it's feet. King Ginger is red and white with various spikes around his body and a head similar to that of a bull. It has ridges in it's body and two "feet" with giant spikes and a crescent shaped stinger. 1973-03-14 The Accident
Flight King Aliens Flight King. A robot used by Anti Go-Ne and a strange four-legged monster with a drill above her head. She has an aquatic appearance and many mechanical parts such as a collar with blinking lights. The feet are flipper-like and two cannons on the front shoulders. 1973-03-14 The Accident
Gundarguirus Aliens Gundarguirus. A bizarre creature which appears to be a chimera of various species. His head resembles that of a walrus with red tusks. 1973-07-30 Face with the Bizarre Creature!
Jet Jaguar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Jet Jaguar Global Defense Force Jet Jaguar. This human-sized robot was created by a Japanese scientist for unknown reasons. Created with a great potential for learning, Jet Jaguar achieved sentience and began to modify himself and his programming. 1973-03-17 The Heroic Robot Defends
Megalon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Megalon Aliens Megalon. Sometimes is considered one of the least intelligent beetle kaiju. This is demonstrated by the fact that he is easily manipulated by external stimuli. 1973-03-17 Aliens Incoming
Machine-Gun Snake 1973-03-17
Hammer Kurage 1973-03-17
Scoradon Mutants Scoradon. A bull-like Kaiju and a quadruped dinosaur monster with a pair of horn his head. His lower half is light brown well is upper is bright crimson. He has ridges on his back. 1973-03-18 Killing Time
Balcan P5 1973-03-18
Kangarole Aliens Kangarole. Dissatisfied with only being able to recreate four of their old robots, the Shiranui Clan created a device to attract and control Kaiju in order to bolster their ranks. Kangarole, along with Dozilla, were brought in by the signal and with them, the clan's plan would be put in motion. 1973-03-18 Attack of the Kaiju Duo
Daron Mutants Daron. One of Gymaira's slaves, the creature rose up from the water to attack UGM after Larvas' identity was discovered. 1973-03-19 The Blood-sucking Vampire Monster: Part 1
Tetsujin 13 Aliens Tetsujin 13. A Steel Devil Beast and one of the two final monsters that Thunder Mask ever face. 1973-03-20 The Duo of the Kaiju Fighters
Jilarji 1973-03-20
Geegon Mutants Geegon. While in violin form, the music played by Geegon can steal the soul of anyone who listens to it. The more souls he steals, the more bigger and powerful Geegon becomes. 1973-03-23 The Last True Evil
Holzon V3 1973-03-25
Gokibura Aliens Gokibura. He is Titanian Operative No. #6, and like all the other Titanians, he wears a black hat, a red cloak and a white mask. In his giant form he is an insect monster. 1973-03-25 Hired Snipers
Tyrasaurus Earth Defenders Tyrasaurus. The golden plated monster with sharp claws, and sandy eyes to make fine eyesight. 1973-03-25 Terror of Tyrasaurus
Alien Barog Aliens Alien Barog. An alien that tried to take over Earth by using Tyrasaurus in order to fight Fireman. 1973-03-25 Terror of Tyrasaurus
Zeo Megazord Global Defense Force Zeo Megazord. A combination of the five Zeo Zords. Usually in Warrior Mode with the Zeo V Battle Helmet, the Zeo Megazord can don helmets from the other four Zeo Zords as well. It was armed with the Zeo Megazord Saber, which could charge up for an energy slash. The Zeo Megazord presumably remains in storage in the Zeo Zord holding bay. 1995-04-14 The Mighty Zeo Megazord
Tokagerus Aliens Tokagerus. An Immortal Devil Beast and one of the final monsters that Thunder Mask ever face. 1973-03-27 The Duo of the Kaiju Fighters
Dokuros King Mutants Dokuros King. Originally a puppy kept by a boy, Anti Go-Ne decided to turn the puppy into the giant monster Dokuros King to cause destruction around the Japanese countryside. 1973-03-28 The Charge Skull
Jumbo King Mutants Jumbo King. Jumbo King was Yapool's strongest Terrible-Monster and final attempt to kill Ultraman Ace, created by combining the souls of the deceased Terrible-Monster: Unitang, Cowra, Mazaron Man, and Mazarius. Unleashed by Yapool (in the form of Alien Simon, and in the company of TAC). Yapool appeared with the dead Terrible-Monster and combined with them to form Jumbo King before them. TAC quickly opened fire, but Jumbo King's hide made him impervious to their assault and during the scuffle, Hokuto was injured by the Terrible-Monster. With Hokuto out of the picture, Jumbo King vanished. 1973-03-30 The Last Choju! The Jumbo King!
Knife Armadillo 1973-03-31
Nokoguilli Tokage 1973-03-31
Glossam X2 1973-04-01
Alien Khan Aliens Alien Khan. An alien that came to Earth, embedded himself in the bellybutton of the mammalian Kaiju Orphy and influenced the beast to rampage from inside there. 1974-03-08 Let's Sing A Song With Orphy!
Garogas Aliens Garogas. The Garogas are insect-like creatures with bug-like eyes and long antennae which protrude from either side of the tops of their heads. There are five different variations of Garoga who each vary in appearance. The Gold Garoga possess gold heads and antennae, and red eyes. 1973-04-02 The Power of Zone Fighter
Red Spark Aliens Red Spark. Red Spark is an unusual chimeric creature which has characteristics from several different animals. He has a red, pig-like head with multi-colored wings instead of ears, and a long, yellow horn extending from his forehead. He has green arms with red hands. The hands have long, gangly fingers and sharp thumbs facing backwards. His torso is bright red with bulbous spheres and yellow spikes covering it. Where his navel would be, a large cannon is present. Red Spark's legs are long and have flaps of skin just above them. 1973-04-02 The Power of Zone Fighter
Jikiro Aliens Jikiro. Jikiro resembles a robotic reptile. It has a hunched back, which results in its head being over its chest. His head is reptilian in appearance and has two red metal horns on its sides. The top of his body has two pylons rising out of it. His right hand can open as a pair of claws but also functions as a cannon, and his left hand has four sharp spikes instead of fingers. Jikiro also has what looks like a giant red screw protruding from the top of his body. Just underneath this 'screw' is a large yellow lamp. Jikiro's body is mostly a metallic silver, but his kneecaps and elbow-plating are red. 1973-04-02 The Power of Zone Fighter
Dorango Aliens Dorango. From his mouth, Dorango can fire a steady stream of flames capable of causing minor explosions. 1973-04-03 A Hero Melting Pot
Golden Arm Mutants Golden Arm. One of Anti Go-Ne's last Kaiju was proclaimed by Anti Go-Ne as a monster that surpassed all of Jumborg Ace's powers and would be strong enough to beat the mecha. 1973-04-03 Sixth Machine for a Kaiju
Dead Fire Mutants Dead Fire. The final Kaiju of Anti Go-Ne. He can burrow underground at 80km/h. 1973-04-03 What? The Dragon Has Two Heads!
Astromons Aliens Astromons. She and her original form, the Tigris Flower came to earth and arrived on a desert of Earth and since became a legendary flower as it only bloomed every 100 years. She is also the first legitimate Kaiju of Taro's time on Earth. 1973-04-06 Eternal Life Spreads Everywhere!
Oil Drinker Mutants Oil Drinker. A Terrible-Monster that Yapool had created, but left unused in favour of his then-strongest creation, Jumbo King, Oil Drinker was left to his own devices following Yapool's defeat at the hands of Ultraman Ace. The creature began wreaking havoc across the seas in its quest for oil to consume, only to meet its end at the hands of Astromons, the first Super Ability Monster, and a brand new type of Kaiju from Earth supposedly stronger than anything Yapool had made. 1973-04-06 Eternal Life Spreads Everywhere!
Dark Great Demon King Gousan Mutants Dark Great Demon King Gousan. He is an evil spirit who in the past embedded his spirit inside a mountain. His return was anticipated by Kashinkyoshi, who trained his three students in the ninja arts to fight against Gousan's followers. He typically appears as a stone mouth in the interior of his mountain when speaking to his followers, and plots to conquer Japan by creating an army of monsters. 1973-04-07 Fight with the Dark Great Demon King Gousan!
Devila X1 1973-04-08
Destro-King Aliens Destro-King. Destro-King resembles a cybernetic two-headed dragon. His body extends to a great height, with his necks splitting just before the heads. On his necks, he has bright blue spikes. Both heads have three spikes on their scalps, along with bright pink eyes and long horizontal horns. They also have mandibles similar to Gigan. Destro-King has a midnight-blue body with several silver spikes and ridges in his chest, as well as a diminutive pair of silver wings on his back. He also has metal toecaps and a long tail.

Perhaps most unusually, Destro-King appears to have what looks like a fuel tank embedded in his back, which is most likely used to power him and supply energy for his attacks.

1973-04-09 Godzilla vs Destro-King
Stegodzillas Mutants Stegodzillas. Stegodzillas's name is most likely a combination of "stego" from "stegosaurus," and Godzilla, despite the fact that he doesn't resemble either remotely. Stegodzillas resembles a golem in physiology, although he appears to wear several pieces of armor. His legs are protected by dual leg guards, and he wears a gauntlet on one of his arms. He also wears a helmet with two ear-like protrusions on top of it. He is also capable of materializing a blowgun in his hands, which he uses in combat. 1973-04-10 Michael Robinson vs. Akumon and Stegodzillas
Akumon Mutants Akumon. An armored kaiju and a humanoid monster with red skin and a deformed face. His basic appearance stays the same throughout his appearances, however, each time he is wearing different clothing. 1973-04-10 Michael Robinson vs. Akumon and Stegodzillas
Tyrannodon Earth Defenders Tyrannodon. A Kaiju that had been prisoned in the icebergs from Antarctic was spotted near the Japanese coastline. He was free when The Scientific Attack Force investigated the icebergs, only for them to be trapped in. From his mouth, Tyrannodon can fire a missile strength heat beam. 1973-04-10 The Devil's Sea
Mad Go-Ne Aliens Mad Go-Ne. also spelled Mad Gone or Mad Gor-Ne, is the second generation Go-Ne general who appeared immediately after Anti Go-Ne's death. 1973-04-11 Anti, Mad, Satan and Demon Rise from the Grave
Cosmo Liquid Mutants Cosmo Liquid. The first of the new age of Kaiju to be born. After the destruction of Astromons at Ultraman Taro’s hand, Cosmo Liquid was the first Kaiju to appear, confirming that a new age of monsters had begun. The merciless man-eating Kaiju made its grand entrance in the mountain region of Tamagawa where it fed on several people. 1973-04-13 Clean Up Your Act
Live King Mutants Live King. The third Super Ability Monster to emerge, Live King appeared shortly after the awakening of Cosmo Liquid. The two monsters ferociously clashed, and even though Ultraman Taro managed to defeat Live King by blowing his body apart with his Strium Beam, the pieces soon reformed in the presence of oxygen. Eventually, Live King was finally brought down in a climactic battle against Mother of Ultra and Taro, who simultaneously blew him to pieces in the vacuum of space, where the lack of oxygen would keep him from reforming, seemingly for good. 1973-04-13 Monster Outback
Lens Ari 1973-04-14
Kamisori Hitode 1973-04-14
Stronger T4 1973-04-15
Dorola Aliens Dorola. Dorola is a bipedal reptilian kaiju who is bluish-gray in color. He has long crab-like arms and rose tentacles. He has two lizard-like heads on opposite sides of his body, with orange eyes lacking features. He has two horns sticking out of the top of his head, and one sticking out of the top of his forehead. 1973-04-16 Godzilla vs Destro-King
Lanosaurus Aliens Lanosaurus. Years ago when man kind was still in its infancy, a race of aliens from a solar system known as the Velder Star sought to take over the Earth. Instead of simply invading, they assimilated some of their own kind into human society, and left a monster by the name of Lanosaurus to be used as a future invasion weapon. This monster proved its worth after easily killing a Tyrasaurus in combat, soon left in suspended animation and buried in rocks Millions of years passed as the Velder observed the Earth, waiting for the right time to strike. Meanwhile on the planet, the assimilated Velder blended and breeded with humans, and Lanosaurus became deceased and was buried where none could find it. 1973-04-17 Trip to Egypt
Mad Saturn Mutants Mad Saturn. A Kaiju created by Mad Go-Ne was sent to Earth in an attempt to conquer the planet. This plan began with Mad Saturn spreading itself as hell flowers that quickly grew and electrocuted whoever they touched. 1973-04-18 Flower Power
Wainder A2 1973-04-22
Wargilgar Mutants Wargilgar. Wargilgar is a long-necked, spiny creature which vaguely resembles crustaceans and insects. He has a grey-brown body with flaps of skin above his legs, and fronds above his arms which look somewhat like seaweed. Like Spyler, he has two-toed feet and claws for hands. His belly and neck are dark orange, and he has an orange, crescent-shaped head. Wargilgar's neck is covered in spines, and he has two orange antennae at the back of his head. His eyes are bright green and supported on stalks. 1973-04-23 Double Attack on Tokyo!
Spyler Aliens Spyler. Spyler resembles a heavily altered theropod dinosaur. He has long, bulky legs which are covered in bulbous scales and bumps, and he also has orange-brown circles on the front of his torso. His head and neck are bright orange, and he has luminescent blue eyes with what appear to be bolts underneath them. His back is covered in tuberous spines and two curved, connected spikes which resemble a crescent moon. He has two antenna and a bent spike emerging from his forehead. Spyler has large claws for hands, and two-toed feet. 1973-04-23 Double Attack on Tokyo!
Long Neck Mutants Long Neck. Long Neck was an artificial dinosaur created by the Alien Atla to aid in their plan to slay Fireman. It was originally just an amoeba-like creature, but from the alien's commands, it became a dinosaur. The monster was first used to scare a pair of kids near the lake it was hiding in. 1973-04-24 The Average Day of The Citizen
Mighty Gross 1973-04-25
King Tortoise Earth Defenders King Tortoise. A species of Ouron Island turtle that turned super huge 30 million years ago. His mate, Queen Tortoise, wanted nothing more than to sire a family in peace on their island. King Tortoise watched on as his mate swam ashore to lay their brood. 1973-04-27 Tortosie Attack
Queen Tortoise Earth Defenders Queen Tortoise. A species of Ouron Island turtles that 30 million years ago grew super huge after volcanic eruptions and earthquake but most were peaceful kaiju. Her mate was King Tortoise that lived in the Ouron Island waters. 1973-04-27 Tortosie Attack
Pickel Shark 1973-04-28
Drill Mogura 1973-04-28
Balanger M1 1973-04-29
Balanger M2 1973-04-29
King Zaura Aliens King Zaura. A Kaiju that can create powerful gusts of winds. It's called Hurricane Winds. 1973-05-01 Coming of Doom
Demon Star Aliens Demon Star. Demon Star was used by Mad Go-Ne to keep humans away from an Alien Gross construction site. She originally carried her mission out in human form as Witch Waru, using her hallucination brain waves to keep people away. 1973-05-02 Which is Witch is There a Witch
Mini Tortoise Earth Defenders Mini Tortoise. A giant baby turtle who hatched from Queen Tortoise's nest after she was brutally killed by the military. Her fiercely protective father, King Tortoise, initially shielded her from Taro as he viciously avenged her mother, but midway through the fight opted to use his abilities to cause her to grow in size to become a juvenile of the species. However, as the two monsters gradually came to realise that the loss of Queen Tortoise wasn't Taro nor ZAT's fault, the duo opted to leave Earth with Taro and Seven's help, who both then reunited the family by reviving the Queen. 1973-05-04 Tortosie Attack
Damdam L2 1973-05-06
Freeze Killer Aliens Freeze Killer. Also known as Freezer Killer, is a monster that is used by Mad Go-Ne in order to fight Jumborg Ace. He is one of Mad Go-Ne's strongest monsters, capable of killing Jumborg Ace's creator Kain. 1973-05-08 An Epic Fight with Freeze Killer
Jirenma Mutants Jirenma, an Insect Kaiju. It can spew acid from his mouth that can dissolve buildings quickly. Its called the Acid Mist. 1973-05-11 SlugTerra!
Kani Laser 1973-05-12
Jishaku Inoshishi 1973-05-12
Jinrai S1 1973-05-13
Dragon King Aliens Dragon King. Despite his name, Dragon King is more avian in appearance than what his name suggests. He has a large, feathered head with a beak and mandibles similar to Gigan's. He also has pincers for hands. 1973-05-14 Operation GODZILLA
Gilmaras Aliens Gilmaras. Gilmaras resembles a vaguely fish-like dragon with blue skin. He has yellow fins on his head, similar to Titanosaurus, and a large crest fin which runs down his back from his head. He has yellow spikes over his belly and back, and he has a long tail. His eyes are bright yellow. 1973-05-14 Operation GODZILLA
Makunosaurus Earth Defenders Makunosaurus. A dinosaur Kaiju that first appeared in Tokyo Bay. SAF attacked Makunosaurus, but it started heading north, approaching Ashikaga village. Fireman appears to fight it, but eventually the dinosaur disappears by spraying mist. MukuMuku, who arrived in the village from another planet, battled the Kaiju. However, the dinosaur proves to be more powerful, and easily overpowers the space monster. Fireman came and worked together with MukuMuku while dodging Makunosaurus' flame attacks. In the end the beast was defeated by using the Fire Dash. 1973-05-15 An Unexpected Ally
MukuMuku Earth Defenders MukuMuku. A friendly alien monster from the Super Gravity Star, MukuMuku arrived to assist Fireman in fighting Makunosaurus. Using his ability to summon fog to great effect, MukuMuku used his fire breath to weaken the monster in conjunction with his physical strength, and eventually the duo was victorious. 1973-05-15 An Unexpected Ally
Antron 1973-05-16
Ganza Mutants Ganza. A giant crustacean kaiju that fought against Targarl with gusto. The mollusk did not take this sitting down, and beat Ganza back with his massive tendrils, seemingly winning. The massive cephalopod fired a jet of ink into the crustacean's face, and was rewarded with Ganza's massive pincer in his eye. As Tagarl slowly sank and died, Ganza came ashore to attack Japan. It wasn't long before Ultraman Taro came and fought the beast, destroying it by ripping off its tail, revealing that Ganza was a female and that she was pregnant. After the beast died, she turned into a bunch of smaller crabs that scuttled away. 1973-05-18 Monster Outback
Tagarl Mutants Tagarl. An octopus-like kaiju that lurked off the coast of a small Japanese island, Tagarl suddenly emerged from the water while ZAT patrolled the area, looking for the wicked Ganza. When Tagarl arose, so did the massive crab Ganza and a battle was unavoidable! Several of Tagarl's tentacles were severed by its foe’s deadly claws during the fierce and violent battle. It fought back using its ink, but the crab thrust his claw into one of its huge eyes! Half-blinded and severely bloodied, Tagarl retreated back into the ocean blue and was thought to be dead. 1973-05-18 Monster Outback
Gama Boiler 1973-05-19
Aeros B1 1973-05-20
Aeros B2 1973-05-20
Aeros B3 1973-05-20
Gelderah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gelderah Aliens Gelderah. Gelderah bears resemblance to a beaked dragon, and also has features of an insect such as the large antennae protruding from his forehead. He also has pointed, elf-like ears for hearing and his brain is visible in between them which glows red and orange. His scales are yellow and blue. 1973-05-21 The Misty Mountains
Gagango Mutants Gagango. An up-right relative of dogs. He has a stubby tail with a brown thin coat of fur. He has sort hair and his eight front teeth are curved in. 1973-05-22 The Runaway Dog
Valentine 1973-05-22
Burner Koumori 1973-05-26
Daima U5 1973-05-27
Garoga Gorilla Mutants Garoga Gorilla. The Garoga Gorilla is a gigantic gorilla. He has brown fur and beige skin. Two of his bottom teeth are protruding from his mouth much like Gamera, forming short tusks. 1973-05-28 Triple Kaiju from Coast to Coast
Spideros Mutants Spideros. After the Garoga Spider drinks blood from a gorilla, transforming it into Garoga Gorilla, the Garogas launch a Terror-Beast missile, containing the arachnid kaiju Spideros. Spideros didn't seem like much of a threat at first but it managed to trap Zone Fighter in its web-spray. Zone Angel and Zone Junior arrived in the nick of time and burned the webbing away with their beams and recharged Zone Fighter with the Beam Lamps. Zone Fighter then went on to defeat Spideros reasonably easily. 1973-05-28 Triple Kaiju from Coast to Coast
Garoga Spider Mutants Garoga Spider. The Garoga Spider is a giant crimson spider. 1973-05-28 Triple Kaiju from Coast to Coast
Double God Aliens Double God. It is the Earth's latest in a recent of invaders, seeking to claim the planet in a solo conquest. 1973-05-29 The Messengers of Future Destruction
Dump Kong Global Defense Force Dump Kong. It can blink a flasher to indicate that danger is incoming. 1973-05-29 Junk to Junk for a Dump
Arindo Mutants Arindo. When something grabs its antennas, Arindo is capable of shocking them with thousands of volts. 1973-06-01 Tokyo Crumbles
Detragon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Detragon Aliens Detragon. A Terror-Beast kaiju that resembles a Doberman Pinscher but also has traits of an Anubis dog. Instead of hands he has two turrets extending out of each wrist socket. 1973-06-02 The Mummy Cries Again
Belgas V5 1973-06-03
Shadorah Aliens Shadorah. Shadorah visibly resembles a stout beetle-like creature. He has large yellow eyes and bluish-grey skin. He also has a pair of pronounced white mandibles and large fangs on his lower jaw. His legs and arms appear to have become degraded, and are noticeably short. 1973-06-04 Annihilation Of Earth
Shipdraw Aliens Shipdraw. Shipdraw resembles a cross between an octopus and a starfish. He has a large head with three eyes on the top of it, and long sucker-covered tendrils extending from it, obscuring his bulbous body. He has relatively fat legs, and thin arms. He also has red armor plating on his torso. 1973-06-04 Annihilation Of Earth
Destrosaurus Earth Defenders Destrosaurus. One of many Kaiju that was the combination of four Alien Prima after they tried to flee from the Scientific Attack Force. The monster attacked the squadron, Misaki breaking off to distract Destrosaurus from the rest of his teammates so he could transform into Fireman. The hero easily over powered Destrosaurus and dodged his attacks. Before long Fireman grabbed the alien monster by the left ankle and threw him around followed by more throwing to disorient Destrosaurus before finishing him with a Fire Flash that blew his head off. 1973-06-05 Crush the Invaders!
Wutan Mutants Wutan. Wutan was sent by Mad Go-Ne to attack a construction site in Japan. He revived four previously defeated monsters, King Jaigras, Antron, Dokuros King, Mad Saturn, Mighty Gross, and Demon Star in the monster graveyard in space. They formed the Ghost Monster Corps. 1973-06-06 A Medium Kaiju is Humongous
Depparas Mutants Depparas. A powerful walrus monster from the Arctic, Depparas grew to a great size, and traveled beneath the ground in an underground tunnel system. He soon found a way out, and arrived in Japan. There, he started feeding on Tomato Ketchup and other food items in a Japanese city. 1973-06-08 Fang Kaiju!
Hogas D5 1973-06-10
Green Giller Aliens Green Giller. An insect-like Kaiju, but shaped like a dinosaur. He is a unhealthy green color with a yellow belly. His various limbs are segmented with pincers at the end of his tail, feet, and arms. It appears that he has a shell on his back. His mouth is wolf-like with two fangs and antennas. 1973-06-12 Monster Maker
Basara Mutants Basara. He can electrocute enemies with his vines. It's called the Shock Vines. 1973-06-15 Shocking Event of the Vines
Glenghost C3 1973-06-17
Harmonigan Mutants Harmonigan. A kaiju created from the vengeance of a harmonica which had been thrown away. It emerged in Yume no Shima, causing nightly noise and earthquake every evening. It managed to absorb Fireman's Fire Flash. It emits flames and heat rays from holes on the body and manipulates countless instruments like limbs. It was blown as a harmonica by Fireman until its anger died out and it returned to its normal harmonica form. 1973-06-19 The Symphony of End Times
Stone King 1973-06-20
Volkeller Earth Defenders Volkeller. When Volkeller attacked, Kotaro Higashi from ZAT managed to get on him to find some kind of weak spot, ZAT then tried firing their weapons at him, but was proven ineffective. Kotaro then used the Ultra Badge to transform into Ultraman Taro and fought Volkeller. The Kaiju managed to dodge Taro's Strium Beam by flying away and used his gases to weaken him as he pounded him down. Taro then got back up and used a energy shield from his Ultra Bracelet to prevent the gases from suffocating him. Taro then grabbed something from Volkeller's mouth and used his Taro Lightning to break the tug-of-war to spill some "beads" that were in it. Now dead, Taro threw Volkeller up into the air until he reached deep space where he blew up. 1973-06-22 Gasy Not Too Messy
Brutus M3 1973-06-24
Garoborg godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Garoborg Aliens Garoborg. An electric kaiju has a light blue body fitted with red metal ridges on certain parts of his body. One of these red beams extend down his chest and is adorned with golden circular lights. Above this is a darker gold panel with wires or tubing connected to it. These wires connect into Garoborg's round, orange, glass-encased head. Atop his head is a thick blue antennae, with a yellow light attached at its front and a red circular object at its tip. Garoborg has short blue arms, ending with two mechanical red digits on his left and a large claw on his right arm. These arms are fitted with two of the aforementioned ridges as well as two protruding circular objects. Finally, Garoborg's legs are hued the same shade as the rest of his body and also have ridges toward the upper thigh. These legs end with two toeless feet, decorated with two more red circular objects on their front as well as yellow ones on the inner heels. 1973-06-25 Zap or Snap
Alien Virenus Aliens Virenus came to Earth to invade but his spacecraft was destroyed by SAF. He tries to ask his commanders for help, but they tell the Alien Virenus that the warriors do not have the luxury of making mistakes, so his commanders reject his help and give him one last mission which is to get the bracelet and fight until the end. 1973-06-26 A Different Alien Invader
Chameleon King Mutants 1973-06-27
Sheltar Earth Defenders Sheltar. Sheltar was a peaceful creature that lived beneath the seas until ZAT launched a new rocket into the ocean that accidentally got lodged in the beast's mouth, causing it great agony. The monster came ashore to try and remove it, but try as it might, the rocket would not move. Realizing how much pain the creature was in, ZAT prepared to remove the rocket, but they accidentally removed its tooth by mistake, driving the poor creature into a pain induced rage, heading for the nearby city. 1973-06-29 Sheltar and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Megaron P1, P2, and P3 1973-07-01
Gaiagnes Mutants Gaiagnes. Gaiagnes was created aboard Mad Go-Ne's space ship in a nefarious plot to brainwash children. Four Alien Gross went to Earth to commit the plot just as Gaiagnes was almost finished. 1973-07-03 The Cyborg of Gold
Red Baron Global Defense Force Red Baron. He aid the team in their efforts to stop the Iron Masked Party from taking over the world. 1973-07-04 The Trio of Robots Strike
Troy Horse Aliens Troy Horse. A giant robot that has an entirely gray, humanoid body with a red left shoulder and a red-striped right shoulder. It has a circular head with dark red eyes, a big green forehead light, and two antennas on each side with a red light on the right antenna and a yellow light on the left. It has a red plate in the palm of it’s left hand and a small screw drill in place for the right hand. 1973-07-04 The Trio of Robots Strike
Big Bison Global Defense Force Big Bison. A Stolen National Robot from the USA that has a silver-colored body with a can-shaped head and two hoof-like claws on it’s hands. It has glowing yellow eyes, two revolving bison horns on each side of the head, a mouth grille, a tiny red bulb on the forehead, and a red belt-like decoration around the waist. 1973-07-04 The Trio of Robots Strike
Enmargo Earth Defenders Enmargo. An ancient demon that was buried deep inside a mountain for centuries until a construction crew began waking the giant creature from its hibernation with their explosives, causing an earthquake. This oni Kaiju carries a shield in order to protect himself from being killed while he uses his Sword in order to launch an all-out attack on others. 1973-07-06 The Great Spirit Celebration
Gelbros J3 1973-07-08
Zandora Aliens Zandora. A kaiju's skin is a light blue color. His head is a light beige color and is shaped like a drill. He has no eyes, mouth, or any others features of a face. The tip of his drill head is the same color as his claw-like hands which are a dark brown. He has a long tail which is also his skin color. His knee caps and parts of his arms are a darker blue color. 1973-07-09 They’re Drilling Me Crazy
Blacker Aliens Blacker. Blacker was a recently deceased monster that had lived on the Dark Planet. His corpse was possessed by the planet's emperor, Black Satan to use in his invasion of Earth. 1973-07-10 Physic Menace
Black Satan Aliens Black Satan. Also known as Black Saturn, is a Kaiju that came from Dark Planet, coming to attack earth with Blacker. 1973-07-10 Physic Menace
Jum Killer Aliens Jum Killer. A very powerful robot developed by Mad Go-Ne to destroy Jumborg Ace, Jum Killer was sent to Earth. He confronted Jumborg Ace but managed to defeat him by shooting a missile into his face. 1973-07-11 Stalemate
Black Masai Aliens Black Masai. A Stolen Nation Robot from Kenya has a grey-colored body with copper-colored chest and a red stripe on the front body. It has a tall head with with glowing white eyes and a forehead with a swollen appearance. It also has pincher claws shaped like hands and a harpoon pointing up on it’s right shoulder. 1973-07-11 The Trio of Robots Strike
Miegon Earth Defenders Miegon. Miegon is portrayed as a nine-tailed fox of legend and even as a mother of a young girl. When the girl came to see him, Kotarto explained to him that Miegon was in fact, the monster that killed the girl's mother. As the smoke showed and the fire attacked innocent bystanders. 1973-07-13 Fire Kaiju!
Baras K9 1973-07-15
Mogranda Aliens Mogranda. A drill kaiju is mostly cybernetic with his entire head, upper body, and tail being made completely of metal. He also has added body parts, those being a large drill implanted behind his neck and a long blade replacing his right hand. Mogranda organic parts give the impression of a cybernetically modified reptilian bird monster with his beak and yellow scaled body. However the cyborg monster was actually created by two Silver Garoga fusing together. 1973-07-16 They’re Drilling Me Crazy
Devilsaurus Mutants Devilsaurus. It is equipped with cannon-like weapons on each of its wrists. 1973-07-17 Army of Devils
Bemusa King Earth Defenders Bemusa King. When Devilsaurus attacked a village, Alien Emusa and the Bemutan attempted to save the old fisherman who helped them by becoming the monster Bemusa King. The two monsters clashed with Bemusa King slowly losing until a combination of Devilsaurus's wrist cannons and a throw attack forced them to unfuse. 1973-07-17 Army of Devils
Agun-Garuda 1973-07-18
Genocider F9 1973-07-22
Balgaras godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Balgaras Aliens Balgaras. Balgaras resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex, with some minor alterations to its body. He has curved red dorsal plates running down his back in a similar fashion to a Stegosaurus', and he has pale spikes running down the outer sides of his legs. His skin is mostly white, but his belly is green with a red streak running down it. Similar red streaks run around his eyes, and he has red irises. Balgaras' Orb form maintains his coloring and some of his red spikes, but has an unusual, near-human face with a large nose and red eyes. 1973-07-23 Shocking Peril
Spegz Aliens Spegz. Spegz was a carnivorous space monster that came to Planet Earth millions of years ago to settle down. Her child, Spegz Jr. had been used by SAT in an experiment. It escaped from SAT, but was killed by some factory employees with a hunting rifle, causing Spegz to rampage in anger. SAF started an attack, but Spegz downed Daisuke Misaki's plane with her toxic smoke. Misaki transformed into Fireman and battled Spegz. Fireman fought well until Spegz used her toxic smoke, choking him. Fireman recovered and attacked Spegz with a flying kick. He then impaled her with the Fire Jack and blew up her head using the Fire Flash. 1973-07-24 A Grown Up to be a Strength Kaiju
Hiryu 1973-07-25
Birdon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Birdon Mutants Birdon. A bird-like kaiju. Alongside Tyrant, Birdon is considered the most memorable monster from Ultraman Taro as a result of the original's fearsome abilities, as well as the fact that he successfully killed not only Taro himself, but also Zoffy. As a result, numerous individuals of Birdon's species have appeared throughout the series, and usually pose a significant threat towards the Ultra they face in battle. 1973-07-27 Kaiju Breeding!?!?
Kemjila Mutants Kemjila. The big brute with a claw for a nose, and dirty nipples on its chest. 1973-07-27 Kaiju Breeding!?!?
Deathma A1 1973-07-29
Dark Mander Aliens Dark Mander. This monster has spikes on its head, and can stomp on anything it sees its handsome face on. 1973-07-31 Army of Devils
Object X Aliens Object X. It is however far more likely that it is a spaceship belonging to the inhabitants of the 24th Shark Star, the planet to which Dark Mander hails from. 1973-07-31 Technological Advancements
Imitation Jumborg Ace Aliens Imitation Jumborg Ace. Imitation Jumborg Ace was the first robot that Anti Go-Ne sent out as part of his invasion plan. He intended to use Imitation Jumborg Ace to tarnish the reputation of the real Jumborg Ace and cause humanity to distrust the heroic robot. 1973-08-01 Clone Attack!
Goryu 1973-08-01
Glanada E3 1973-08-05
Double Killer Aliens Double Killer. They are known as Killer Alpha and Killer Beta, are two Kaiju brothers who were created by Mad Go-Ne as his final attempt to destroy Jumborg Ace. 1973-08-08 The Criminal Duo
Viking III 1973-08-08
Rockron Q9 1973-08-12
Goram Mutants Goram. A kaiju with two heads and was first used by the Garogas to capture several children, including Akira Sakimori. Akira signals to Hikaru that he is nearby, after a failed attempt to capture one of the Garogas goes wrong. It is then revealed that he and the other children are contained within Goram himself! 1973-08-13 To be Robbed or Not To be Robbed
Blizzard 7 1973-08-15
Flying Raidron Aliens Flying Raidron. Flying through space with its child, Raidron soon came into view of the Earth. The child it was traveling with was attracted by a fireworks show in Japan. As the massive bird got closer for a better look, it was hit with one of the fireworks, and crashed to the ground. Concerned for her child's safety, the mother Raidron circled above to keep an eye on the child. When ZAT began to attack the child, Raidron became aggressive and sent lightning bolts down to the ground to try to stop the humans. Only when Ultraman Taro healed the baby's wing and returned the child back to her did both gigantic space birds return to space. 1973-08-17 That Fowl Soars
Archerian J5 1973-08-19
Minerva X 1973-08-19
Jellar Aliens Jellar. Within the depths of space, the Garoga race encountered a glowing space organism named Jellar. With bulbous jelly-like flesh, the small monster was naturally resistant to sunlight and proton beams. Additionally, it was learned the jelly creature was capable of growing in size tremendously when exposed to oxygen. Armed with this knowledge, the Garoga quickly dispatched the creature in a hyperbolic capsule to Earth. 1973-08-20 Fight Against the Two Molluscs
Kastam-Jellar Aliens Kastem-Jellar. When Godzilla ripped off part of Jellar, it quickly grew into Kastam-Jellar. Helping its brother, it rushed into combat and tackled Godzilla on sight. It fought bravely, but in the end its life was short lived, as it was crushed and beaten by both Godzilla and Zone Fighter. Kastam-Jellar finally met its end when the two warriors finished it and its brother off with Godzilla's Atomic Breath and Zone's Proton Beam. 1973-08-20 Fight Against the Two Molluscs
Satan Go-Ne Aliens Satan Go-Ne. Satan Go-Ne was the Third Generation Battle Captain that appeared immediately after the death of Mad Go-Ne. 1973-08-21 Anti, Mad, Satan and Demon Rise from the Grave
Bedouin G Aliens Bedouin G. Aka "Devil of the Desert" is the latest Mecha Robo is said to be from Saudi Arabia and was originally built to extract oil. One thing the show got right about the 21st century is that we still rely on oil as our primary energy source. Originally designed to drill for oil, retrofitted with the Magnetic Reflection Mirror (stolen technology) which reflects Red Baron's attacks back at Red Baron. 1973-08-22 Godzilla vs. Bedouin G
King Zemira Earth Defenders King Zemira. King Zemira awoke for unknown reasons during the cicada's mating season. His movements below the ground caused an entire town to sink down into the dirt. 1973-08-24 The Flaming Tradition
Zarigan G8 1973-08-26
Vesavius Y 1973-08-29
Pandora Earth Defenders Pandora. A kangaroo Kaiju that lived somewhere in the mountains. She has her baby name Chinpe, living in her pouch in order to protect the baby from any harm that comes near him. 1973-08-31 Monster Outback
Grader F3 1973-09-02
Bakugon Mutants Bakugon. A Terror-Beast kaiju is a tall monster who draws on characteristics of numerous mammals. He has brown fur with a white underbelly and a black snout, ears and hands. Bakugon also has a red spot on the side of his neck. Bakugon appears to be augmented with cybernetics, as he has a set of metal objects on his back. A set of spikes also runs down to Bakugon's snout from the top of his neck. 1973-09-03 The Flames of the Terror Beast
Butterfly King Mutants Butterfly King. Butterfly King was used in a scheme by Satan Go-Ne to commit murders around a city. Possessing a woman, Buttefly King would call up his victims, proclaiming himself as a shinigami, and send a swarm of killer butterflies to kill them. 1973-09-05 The Butterfly You Can See Is a King!
Mau Mau 1973-09-05
Rodera Mutants Rodera. He can reform his body if he gets cut to pieces. If Rodera wishes, before his body reforms, those body parts can still attack an enemy and hold onto them and shock them with electricity. 1973-09-07 Driver's Ed-xtraterrestrial
Needlar Aliens Needlar. A needle shooting kaiju is a hybrid of sorts and draws traits mainly from horses as well as insects. His head is shaped like that of a horse and has a long, dark brown mane which drapes down the back of it. Near his mouth, two short mandibles can be seen which spread apart when his jaws are open. Needlar does not have ears, but in their place are two insect-like antennae. These appendages rest directly behind his orange, robotic looking eyes. Needlar's entire body is a dark turquoise color, but is mostly covered in metal panels. However, part of Needlar's insides can be seen from the left side of his body; red wires run out from the hole over to another exposed part on the opposite side. Finally, Needlar has a short lock of hair starting on his back side which resembles a horse's tail. 1973-09-10 Shoot-Out from the Needle Shooting Terror-Beast
Garnizon Ace 1973-09-12
Gold Dragon Aliens Gold Dragon. One of Satan Go-Ne's Kaiju was used in a scheme by Satan Go-Ne to strangle the inhabitants of Earth. He first appeared in chain form to strangle a random driver. 1973-09-12 What? The Dragon Has Two Heads!
Mururoa Aliens Mururoa. A powerful creature of such terrible power that his arrival could spell the end of the Planet Earth. Mururoa soon descended to Earth and with the Space Moths assaulted a passenger plane, Mururoa taking sadistic pleasure in destroying it with his acidic spray. Mururoa and his swarm soon attacked a industrial area with his acid spray, melting everything in sight with the spray. The sun soon rose, driving him into a rampage as his moths left. 1973-09-14 Here's Alien Empera! The True Evil!
Kyuketsu Mammoth 1973-09-15
Dokuro Inoshishi 1973-09-15
Kabutogirah Aliens Kabutogirah. A kaiju's name is derived from Kabuto, the Japanese word for helmet, specifically a kind worn by Samurai in Japan's medieval period. 1973-09-17 The Captive of the Capsule
Electric Amazon 1973-09-19
Alien Empera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Empera Aliens Alien Empera. Also known as the Lord of Darkness and simply The Emperor, is the sole survivor of an alien race, having embraced the darkness to survive on his dying planet. He is the ruler of Empera Army and the commander of Dark Four Heavenly Kings. 1973-09-21 Here's Alien Empera! The True Evil!
Onibi Seiuchi 1973-09-22
Grotogauros Aliens Grotogauros. It is one of the most powerful Terror-Beasts, as a result of being a fusion of five elite Garoga X Agents. 1973-09-24 I Want to See the Snow
McKinley V6 1973-09-26
Mukadender godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mukadender Mutants Mukadender. Awakening from hibernation in the middle of the woods, Mukadender immediately began to cause destruction and chaos during the midst of a festival being celebrated. One man attempted to fight the monster with a spear while the villagers were evacuating, and while he did keep the monster occupied long enough for everyone to escape, he was unable to do more than annoy the monster. 1973-09-28 Fight! Taro Against Mukadender
Yuki Ookami 1973-09-29
King John Bull 1973-10-03
King Cobra 1973-10-05
Mojingah 1973-10-05
Kero Cat 1973-10-05
Genshi Tiger 1973-10-06
Proto-Andes 1973-10-10
Satan Bat 1973-10-12
Sibito Koumori 1973-10-13
Iron Cross G 1973-10-17
Hitodetsubo 1973-10-19
Gran Matador 1973-10-24
Kerarin 1973-10-26
Babaras Aliens Babaras. Its staff can emit powerful flashes of light that can also strike at enemies with her staff. 1973-10-27 Satan's Grandmother
Honest King 1973-10-27
Rasjasthan 1973-10-31
Mushra Mutants Mushra. Also known as Mashura is a mushroom Kaiju who fought Ultraman Taro. He appeared as a gigantic mushroom in the center of Tokyo and it began to rampage all over the nearest city. 1973-11-02 Fungus Don't Make a Doofus
Wareatama 1973-11-02
Magma Wolf 1973-11-07
Guron Mutants Guron. When needed, Guron can summon winds of various strength. 1973-11-09 Windy Slackers
Gerarachin 1973-11-09
Jum Killer Jr. Aliens Jum Killer Jr.. The successor of the original Jum Killer created by Satan Go-Ne and he was much stronger than his father. 1973-11-10 The Arrival
Sheckler Robot 1973-11-14
Alien Temperor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Temperor Aliens Alien Temperor. Are a hostile species of aliens and the sworn enemies of the Ultras. They seek to take control of the entire galaxy. 1973-11-16 The Wrath of Alien Temperor
Zarigarna 1973-11-17
MirrorKing 1973-11-17
Sphinxer 1973-11-21
King Beetle Aliens King Beetle. An insectoid kaiju that can summons weapons called the Ivy Tentacles, King Beetle can use his Ivy tentacles around his body to strangle enemies. His design motif is that of Alien Baltan. 1973-11-24 Coming of Doom
Escargos 1973-11-28
Alien Katan Aliens Alien Katan. An alien that can change sizes from that of a human to Ultraman Taro's. He blinded Taro with his eye beam leaving Taro helpless. 1973-11-30 One-Two Punch
Demon Go-Ne Aliens Demon Go-Ne. Demon Go-Ne was created from the coalescence of the daughter and the aide of Planet Gross's president, Gross Go-Ne, forming the female and male forms respectively. 1973-12-01 Anti, Mad, Satan and Demon Rise from the Grave
Mongol Star 1973-12-05
Grost Aliens Grost. An alien invader from an extremely cold world, like others before him, Grost came to Earth to take over. He quickly made a home base out of a construction area and took control of the workers. When a child, Kiyohiko Miyasaka discovered that the alien took cover at a construction area he warned the workers in the area, but they didn't believe him. Then when the kid walked out of the construction area, the apartment they worked on started glowing! 1973-12-07 One-Two Punch
Sky Shark 1973-12-12
Sky Shark (second form) 1973-12-12
Alien Medusa Aliens Alien Medusa. An alien who had a score to settle with the monster Hertz. She took on the guise of a young woman named Megumi and used the magnetic force of the constellation Medusa to send him into a false state of death. 1973-12-14 Snow Use to be a Kaiju
Hertz Aliens Hertz. In Japan, winter has finally come when an elderly man noticed the monster Hertz, who came from outer space, falling from the sky. 1973-12-14 Snow Use to be a Kaiju
King Deviler 1973-12-19
Alien Miracle Aliens Alien Miracle. Are a race of friendly owl-like aliens who appear to enjoy Christmas. He was intending to bring Joy to the Christmas season, but was killed by Alien Terrorist. Since then, their race have been relatively reclusive. 1973-12-21 A Kaiju Christmas
Mochiron Earth Defenders Mochiron. He can pull his limbs into his log-like body and roll around to attack or destroy objects. It's called the Roll-Over. 1973-12-28 Mortar Kaiju!
Martian Satan 1974-01-02
Tyrant godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tyrant Aliens Tyrant. A powerful chimera-like Kaiju that was created from the spirits of the Ultra Brother's fallen foes. After fulfilling its vengeance on the previous Ultra Brothers, Tyrant arrived on Earth to fight Taro. 1974-01-04 Chimera
Princess Cobra 1974-01-04 King Cobra's Daughter
Onikabuton 1974-01-04 King Cobra's Daughter
Gold Finger 1974-01-09
Gongoros Mutants Gongoros. When a small planet in the Triones M81 galaxy exploded, a dark energy shadow formed from that planet and headed straight to Earth. It then turned itself into a monster, though it was disguised as a dark, feature-less drawing for the time being. 1974-01-11 That's Snow Kaiju
Bem Panther1 1974-01-16
Bem Panther 2 1974-01-16
Bem Panther 3 1974-01-16
Elegia Mutants Elegia. A parrot kaiju that was a normal parrot until Android Seiko transforms him into a giant monster. It follows orders from Android Seiko 1974-01-18 Giant Parrot Appears in Tokyo
Devil Ghoster 1974-01-23
Motokureron Aliens Motokureron. Also known as Mottkreron, was a Kaiju that can grow from the size of a human to a monster the size of Ultraman Taro in a matter of hours. After growing to full size he can use his other powers. 1974-01-25 Stinky Gas Kaiju!
Mars Bird 1974-01-30
Onibanba Aliens Onibanba. An alien with ability to turn into the monster Onibanba in order to go on a rampage and tries to find Kotaro and Ichiro. 1974-02-01 Wrath of the Space Witch
Donquix One 1974-02-06
Donquix One (With Weapon) 1974-02-06
Memole Aliens Memole. Also called Memorl, is a Kaiju and the weapon of the Alien Dorzu in their conquest to build an empire on Earth. Memole was brought to Earth when Alien Dorzu kidnaps Mari a childhood friend of Tetsu Kitjama and turns her into a weapon of the alien. 1974-02-08 Scale Combat
Spider Robot 1974-02-13
Alien Piccola Alien Alien Piccola. Are aliens based on Pinocchio. A prince of his home planet, Piccolo happened to visit Earth by travelling on a periodic comet, where he befriended a human and discovered the truth about Kotaro Higashi. After being enraged by the cruelty of humans after his friend's pet rabbit was harmed, he took out his anger on a city, but fortunately calmed down after Taro engaged him in battle. 1974-02-15 Wood Seijin?
Neptune 1974-02-16
Gorgosaurus Aliens Gorgosaurus. A kaiju that was sent by an Invader saucer firing a beam into it a volcanic fault, Gorgosaurus burst from the ground to find the Jumbo Phoenix in front of him. He has a high resistance to heat that allows it to withstand volcanic heat for hours on end. 1974-02-22 The All Out Attack
Gelan Earth Defenders Gelan. While Ultraman Taro was fighting Gorgosaurus II on a distant planet, Gelan made its way to Earth and hibernated underneath the compound of a school in Tokyo. Taro noticed her as he entered Earth's atmosphere after his previous battle, and decided to return to Earth instead of traveling back to the Land of Light to recover from his injures he had received from his battle with Gorgosaurus. 1974-02-22 The All Out Attack
Pannic 1974-02-23
Dracubat 1974-02-27
Veron Aliens Veron. A monster with a particular affinity to alcohol, he crash landed on Earth and proceeded to wander in an intoxicated state until Taro and a group of Alien File stepped in to help him leave the planet. 1974-03-01 Girl Monster?
Hercules 1974-03-02 The Mighty Hercules
Deimos Z 1974-03-06
Orphy Earth Defenders Oprhy. Orphy was a peaceful mountain dwelling Kaiju living in Yaijin Valley, who appears only once a year and was famous by the villagers living there thanks to it's lovely singing which the villagers use to predict the yearly harvests, which made Orphy and idol to them. 1974-03-08 Let's Sing A Song with Orphy
Medusa 1974-03-09
Garaking Aliens Garaking. A kaiju that arrived on Earth rolled up in a ball, and after he crash landed and rolled around at an airport, he unrolled himself and went on a rampage at that same airport using all of his attacks. Later on, it went towards a group of spherical structures and picked one of them up and started to play ball with it whilst ignoring an attack from the ZAT for a while but then snapped back to his surroundings, endured the attacks, and rolled back into a ball and flew back into space to retreat. 1974-03-15 The Sphere of Glory
Mechagodzilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mechagodzilla Aliens Mechagodzilla. A weaponized anti-Godzilla robot created by the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens based on research of Earth's strongest living being, Godzilla. 1974-03-21 The Fistful of the Mecha
King Caesar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Caesar Earth Defenders King Caesar, the ancient guardian of the Azumi family, was sleeping in a mountain, waiting to be awoken. 1974-03-21 The Fistful of the Mecha
Rindon Aliens Rindon. A Kaiju has a very long nasal horn that not only allows him to burrow at low speeds but can also be used to smack and stab enemies. 1974-03-22 The Royal Kings and Queens
Dorobon Aliens Dorobon. A Kaiju who was captive in the Space Prison of Nebula M78 due to him trying to steal the power of the Land of Light to turn the war on his home planet in his favor. 1974-03-29 The Monkey Thief!
Alien Valky Aliens Alien Valky. They are the proud alien race from the planet Valky. Several have appeared as either skilled hunters or skilled combatants, all seeking to make their name known. 1974-04-05 The Fish Fiasco!
Samekujira Earth Defenders Samekujira. A shark kaiju that was sent by Alien Valky with the intention of 'capturing' the beast and then using this event to show off, with the whole plan being a mask for his true intentions to invade Planet Earth. 1974-04-05 The Fish Fiasco!
Zaborger Global Defense Force Zaborger. A robot warrior that the father of Daimon has ever created, which esponds to Yutaka's voice commands. Zaborger has the unique ability to transform into a motorcycle, Machine Zaborger, for Yutaka to ride. 1974-04-06 Zaborger to the Rescue
Arizairah Mutants Arizairah. An ant-based robot kaijin that is nothing more than a mindless robot who follows orders that involve harming humans, but will fight against any enemies. 1974-04-06 Zaborger to the Rescue
Drilloader 1974-09-14
Apollogeist 1974-04-06
Mighty Altas 1974-04-06
Giras Brothers Aliens Giras Brothers. They are two Kaiju brothers named Red Giras and Black Giras that they were under the control of the vile Alien Magma, and were used to destroy Planet L77, the home world of Ultraman Leo and Astra. 1974-04-12 The Monster Storm, Part 1
Alien Magma godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Magma Aliens Alien Magma. They are a cat-like alien race from the planet Magma. The Alien Magmas were a brutal alien race and the ones who were responsible for the destruction of Planet L77. 1974-04-12 The Monster Storm, Part 1
Kamagira Aliens Kamagira. A mantis-based robot Kaijin has a dark green upper body-half with a light green chest, a black lower body-half with dark green pads in the thighs and shins, dark green feet, and silver pads on its upper arms. It has silver cones in place for its hands that hold buzzsaws and has a dark green head with a light green/brown face that holds a red mouth and bulging red eyes with slit-shaped pupils. 1974-04-13 Zaborger to the Rescue
Gorikong 1974-04-20
Satan Borg 1974-04-22
Borgen 1974-05-04
Tekkama 1974-05-11
Ringui 1974-05-18
Gorgus 1974-05-25
Vekira godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Vekira Aliens Vekira. A Kaiju of unknown origins, Vekira entered one of Japan's populated cities and began its devastating rampage. 1974-05-31 Death Threat
Ivan 1974-06-01
Ron Earth Defenders Ron. Long ago when Planet L77 was intact, Ultraman Leo once used to have a pet known as Ron, a tiny purple lizard-like creature whom he used to play with day-in and day-out. That was, until L77's eventual destruction by the Alien Magma, where both Ultra and monster were separated. Leo headed to Earth to save Ultraseven from Alien Magma, while Ron wandered through space, where he became a giant monster, crazed with a thirst for magma. 1974-06-14 Monster Reunion
Jumbo Mecha Aliens Jumbo Mecha. Jumbo Mecha doesn't really have much of a personality, due to being mostly an emotionless giant robot with one goal on it's mind; to destory Tokyo. It seems to think mostly the same as it's creators; thus making it a brutal combatant. However while very strong, it seems to rely on strategy as opposed to brute strength. 1974-06-15 Operation GODZILLA
Computer Animal Aliens Computer Animal. Jumbo Mecha's Lackey and controls the huge robot in order to attack the city. 1974-06-15 Operation GODZILLA
Alien Kettle Aliens Alien Kettle. An alien invader from another world, Kettle quickly was on the offensive and attacked MAC. His skills in martial arts defeated the team and then a Japanese wrestler, Mighty Matsumoto tried to fight the alien but died of his injuries. 1974-06-21 The Day of Passing
Bango Earth Defenders Bango. An underground monster that had been in hibernation, Bango had awakened for the first time in 150 million years. He was attacked by a hunter dressed in as an aborigine whom launched his spear at the monster's nostril, causing him to return back to the underground. 1974-06-28 All Puffed Up!
Big G 1974-06-29
Investigation Robot M1 1974-07-06
Antales Aliens Antales. Its hands, feet, and tail all end with pincers which are very effective at catching and countering hand-to-hand attacks. 1974-07-12 Those Claws are No Match for Godzilla
Kingdark Aliens Kingdark. The figurehead of the Government of Darkness, a giant robot who commands the agents of GOD, he revealed himself after Revived Apollo Geist's destruction, mocking X-Rider. From there King Dark would command the various Akuninkaijin of GOD directly to go on missions. 1974-07-13 The Darkness Souls
Scorpion Jaguar 1974-07-13
Guard K 1974-07-13
Ghengis Khan-Condor 1974-07-13
Toad-Goemon 1974-07-13
Magishanger 1974-07-20
Franken Bat 1974-07-25
Sasori Geronimo 1974-07-25
Ruggers 1, 2, & 3 1974-07-27 Ready for Some Football?!
Alien Wolf Aliens Alien Wolf. A werewolf-like alien from another world, Alien Wolf arrived on Earth and began to possess women, looking for the perfect bride to live inside. He found this bride, but she was already taken. As time passed, the creature inside her began to come out and soon Wolf was on the hunt for another bride. 1974-08-02 The Alien Wolf Strikes!
Batton Mutants Batton. Batton was a race of space bats with high IQ. One day, a group of space bats entered earth in hopes of feeding on human blood. 1974-08-02 Batton Strikes Back
Green Beret 1974-08-03
Burner 8 1974-08-10
Starfish-Hitler 1974-08-10
Alien Boze Aliens Alien Boze. 100 years ago, Alien Boze arrived on Earth, intent on conquering it. He hid himself on Hokkaido to observe humanity so he could plan his invasion perfectly. 1974-08-16 If You See a Sea Kaiju by the Sea
Gougon 1974-08-17
Dogyuh Aliens Dogyuh. An evil, hateful,and yet loathsome monster, Dogyuh had killed Bock's mother and chased after him in their travel spheres. It can create a human disguise to blend in with normal society. 1974-08-23 The Attack of the Taurus Monster
Northsatan Aliens Northsatan. Hired by an unknown alien contact, bounty hunter Northsatan was given the job to eliminate Alien Alphas under the reward of Metamonium, a space metal which considered as his food. When a representative of them, Nike Goddess was on board a ship, Kitayama defended her from being killed by Northsatan. 1974-08-30 Full Moon
Garon and Littre Earth Defenders Garon and Littre. A pair of twin kaiju brothers adept at using teamwork to help them in their fights, Garon and Littre proved to be more than a handful for Leo, until Astra arrived to even out the battlefield. 1974-09-06 Double Terror
Death Gunder 1974-09-07
Renbolar Aliens Renbolar. The monster was scared of water yet it fed on rainbows, which are caused by both reflection and refraction of light in water droplets. 1974-09-13 The Rainbow Kaiju
Gamerot Aliens Gamerot. A long time ago, life on Planet Sarin was peaceful as robots served the Alien Sarin in their daily life. But some time later, robots started a rebellion and had taken over the planet, with the remaining Alien Sarin Dodole and his android "granddaughter" Carolyn fleeing to Earth. 1974-09-20 The Mysterious Flight of a Robot
Janin 1974-09-21
Satan Beetle godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Satan Beetle Aliens Satan Beetle. A monster from Planet Clean, which had been destroyed by MAC's newest weapon, the CS137 rocket. Out of vengeance for his planet's destruction, one of the planet's inhabitants, Alien Clean sent Satan Beetle to destroy the Earth. 1974-09-27 Godzilla, Anguirus and Baragon Fights Against the Space Insect
Pressure Aliens Pressure. Pressure was an alien magician with vast magical powers housed in his staff. 1974-10-04 The Pressure of the Ability School Medium-Sized Performer
Mach Baron Global Defense Force Mach Baron. A giant red robot designed by his late father and constructed by his grandfather. After his grandfather is assassinated by an evil organization whose goal is to conquer the world Yu becomes Maha Baron's pilot and along with the members of KSS (Kokusai Kagaku Kyojo Tai) will fight to defend the Earth from falling into the hands of these evildoers and their giant robot machines. 1974-10-07 The Quartet Robots of Hugeness
Hail V1 Aliens Hail V1. A giant robot from the Navy army of the Robot Empire has blue-colored body with a gray metal-plated chest, a gray helmet, six cannons on it’s blue abdomen, and two giant air tanks on the back. It has red and white stripes on it’s pecs and three red stripes underneath it’s orange eyes. It has two tubes around shoulders, possibly inflation rafts for when it’s swimming, and has two red colored arms. On it’s right arm is a big pincher claw while it’s left arm has a harpoon cannon. 1974-10-07 The Quartet Robots of Hugeness
Messer M4 Aliens Messer M4. An Air Force Robot has a short, grey-colored body with a cube-shaped body, short dark grey legs with blue drill-like stubs, and beak-shaped arms. It has a wide head with a big red cannon in the middle, a blue chest, yellow eyes on each side next to the cannon, and a second pair of red eyes underneath the cannon. 1974-10-07 The Quartet Robots of Hugeness
Walter U0 Aliens Walter U0. A Navy Robo has a blue-colored upper body with a large chest with grey tube holding a mine in the middle and a head that resembles a ship and a shark with a red mouth filled with sharp teeth and with the cockpit on top with a yellow visor. It has a black lower body half with a huge iron-plated belt around the waist and with anchor-shaped feet. It also has a large blue claw in place for the right hand and a red spiked-mace connected to a chain that’s entirely in place for the left arm. 1974-10-07 The Quartet Robots of Hugeness
Oni-on Earth Defenders Oni-on. Also called Onion, is an oni and his name is a pun on "oni" and "onion", referencing his appearance and his ability to breath tear gas. 1974-10-11 The Return of Demon!
Sasori Geronimo Jr. 1974-10-12
King Paradai Aliens King Paradai. Were a peaceful alien race. When needed, they can transform themselves into the monstrous King Paradai, in order to fight Ultraman Leo. 1974-10-18 Reptilens Combat
Spider Beastman 1974-10-19
Jyumenki Golgos 1974-10-19
Tegel GT 1974-10-21
Uringa Aliens Uringa. He can remove spikes from his body and use it as a weapon, either for throwing projectiles or as a combat dagger. 1974-10-25 A Rouge in Disguise
Vampire Bat Beastman 1974-10-26
Junkers F2 1974-10-28
Rolan Earth Defenders Rolan. Thanks to her wings, she can fly at high speeds. 1974-11-01 Magma Seijin's Revenge
Mantis Beastman 1974-11-02
Heinkel SS 1974-11-04
Alien Virmin Aliens Alien Virmin. Arriving on Earth, Alien Virmin posed himself as an old man and managed to allure several children with his ability to grew flowers. The flower he grew later put the children to sleep. 1974-11-08 Insect Nation
Large Centipede Beastman 1974-11-09
Leopard X1 1974-11-11
Kirara Aliens Kirara. The guardian of Princess Kaguya, Kirara journeyed to Earth from the Moon to take her home. However, as Kaguya had grown fond of the Earth and her foster family, she refused to leave; he then attempted to forcibly return the Princess to her true home. Fortunately, Leo attempted to intervene on Kaguya's behalf, and while Kirara was stronger than him, he was able to hold the monster off for long enough until Kaguya was able to pacify him, electing to return to the Moon under her own volition. 1974-11-15 The Bright of the Moonlight!
Mole Beastman Earth Defenders Mole Beastman. A mole-themed Beastman, the Mogura Beastman, otherwise known as simply Mogura, is able to burrow underground as far as ten meters and prone to chant "chu-chu". Mogura was originally working for Gedon and was sent after Amazon, only to fall back due to police interference. 1974-11-16 Mole Beastman Makes a Friend
Hockeyler J9 1974-11-18
Alien Akumania Aliens Alien Akumania. A demon-like alien from the planet Akumania that arrived as its eyeball form simply called Akumania. 1974-11-22 Eye Kaiju!
Porcupine Beastman 1974-11-23
Deceitman Aliens Deceitman. The last creation of Dr. Gori to fight Spectreman. Deceitman was built to be a robotic duplicate of Spectreman. 1972-03-18 Godzilla vs. Decitman
Deathmark WO 1974-11-25
Dustpan Aliens Dustpan. A moth-like Kaiju with a mostly green body and red wings. He some spikes on his arms and four tentacle like formations that meet where in the center of his lower body. Large "scales" run up his neck. His head has antennas, green bulbous bug eyes, and six flaps on the sides of his head. 1974-11-27 Monster from Planet X
Sevenger Global Defense Force Sevenger. A Capsule Kaiju and the fourth official member of Ultraseven's set of Capsule Monsters. Later part of the Global Defense Force in order to fight monsters to save humanity. 1974-11-29 Leo, Jack Coalition! Eternal Vows of the Ultra Brothers
Ashuran Aliens Ashuran. Ashuran was an evil alien monster who is believed to possess high intelligence. While Ultraman Jack was headed for Earth to both retrieve Dan's damaged Ultra Eye and present him with a new capsule monster, Ashuran ambushed the Ultra and forced him into battling on a nearby moon. Despite Ashuran's advantages with his double-sided body, Jack was able to survive their battle and continued on his way to Earth, but not without Ashuran locking the Ultra up with one of his masks. 1974-11-29 Leo, Jack Coalition! Eternal Vows of the Ultra Brothers
Glassruger Q 1974-12-02
Taishoh Aliens Taishoh. Originally a 4th grader of an elementary school for monsters in outer space, Taishoh was imprisoned by his father in a small pot after he refused to study. He can grow into a giant size when ever he goes on a rampage. 1974-12-06 Taishoh and the Reflect Fight
Springer X 1974-12-09
Alien Atlanta Aliens Alien Atlana. An alien that crashed a stolen rocket, whose occupant he’d taken the form of, into the Earth, pretending to be in mortal danger to get MAC's sympathy and help. However, he ran into a slight problem when those who knew the real man arrived, forcing him to remain quiet, as he didn’t fully know the man he was replicating. 1974-12-13 Bounty Hunter
Schmitt G 1974-12-16
Specter Aliens Specter. A monster belonged to Alien Mazaras, she called Specter as the monster chased Gen and buried the man in sands after knowing that the man would interfere her plans. 1974-12-20 The Mysterious Mirror
Alien Mazaras Aliens Alien Mazaras. Long ago, Alien Mazaras lived peacefully with her daughter but one day, her daughter lost her life, turning Alien Mazaras into a merciless kidnapper. She had been kidnapping a lot of children from the Earth. One day while walking out in the human world, she discovered a little girl named Kaoru whom resembled her late daughter. Wanting to cure her sick mind, she disguised herself as the little girl's deceased mother. 1974-12-20 The Mysterious Mirror
Alien Babarue godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Babarue Aliens Alien Babarue. A race of aliens who are both extremely cunning and masters of disguise, the Babarue are capable of fooling even Ultras with their abilities to hide behind their imitations, allowing them to orchestrate high-profile plans from the shadows. 1974-12-27 Terror on two Planets!
Yakuts Pantel 1974-12-30
Spangle KG 1975-01-06
Silverbloome Aliens Silverbloome. A very first saucer kaiju and the murderer of MAC station. It's name was created by combining the English word "Silver," and the German word for Flower, "Bloome", so its name literally means Silver Flower. This could be in reference to the petal like appendages at the base of its body. 1975-01-10 Annihilation Of Earth
Sniper Q 1975-01-13
Black Dome Aliens Black Dome. Or Blackdoom was the second saucer beast who was summoned by Black Directive. It originated from a black hole as a modified space crab. 1975-01-17 Seaside Fears
Mauser Jaguar 1975-01-20
Absorba Aliens Absorba. Also called Avsorva, was a composite of organic substances and lifeforms from Mercury and Venus merged into a jellyfish-like Saucer Creature. 1975-01-24 Make a Float of a Saucer
Pressure Cologne 1975-01-27
Demos Aliens Demos. A octopus-like Saucer Beast from a gaseous nebula. In order for him to fly trough space, Demos can transform into a spider-like saucer form. He can hover and fly through the air at will. 1975-01-31 Challenges of Doom
Diving Beetle Beastman 1975-02-01
Elephanter FF 1975-02-03
Black Garon Aliens Black Garon. Also known as Black Gallon, is a saucer creature from Black Star. Unlike most of Black Star's saucer monsters, Black Garon didn't originate there, but was modified by the living planet from an asteroid floating in space. 1975-02-07 Your Choice, Their Hope
Angelus XY 1975-02-10
Blizzard Aliens Blizzard. A decapodiformes Saucer Creature from an ice age alien planet. She was summoned by Black Directive to travel earth to destroy Ultraman Leo. 1975-02-14 Double Sided Frost Burn!
Seeherzen U 1975-02-17
Hungler Aliens Hungler. Or alternatively Hangler, was a Atlantic footballfish-like saucer creature from an inverse galaxy that was summoned by Black Directive to destroy Ultraman Leo. 1975-02-21 The Kaiju from the Deep
Waltherkill 1975-02-24
Megatonge 1975-02-24
Zetter King 1975-02-24
Black Terrina Aliens Black Terrina. Also called Blackterrina, as a bivalve Saucer Creature summoned by Black Directive. 1975-02-28 Seashell Crab!
Nova godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Nova Aliens Nova. A ghost-like Saucer Kaiju was one of the last few flying Saucer Monsters left from Black Directive. He landed on Earth in a park, and quickly transformed into a small white Teru Teru Bozu. 1975-03-07 The Red Ghost
Satan Mora Aliens Satan Mora. Also called satanmore, is a saucer creature who summoned by Black Directive heading to earth to find Ultraman Leo and kill him. It can deploy foot long versions of itself from its chest to attack smaller targets. 1975-03-07 The Bird Monster!
Titanosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Titanosaurus Mutants Titanosaurus. A descendant of an amphibious dinosaur that lived in the oceanic regions near Ogasawara. Although originally a dinosaur of meek character, its discoverer Dr. Mafune implanted a control device in its head to help him exact revenge on society. 1975-03-15 Awaken in the Murky Sea
Kikkaijin Waniida 1975-03-17
Alien Bunyo Aliens Alien Bunyo. It can fold a hood on his head over his body, this serves no purpose as it provides no protection and distort his visions. 1975-03-21 The Mean Green Saucer Man
Black End Aliens Black End. The last and strongest Saucer Creature from Mazelan Nebula who came to earth by Black Directive in order to find Ultraman Leo and kill him for good. 1975-03-21 The Final Saucer Beast! The Black End!
Kikkaijin Gangaru 1975-04-05
Titan 1975-04-05
Triple Neck Demon Mutants Triple Neck Demon. An ancient three-headed dinosaur or dragon. One head of this ancient beast spits fire, one poison gas and one a bolt of energy. 1975-04-06 The Arrival
Garaki Aliens Garaki. A powerful robot-like Triceratops that can defeat Zaborger for good, even when he's immortal, he can defend himself if Zaborger tries to punch him, he'll be useless against him. 1975-04-06 The Arrival
Great Leader of Black Satan 1975-04-12
Nogira 1975-04-13
Gama Oil 1975-04-20
Telemonider 1975-04-27
Gattlin 1975-05-04
Stamper 1975-05-11
Gigira 1975-05-25
Leopardon Global Defense Force Leopardon. A giant robot that Marveller can transform into. It is over 60 meters tall and has a weight of over 25,000 tons. According to Murakami, the name may have been taken from the German battle tank Leopard. 1978-05-17 Spider Man Returns!
Nigojin 1975-06-01
Jumger 1975-06-08
Sclasher 1975-06-15
Girari 1975-06-22
General Shadow 1975-06-28
Dogera 1975-06-29
Demon Princess Elzebub (Giant Demon) 1975-08-01
Plant Monster 1975-08-01
Spider Monster 1975-08-01
Dead Lion 1975-09-13
Staff Officer Steel 1975-10-04
Great Leader of Delza Army Mutants Great Leader of Delza Army. The true leader of the Delzer Army. He could fire explosive white beams from his eyes in Rock Form. 1975-12-13 Rumble in the Rocks
A*P*E Earth Defenders A*P*E. A giant ape monster that just escaped from his imprisonment onboard an oil tanker, the giant ape swims out to shore only to then be attacked by a giant shark. After a quick tussle, the giant ape kills the shark by ripping its mouth wide open. A*P*E came out on land. he started to take down the power lines. he throws barrels like Donkey Kong. Later, he came up at a playground watching the kids play. While stumbling through the countryside, the giant ape finds a giant snake (noted as "Monster Reptile" on the film's poster) wrapped around a tree. The ape grabs the snake, but immediately tosses it away. 1976-07-23 Yonggary vs. A*P*E
Daitetsujin 17 Global Defense Force Daitetsujin 17. A giant battle robot commanded by a young boy who fights the giant robots of an evil organization bent on world conquest. 1977-03-18 Rolling-Scrolling Robot
Roller Robot Aliens Roller Robot. A giant robot in Brain's robot army and has a gray-colored body with a rounded head that holds two horn-like antennas, a mouth grille, and red eyes. It carries a giant roller that it’s attached to by each side of the body. It also has two short arms underneath it’s chest that it uses to push and lift it’s giant roller. 1977-03-18 Rolling-Scrolling Robot
Brain Alien Brain. A super-intelligent supercomputer seeking to subjugate the world and was originally designed for the purpose of calculating natural disasters all over the world until it developed a desire to force humanity under its rule and created an army of robots to conquer the world with. 1977-03-18 Rolling-Scrolling Robot
Ezomikasa Dragon Earth Defenders Ezomikasa Dragon. The last dinosaur that appeared from a mountain side near tokyo. For the Born Free's final expidition, they had to stop the massive therapod from destorying the city. 1977-03-25 Primeval Invasion
Hurricane Robot Aliens Hurricane Robot. A member of Brain's robot army and has the appearance of a giant mechanical fan with eight fan blades and one giant, red eye in the middle. It has no real body but stands on two retractable legs. 1977-03-25 War of the Hurricane!
Earthquake Robot Aliens 1977-04-01
Refrigeration Robot Aliens 1977-04-08
Gastank Robot Aliens 1977-04-15
Mixer Robot Aliens 1977-04-22
Cannon Robot Aliens 1977-04-29
Oguri Robot Aliens 1977-05-06
Battleship Robot Aliens 1977-05-13
Bacterial Robot Aliens 1977-05-20
Shinkansen Robot Aliens 1977-05-27
Building Robot Aliens 1977-06-03
Bill Robot Aliens 1977-06-13
Daitetsujin 18 Global Defense Force 1977-06-13
Harken Robot Aliens 1977-06-17
Brain Crocodile Aliens 1977-06-24
Robo Nessie Aliens 1977-07-01
Daibaron Global Defense Force Daibaron. A giant powerful robot that Ganbaron can summon to fight monsters. Unlike those two however, Daibaron was a combining robot similar to Getter Robo or Golion/Voltron. 1977-07-03 Ganbaron Fights the Two Gargantuan Beasts
Osoroshi Gorilla Mutants Osoroshi Gorilla. A gorilla kaiju. 1977-07-03 Ganbaron Fights the Two Gargantuan Beasts
Hastler Fortress Aliens 1977-07-08
Giant Gori Aliens Giant Gori. A tiki-like gorilla kaiju. 1977-07-10 Ganbaron Fights the Two Gargantuan Beasts
Mirage Satellite Tiger Aliens 1977-07-15
Batchy Zdone Aliens Batchy Zdone. A statue-like Kaiju from outer space. He has a wrecking ball on the right hand for it to smash some buildings, and has a hat that kinda looks like from the ancient eastern times. 1977-07-17 Gamera vs. The Statue-Like Kaiju
Gold Nessie Aliens 1977-07-22
Hell Majin Earth Defenders Hell Majin. A demon face that can fly in the air and beams his eyes to destroy Tokyo. 1977-07-31 A Floating Statue Head?! How Levitationable!
Wolf Man Mutants Wolf Man. It is transformed into a man of a wolf. 1977-08-07 The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Utam Earth Defenders Utam. Taken from his home in the Himalayas in India to be put on display in Hong Kong, Utam understandably went berserk when his handsome human companion was attacked. The argument escalated until the arrival of helicopters. 1977-08-11 Mighty Peking Man strikes Again
Larugeus Earth Defenders Larugeus. An exceedingly rare species of ancient bird, with examples of it in the fossil record dating back to Earth's most recent ice age. Capable of growing to incredible sizes, a flock of Larugeus appeared in Japan in the present day, and began looking for food, even going as far as to eat all the animals in a zoo. One of its members attacked a local zoo as well as eat some of their livestock. The zoo keeper was mortally wounded by the attack, and simply said that he “saw a bird” in his dying breath. Later, the townspeople come to find a large, possibly ancient ship among their seas. 1966-03-20 Let's Get Fowlin'
Ururu Earth Defenders Ururu. In 1986, Ururu, the leader of the dinosaurs, declares war against humanity. In an attempt to reclaim Earth's surface, some of the dinosaurs evolve into deadly monsters and start wreaking havoc on human population centers around the globe. 1977-10-07 Attack of the Dinosaurs
Gorgo Earth Defenders Gorgo. The first Dinosaur kaiju besides Ururu to come to the surface world to wage war on the humans. 1977-10-07 Attack of the Dinosaurs
Terrano Earth Defenders Terrano. A Pteranodon and one of the Dinosaur Army's high flying rulers of the sky. 1977-10-14 Attack of the Dinosaurs
Mororo Earth Defenders Mororo. The second Monoclonius and was one of the trio of dinosaurs sent by Ururu to place Eggs on the surface world and protect them. Mororo emerged from Mt. Fuji's forest and proceeded to Tokyo where he met up with Sutego and Alulu and proceeded to uncover the eggs Ururu has planted in the soil. Mororo was in charge of making a protective nest for the eggs using his webbing he shot from his mouth, as Sutego pounded his feet into the ground, making a safe indent in the earth's surface. 1977-11-18 Let's Combat the Duo of Dino Kaiju!
Alulu Earth Defenders Alulu. The second Allosaurus send to fight humanity. After the death of eight of his dinosaur underlings, Ururu put his next plan into action. He ordered three of his most craftiest reptiles to invade Tokyo and build a nest, and in it, they would put dozens of eggs. 1977-11-18 Let's Combat the Duo of Dino Kaiju!
Sutego Earth Defenders Sutego. The second Stegosaurus summoned by Ururu to find a suitable spot in the middle of Tokyo to lay eggs, Sutego was the last of the trio of dinosaurs to make it to the scene. He, however, did not really take part in the wanton destruction of the city, or fight back against the defence forces. He was, however, the peace maker between Alulu and Mororo as the two saurians started to bicker. 1977-11-18 Let's Combat the Duo of Dino Kaiju!
Stella Earth Defenders Stella. She is a Stegosaurus and a common foe to both the super ship and humanity. 1977-10-21 Attack of the Dinosaurs
Torara Earth Defenders Torara. In the middle of the night, in a lake, Torara screamed in pain, finally giving into the agony, the hadrosaur fell to her side, and writhed. Her screams of pain drew the attention of her fellow dinosaurs in the area, and Ururu. Soon, an egg emerged from the waters and Torara instantly scooped up the egg and hid it. 1977-11-25 Dino Rumble
Torako Earth Defenders Torako. After Torara was destroyed by Izenborg's warship, Ranho flew down and gripped the egg with his talons and flew off into the clouds. Later, during the night, Ranho repeatedly pecked the egg, forcing it to hatch into Torako. 1977-11-25 Dino Rumble
Ranho Earth Defenders Ranho. Sent by Ururu to find the egg of Torara, Ranho carried the life giving orb to a secure spot, where he began to peck at the egg, forcing it to hatch. Rahno managed to mind-control the major general of the Japanese army through beams from its eyes, but only to be decapitated by the latter after the control ended. 1977-11-25 Dino Rumble
Tyrako Earth Defenders Tyrako. The massive ceratopsian didn't take over the minds of animals like the other three, but went straight out destroying everything in sight. When the Izenborg flew into action, firing it's misses at the saurian, Tyrako retreated underground. 1977-10-28 Battle with the Prehistoric Beasts!
Parasa Earth Defenders Parasa. An Parasaurolophus and Ururu's only aquatic agent that is sent to an island. Guarded by massive saltwater crocodiles and the chirosaurus, the Aizenborg made its way to the island, where Parasa attacked them from a cave. 1977-12-02 The Fossil Fight-Off
Tylosaurus Mutants Tylosaurus. A Tylosaurus and A living fossil caught the eye of both the D-Force and the tyrant king, Ururu. They were killed in the battle, sadly, between the Super Izen I and Parasa. 1977-12-02 The Fossil Fight-Off
Arrow Earth Defenders Arrow. The Allosaurus is a dinosaur of Ururu's army and join forces with Tyrako as they begin to attack humanity together. 1977-11-04 Battle with the Prehistoric Beasts!
Terara Earth Defenders Terara. When Ururu sent Aroro to attack humanity, Terara was there to scout out the airs, making sure that the Izenborg ship didn't interfere. But the two saurians did catch the attention of the Izenborg, and after the ship fired it's weapons, Terara used his talons to lift Aroro up into the sky and out of harms way. 1977-11-04 Flame in the Whole!
Ororo Earth Defenders Ororo. A feline-controlling Allosaurus that can control cats to attack their owners and destroy every human in site of Tokyo. 1977-12-09 The Great Temple of the Ancient Kaiju
Unko Earth Defenders Unko. A desert dwelling ankylosaurus and a friend of all the children, after when they ride on the dinosaur which is their 'sled dog'. 1977-12-16 Battle Of Double Monsters!
Iguno Mutants Iguno. A ruthless Iguanodon and one of Ururu's dinosaur army. Enraged at how friendly and quickly Unko deflected from his cause, Ururu sent an assassin, the massive Iguanodon, Iguno, to soil Unko's good name. Taking a form matching perfectly to Unko, Iguno attacked the village Unko was spotted near. The children, however, refused to believe that their new friend would do such a thing. 1977-12-16 Battle Of Double Monsters!
Murara Earth Defenders Murara. The first Triceratops and originally one of Ururu's dinosaur army. He became friendly when he cares about mothers and children, so he's no longer a threat for any humanity. 1977-12-23 The Trio of Dinosaur Devil
Gororo Earth Defenders Gororo. Gororo was sent to the surface to stop Murara's choice of being good. The two titans clashed and after a grueling battle, Gororo sank his teeth into the Triceratops's neck, killing him. Gororo then wandered the Japanese country side, causing havoc. It wasn't long before the D Force took revenge for their fallen friend, Murara, and killed Gororo by sawing his head off his neck with the Super Izenbo. 1977-12-23 The Trio of Dinosaur Devil
Kerala Earth Defenders Kerala. A Ceratosaurus-like Kaiju that is sent to the surface by Ururu to destroy humanity once again. 1977-12-30 The Kaijus are Three of a Kind
Ptera Earth Defenders Ptera. One of Ururu's flying foot soldiers and teams up with Kerala to fight humanity in order to rule the universe. 1977-12-30 The Kaijus are Three of a Kind
Tarbo Earth Defenders Tarbo. A tarbosaurus was sent to the Earth's surface to serve as a distraction for the stegosaurus, Sugora. As the Izenbo took care of Sugora, Tarbo escaped and lived till the end of the series. 1978-01-06 The Duo of Kaiju Counterattack!
Sugora Earth Defenders Sugora. A massive stegosaurus foot soldier of Ururu and was sent to attack Tokyo. After Tarbo was sent into retreat, Sugora fought the Super Izenbo, getting drilled through the shoulder and out the throat. The monster exploded in a rain of flesh. 1978-01-06 The Duo of Kaiju Counterattack!
Garara Aliens Garara. A triceratops and one of Ururu's foot soldiers. He's also a desert dwelling triceratops that the D-Force had to face in order to save a professor. 1978-01-13 The Charge of the Garara
Dynah Earth Defenders Dynah. A Tarbosaurus-like Kaiju. From his mouth, Dynah can fire a stream of flames. 1978-01-20 Godzilla vs. Dynah
Baton Earth Defenders Baton. A massive flying petrosaur and one of Ururu's last chances at getting on the good side of the boss Grottes. He was much larger then the other petrosaurs and was used to transport the cybernetic stegosarurs monster Gallon. The two would go and destroy an airport on a snowy night and he would destroy buildings and planes by flying over them. Soon he picked up Gallon with his tallons and the two left. 1978-01-27 The Strike of the Gallon and Baton
Gallon Aliens Gallon. A cybernetice stegosaurs monster that was part of Ururu's last chance to get in good with the boss Grottes. He along with the petrosaur monster Baton was transported by him and used his flames to shoot down planes and jets. The first time D-Force coudlnt win, the second time they were able to handle them. 1978-01-27 The Strike of the Gallon and Baton
Topura Earth Defenders Topura. A friendly Triceratops that was originally Ururu's Dinosaur army, until he was banished for no reason. This monster was cowardly and was attacked and and injured by another dinosaur which caused him to be banished. 1978-02-10 The Good Kaiju, The Bad Kaiju, and Fight!
Gottes Aliens Gottes. An alien and the husband of Zobina. He was the one responsible for sending Ururu and his Dinosaurs to destory Tokyo and in order to fight Izenborg for good. 1978-02-10 Attack of the Dinosaurs
Gira Aliens Gira. A cybernetic ceratosaurus created by Gottes to fight the Izenborg team. 1978-02-17 The Kaijus are Three of a Kind
ZaZa Aliens ZaZa. A Kaiju introducing during Dinosaur Leader Grottes' rein of terror. 1978-03-03 ZaZa the Space Monster
Demos Aliens Demos. A fully robotic triceratops created in the lab of Dinosaur Leader Gottes and was and sent to attack Tokyo from underground. 1978-03-10 The Good Kaiju, The Bad Kaiju, and Fight!
Dororo Mutants Dororo. A ninja dinosaur that can use Shuriken to attack others, vanish, and make attack ambush. 1978-03-17 The Ninja Monster
Gagara Mutants Gagara. Gagara was sent by Gottes to find a new soldier, and in a rare moment, mammal and dinosaur worked together, as Gagara took control over the mind of a giant gorilla. 1978-03-24 Combat in the Tengu Rock
Giant Gorilla Earth Defenders Giant Gorilla. When Gagara first surfaced, the first thing he did was to find a suitable soldier. While others had controlled dogs, cats, bats and rats, Gagara thought big. He attacked a traveling zoo and released a gorilla. With his mind control, the ape grew humongous and did his bidding. 1978-03-24 Combat in the Tengu Rock
Zobi Mutants Zobi. An ancient species of dinosaurs was a peaceful dinosaur, living in the shadows of the Underground Kingdom, and it wasn't until Gottes and Zobina abused him and turned him evil did he attack the surface. The D-Force was called in and Ai and Zen summoned Izenman, and then Izenborg to fight the beast. Knowing he didn't mean to be evil, they mercy killed the sobbing Zobi who exploded in a ball of flames. 1978-03-31 Trip to Egypt
Zobina Aliens Zobina. Also known as Hell Trainer Zobina, is the wife of Gottes who controls the Dinosaurs along with Ururu in order to destory Izenborg. 1978-03-31 Attack of the Dinosaurs
Terekira Aliens Terekira. Using his skin flaps, Terekira can fly at high speeds. 1978-04-07 The Good Kaiju, The Bad Kaiju, and Fight!
Dodora Earth Defenders Dodora. An arctic dwelling dinosaur that has been hibernating in the iceberg, until he was free when the sun rises and melts the ice, causing the monster to awaken and starts to attack Tokyo. 1978-04-14 Godzilla vs. Dodora
Black Maria Earth Defenders Black Maria. The mother of Dinosaur Taro was sent by Gottes and Zobina to attack the surface world, although shortly after she surfaced, she was destroyed by Izen 1 and 2, and all that was left of her was a single egg. 1978-04-21 Dino Rumble
Dinosaur Taro Earth Defenders Dinosaur Taro. A dinosaur-like Kaiju and the son of Black Maria. After his mother's death, a single egg was left behind where she fell. The reptile was an instant pop culture hit with children, causing Gottes to become infuriated. 1978-04-21 Dino Rumble
Yotandon Mutants Yotandon. The pet dinosaur of Zobina and Gottes. After Gottes fed too much food for Yotandon, he grows into a giant and faces off Izenborg, only for his clumsiness when he steps on a car and skates like a skateboard and he is send flying into the air, only for him to be destroyed. 1978-04-28 Godzilla vs. Yotandon
Bororo Aliens Bororo. A robot created by Gottes and Zobina to mimic Izenborg as Fake Izenborg and join forces with Monster Pteranodon to fight Izenborg. 1978-05-05 The Flying Pterosaur Kaiju and Bororo
Monster Pteranodon Earth Defenders Monster Pteranodon. Monster Pteranodon was the last pterosaur soldier of Ururu's army and was sent by Gottes to help Bororo fight Izenborg and the D-Force. 1978-05-05 The Flying Pterosaur Kaiju and Bororo
Saberan Mutants Saberan. A dinosaur bug crossbreed and one of the toughest dinosaurs that faced Izenborg. He started hitting and squeezing Izenborg while he was preventing a skyscraper from falling on a driver and his son who were stranded in their truck, causing Izenborg's belt to start blinking indicating a critical drop in his energy. 1978-05-12 Anguirus vs. The Three Horned Saberan
Professor Monster Aliens Professor Monster. A human-like humanoid alien from an unknown species that came from unknown planet. He is the leader of the Iron Cross Army, an alien invasion fleet that was responsible for the destruction of Planet Spider 400 years ago. 1978-05-17 Spider Man Returns
Machine Bem Boukunryu Mutants Machine Bem Boukunryu. A dinosaur-based Kaijin is a brute Machine BEM who only has violence on his mind as he’ll attack his enemies endlessly until they’re dead. 1978-05-17 Spider Man Returns
Bodaros Aliens Bodaros. A monster that was created by Grottes and disguised himself as children who were catching fireflies in the night. Later they turned into a monster and wreck havoc on Tokyo. 1978-05-19 The Ignition of Bodaros
Machine Bem Soutoukin Mutants Machine Bem Soutoukin. A brain-based kaijin has a green face with black empty eyes and an insect-like mouth. He has a red torso with mechanical arms that end with red hooks in place for the hands. He also has green insect-like legs with blue shins. 1978-05-24 Spider Man Returns
Ulusuredon Aliens Ulusuredon. A bird-like dinosaur that flies in the night and it's based on a prehistoric bird. 1978-05-26 Varan vs. Ulusuredon
Machine Bem Genyouchu Mutants Machine Bem Genyouchu. Genyouchu has blue Fly Head with big green eyes and fly mouth. He has a humanoid-body with wings and a yellow lower body with his feet ending with two toes with big nails. He also has four arms where his first pair are big insect-like arms while his second pair are small and are always hanging down. 1978-05-31 The Arrival
Black Gamma Aliens Black Gamma. Gottes's apparent football skills using Black Gamma as a lethal, spiked giant football forces Ai to take intensive goalkeeping lessons, which eventually pays off when Izenborg catches Black Gamma and kick him right into Gottes. Sadly, the latter ends up stabbing and accidentally killing his hilarious monster while trying to stab Izenborg. 1978-06-02 Take It Out from the Black Gamma!
Machine Bem Mer-man 1978-06-07
Saigora Earth Defenders Saigora. A triple-eyed Kaiju. From the eye located on his forehead, Saigora can fire a missle strength beam. 1978-06-09 Godzilla Fights Against the Supernatural Monster
Machine Bem Chojinju 1978-06-14
Shadow Mutants Shadow. One of the last monsters created by Zobina and Grottes and also the last monster created by Zobina before her death in the next episode. He caused major mirages of himself and existed only when the sun was out. 1978-06-16 Freeze Frame of a Kaiju
Machine Bem Robacular 1978-06-21
Golda Earth Defenders Golda. Izenborg's only living companion for stopping Gottes and his wife Zobina in order to save the earth and make peace. 1978-06-23 The Good Kaiju, The Bad Kaiju, and Fight!
Shizalas Mutants Shizalas. The last monster created by Zobina before her death. From his mandibles, it can fire an icy mist that can freeze enemies in a matter of seconds. 1978-06-23 Freeze Frame of a Kaiju
Machine Bem Sasora 1978-06-28
Magmadon Mutants Magmadon. Gottes unleashed seven Magmadons to attack the major continents of Earth. As six of them attacked the major continents, the seventh one joined Kirasaurus and Gottes in fighting Izenborg and Golda. However, at the death of Gottes, the Magmadons returned to the Underground kingdom with the rest of the saurians to live their lives in peace. 1978-06-30 The Two Kaiju in a Magma Battle
Kirasaurus Mutants Kirasaurus. The last monster made by Gottes. He was sent to guard the entrance to the Underground Palace of Dinosaurs, but was jumped by both Izenborg and Golda. It was joined by one of the seven Magmadons in it's fight, but was killed by Golda. 1978-06-30 The Two Kaiju in a Magma Battle
Machine Bem Cat Demon Monster 1978-07-05
Alien Godmes Aliens Alien Godmes. Were aliens who travelled to Prehistoric Japan to invest in Earth's untouched and unspent natural resources. 1978-07-08 Corners Of Hell
Pteranodon Earth Defenders Pteranodon. Pteranodons frequently interacted with Koseidon Corps. They usually started flying away/noticing first when Alien Godmes were coming to attack. One individual stole the important Cosmo Secrets, and went back to it's nest. The Koseidon Corps tried to get it back but the reptile was not agreeing with doing so. It almost attacked them, but it was killed by an Alien Godmes attack that started right after, which also caused the Cosmo Secrets to get buried in dirt and rocks. 1978-07-08 Forest Of Determination
Triceratops Earth Defenders 1978-07-08
Futabasaurus Earth Defenders 1978-07-08
Machine Bem Kabuton 1978-07-12
Commissioner Zaji Aliens 1978-07-14
Stegosaurus Earth Defenders 1978-07-14
Machine Bem Sea Devil 1978-07-22
Machine Bem Shinkaioh 1978-07-26
Machine Bem Biker Monster 1978-08-09
Machine Bem Big Bat 1978-08-16
Machine Bem Killer Unicorn 1978-08-23
Machine Bem Centipede 1978-08-30
Machine Bem Samson 1978-09-06
Machine Bem Carnivorous Plant 1978-09-13
Machine Bem Primitive Man 1978-09-27
Machine Bem Tanto Buffalo 1978-10-04
Machine Bem Skeleton Beast 1978-10-11
Machine Bem Sorceress Beast 1978-10-18
Machine Bem Cockroach Machine 1978-10-25
Machine Bem Ganima 1978-11-01
Machine Bem Volcano Beast 1978-11-08
Machine Bem Magni Catfish 1978-11-15
Machine Bem Bomb Wolf 1978-11-22
Machine Bem Monkfish 1978-12-06
Machine Bem Kinokongar 1978-12-13
Machine Bem Electric Worm 1978-12-20
Machine Bem Fire Fox 1978-12-27
Alien Holosto Aliens 1979-05-04
Baribaa Mutants 1979-05-11
Bemugan Aliens 1979-05-18
Big Lagee 1979-05-25
Corythosaurus Earth Defenders 1979-06-01
Cyborg B1 and B2 Mutants 1979-06-08
Cyborg K2 1979-06-08
Dakiron Mutants 1979-06-15
Demoth Aliens 1979-06-15
Dimetrodon Earth Defenders Dimetrodon. Were common synapsids/stem-mammals. The first appearance of a Dimetrodon would be a hatchling that was protected by the Koseidon Corps against Sigma-1. The individual that hatched was named Jirou, and would come back every once in a while to help the corps. It is believed that Jirou did not become the Killer Dinosaur individual. 1979-06-22 The Friendly Caveman
Dr. Munakata Mutants 1978-07-28
Eredon Mutants 1978-07-28
Gaos 1978-08-04
Gariasu 1978-08-04
General Kesnochi 1978-08-11
Giburasu 1978-08-11
Gigi 1978-08-18
Grandon 1978-08-18
Julie Earth Defenders 1978-08-25
Killer Dinosaurs 1978-08-25
Leader Jericho 1978-08-25
Kinokongu Mutants 1978-08-01
Magma People Mutants 1978-08-01
Piragia Mutants 1978-08-01
Ragout Earth Defenders 1979-06-29
S-1 1978-08-01
Shogun Gaban 1978-08-01
Sigma-1 Mutants Sigma-1. A kaijin made by Alien Godmes and was a very sneaky nemy. Though it got noticed by a Pteranodon, it quickly killed it. It's also one of the two plant Terror-Beasts with the monster, Baribaa being the second plant Terror-Beast. 1979-06-22 The Friendly Caveman
Tyrannosaurus Earth Defenders 1978-07-21
Tyrannosaurus Jackie Earth Defenders 1978-07-21
Machine Bem Scrapman 1979-01-10
Machine Bem Tiger Pump 1979-01-17
Doctor Miracle 1979-01-31
Enma Devil 1979-02-07
Machine Bem Toothache Alligator 1979-02-14
Super Human Fighter 1979-02-21
Air Bomber 1979-03-07
Seagra Earth Defenders Seagra. All four Seagras are shown to be animalstic, bestial, wild, aggressive and dangerous. They seem to act as fours at all times and rarely seen without each other; being quite the kaiju pack. 1979-04-04 Peace and Love
Xalome 1979-04-04
RX-78-2 Gundam Global Defense Force RX-78-2 Gundam. It was built in secret on Side 7. The Gundam would turn the tide of war in favor of the Earth Federation during the One Year War against the Principality of Zeon. It was primarily piloted by Amuro Ray. 1979-04-07 Here's the Mobile Suit Gundam!
MSM-04 Acguy Aliens MSM-04 Acguy. The Acguys used many of the same parts and components as the MS-06F Zaku II, including twin Zaku II F-Type Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactors. However, even with the twin reactors, the Acguy left only a trace heat signature, making it effective for stealth and infiltration operations. It is also one of the tallest amphibious mobile suit used by the Zeon during the war.   1979-04-07 Here's the Mobile Suit Gundam!
MS-06 Zaku II Aliens MS-06 Zaku II. The successor to the first fielded MS, the MS-05 Zaku I, the Zaku II improved on everything the previous model offered. It was faster, more durable, had a superior reactor, and could be fitted with more weapons. The Zaku II was the mainstay of the Zeon military for most of the One Year War. 1979-04-07 Here's the Mobile Suit Gundam!
Wanigodon 1979-04-18
Red Smogy 1979-04-25
Dolfiego 1979-05-03
Supreme Ruler Smeller Aliens Supreme Ruler Smeller. Also known as Nun-chuck, is one of the many monsters that fought Megaloman. Nunchuku's birth is actually a result of Captain Dagger turning Supreme Ruler Smeller into the kaiju. 1979-05-03 Godzilla vs. The Coalescence Kaiju
Kamagidon Mutants Kamagidon. Kamagidon's upper half somewhat resembles an insect or arachnid. Its head is adorned with multiple jagged spines, short mandibles, and a single blue eye. Instead of hands, Kamagidon possesses large electrically conductive sickles at the ends of its appendages. Also, rather than legs, Kamagidon's upper half is attached to what resembles a Stegosaurus but with a larger, horned head similar to that of a Triceratops. 1979-05-07 Don't Bugged Me
Fire Badon Mutants Fire Badon. The Badon were prehistoric reptiles long thought to have been extinct until one day a member of their species named Fire Badon arose from the Pacific Ocean and decimated a nearby highway. 1979-05-09 Beware the King of the Volcano!
Goran Mutants Goran. Overall, Goran resembles an arachnid. He has two large purple eyes and two sets of mandibles, as well as what appear to be multiple pairs of antlers or antennae. He has four arms and scale-like patches across his body. 1979-05-14 Don't Bugged Me
Zaninga Mutants Zaninga. Zaninga is dinosaurian in appearance, most closely resembling a Triceratops or other ceratopsid, characterized by their elaborate horns and frills. Zaninga fits this description, possessing a large orange neck frill and curved tusks. 1979-05-21 Godzilla vs. The Coalescence Kaiju
Mikonos Aliens 1979-05-23
Dobra Aliens Dobra. A magnet monster with two wings which he is capable of flight, generate hurricane-force winds, expel red exploding gas, and absorb magnetic energy. 1979-05-28 Heroic Kaiju Attacks Dobra
Ghamelean Mutants Ghamelean. A chameleon kaiju with one horn and can camouflage anywhere without being seen, then makes an ambush by attacking Kaijus. 1979-06-04 Here Comes the Camouflage Kaiju
Zuborg Aliens Zuborg. A smoke Kaiju has features from a variety of different creatures, but in general resembles a mole. He has bright yellow eyes and dull grey-brown skin. His mouth resembles that of an octopus, with small tusks on either side of it. He also has a pair of silver horns on the top of his head. 1979-06-11 Godzilla vs. The Smoke Monster
Hectore 1979-06-14
Thermos Earth Defenders Thermos. A kaiju that lives under the volcanic eruption and starts to attack the village that gets in his territory. 1979-06-18 Attack of the Magma Kaiju
Opt 1979-06-20
MS-07B Gouf 1979-06-23
Unnamed Monster Mutants Unnamed Monster. It is unknown that this creature doesn't have his name and it's similar to Zaninga. 1979-06-25 Double Trouble Kaiju Battle
Steelness Aliens Steelness. A mech that is made out of steel and makes him even a lot stronger than any other monster that they can fight with. 1979-06-25 Double Trouble Kaiju Battle
Garadoras 1979-06-27
Gadon 1979-07-04 Beware the King of the Volcano!
Dradozer Aliens Dradozer. A bulldozer monster that came from outer space and landed on the ocean with his UFO that fell made a secret base underneath it. 1979-07-09 Weapon of Destruction
Goglan 1979-07-11
Jammerdo Mutants Jammerdo. The kaiju is nearly indescribable in its appearance, having a mammalian body, complete with a spiked-edged tail, Bearing pincers, alike Ebirah, and having a head with many metallic appendages, i.e horn, beak etc. 1979-07-16 Weapon of Destruction
King Moa 1979-07-18
Bedran Mutants Bedran. After the death of Janyur, the energy orb mutated another reptile that would become the stegosaurus-like monster Bedran. He was sighted in Japan enjoying the beautiful day; happy monsters infuriate Ultras, so this leisurely stroll developed into a ferocious brawl with Ultraman Joneus. 1979-07-21 Defeat and Victory
Razox Mutants Razox. A razor monster with no hands, just to feet and a face with a trunk, along with it's tusk. 1979-07-23 Blades to be Victory
Badan 1979-07-25
Miramonocle Aliens Miramonocle. A one-eyed monster that can summon powers, which includes a reflective single eye and head spikes. 1979-07-30 Blades to be Victory
Islanda 1979-08-01
Boarain Mutants Boarain. A poison gas monster that has dual claw hands and red mind control gas from the mouth. 1979-08-06 Rodan vs. Boarain
Janyur 1979-08-08
Unigon Aliens Unigon. A one-horned monster that can swim under water and can shoot missiles from is mouth. 1979-08-13 Every Little Bit Shot
Parabolan 1 and 2 Aliens Parabolan 1 and 2. A pare of twin kaijus that can freeze every Tokyo with their breaths and was the first kaiju to resurface after his initial defeat at the hands of Megaloman. 1979-8-20 The Twins of Parabolan
Gyanzer Mutants Gyanzer. A crustacean-like Kaiju that can self liquefying, teleportation of itself and objects it surrounds, dual claw hands, and acidic mouth and forehead foam. 1979-08-27 Bubble Buster
Almunga/Regenerated Almunga Aliens Almunga/Regenerated Almunga. A Half-Fish alien that was created by Captain Dagger in order to fight Megaloman. He was later revived as Regenerated Almunga to make him even stronger than before. 1979-09-03 Godzilla vs. The Coalescence Kaiju
Zombieron Aliens Zombieron. An undead kaiju that can beam his red eye lasers and a forehead horn. 1979-09-10 Look Out Japan! Great Decisive Space Monster Battle on Earth!
Suidras Aliens Suidras. A suction kaiju with two horns, wings, and a red body and its only known power is hurricane winds from the wings. 1979-09-10 Look Out Japan! Great Decisive Space Monster Battle on Earth!
Burrigane Aliens Burrigane. A hurricane kaiju that was created by Captain Dagger and he can immunity to electricity, a long vine-like clamp in each hand capable of burrowing, a pair of tusks, and exploding. 1979-09-10 Look Out Japan! Great Decisive Space Monster Battle on Earth!
Bombaron Aliens Bombaron. A bomb mech and one of Captain Dagger's creations. He can burrowing and a pair of missile launchers for the nose. 1979-09-10 Look Out Japan! Great Decisive Space Monster Battle on Earth!
Dragodos 1979-09-12
Death Balan 1979-09-19
Gibaaroga 1979-09-26
MSM-03 Gogg 1979-09-29
Sawnger Aliens Sawnger. A saw kaiju that is created by Captain Dagger to fight Megaloman and its only known power is a circular saw on the head. 1979-10-01 Getting Timbered by a Saw Kaiju!
Great Leader of Neo Shocker Aliens Great Leader of Neo Shocker. A giant dragon who is the leader of the Neo Shocker organization. He was ultimately destroyed by the the combined efforts of all previous Kamen Riders taking him and his oxygen bomb to space, where they all explode together, seemingly sacrificing themselves. 1979-10-05 Godzilla vs. the Dragon
Gameleojin 1979-10-05
Yamorijin 1979-10-05
MSM-07 Z'Gok 1979-10-06
Sharklon Aliens Sharklon. A shark kaiju, created by Captain Dagger, to swim underwater to fight some underwater kaijus and its only known power is emitting white explosive gas from the upper lip. 1979-10-08 Something Sharky
Dabaran 1979-10-10
Kumonjin 1979-10-12
Vaguuma Mutants Vaguuma. A vampire-like agent in service of Captain Dagger who used a pair of specialized sunglasses to keep her murderous bloodlust in check as well as to protect herself when operating in broad daylight. Vaguuma was later defeated by Takashi Shishido and his teammates and, as punishment for her failure, Captain Dagger and Barock forcefully mutated her into a giant mindless monster. Takashi Shishido transforms into Megaloman to battle Vaguuma, ultimately destroying the villainess. 1979-10-15 The Warmest or the Coldest Blooded
Zaturn Earth Defenders Zaturn. A kaiju that can electric lasers from the red forehead eye, burrowing, agility, and high jumping. 1979-10-22 The Ambush of Zaturn
Skeldon 1979-10-24
Sasoranjin 1979-10-26
Zvider Aliens Zvider. A spider kaiju that was created by Captain Dagger in order to fight Megaloman and can summon powers, which includes mouth webs, pink eye lasers, and twin venomous mandibles. 1979-10-29 The Zvider Would Be a Spider
Garbados Aliens 1979-10-31
Jadonga Aliens Jadonga. A light ray monster that was created by Captain Dagger and can whip for the left hand, red eye energy bolts that can possess Rose Seijin upon contact, and a horn on the scalp. 1979-11-05 M.O.G.U.E.R.A. vs. Jadonga
Megasaura 1979-11-07
Buffalone Earth Defenders Buffalone. A buffalo kaiju that was originally created by Captain Dagger to fight Megaloman and can summon his powers, which includes twin head horns, a rocket propelled ax, and needle missile launchers hidden under the ribs. 1979-11-12 Horned Kaiju of Defense
Teroguirus Aliens Teroguirus. A kaiju that can scythe blade for each hand, burrowing, nose bombs, and yellow choking gas from the mouth. 1979-11-19 Battle with the Teroguirus
Agujon 1979-11-21
Jinario 1979-11-21
Deathper Aliens Deathper. A kaiju created by Captain Dagger and the last Kaiju that Megaloman ever face, which he can burrowing, a whip for each hand that emits explosions upon contact. Unlike other Kuro Monsters two of these were created rather than just one. 1979-11-26 Let's Strike with the Giant Dagger!
Putgolia 1979-11-28
Captain Dagger Aliens Captain Dagger. Aso known as simply Dagger and born Hiroshi Shishido, is a kaijin and Megaloman's archenemy. 1979-12-24 Let's Strike with the Giant Dagger!
Orolan 1980-01-02
Gokiburijin 1980-01-18
Shibirayjin 1980-02-01
Okamijin 1980-02-08
Sai Dump 1980-02-15
Kurageron 1980-02-15
Hella Umaya 1980-02-27
Kogoensky 1980-02-29
Musasabader Brothers 1980-03-07
Madarakajin 1980-03-14
GingaOh 1980-03-15
Jaguar Van 1980-03-15
Armadig 1980-03-15
Makdatar Aliens 1980-03-26
Crescent Earth Defenders Crescent. The very first negative Kaiju that Ultraman 80 ever faced. In the year 1980, Crescent arose as the first sign of a new age of kaiju, representing the evil caused by mankind for centuries. 1980-04-02 Out Now! Ultraman 80!
Gikogilar Aliens Gikogilar. also called Gikogyler, was a the second of the negative Kaiju to appear, seemingly out of nowhere. In the middle of the night, he began laying waste to the surrounding city. 1980-04-09 The Brutal Winds of Gikogilar
Hoe godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Hoe Earth Defenders Hoe. The first Hoe came into existence because of the negative emotions of a heartbroken teenage boy. He then proceed to rampage across the city until he finally vanquished by Ultraman 80. The second Hoe roses during Ultraman Mebius' time, this time spawned by the sadness of multiple students whose school was about to be demolished. 1980-04-16 The Divorced Couple
Zandrias godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zandrias Aliens Zandrias. A creature from space, Zandrias came to Earth in a meteorite. He crash-landed in a remote area of Japan, and his signal was still picked up by UGM's sensors. However, before anything could be done against the kaiju, it burrowed underground and began moving beneath the surface. 1980-04-23 Divide and Conquer
Mechagiras Aliens Mechagiras. A robot built by the Bam aliens to attack Earth. After Takeshi was captured, and furthermore, unable to transform into Ultraman 80 because of a machine built by the aliens, Mechagiras was sent to assault the city, firing its arsenal on the city, and not even U.G.M’s assault team could damage the robot. 1980-04-30 4-D Machine?! True Trouble From Planet Bam!
Golden Jaguar 1980-05-02
Abdolaars Aliens Abdolaars. An alien Kaiju and was from a UFO that constantly flew around Earth. 1980-05-07 The Alien Invader
Noiseler Aliens Noiseler. A space monster with a particular affinity to certain noises, Noiseler became agitated by the sounds of human technology, causing him to become extremely aggressive. Fortunately, Ultraman 80 intervened, and even though he very nearly lost the fight, the sound of his Color Timer finally calmed Noiseler down, and he returned to space peacefully. 1980-05-14 Kaiju Halloween
Tabra Earth Defenders Tabra. 3000 years ago, this monster raided Japan, and used to feed on humans, until the mysterious Warrior of Light appeared and stoped the monster. Tabra was sealed inside a mountain for the rest of time, or was supposed to be. The monster awoke and killed some mountain climbers. 1980-05-21 Monster Of The Mountains
Gabishale Mutants Gabishale. A rampaging monster that rose from the ground, Gabishale began to attack oil refineries. He can extend a long tongue from his mouth that he can use as a whip to lash buildings and foes. 1980-05-28 Something is Coming
Zuruzla Mutants Zuruzla. Also called Zuruzler, is an elephant-like Kaiju, After Jakki was accidentally eaten by an elephant, the animal transformed into a huge monster. 1980-06-04 Go Wild or Not Gone Wild
Medan Mutants Medan. In some Chinese islands, an oil extractor experienced stoppage. A giant egg was found inside the pipe. The egg hatched and a small monster burst out! It was lured out to the beach and destroyed, but he left some of his cells in a stone. The monster emerged from the underground gas system as a giant. It began to drink more oil. 1980-06-11 The Taste of Poison!
Gora Aliens Gora. Gora belonged to Alien Vibros as their weapon to conquer Earth. Gora first appeared as an egg that was hidden within the Asada Mountains. Shortly after hatching, Gora began to absorb the magma from the Earth, allowing him to grow more bigger in size and more powerful in strength. Once he became big enough, he was called forth by Alien Vibros to kill Takeshi. Takeshi quickly transformed into Ultraman 80 and fought with the monster. 1980-06-18 Beware the King of the Volcano!
Saramandora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Saramandora Aliens Saramandora. It can exhale a deadly, super-heated stream of fire, estimated to be over 13,000 degrees, breathed from his mouth and nostrils that can make buildings explode. 1980-06-25 Reptilian Rampage
Uni Demon 1980-06-27
Okappa Priest 1980-06-27
Myu Aliens Myu. A species of normally-peaceful monster who exists as one of the Monster Graveyard's few living inhabitants, an infant Myu was subjected to unethical testing by a human scientist, causing him to become aggressive after being made to grow to his full size at an unnatural rate. Fortunately, Ultraman 80 opted to spare the monster's life, and returned Myu to his home after reverting him to a size befitting his age. 1980-07-09 Psychic Devastation
Kuchi Yurei 1980-07-11
Devilon Aliens Devilon. A Kaiju once caused chaos for the Ruria aliens, using his powers of pyrotechnics and telepathy to attack their planet. In time the Rurian's captured Devilon in a piece of unknown material and thrown into space, with a message inside to prevent it from being released. 1980-07-16 The School of Terror
Zombieda 1980-07-18
Gymaira godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gymaira Aliens Gymaira. An alien monster who came to Earth after destroying a alien spaceship in a meteorite 20 years ago, and made his living by attacking and controlling several living creatures that inhabited the Island he resided on all while hiding inside a massive cave. 1980-07-23 The Blood-sucking Vampire Monster: Part 1
Miminger 1980-07-25
Doronyango 1980-08-01
Abunger 1980-08-08
Hebinger 1980-08-08
Okorin Ball Aliens Okorin Ball. Blood-sucking vampire balls from a distant world, the Okorin Balls arrived to destroy all humanity. When more firepower fell on them, the balls began to combine. The large Okorin Ball began to fire back with its own beam, and then more joined it, forming the Giant Okorin. 1980-08-13 The Kaiju's Heat Ray
Mirror Lizard 1980-08-15
Gamos Aliens Gamos. It is an evil, homicidal Kaiju that has been stated to have destroyed countless worlds and innocents alike. It is the also the archenemy of Alien L85 Zuckal since it was responsible for killing his family 20 years ago. 1980-08-20 The Alien Knock-Out
Zuckal Aliens Zuckal. An Alien L85, part of a race of peaceful aliens. Zuckal, along his wife and children, were the only Alien L85 to appear. He grew into a giant in order fight against the monster, Gamos. 1980-08-20 The Alien Knock-Out
Robo-Fo Aliens Robo-Fo. The mother ship and primary weapon of the Fantas andorids, androids made by Alien Fantas. Robo-Fo brought the invaders to the Earth. When their mission was foiled by the U.G.M and their real goals revealed, Robo-Fo entered a battle form and began to attack. It brought down Takeshi’s plane, making the human call on Ultraman 80. The machine began to go all-out, blanketing the area in huge explosions as it fired its entire arsenal at the hero. After the capture beam wore off of 80, he fired a volley of attacks back, but that only damaged the ship! 1980-09-10 False Friendship
Alien Fantas Aliens Alien Fantas. The original Alien Fantas were peaceful aliens in progress of making a space utopia. Their reputation was well known towards the outer space, including Ultraman 80. Unfortunately little did the Ultra knew was that the original Fantas became carried away by their inventions (androids built with the likeness of their creators). This resulted with a machine rebellion that caused the original race to be extinct and the androids themselves taking over their planet and their creator's names. The androids later decided to eradicate organic life forms across the space, starting with mankind on Earth. 1980-09-10 False Friendship
Argon Aliens Argon. Argon came to Earth with two saucers to attack it. He can fire an explosive energy beam from his mouth. And he can also disguised himself as a human to study humanity. 1980-09-17 The Rogue Transformation of Argon!
Gera Earth Defenders Gera. Gera originated as a small lizard controlled by the Akuzone, who conquered the dimension of Yomi. He was grown when Takeshi and Jouno infiltrated their base along with soldiers of Yomi. Yamato transformed into Ultraman 80 and had a short battle with Gera, which ended when 80 beamed Gera away, sparing the monster whilst simultaneously preventing his masters from using him for their plans. 1980-09-24 Godzilla vs Gera
Cathy Earth Defenders Cathy. Every hundred years, a monster was said to appear in the Kiya Valley's village. In that year, the village chief decided to use the legend as a tourist attraction strategy, placing fraudulent records of monster roars in various areas and even name it Cathy, after their own village. However, the real monster awoke. 1980-10-15 A Kaiju in the Valley!
Fire Kong 1980-10-17
Zatan Silver Aliens Zatan Silver. Zatan Silver was the prime invasion weapon of Alien Zatan crafted to withstand Ultras. Its first attack upon the planet was in relatively small city, ripping through the entire place and killing thousands without mercy from its masters 1980-10-22 Invasion of the Zatan Silver
Elekibas 1980-10-31
Kamagirigan 1980-11-07
Gazera Mutants Gazera. Gazera is a spirit-like negative monster. He first appeared to frighten a group of people at night in the form of a green fireball. Soon, it appeared outside a hospital in a transparent state, frightening the people inside. However, when UGM arrived to investigate, the beast had vanished. 1980-11-12 Bolt to Bolt with Gazera
ChameleKing 1980-11-14
Angoras Mutants Angoras. A deep-dwelling fish, Angoras came to the surface after her baby was caught and taken to a lab for research. Scaring the locals, the creature moved onward until UGM arrived. Their weapons had little effect against the fish, and soon Ultraman 80 was called on. The underwater monster was far larger than 80 and managed to overpower him, and the fact they were in her domain made it even worse. When 80 couldn't stop the creature, the baby Angoras was released. The adult quickly became peaceful when hearing her child's calls, and both adult and baby vanished beneath the water. 1980-11-19 Catch of the Day
Spiderbaban 1980-11-21
ArigiThunder 1980-11-28
Fire-Draco Mutants Fire-Draco. Fire-Draco was a legendary three-headed dragon that was defeated a century ago before the start of Ultraman 80's series. Upon defeat it left behind a stone with three colors. Legend said that it would revive when three chosen ones, representing its three heads, touched the stone which was housed in a shrine. 1980-12-03 Duel of a Dragon
Snakecobran 1980-12-05
Guwaganda Earth Defenders Guwaganda. Guwaganda was originally a stag beetle belonging to Atchan, a fourth grade elementary student who gave said pet to fifth grader Yama-chan. Despite Yama-chan's precaution in keeping the beetle in its cage, his insect-hating mother put the pet outside and it died from exposure to cold temperature. After burying said stag beetle, Atchan's pent up anger generated a pile of Minus Energy that was enough to revive the dead insect into a towering monster, awakening right when Yama-chan was trying to grave-robbing its resting place. 1980-12-10 Guwaganda the Insect Monster
Ganigannii 1980-12-12
Ghostdon Mutants Ghostdon. Also known as Gosedon, is an evil spirit monster, made an appearance in the Nakatsudai area, resulting in a truck driver crashing down from a high road, resulting in him getting injured and another driver getting killed. 1980-12-24 The Psychic Attack
Gyosutoma 1981-01-09
Jihibikiran Earth Defenders Jihibikiran. Originally a sumo boy that lives in the mountains, then becomes a giant monster. It is said that after winning 100 matches, he will go back to sleep for 10-20 years, but, if angered, he will revert into his monstrous form. 1981-01-14 The Great Spirit Celebration
King Galtan Aliens King Galtan. The leader of of the Alien Galagala and Ultraman 80's old enemy. At some point in the past, King Galtan and Zamsher clashed swords in a battle, the former being considered one of the universe's greatest swordsman. While there is no winner mentioned, it was presumably a draw. 1981-02-04 Godzilla vs. Galtan
Delusion Ultraseven Mutants Delusion Ultraseven. A Minus Energy entity that was created from an Ultraseven doll that was owned by Naoto, a soccer-playing boy who was injured by a gang of bikers. 1981-02-11 Attack of.... Ultraseven?
Glovusk Mutants Glovusk. Olague the world in Ultraman 80's era, birthed as just ultraviolet rays was then absorbed into a glove from the sadness and anger of a young man who was frustrated playing baseball. 1981-03-04 The Laughing Glove!
Idatenran Earth Defenders Idatenran. His name comes from from the combination of Idaten and and the transliteration for the English word "run". Idaten is the Japanese name for the Buddhist mythology deity, Skanda, who is known for chasing down speedy demons to recover stolen relics. His name is also popularized in the term "Idaten bashiri", referring to a particular person that runs at a very fast pace. 1981-03-11 The Great Spirit Celebration
Satan Hawk 1981-03-14
Strong Bear 1981-03-14
Hebindar 1981-03-14
Zozongar 1981-03-14
Crazy Tiger 1981-03-14
Plazma and Minazma Earth Defenders Plazma and Minazma. They can fuse with each others back to back. In this form they can withstand multiple attacks from Ultraman 80 without even flinching or take damage. 1981-03-18 The Powerful Minus Energy Kaiju Combat
Margodon Aliens Margodon. A mastodon-like Kaiju and a star freezing alien intent on an assault against humanity was the monster Margodon. Once Margodon came to Tokyo, the mammoth-like monster used his icy mist to cover a large portion of the city in ice. 1981-03-25 Revenge of Alien Grotes
Satan Snake 1981-03-27
Devil Aliens Devil. An Oni that sends his two lackeys, Giant Demon and Water Demon to terrorize humanity in the ancient times of Taiwan. 1982-01-01 Godzilla vs. The Devil
Giant Dragon Earth Defenders Giant Dragon. After the fall of the White Monkey, the massive Green Demon chased down the protagonist down, firing his eye beams randomly at the ground. Soon, the beast came to a cliff and fired his eyebeams at the rocks, awakening a massive dragon from beneath the waves! The demon tossed a boulder as a warning, but the reptilian beast took to the air. Chasing the red haired demon down, and the two fought. The dragon bit down on the ogre's arm, then his neck and finally, shot his own eyebeams at the orge's back, felling the beast and flying into the sky. 1982-01-01 Godzilla vs. The Devil
Water Demon Mutants Water Demon. One of Devil's lackeys that came out from the depths though, a massive aquatic demon rose and sent wave after wave at the hero, who, using his magic sword, stopped the wave and sliced the beast's head off. 1982-01-01 Godzilla vs. The Devil
White Monkey Earth Defenders White Monkey. A protagonist's guardian. When a massive green demon attacked a small castle and it's inhabitants, a lone warrior stood up to him. Summoning a small doll of a monkey, the man threw the toy at the demonic being. First, the doll became a humansized ape, then into a massive monkey! The two began to fight, but the demon was more clever than the primate and after a series of repeated knife edge chops to the white defender's chest, the ape vanished, defeated. 1982-01-01 Godzilla vs. The Devil
Giant Demon Earth Defenders Giant Demon. The Devil's lackey that emerge from a mountain side, the giant demon was sent to fight the hero of Thailand, using his firey breath and eye darts to vanquish anyone in his way. 1982-01-01 Godzilla vs. The Devil
Gamara Monster Mutants Gamara Monster. A toad-like the second BEM Kaiju. Its powers include explosive mouth lasers, rolling into a ball, mouth mist capable of propulsion, invisibility and size growth. 1982-03-12 The Triple Trouble
Oomadako Monster Aliens Oomadako Monster. An octopus-like the sixth BEM Kaiju. Its powers include tentacle ropes with energy pulses, a flying white ball form, eye energy bolts, teleportation and size growth. 1982-04-16 The Triple Trouble
Samurai Ari Monster 1982-04-30
Nijichou Monster 1982-05-28
Armadillo Monster 1982-06-04
Mitsubachi Doubler 1982-08-20
Saber Doubler 1982-09-17
Goshiki Doubler 1982-10-01
Kaibutsu Doubler 1982-11-26
Mold Aliens Mold. The eldest sibling of the Gua Trio, who together with Juda and Gina combine into their original form Gua. He is also one of the leaders of Gua Army. He was defeated by Andro Melos when he and his siblings formed Gua to combat the Andro Super Warrior. 1983-02-28 The Phantom of the Great King
Don Horror Aliens Don Horror. A monstrous six-armed idol-like being who is the leader of the criminal organization Makuu. This powerful villain wants to erase Earth, the obstacle that prevents his conquest of the universe, and is ready to use any means to destroy it. He lives in the Makuu castle which flies in the Makuu domain/tunnel. He is immobile throughout; how he gave birth to a son by Kiba is a mystery that remains unsolved. 1983-03-05 The Triple Trouble
Dol Global Defense Force Dol. A giant robot in the shape of a blue mechanical dragon, whose lower part of Dolgiran called Dol Unite is separated and transformed when Gavan orders it. It has its own consciousness and always support Gavan. There is a cockpit inside, but during combat, Gavan mainly stands above the Dol's head. Gavan uses Dol mostly to destory Makuu's spacecraft but has also been used several times to fight monster that have grown to giant size 1983-03-12 The Triple Trouble
Mecha-Baltan Aliens Mecha-Baltan. A cyborg version of Alien Baltan. Remodeled with several cybernetic enhancements by the Gua Army, Mecha Baltan was sent to battle the Andro Warriors alongside Juda and Zabiden. Mecha Baltan finally died afterwards due to being defeated by the warriors. 1983-03-29 The Hardened Veteran
Wolfman godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Wolfman Mutants Wolfman. A werewolf kaiju with his name simply combines the Japanese words for "wolf" and "man", and is possibly inspired from Universal Studios' Wolf Man character. Unlike the majority of Godzilla kaiju, the Wolfman's name is spelled in kanji rather than in katakana, similar to Toho's Snowman. 1983-10-11 Monsters of Legend: Wolfman vs Godzilla!
Signalion Aliens Signalion. A Terrible-Monster that was owned by Alien Revole that had attacked the Tokyo Signal Cabin. The Terrible-Monster was seen killing the driver. After Revole retreated, he summoned Signalion again. 1973-03-16 Candy Kaiju!
The Generalissimo of Badan Aliens The Generalissimo of Badan. The leader of the Badan Empire who takes the form of a giant skull, he originally appeared after the first ten Kamen Riders' foiling of his Spacetime Rupture System before returning in command of the revived Underground Empire Badan thirty years later, where he revealed his true form as the Gaikotsu Kyoryu. 1984-01-03 The Dragon Skull or No Numb Skull
Tiger-Roid 1984-01-03
Yamaarashi-Roid 1984-01-03
Dokuga-Roid 1984-01-03
Jigoku-Roid 1984-01-03
Tokage-Roid 1984-01-03
Kamaki-Roid 1984-01-03
Amenba-Roid 1984-01-03
Taka-Roid 1984-01-03
Bara-Roid 1984-01-03
Chameleo-Roid 1984-01-03
Kumo-Roid 1984-01-03
Southerngros 1984-01-03
Balibali 1984-03-02
Petpet 1984-03-09
Barabara 1984-04-20
Paspas 1984-05-11
Getogeto 1984-05-18
Roborobo 1984-05-25
Kotokoto 1984-06-01
Arufon Earth Defenders Arufon. Not known much about Arufon but it is known that the monster came from the country of Congo,Africa. Arufon prefers alkaline soil. 1972-07-17 Forest Of Determination
Vanguerrillas Mutants Vanguerrillas. The Vanguerrillas were microorganisms that sucked the blood off of the Amazon natives and lived in a lake near Japan. After more victims came to Vanguerrillas it grew 2 meters and was then stopped by the 10-4 attack team. 1972-08-07 Forest Of Determination
Guriguri 1984-06-08
Gamegame 1984-06-15
Bokeboke 1984-06-22
Girigiri 1984-06-29
Grand King Aliens Grand King. A powerful cyborg kaiju that was created by Juda. Though the first Grand King is a chimeric robot, empowered by the spirits of several opponents previously fought by the Ultras, numerous unique forms of Grand King exist that appear to be entirely new, rather than combinations like the original. 1984-07-14 Godzilla vs. Grand King
Shigishigi 1984-07-20
Surisuri 1984-07-27
Umiumi 1984-08-03
Gasgas 1984-08-24
Deathdeath 1984-09-28
Marimari 1984-11-09
Kagekage 1984-11-16
Daridari 1984-11-23
Comcom 1984-11-30
Guchiguchi 1984-12-07
Satasata 1984-12-21
Muchimuchi 1984-12-22
Hebihebi 1985-01-18
Tsutatsuta 1985-01-25
Daileon Global Defense Force Daileon. The Golden Bird gives it a weapon called the Golden Sword which it uses on Super Satan Gorth complete with its own version of the Cosmic Harley. 1985-03-15 Planet Of Monsters
Marigos Aliens Marigos. It is a Turtle-like Megabeast that can roll into a ball. 1985-03-15 Planet Of Monsters
Hanedar Aliens Hanedar. One of the native monsters from Planet Beezee that ruled the skies. 1985-03-15 Planet Of Monsters
Satan Gorth Aliens Satan Gorth. A being born of the negative energy of the Universe, the great demon god whose revival was foretold in the Galactic Bible with the power to enrage the creatures, turning then in vicious monsters. He was born in the Dark Galaxy and made his way to the Milky Way Galaxy, but before long was foiled by the Golden Bird, a being made of positive energy he greatly fears. Satan Gorth's objective is to create a Megabeast Empire in the Galaxy and rule it from the Earth, more specifically from Tokyo, Japan. 1985-03-15 Planet Of Monsters
Tetsugos Aliens Tetsugos. A MegaBeast found on planet Peace, ironically. The violent monster slumbered under the ice and ground and was awoken by The Sakura Satellite as some sort of protector. Driven insane by Satan Gorth, Tetsugos went on a rampage and was only stopped when Juspion summoned Daileon. After the Sakura Satellite exploded, bringing Planet Peace to an untimely end, Tetsugos' spirit became free to roam the cosmic universe. 1985-03-22 Charge of the Tetsugos
Namagerath Earth Defenders Namagerath. An allied MegaBeast from Planet Dodo who was forced under Satan Gorth's possession before Daileon broke him free of his curse. While possessed he could emit fire from his mouth and was armed with a forehead horn. 1985-03-29 The Giant Flying Dog
Gaios Mutants Gaios. A sea creature MegaBeast. Able to swim, burrow, emit mouth flames, launch his back shell armed with extendable spikes, and emit explosive mouth mist. 1985-04-19 Gaios the Sea Creature Kaiju
Giga Aliens Giga. A Mammoth Mega Beast. Able to travel to other dimensions, had a set of fangs on it's trunk, and was armed with a pair of tusks. 1985-04-26 Junk in the Trunk
Gelgon Mutants Gelgon. A MegaBeast child. Its parent is able to burrow, release fire from his mouth, and could emit body sparks that enabled flight. 1985-05-03 Parenting is Only a Parenting
Rock-Gorilla Mutants Rock-Gorilla. A rocky simian MegaBeast. Able to use its rocky body as armor, could emit tentacles within its body, and could emit mouth mist. 1985-05-17 Rock Going Ape!
Demon-Deviler Aliens Demon-Deviler. An demon/skull MegaBeast. Able to absorb smaller lifeforms and was armed with a pair of horns on its head. 1985-05-24 The Demon-Deviler
Kidama Earth Defenders Kidama. A vengeful Tree Spirit MegaBeast, more specifically, a cedar tree. Able to fly, emit intense cedar pollen from the mouth, burrow by spinning, use ensnaring roots, and could launch explosive spears from the mouth. 1985-05-31 Kidama the Tree Spirit
Pirazar Mutants Pirazar. An ancient piranha MegaBeast. Able to swim, emit pressurized water from the uppermost mouth, and possessed reinforced scales that acted like armor. 1985-06-07 Fight Against Pirazar the Piranha Kaiju
Gamagorath Mutants Gamagorath. A toad-like MegaBeast. In an attempt to rid the world of science and the hopes it brings to the future of mankind, Mad Gallant forces a gaggle of Japan's most respected scientist to drink the slime that Gamagorath produces in the misty swamp of Tsukuba. This caused them to go berserk and attack and destroy their very own research. 1985-06-14 Frogorath the Toad Kaiju
Kabegonta Mutants Kabegonta. A MegaBeast created from a child's comic book when blown onto a stone slab. Able to change sizes, shapeshift via sight, had a sand reducing touch, and teleport. 1985-06-28 Kabegonta the Shapeshifter
UmiKing Earth Defenders UmiKing. A sea MegaBeast. First sighted by a wedding boat, UmiKing was dubbed 'Lake Hamana Nessie', causing Juspion and Anri. It turns out the massive lake dwelling MegaBeast was part of a plot to sink the Japanese Archipelago by Mad Gallant, using it's massive tail to cause earthquakes to disrupt the land. Daileon was summoned to do battle with the giant sea beast, and it's constricting tail proved to be too much for the Combat Giant. Juspion then unleashed the excess energy from Daileon to sever the fish like beast's tail and then used the Cosmic Crash, destroying the threat. 1985-07-05 UmiKing Strikes!
Portsanky Earth Defenders Portsanky. A Triceratops like Mega Beast. Able to burrow and emit explosive mist from his mouth. 1985-07-12 Varan and Baragon vs Portsanky
Dymanian Aliens Dymanian. A robot/tank-like alien that is forced to act like a MegaBeast . Able to use extendable arms that read/wipe minds, fire energy bolts from its antennae, and create giant holograms. 1985-07-19 Robo-Tank's Ambush
Head-Dorimar Mutants Head-Dorimar. A caterpillar-like MegaBeast. Able to become invisible, use suction from his mouth, possessed internal tentacles, burrow, a detachable head on his tail, and emit holograms. 1985-07-26 The Caterpillar Kaiju, Head-Dorimar
Seablur Mutants Seablur. A coral and ship-wreck themed MegaBeast. Able to swim and had a howitzer cannon on each shoulder and an anchor for combat. 1985-08-09 Shipped on a Wrecked
Headstone Aliens Headstone. A tick-looking MegaBeast. Able to emit fire from the mouth and was armed with a pair of Kama. 1985-08-30 Tanks For You Tick
Magnadar Aliens Magnadar. A magnetic MegaBeast. Able to emit an electromagnetic hurricane and use a falcata. 1985-09-06 The Magnetic Kaiju Magnadar!
Spida Mutants Spida. A spider MegaBeast. Able to levitate, teleport, spew webs from her mouth, was armed with spear legs, explosive flashes from the eyes, and could cast illusions. 1985-09-13 A Spider from a Spider
Shishion Earth Defenders Shishion. A lion-like MegaBeast that was tamed by humans. Originally found in a mountain side ravine by a retired animal tamer, an injured Shishion was nursed back to health. Trusting the human who found it, Shishion lead the curious man and his then infant daughter to a large underground cave, where the cub's mother laid, dead. Since then, the man took Shishion in as his own and raised the beast alongside his daughter. After years of hiding, the now huge Shishion was spotted by both Juspion and Mad Gallant. 1985-09-20 Hear the Lion Roar
Profiit Mutants Proflit. An oppose less vampire bat-like MegaBeast. Able to fire electric bolts from the eyes, burrow, had an extendable tongue, and use whips for arms all via his Cash Power. 1985-10-11 Hear the Lion Roar
Donges Mutants Donges. A scarab-like MegaBeast. Able to burrow, has pincer claw hands, emit psychic explosions, possessed head mandibles that emitted energy surges, and could fire energy blasts from the tail. 1985-10-18 Hear the Lion Roar
Borger Aliens Borger. A bull Mega Beast with an extendable elephant-like trunk which absorbed Daileon's energy as well as emit fire from it. 1985-10-25 Kyodaking vs Borger
Sodomon Aliens Sodomon. An illusionist Mega Beast. Able to burrow, emit blinding mist from the mouth, and could create illusions via body numbers. 1985-11-01 The Illusionist of Sodomon
Aiger Aliens Aiger. A stingray Mega Beast. Able to launch a circular saw for the right arm, burrow, had a torso drill, and could replace his left hand with a hammer or wrecking ball. 1985-11-08 Aiger's Sting
Gasler Mutants Gasler. A gasser land-creature Mega Beast. Able to release explosive toxic gas from body and mouth tubes and could burrow. 1985-11-15 Godzilla vs. Gasler
Baloom Aliens Baloom. A balloon-shaped Mega Beast. Able to fly, spawn flying jawed creatures disguised as balloons, and had a balled tail that could release explosive sparks. 1985-11-22 The Kaiju with some Balloonies
Deathchiras Mutants Deathchiras. A destructive submarine-shaped Mega Beast. Able to swim, release depth charges from the mouth, self destructing, and could burrow fast compared to other Mega Beasts. 1985-11-29 The Submarine-Shaped Kaiju
Majin Aliens Majin. A warriorized dark wizard Mega Beast. Able to use a red electrical shield, cast illusions of megabeasts that emit electric shocks, and emit fire from his mouth. 1985-12-20 The Good Magic Against the Bad Magic
Phordon Aliens Phordon. A robotic-built Mega Beast with the shape of a mushroom. Able to use a cannon on its head and fire a missile on each foot. Was later rebuilt with treads replacing its feet and had four wrecking balls and a drill in its head in aid of the original head cannon. 1985-12-27 The Mushroom Robot
Jimushi Aliens Jimushi. An insect Mega Beast. Able to burrow fast compared to most Mega Beasts and was armed with sharp claws. 1986-01-13 Face with the Burrowing Insect Kaiju
Ebizohl Mutants Ebizohl. A lobster Mega Beast. Able to disguise itself as Fake Miya, had a claw for the right hand, and had a fork for the left hand. Its Fake Miya form could jump high, had reinforced teeth, and could release fire from the mouth. 1986-01-20 Secrets of the Deep
Aquarocky Mutants Aquarocky. A fish Mega Beast capable of burrowing. 1986-01-27 Secrets of the Deep
Diagoras Aliens Diagoras. A mirror Mega Beast. Able to create fake diamonds from the skin, burrow, and fire lasers from his tail. 1986-02-10 Mirror, Mirror on the Field
Deathdran Aliens Deathdran. A murdering Mega Beast. Able to burrow, had tentacle hair, possessed a knife for each hand, and could fire energy bolts from the eyes. 1986-02-17 The Burrowing Deathdran
Badelges Aliens Badelges. A giant Mega Beast, despite its giant size Juspion had to destroy it without Daileon's help. Its mouth was armed with a machine gun and could release fire. 1986-03-10 The Final Mega Beast
Wolflar Mutants Wolflar. Wolflar has an orange canine-like face with large orange ears and human-like eyes. His chest and stomach are orange. His body is covered in a black and beige fur. 1973-03-23
Shockirins Mutants Shockirins. A mutated sea louse kaiju that resembles marine arthropods like the horseshoe crab with its multiple legs and hard shell. Its shell has many bumps, and it has a two-pronged spike tail. 1985-08-23 Tokyo Reunited
Baby Kong Earth Defenders Baby Kong. The infant son of King Kong and Lady Kong that naturally looks like an infant gorilla, only he stands about the same height as a normal adult gorilla. 1986-12-19 Rivalry Returns
Lady Kong Earth Defenders Lady Kong. A female giant ape and the mate of King Kong. She closely resembles King Kong, but features a few notable differences, in keeping with her gender. The fur around her head is a reddish color, she has a smaller sagittal crest on the top of her head, and she has more pronounced breasts. 1986-12-19 Rivalry Returns
Totsaurus Mutants Totsaurus. Totsaurus has beige skin covered in bright yellow fur except for the fur atop his head, which is a maroon color. He has very human-like eyes and a strange bird-like beak. 1973-03-17
Dragon Earth Defenders Dragon. A Kaiju and a type of mythological Dragon (presumably) of Japanese mythology. It only appears once in the movie, where it attacks a ship with a crew, which attacks the creature with harpoons. However, Dragon attacked the ship and sank it. 1987-09-26 The Bright of the Moonlight!
Shadow Moon Aliens Shadow Moon. Nobuhiko's alter-ego after being brainwashed by Gorgom. Shadow Moon has roughly the same amount of power and strength as Kamen Rider Black. His primary techniques are the Shadow Punch and the Shadow Kick. 1987-10-04 Shadow Moon Strikes!
Spider Mutants 1987-10-04
High Priest Baraom 1987-10-04
High Priestess Bishum 1987-10-04
High Priest Darom 1987-10-04
Silkworm Mutant 1987-10-18
Flea Mutant 1987-10-25
Goat Mutant 1987-11-01
Eagle Mutant 1987-11-08
Rhinoceros Mutant Mutants Rhinoceros Mutant. Like the animal it based on, Rhinoceros Mutant possesses great strength and durability, able to easily ram into things and even inflict considerable damage on Battle Hopper like nothing and shrug off Kamen Rider Black's melee attacks during their fights. While many of Gorgom' mutants are already formidable enemies whose strength matched only by the Kamen Rider, Rhinoceros Mutant was among the strongest, as it took Black cutting off its horn and later, teamwork with the recovered Battle Hopper for the hero to finally defeat it. 1987-11-15 Rhino on the Loose
Cactus Mutant 1987-12-13
Slug Moth Mutant 1987-12-13
Tortoise Mutant 1988-01-17
Bilgenia 1988-02-07
Chameleon Mutant 1988-03-12
Ammonite Mutant 1988-03-13
Coelacanth Mutant 1988-03-20
Mara and Kara 1988-07-03
Dogfish Mutant 1988-07-09
Fly Mutant 1988-07-31
Whale Mutant 1988-08-28
Jiraishin Global Defense Force Jiraishin. The giant statue of a war god about that was kept within the depths of Mount Kongō. Stands approximately 20 meters (or 66 feet) tall, it serves as the guardian deity of the Pako against the greatest evils. Jiraiya can fuse with Jiraishin and control its movement by transporting himself into its chest. 1988-09-11 Giant monsters All-Out Attack
Sorcerer Behemoth Gohma Aliens Sorcerer Behemoth Gohma. A giant beast that Dokusai managed to revive using a wicked magical skull. He brandishes a spear and fires out flames from his mouth when angry. 1988-09-11 Giant monsters All-Out Attack
Creation King Mutants 1988-10-02
Skullma Aliens 1988-10-23
Skullmasters Aliens 1988-10-23
Maribaron 1988-10-23
Bosgun 1988-10-23
Gatezone 1988-10-23
Gedorian 1988-10-23
General Jark 1988-10-23
Gynagiskhan Mutants 1988-11-06
Mozler 1988-12-07
Org Ninja Dokusai Aliens Org Ninja Dokusai. The leader of the Sorcerers Clan, whose true face is concealed with an Oni mask. Formerly a ninja from the Togakure school who trained alongside Tetsuzan, he attempted to steal the clay map leading to the Pako due to his personal greed, but ended up escaping with only half of the map before he revived the Sorcerers Clan. He begins to demonstrate his true powers and onward, as he shows various skills such as shooting rays of lights from his arms or confusing Jiraiya by changing his face to that of Tetsuzan's. 1989-01-22 Giant monsters All-Out Attack
Deathgaron 1989-02-05
Triplon Mutants 1989-02-12
Musalabisala Aliens 1989-03-05
Emperor Crisis Aliens 1989-08-20
AV-98 Ingram Global Defense Force AV-98 Ingram. The second generation Patrol Labor (or Patlabor) designed manufactured by Shinohara Heavy Industries. The Labor remained in service for many years until the creation of the Peacekeeper. 1989-10-11 The Design of the Robot
AV-98 Ingram 2 Global Defense Force Type-5G/1C Grau-Bear. A military labor produced by Schaft Enterprises Europe. The Grau-Bear possessed enough power to challenge even the police use AV-98 Ingram. 1989-10-11 The Design of the Robot
Type-5G/1C Grau-Bear Global Defense Force CRL-98 Pyro Buster. A fire emergency labor produced by Hishii Heavy Industries and used by the Tokyo Fire Department. To fulfill its main role of extinguishing fires, the Rescue Labor was equipped with a pair of large water cannons on its shoulders that were fed by large water storage tanks on its back. 1989-10-16 The Design of the Robot
CRL-98 Pyro-Buster Global Defense Force Type J-9 Griffon. An experimental labor developed in secret by section chief Utsumi (aka Richard Won) for Schaft Enterprises Japan. The Griffon was a high end proof of concept labor that surpassed all labors during its introduction in 1999. 1989-10-24 The Robot of the Pyromaniac
Type J-9 Griffon Global Defense Force Type M-5 Abraham. A military labor manufactures by Schaft's american branch. Among its primary users is the SSS, schaft's security systems which Schaft private army. Not much of this labor is seen in the anime as several units appear but are quickly defeated. 1989-11-01 The Flight of the Griffon Robot
Type M-5 Abraham Global Defense Force Type M-5 Abraham. A military labor manufactures by Schaft's american branch. Among its primary users is the SSS, schaft's security systems which Schaft private army. Not much of this labor is seen in the anime as several units appear but are quickly defeated. 1989-11-11 The Military Types
Godzilla 1989 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 1989 Earth Defenders Godzilla. In 1989, an animal with at least semi-sapience that stumbles upon human civilization without any malicious intent, only destroying man-made structures or obstacles like buildings when the humans provoke him, or, when dead-set on arriving at a certain location. 1989-12-16 Tokyo Reunited
Grigio Regina Mutants Grigio Regina. Saki encountered Katsumi and Isami while she was going back to Aizen Tech, and she told the boys to leave the planet along with their family. However, they refused, saying that they can find another solution. With no other choice, Saki transformed into Grigio Regina. Grigio Regina easily withstands all of the brothers' attacks, even Ultraman Ruebe's, as she marched on to Aizen Tech to detonate the planet. However, the Leugocyte Crystal suddenly activated and forced her out of her transformation. As Leugocyte freed itself from its prison, Saki could do nothing but watch the destroyer's arrival. 2018-12-08 The Real Battle Has Began
Biollante godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Biollante Mutants Biollante. A terrifying example of mankind's ability to unleash horrors upon the world. The result of anti-monster mutagen experiments gone horribly awry, Biollante is a patchwork mix of human, plant, and monster DNA. 1989-12-16 Tokyo Reunited
Nagira Aliens Nagira. A space kaiju from Planet Wadatuzin. Wadatuzin and Nagira first arried on Earth during the Yayoi period. Since Wadatuzin could not reawaken her spaceship, she and her monster remain on Earth as Wadatuzin teaches the humans to take care of the environment. 1990-04-14 Wrath of Wadatuzin part I
Wadatuzin Aliens Wadatuzin. An alien had arrived on Earth in ancient times and wants to see if humans can perverse their environment. 1990-04-14 Wrath of Wadatuzin part I
Death Carrying Dove Earth Defenders 1972-07-10
Lagon 1972-12-25
Godzillasaurus Earth Defenders Godzillasaurus. In 1944, Japanese and American garrisons battling on Lagos Island during the Pacific War encountered a Godzillasaurus, which proceeded to attack and repel the American forces in order to defend its territory. The dinosaur later collapsed from injuries sustained in the battle, while the Japanese garrison paid their respects to the creature before departing. In a misguided attempt to erase Godzilla from history, a group of time travelers used the ship KIDS to teleport the wounded Godzillasaurus into the Bering Sea where they expected it would die far from nuclear testing. In the 1970's, a Soviet nuclear submarine crashed in the dinosaur's vicinity, the released radiation revitalizing it and transforming it into Godzilla. 1991-12-14 Tokyo Reunited
Mecha-King Ghidorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mecha-King Ghidorah Global Defense Force Mecha-King Ghidorah. It has replenishable taser weapons, which can drain an opponent's energy reserves. 1991-12-14 The Bolt Case of Three-Headed Dragon
Alien Alter Aliens Alien Alter. An evil alien from Planet Atler, Alien Atler came to Earth and took her human disguise. She first hide herself at a greenhouse before her cover was blown due to the alien emitting vague noises. 1974-07-26 Darkness Over Light
Gudis Aliens Gudis. An virus-like alien conqueror, is the one responsible for the destruction of several worlds and species including a failed attempt upon the inhabitants of Earth and the extraterrestrial giants from The Land of Light as well as being the creator and controller of other monsters, often by mutating regular life-forms through his terrible power and influence. 1992-01-04 Gudis's Puppets
Bogun Mutants Bogun. The first of many organisms to be mutated from Gudis's virus, Bogun changed his appearence from that of a tadpole to a gigantic brute rampaging through the United States. 1992-01-04 Gudis's Puppets
Gigasaurus Earth Defenders Gigasaurus. An ancient being living in stasis for millions of years Gigasaurus was frozen under the ice of the arctic until the Gudis virus began to warm up the arctic and Gigasaurus was soon discovered by UMA. One day his icy prison began to slowly melt and his cells began to reproduce at a bizarre rate. As a batch of cells was about to be examined Gigasaurus woke up and increased his size to break out of the storage facility he was held at. 1992-01-11 Eternal Hibernation
Gerukadon Mutants 1992-01-18
Degunja Earth Defenders Degunja. A kaiju who was known as the storm god. He was angered by outsiders who had vandalized its resting place (presumably the Gudis-possessed Stanley), but that it is also behaving unnaturally, likely because it is infected with the Gudis. 1992-01-25 Dust Devils
Barrangas Mutants Barrangas. A monster whom had lived on Earth that had been assimilated to a human by the Gudis known as Stanley (a man who had gone to Mars with Jack when he became Ultraman Great). 1992-02-01 Gudis's Puppets
Super Gudis Aliens Super Gudis. A transformed and empowered version of Gudis that it becomes stronger and more powerful than the original one, in order to defeat Ultraman Great. 1992-02-08 The Revenge of Gudis
Gazebo Earth Defenders 1992-02-15
Goushima Mutants 1992-02-20
Goldar Aliens Goldar. Unlike many other henchmen, Goldar was one of the few who was capable of holding his own against the entire Power Ranger team. As time went by in the series, Goldar's character became less threatening and more comical. He was a dangerous fighter initially, being able to defeat the original team in battle single-handedly. 1992-02-21 Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Giant Aliens Giant. A very brutal and savage monster who enjoyed destroying everything at his path but was also unintelligent, only speaking in roars. 1992-02-21 Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Majaba Mutants Majaba. Born from chemical misuse, Majaba was first sighted by two men by the names of Johnson and Sandman illegally dumping toxic chemicals in drums as the mantis Kaiju attacked a pesticide plant due to the recent drought in the area. 1992-02-22 Godzilla vs. The Insect Kaiju
Bios Mutants Bios. Originally from somewhere in space Bios landed on Earth and was found by Southern University. They wanted Bios to be the start of the bio-technical revolution to save the environment and allow humanity comfort and efficiency. 1992-02-29 The Cyber Plant, Bios
Mighty Minotaur 1992-03-06
Ryugulo Aliens Ryugulo. Hunted on their home planet, Ryugulo and his wife, Veronica, were aliens who came across Earth by chance and descended as meteors. While Veronica took on a human form and engaged the terrestial species actively, Ryugulo hated the Earthlings and disguised himself as a hamburger van instead. 1992-03-07 Godzilla Faces the Shapechanging Life Form
UF-0 Aliens UF-0. UF-0 was a spaceship controlled by an unnamed alien, abandoned on Earth and stored in the 47th storage hangar of UMA. While studying UF-0, UMA scientist Jean Echo gets abducted by an armed extremist group, led by the nihilistic madman Norberg. 1992-03-07 UF-0 the Organic Saucer
Gakuma Earth Defenders Gakuma. The Gakumas were monsters that have lived underground for years, happily eating rock. However, once their home was disturbed by a construction crew who began to take their rock away, the monsters began to rampage to drive off their invaders. 1996-09-14 Post-Traumatic Memories
Kilazee godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kilazee Aliens Kilazee. Alongside Kodalar, Kilazee was called into action by the Earth itself, which sought to rid its surface of humans to restore the natural enviroment. 1992-03-21 Godzilla and the Revenge of the Earth
Kodalar Mutants Kodalar. Along with his companion Kilazee, Kodalar was called upon by the very Earth itself, which sought to rid itself of humankind to restore the natural environment. 1992-03-21 Godzilla and the Revenge of the Earth
King Sphinx 1992-03-27
Dino Megazord godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dino Megazord Global Defense Force Dino Megazord. The combination of the five Dinozords: Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, and Pterodactyl. He also talks like a god. 1992-04-03 Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Gnarly Gnome 1992-04-10
Pudgy Pig Mutants Pudgy Pig. To this day, Pudgy Pig is considered arguably among the most well known monsters in the whole franchise, alongside others such as King Sphinx and the Pumpkin Rapper. 1992-04-17 The Pig That Loves to Eat
Chunky Chicken 1992-04-24
Genie Earth Defenders Genie. A mythical, mysterious and calm individual but was also pure irredeemably evil. He was shown to be highly loyal and faithful to Rita and genuinely served her and helped her to defeat the Power Rangers. 1992-05-08 Three Wishes
Eye Guy Aliens Eye Guy. The Eye Guy was an evil, cruel, sinister, villainous, devious, cold, psychopathic and a calculating monster but was very loyal to Rita and is ready to do anything for her and Zedd. He was also very spiteful, vicious, despotic, unscrupulous, malevolent, and ruthless. In battle, Eye Guy proved to be almost mindless as he spoke almost exclusively in growls and yells but was completely capable and easily wiped them all out. He seemed to have a sense of humor, frequently making pun-based jokes using the words "eye" and "see". 1992-05-15 I Have Knew Eye-Dea
Knasty Knight 1992-06-05
Pineoctopus 1992-06-12
Scorpina 1992-07-03
Dragonzord godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dragonzord Global Defense Force Dragonzord. The Dragonzord is the Zord linked to the Green Mighty Morphin Power Coin. Due to its unique construction and controls among the Dinozords, it was controlled at various points by Tommy Oliver the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, Jason Lee Scott the Red Ranger, Tommy's clone Tom Oliver, and several villains. 1992-07-17 Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Babe Ruthless 1992-07-31
Shellshock 1992-08-07
Spidertron 1992-08-14
Frankenstein Monster Mutants 1992-09-04
Mutitus Mutants 1992-09-04
Titanus Global Defense Force 1992-09-11
Lokar the Terrible Aliens 1992-09-18
Octoplant 1992-10-02
Dark Warrior (monster) 1992-10-23
Samurai Fan Man 1992-11-06
Weaveworm 1992-11-13
Cyclops 1992-11-27
Battra Larva godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Battra Larva Mutants Battra. This larva was awakened by a meteorite in Siberia. Battra swam to the coast of Japan and burrowed, reappearing and attacking Nagoya. 1992-12-12 Trouble With the Lava Monster
Battra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Battra Mutants Battra. Unlike Mothra, Battra sees humanity as a blight on the Earth that must be destroyed if the planet is to survive. 1992-12-12 Trouble With the Lava Monster
Airdolmen Aliens Airdolmen. Airdolmen was used by the Alien Gross in kidnapping a scientist Naoki was escorting. Once the Alien Gross retreated into Airdolmen via its right claw, the robot monster emerged from under the ground to attack Naoki. 1973-04-11 Bombarding Bombs!
Zarudon Mutants Zarudon. A Kaiju uses his powers to teleport and control visiting people with his mind, placing him under their command while the monster is dormant in their dimension so that he can devour them to increase his strength. 1980-07-02 To You With Love
Hatchasaurus 1992-12-18
Goatan 1992-12-25
Polluticorn 1993-01-08
Cyclopsis Aliens Cyclopsis. A giant evil War Zord piloted by Goldar and arguably the strongest enemy that the Power Rangers ever faced. 1993-01-22 Face-to-Face with a Cyclops Robot
Doras 1993-04-17
White Tigerzord Global Defense Force White Tigerzord. Also known as the White Tiger Thunderzord, was the white Mighty Morphin Power Ranger's original Zord and Tommy's second overall. 1993-07-16 Eye of the White Tigerzord
Sasori Gadoras Mutants Sasori Gadoras. The fusion of Venom Scorpion Man and Gadoras to make themselves more powerful in order to fight Monsters and Ultra Warriors by fire explosive bolts of lightning from the horn on his head, can absorb beam attacks by opening up his chest, emit red flashes from his body to cause large explosions, his large claw at the end of his tail, and has a blade at each elbow. 1993-07-21 Gomora and Red King Fights Against the Coalescence Beast!
Fire Rodan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Fire Rodan Earth Defenders Fire Rodan. The transformation of Rodan, his element is the air, the clouds, and the wind-swept mountain peaks that scrape against them. Nesting in the tops of active volcanoes, Fire Rodan is virtually immune to heat and lava-based attacks. 1993-12-11 The Fiery Transformation
Mechagodzilla II godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mechagodzilla II Global Defense Force Mechagodzilla II. Its armor is made of a combination of artificial diamond coating and the super-heat-resistant alloy "NT-1" engineered on orbital satellites, allowing it to completely withstand Godzilla's heat rays. 1993-12-11 RoboGodzilla
Super Godzilla Earth Defenders Super Godzilla. As Super Godzilla, Godzilla's appearance changes. His skin tone changes to an indigo from the original greenish gray, his chest and abdomen region is colored neon green, while below his chest, there is a rib cage pattern that holds his lower abdomen. Also below the chest, there is also a new "core" that has the ability to control energy inside Super Godzilla's body and release it into a powerful blast of energy in the form of a beam with a Godzilla head in the front of the beam. Godzilla's size increases a short amount, as well as an increase in strength due to a growth in muscle mass with two massive spikes sprouting from his shoulders. In the Japanese version of the game, Super Godzilla also has a crest, or crown, on his head, as well as what appears to be tusks above the mandibles. 1993-12-23 Super Godzilla
Bagan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bagan Mutants Bagan. An ancient super kaiju that has a long horn n the edge of its snout. He has pale white skin and a red stomach. It has four claws on both of its hands and five on its feet. It has pointy triangles coming out of its back. 1993-12-23 Bagan vs The Earth Defenders
Machine Beast Mothership Fog Mother Aliens Machine Beast Mothership Fog Mother. An alien in a cybernetic mobile fortress who sent her three oldest children, Garai, Zu, and Agito, to obtain the ideal human sacrifice in order to hatch her tens of thousand of unborn young, which would devour the rest of life on earth. She is also responsible for exterminating the dinosaurs by feeding them for her offspring 70 million years ago. 1994-04-16 Ancient Evil
Agito Mutants Agito. Assuming the form of a middle-aged man, the true form of Agito is the Lizard Man, an alligator monster that uses his teeth, claws, and tail as weapons and can easily climb on vertical surfaces. 1994-04-16 Ancient Evil
Garai Mutants Garai. The oldest of the Fog Mother's children, assuming the form of a young man called Garai. He is called the "Prince" from the Fog Mother. His true form is the Cobra Man, who wields a laser saber, a constricting whip, and can use a ball that can turn into a claw. He preceded to carry out the ceremony while his younger siblings battled J. He eventually took on J himself to keep the sacrifice going, until Berry came to his aid in vain. But with Kana now in the egg chamber and Berry knocked out, Garai absorbed the surrounding mist to assume his true form. Garai was even stronger in this form when Kamen Rider J impaled a sharp object in him. Garai used his ball attack on him. When J got free from it, he used the Rider Kick to knock Garai unto the alter, fatally wounding him. 1994-04-16 Ancient Evil
Zu Mutants Zu. Assuming the form of a young woman named Zu, her true form is the Wasp Woman, armed with the ability to fly with the wings on her head and shoot needles from her hands. 1994-04-16 Ancient Evil
Orochi godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Orochi Earth Defenders Orochi. An eight-headed serpent goddess kaiju. A recurring character in the series and among the most powerful monsters ever to exist, she is essentially a guide for Godzilla as well as being a mentor and friend. Orochi acts as a guide and advisor to Godzilla when he was lost or needed help. 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Amano Shiratori godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Amano Shiratori Earth Defenders Amano Shiratori. A swan deity kaiju that can fly, teleport, and can enchant an area allowing it to levitate or teleport objects in that location. 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Utsuno Ikusagami godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Utsuno Ikusagami Earth Defenders Utsuno Ikusagami. A warrior god that can create Force Field Mirrors, hurl bolts of light, and fire Sun Bolts from his forehead. Then wields the Sword of Karasai and has ability to flight. 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Kumasogami godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kumasogami Mutants Kumasogami. Kumasogami is a large three-eyed humanoid comprising of rock and magma cracks. He is able to morph his body into anything he desires, such as turning his arms into a sword or bow. 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Kaishin Muba godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kaishin Muba Mutants Kaishin Muba. A kaiju created through magic by the evil Muan wizard Sukinowa. Since it was created for the sole purpose of killing Yamato Takeru, the creature didn't have much of a personality outside of bloodlust. 1994-07-09 Desolation of the Eight-Headed Serpent
Dinosaur Earth Defenders 1994-10-10
Fairy Mothra Earth Defenders Fairy Mothra. Also known as simply Fairy, is a tiny divine moth kaiju and it looks like a miniature Mothra, but the patterns on its body look less like Mothra's or Leo's with each new puppet made for it. 1994-12-10 Aliens from Space
M.O.G.U.E.R.A. godzillathemonstrousmission.png
M.O.G.U.E.R.A. Global Defense Force M.O.G.U.E.R.A.. M.O.G.U.E.R.A. was the GDF's first successful anti-monster robot, employing a wide variety of weapons and defensive systems linked by a powerful auto-targeting supercomputer. 1994-12-10 The Heroic Robot Defends
SpaceGodzilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
SpaceGodzilla Mutants SpaceGodzilla. It has an unknown potential for psychic abilities, including telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, mind control, and the manipulation of many basic elements. Space Godzilla can temper crystal towers from the earth around him, which he uses to magnify and focus his psychic energies. 1994-12-10 Aliens from Space
Gadoras Earth Defenders Gadoras. A Kaiju who worked together with the kaijin, Venom Scorpion Man. In a relative normal day in Tokyo, a monster rose from the streets. As tall as a building, the creature smashed its way through the city until Ultraman arrived to do battle. 1993-07-21 Gomora and Red King Fights Against the Coalescence Beast!
Venom Scorpion Man Mutants Venom Scorpion Man. A Shocker Kaijin, part of the evil cyborgs who fight Kamen Rider 1, who worked with Gadoras. 1995-08-01 Gomora and Red King Fights Against the Coalescence Beast!
Alien Flip Aliens Alien Flip. While laughing like Baltan, can appear to become five aliens, or so it seems, and with the help of a blind man, Ultraman Leo will learn how to defeat him. 1974-07-19 Darkness Over Light
Evangelion Unit-01 Global Defense Force Evangelion Unit-01. The first non-prototype Evangelion unit, and is referred to as the "EVA-01 TEST TYPE". It houses the soul of Shinji's mother, Yui Ikari. It is mainly piloted by Shinji Ikari. 1995-10-04 It's Evangelion!
Sachiel Aliens Sachiel. The 3rd Angel and the first one to appear fifteen years after Second Impact. First emerging out of ocean east of Tokyo-3, the Angel makes it way towards the fortified city and engages in combat with Evangelion Unit-01 during its first operational mission. 1995-10-04 It's Evangelion!
Shamshel Aliens Shamshel. The Fourth Angel, the second to attack Tokyo-3, a mere 3 weeks after Sachiel's attack marked the return of the Angels. 1995-10-18 It's Evangelion!
Sahaquiel Aliens Sahaquiel. The Angel is a massive and bizarrely-shaped creature. It has an elongated body, with three eye-like markings (one in the center, surrounded by what appear to be six "eyelashes" and one on either end of the body), and three stem-like growths projecting radially at both ends. Sahaquiel's A.T. Field is comparatively powerful, able to shield the Angel from several N² bombs. It also seems to have an ability to jam satellite communications. The Angel's most devastating weapon is itself: utilizing both kinetic energy and its A.T. Field, it drops pieces of itself onto Earth as bombs. Its core appears as the pupil of the central "eye". It likely dropped pieces of itself instead of its whole mass at first to ensure its final landing would not be a failure and off-course. 1995-10-20 It's Evangelion!
Evangelion Unit-00 Global Defense Force Evangelion Unit-00. The first functional Evangelion unit created, serving as the prototype for the rest of the Evangelion series. It is piloted by Rei Ayanami. 1995-11-01 It's Evangelion!
Evangelion Unit-02 Global Defense Force Evangelion Unit-02. The third Evangelion completed, the first Production Model Evangelion. The design of Unit-02 supposedly rectifies the mistakes made during the construction of Prototype Unit-00 and Test Type Unit-01, making it the first Evangelion built specifically for combat against the Angels. It is piloted by Asuka Langley Sohryu and briefly by Kaworu Nagisa. 1995-11-02 It's Evangelion!
Godzilla Jr. godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla Jr. Earth Defenders Godzilla Jr. A young Kaiju who resembles his adoptive father more closely, with similar body proportions and physical features. However, unlike Godzilla, Junior's skin is green, with a lighter green on his underbelly, his eyes are a light orange color, he has very small dorsal fins on his back, and he stands with a very hunched posture. After absorbing Godzilla's dying radiation and growing into an adult Godzilla, Junior now looks mostly identical to his father. 1995-12-09 Wrath of Wadatuzin part 2
Burning Godzilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Burning Godzilla Earth Defenders Burning Godzilla. In 1996, a nuclear reaction in Godzilla's heart ignited uranium deposits on Birth Island, causing the island, along with Godzilla and his adopted son, to vanish in a fiery explosion. Godzilla soon resurfaced in Hong Kong, now covered in glowing red rashes and called Burning Godzilla. He annihilated the city with his red atomic breath and eventually disappeared out to sea. During a meeting the next day, G-Force discussed Godzilla's appearance. Professor Marvin, an American scientist employed by the United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center, suggested that something had happened to Godzilla's heart, which was essentially a biological nuclear reactor. 1995-12-09 The Waves
Destoroyah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Destoroyah Mutants Destoroyah. It emerged from a crustacean colony from the Precambrian Eon, awoken from its sleep on the ocean's floor by the "Oxygen Destroyer", an underwater oxygen-disrupting agent used to defeat the original Godzilla. 1995-12-09 The Waves
Ghost Godzilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ghost Godzilla Earth Defenders Ghost Godzilla. He was the restless spirit of the very first Godzilla. Ghost Godzilla possessed an atomic ray, with mock images of him showing its charge up. While unfinished, Ghost Godzilla was to become fully transparent, barring his glowing dorsal plates once he began to charge his atomic powers. Ghost Godzilla was able to possess and mutate the body of its host, as seen with its possession of Little Godzilla. Ghost Godzilla possessed Kiryu after hearing the roar of Godzilla. 1995-12-20 Super Powered-Monsters
JJ Jetton 1996-03-01
Alien Benzene Aliens 1996-03-09
Cotton-Poppe 1996-03-09
Amphibitor 1996-03-22
Pharaoh 1996-04-05
Mouthpiece 1996-04-12
Demon Racers 1996-04-19
Zarkorr 1996-04-30
Big Burpa 1996-05-03
Numbor 1996-05-10
Terror Tooth 1996-05-17
Electrovolt 1996-05-31
Delisha Ennivel 1996-06-21
Flamite 1996-06-28
Strikeout 1996-07-05
Translucitor 1996-07-19
Shrinkasect 1996-07-26
Guroro Mutants Guroro. An Iguanodon and aquatic foot soldier of Ururu sent to disrupt a gathering of humans celebrating a new rocket-powered blimp. 1978-01-27 The Acid of the Guroro
VV Gorin 1996-08-02
Clockster 1996-08-09
Crash 1996-08-16
Mad Mike the Pizza Chef 1996-08-30
HH Wasshoishoi 1996-09-06
Golza godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Golza Mutants Golza. Called by Yuzare as "the earth-shaking monster", is an ancient race of Kaiju from the Ultra-Ancient Civilization's time. At first, a single member returned in the present day to attack the to-be-revived giants, and along with Melba, destroyed all but one of the three statues, housing three of the ancient warriors of light. 1996-09-07 Pyramid of Tiga
Melba godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Melba Mutants Melba. Called by Yuzare as "the sky-cleaving monster", is an ancient bird-like kaiju emerged from the side of a mountain on Easter Island during the night and shortly after took off to join Golza in the destruction of humanity. Melba reunited with Golza as Golza was destroying Tiga's pyramid of light and assisted the Kaiju in destroying two of the three statues that resided in the pyramid. 1996-09-07 Pyramid of Tiga
Metallosaurus 1996-09-13
Kyrieloid godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kyrieloid Aliens Kyrieloid. Despite being popularly represented in their physical forms, their true appearances were actually astral versions of Kyrieloid, with the solid form itself being simply how they choose to appear. Though their true home world is unknown, the Kyrieloids had been inhabiting Earth for many millennia, believing themselves to be the architects for both humanity and the planet's future. 1996-09-21 The Stalking Shadow of the Devil! Kyrieloid Appears!!
Crosspatch 1996-10-04
Sealizar Mutants Sealizar. An undead Kaiju that had washed up on the beach by Kitagawa City. 1996-10-05 The Walking Dead!
Torch Tiger 1996-10-11
Gazort godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gazort Mutants Gazort. Originally tadpole-like harmless creatures named Clitters, however, due to exposure of overdose radio waves, they cannibalized each other and took on the said monstrous form to attack the outside world for more food. 1996-10-12 Friend Eating Kaiju!
Flashhead 1996-10-18
Alien Reguran Aliens Alien Reguran. Are a group of aliens from Planet Reguran, the fourth planet of Nemesis Nebula. Alien Reguran has a motif based on salmon fillets. 1996-10-19 The Man from Delta
Wicked Wisher 1996-10-25
Goldgoyle 1996-10-25
Gilanbo Aliens Gilanbo. An ancient evil, each year, she would ascend from her dimension on Halloween Night, disguised as a human in a witch costume. 1996-10-26 Halloween Witch!
Mutant Bees 1996-11-01
Wild Weeder 1996-11-01
Machina Aliens Machina. Machina was an alien monster who called to Earth by Saki, an alien girl who had lived on Earth as far back as the year, 1802 A.D. (and whom Daigo had met as a child before become Tiga.) When a capsule was dug up in a construction site, Saki played a special flute that caused the capsule to emit a beam of light beyond Earth's atmosphere. Receiving the signal, Machina landed in Tokyo Harbor and began his trek to reunite with Saki. 1996-11-02 Godzilla vs. The Guardian Monster
Terrorzord 1996-11-08
Gagi godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gagi Aliens Gagi. A space monster that slept underground an amusement park for a long time and one in Silvergon's Rainbow Underworld. 1996-11-09 This Amusement Park’s Closed
Mr. Goorific 1996-11-15
Evolu Mutants Evolu. An alien mutation entity that first appeared in the form of cells found inside a meteor. Several of Evolu's cells were tested on animals for experimentation, each with the same catastrophic results. When a troubled scientist named Ryosuke Sanada deliberately exposed himself to the mutation in hopes of improving himself thanks to the Evolu's cells allowing its subjects to enhance their own abilities, but it conflicted with his humanity and was always causing pain to Ryosuke as a result. 1996-11-16 Formed or Deformed
Voltmeister 1996-11-22
Leilons Earth Defenders Leilons. Leilons was a sea creature that mutated into a monster from radioactivity from human testing affecting its resting place. Once Leilons was created it began to rampage at an oil plant in the middle of the ocean. 1996-11-23 S.O.S from the Deep
Count Nocturne 1996-11-29
Alien Raybeak Aliens Alien Raybeak. Are ornithoid aliens from the P413 Nebula that came to Earth to capture humans to replenish their planet's slave supply. The alien leader's eyes were red color and his followers' eyes were yellow. They were found and destroyed by Ultraman Tiga. 1996-11-30 The Human Collector
Sharkzord 1996-12-06
Eaglezord 1996-12-06
Catzord 1996-12-06
Mothra Leo Larva godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mothra Leo Larva Earth Defenders Mothra Leo Larva. Born from an egg summoned by Mothra in her old age, Mothra Leo hatched prematurely to help his mother battle the evil Desghidorah after he was unleashed from his ancient tomb. The young larva fought Desghidorah but was severely outmatched. 1996-12-14 The New Leader
Mothra Leo Imago godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mothra Leo Earth Defenders Mothra Leo. A steadfast guardian of the Earth, changing into action whenever the Elias call upon him and fighting until his strength is spent, even against vastly more powerful foes. He is not above doing favors for individual humans as well, letting Taiki and Wakaba ride on him while he restored the Hokkaido rain forest, and clearing a path for the group who explored the Nilal-Kanai Templeto escape. 1996-12-14 The New Leader
Desghidorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Desghidorah Aliens Desghidorah. An alien creature and relative of King Ghidorah that gains power from destroying and feeding off of the life energies of the planets in ravages. It arrived in the Solar System approximately 65 million years ago, and cleansed Mars of life before moving onto Earth, which at the time was inhabited by the Elias and their guardian, Mothra. The resultant battle obliterated the Elias' civilization, but Desghidorah was defeated and locked away in a mystically sealed chamber so no one could ever release him. 1996-12-14 The 3-headed Beast of Destruction
Sukunaoni godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sukunaoni Earth Defenders Sukunaoni. An ancient demon from decades ago that was killed by a samurai named Kagetatsu Nishikida. The warrior finally put the demon down and dismembered his body into six pieces, sealing the demonic warrior below Sakuna Mountain with his sword and a statue. 1996-12-21 Sukunaoni the Two-Faced Demon
Garugaru Aliens Garugaru. A robotic dragon kaiju that can fly and can fire a purple beam called the Shubibin Beam. 1996-12-21 The 3-headed Beast of Destruction
Alien Standel Aliens Alien Standel. Their world and race was divided between the light and dark sides of the world. The Standels can be weakened or killed by light or darkness depending which side they come from. 1996-12-28 Red vs. Blue
Fire Golza godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Fire Golza Mutants Fire Golza. After Melba was defeated by the hands of Ultraman Tiga, Golza fled and soon returned as Fire Golza. This second form of Golza becomes stronger and more powerful than the first one. 1997-01-04 Revival of the Ancient Monster
Maniac Mechanic 1997-01-10
Gobnu Global Defense Force Gobnu. Are robots existed to stop the humans from ever activating the power of the Maxima Overdrive. Variations exists are Gobnu (Vaha), their gigantic combinations, such as Gobnu (Giga), and when combined with elements of their Mechanical Island: Gobnu (Ogma). 1997-01-11 GUTS in Space (Part 1)
Lord Litter 1997-01-17
Deban Aliens Deban. Or acknowledged by his full name Deban da Deban, was an alien who's name is the Japanese katakana format for Turn. If conjoined with its full name, it would be Turn, its Turn 1997-01-25 The Little Mascot
Magnia Aliens Magnia. A monster that came to Earth in a meteor to feed. As its meteor was dormant, Magnia transformed itself into its parasite forms and traveled around in a foggy mist to find hosts to feed the meteor energy. When it feed on humans, it used the small parasitic form of Magnia Parasites. 1997-02-01 Beware the Mist
Weaponizer Mutants Weaponizer. In the vastness of space there exists a planet inhabited by a race of aliens, the Naga. Arrogant and selfish, this race looked at Earth as their own and created two weapons to deal with the plague of man: the Weaponizers. Burying them both and sending two of their agents the Dinosauroids Adam and Eve, whom they created from the DNA of the dinosaurs, down to Earth to uncover and activate the cyborgs. 1997-02-08 Hello There
Silvergon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Silvergon Mutants Silvergon. Silvergon was a monster that dwelled within another dimension known as "The Rainbow Underworld," an alternate dimension where he reigned supreme. Upon noticing a family of humans that wandered into his domain, Silvergon gave chase but luckily for them, Silvergon's poor eyesight caused him to overlook his prey and he turned away. 1997-03-01 Super-Powered Monsters
Obikoboushi Mutants Obikoboushi. In the past three months, Obiko had been sighted, frightening villages at night with his pet, Shadow, by disguising himself as a cook with a street vendor cart while Shadow drags his customer/victim into his cooking pot at his stall. However, out of all victims, the recent one turned up to be a man, who was founded at the mountains outside Hikono village five minutes after his disappearance with his hair turned white and unconscious. 1997-03-08 Darkness of Obiko
SS Sutatanzo 1997-03-14
Jobarieh Mutants Jobarieh. A monster who awoke in a nearby countryside in response to a radio wave disruption. 1997-03-15 One Vanishing Moment…
Alien Natarn Aliens Alien Natarn. The Alien Natarn were allies with another alien race, which later used both Shinjoh and Maya Cruz's bodies. These aliens crashed on Earth, but returned to their planets, leaving one. This alien lived in the body of Maya Cruz, who had just died in a car accident, it took on her identity for several years. Meanwhile, the Natarn had invaded their "allies" planet and destroyed their home planet in the name of revenge from a prior conflict. 1997-03-22 Twin Stars
King Molerat Mutants King Molerat. King Molerat was an average molerat until it mutated after consuming underground waste material that was abandoned by man. King Molerat came to the surface to feed on livestock from a nearby Zoo, but due to the bright sunlight the monster was weakened by its intense brightness and so went to sleep to pass the time. 1997-03-29 Mutant Underground
Shiela Mutants Shiela. Her original name before being mutated was Shilakiit. Once an ordinary cockatiel, Shiela came to exist in her present form after a tragic accident which killed her owner. The monster vowed to get revenge, but was finally granted peace by Ultraman Tiga, and, reunited with the spirit of her owner, departed Earth to find a new home. 1997-04-12 Shiela the Strange Bird
Darklar 1997-04-12
Miraclon 1997-04-12
Kyuranos Mutants Kyuranos. A Vampire Bat monster that had lived and originated in South America. Infecting several humans with a virus that transformed them into vampires, Kyuranos took his vampire vampires and fled to Japan to hide in darkness. 1997-04-19 They Think it's Fanged
Goldras godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Goldras Aliens Goldras. Goldras was a time traveling monster that had been causing chaos throughout Earth's time. His presence was first felt by strange time warps that began appearing all over Japan, one dropping off a ship that had gone missing years ago in the middle of a city. Another warp appeared, dropping off a young woman who Yazumi of GUTS had a past connection with. Goldras continued to try to enter the present time by trying to create a large time storm for him to enter through. All the while, the warps Goldras had created began to suck objects and people from the present and sent them into other times while dropping off more past objects, threatening the spacetime continuum until finally Goldras emerged into the present by his time storm. GUTS came into action and opened fire on Goldras with everything in their arsenal, but nothing could pierce its armored hide. 1997-05-10 Super-Powered Monsters
Alien Manon Aliens Alien Manon. Are a race of aliens that her motif is based on the appearance of a Kabuki actor/player, their faces even resemble well known type of Kabuki masks. 1997-05-17 The Conspiracy Alien
Dethmon 1997-05-24
Faldon 1997-05-24
Galra Earth Defenders Galra. Galra was an ancient monster of the same class as Golza and Melba. He first appeared in the middle of a city in Sector D and proceeded to rampage. 1997-05-31 The Ancient of the Galra
Guardie Aliens Guardie. Long ago, Guardie was the companion of an Ultra who would later become known as Evil Tiga. Much like the rest of the Giants of Light, would find himself solidified in stone with his friend for centuries 1997-06-05 Good vs Evil!
Evil Tiga Aliens Evil Tiga. An Ultra-Ancient Giant of Light that bore a strong similarity to Ultraman Tiga. Originally a good Ultra, he became malicious as a result of the influence of his host, after being awakened in the present day via a forced merger. 1997-06-05 Good vs Evil!
Bakugon Mutants Bakugon. A Kaiju created by the dreams of a stressed man named Ikuta, who was going through relationship issues with his girlfriend. It was then his girlfriend grew distant from him, and loved another man, causing Ikuta to be filled with anger. When cosmic waves known as "Morpheus D" entered Earth's atmosphere, it slowly began turning the dreams of Ikuta about a rampaging monster into reality. 1997-06-07 The Strength of Bakugon
Iludo Aliens 1997-06-14
Grossyna 1997-09-20
Cykor Aliens Cykor. An extraterrestrial reptile kaiju with with four elephant-like legs for walking and a pair of arms sporting crustacean-like pincer claws. It has carapace-like armor, tube-like structures emerging from its back, a four-pronged tail, and a lizard-like head with a wide mouth and long curved tusks protruding from the sides of its mouth, which can open and close like insect mandibles. If its limbs are severed, it can extend long segmented tentacles from the stumps. 1997-07-17 Godzilla vs Yonggary
Yonggary Earth Defenders Yonggary. An ancient reptile kaiju that his name comes from the Korean word for "dragon" (yong) and a monster from Korean legend, Pulgasari. The English spelling of Yonggary's name is inconsistent: materials for his debut film spell his name as "Yongary" with one "g," while materials for Reptilian spell it as "Yonggary" with two "g"s. Yonggary's English name has also been spelled as "Yongkari." 1997-07-17 Godzilla vs Yonggary
Taraban Aliens Taraban. Were monsters that lived peacefully in space. The baby of the monster found itself stranded on Earth when it arrived as a meteor and landed in Sagami Bay. To hide, the baby Taraban camouflaged itself near a railroad in Kamakura to avoid detection from GUTS or anyone nearby. The baby Taraban would continue to hide in the vicinity of the railroad as the alarm made by the Enoden was similar to its mother's call and so continued to reside by it, longing to see its parent again. 1997-07-19 Where is your Mother?
Charija Aliens Charija. An alien who owned a monster named Yanakargie, after Yanakargie was sealed away by a being of light from M78, he came to Earth to looking for a monster to buy in the year 1993. But there was nobody around who sold monsters on Earth. The alien got the idea to go see Eiji Tsuburaya and quickly went to the year 1965 with his time machine. After he arrived in the year 1965, He looked for the Tsuburaya Productions Manager, hoping to buy a monster. 1997-08-09 The Worst of Man
Yanakargie Aliens Yanakargie. In the year 1965, Yanakargie came to Earth pursued by Ultraman. The Ultra sealed the beast at the bottom of a lake in Japan. Thirty-one years later, an alien by the name of Charija travelled to Earth to find or buy a new monster. Unable to find a kaiju, Charija used a device to travel back to 1965. There he released Yanakargie from his wet tomb. 1997-08-09 The Worst of Man
Zoiger Mutants Zoiger. called by Yuzare as "the evil wings that burn off the ground" is a kaiju and Gatanothor's humble servant. 1997-08-16 The Ruler of Darkness! Gantanothor Appears!!
Gatanothor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gatanothor Mutants Gatanothor. Called "the great darkness" by Yuzare, is a powerful Kaiju is responsible for the annihilation of the ancient humans that roamed the planet millions of years ago, having surfaced from the mythical city of R'lyeh. After covering the world with perpetual darkness, Gatanothor's reign of terror affected all life on the planet. But when the age of darkness neared its end, Gatanothor, along with its followers (called Zoiger) went into the ancient city of R'lyeh island and hibernated. 1997-08-23 The Ruler of Darkness! Gantanothor Appears!!
Darambia godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Darambia Aliens Darambia. The first of the Kaiju created by Sphere, and is also the first enemy that Ultraman Dyna fought. It was created after the Spheres assimilated with mars minerals. 1997-09-06 A New Light That Protects the Earth! Ultraman Dyna!!
Sphere Aliens Sphere. Sphere first appeared when Training Squad ZERO were having their first outer space training, in which Asuka got the highest score and successfully tagged Kariya and Ryo. The Spheres then proceeded to attack the minor auto-pilot station that they were around and were later driven away. However, they gunned down Asuka's GUTS Wing 1 and had Asuka meet the mysterious light while in space. 1997-09-06 A New Light That Protects the Earth! Ultraman Dyna!!
Giralen Mutants Giralen. The second Kaiju created by Sphere. It was created when one of the Spheres went to Earth and assimilated with a nearby lava. 1997-09-13 A New Light That Protects the Earth! Ultraman Dyna!!
Daigerun godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Daigerun Earth Defenders Daigerun. A carnivorous Kaiju that was was originally an underground monster that burrowed around many areas in order to eat cattle. However, due to Geofrontier LLC's new super oscillatory beam that was created for the construction of underground cities, Daigerun was annoyed and infuriated by the pulse of the beams and thus began to circle the city where the beams were at work. 1997-09-27 Beware of the Carnivorous Monster
Ligatron Mutants Ligatron. A monster that was created when the organism it originally was came into contact with the Earth Shuttle, Jupiter 3. Taking control of the shuttle and the crew that was within it, Ligatron was formed and headed back to Earth in search of energy to feed on. Ligatron's first attack was on the shoreline of the Stellar Development Department, where it ravaged the research facility while it began consuming its supply of energy. 1997-09-28 Godzilla vs Ligatron
Shieldron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Shieldron Mutants Shieldron. An insectoid Kaiju who mutated into a thick, oil/chemical drinking beast. Another Shieldron, Clone Shieldron, was a clone of the original Shieldron who appeared in the island along with Clone Silvergon and Neosaurus. 1997-10-04 Detective Sildron!
Fohgus Mutants Fohgus. A Kaiju and an abnormally evolved specimen of a family of mushroom, the specimen, termed Fohgus, evolved the capability of giving itself human forms, intelligence, and more. The creature waited until time was right and smashed its vines out from under the city of Koizumi and controlled the entire city via the tapping of the internet. Fohgus is a term in British English that means "Poisonous Mushroom". 1997-10-11 Temptation
Gyabish Aliens 1997-10-18
Bao-on Aliens Bao-on. An alien monster who arrived to Earth in a meteor. After landing by a mountainside near a village, Super GUTS arrived on the scene to investigate the mysterious event of people randomly falling asleep nearby the village. Bao-on finally arose once the townspeople awoken and quickly put them and Super GUTS back to sleep with his sleep roar. 1997-10-25 The Hypnotized Monster
Gororin Mutants Gororin. A cactus ball kaiju that has very sharp needles that can detach and fire off of its body and storms down on to its opponents. 1997-11-06 The Cactus Monster
Dexador godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dexador Earth Defenders Dexador. Originally one of the three monsters used by the Zenekindarl people to conquer the prehistoric Earth, Dexador was sealed into a ground painting after his purpose was fulfilled, but was also forgotten by time when the Zenekindarl people went extinct, going into complete hibernation along with his comrades. 1997-11-08 Impact Site
Zenekindarl people Aliens Zenekindarl people. Once a race that ruled Earth in an untold age, the Zenekindarl eventually died out by unknown means, leaving behind only their geoglyphs in the Andes and a Clone-Creating Device. Centuries later during the time of Dyna, it was found by Dr. Akizuki, an archeologist who specialized in geoglyphs. The professor returned home with inadvertently creating three clones of the ancient race, who held him and his wife and daughter as prisoners while they prepared their attempts to wipe out mankind. 1997-11-08 Impact Site
Mons-Ahgar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mons-Ahgar Aliens Mons-Ahgar. A biological weapon created by a race of extinct aliens and kept in a blue capsule. These aliens kept their weapon of mass destruction on a comet by the name of Meranie. The aliens then used a few artificial engines to create the illusion of lush forests and pure air to lure other aliens in and eliminate them with Mons-Ahgar, thus creating an intergalactic war before being deceased. 1997-11-15 Planet of Illusion! Dyna vs. the Destructive Beast!!
Mukkito Earth Defenders Mukkito. A small and cuddly kaiju that first and only one to appear was named Hanejiro by Super GUTS. He first appeared in episode 11, and left the show at the end of episode 47. After that, the Mukkito have appeared in many other sequels or just makes his appearance disguised as a toy. 1997-11-15 Planet of Illusion! Dyna vs. the Destructive Beast!!
Himala Aliens 1997-11-22
Garaon Global Defense Force Garaon. A three-headed face used by the three Alien Mijir to conquer other planets and use them as colonies. Garaon was designed as a monster with three faces atop a 344-meter body. The parts had protective covers slipped on and were secretly shipped to the abondened toy factory for the aliens to construct and conquer Earth. 1997-11-29 Combat with the Three Faced Robotic Monster
Alien Nuaza Aliens Alien Nuaza. Are a race of aliens. However, the only member of this race to appear in Ultraman Dyna was the last emperor of the race, Eshilis. Eshilis later reappeared as an illusion in Moravia's Phantom Monster Army. 1997-12-06 Trip To Egypt
Ghogo godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ghogo Earth Defenders Ghogo. A fairy kaiju has a long yellow-white fur coat which covers his whole body except for his eyes, antenna and claws. He has big white eyes, also with large black pupils, with an antenna on his head that takes roughly a fourth of his total height. He moves constantly by hopping, with feet similar to chickens' claws. 1997-12-13 Battle of the Pacific
Barem Mutants Barem. They are a pollution-byproduct kaiju that were created as a byproduct when Dagahra absorbed pollution. They were even more toxic than the pollution itself, and were what killed the Atlanteans. When Dagahra was re-awakened, he began producing more Barems. 1997-12-13 Battle of the Pacific
Dagahra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dagahra Mutants Dagahra. A pollution-consuming kaiju that was created by the ancient Nilai-Kanai civilization in order to clean up its pollution, Dagahra instead released poisonous starfish called Barem that overran and destroyed the civilization. Dagahra reemerged in the modern day due to increased levels of environmental pollution, but was confronted by Mothra Leo. Dagahra defeated Mothra Leo, but the Nilai-Kanai's other surviving monster creation Ghogo sacrificed itself to revive Leo and transform him into Rainbow Mothra. Rainbow Mothra finally defeated Dagahra by transforming into Aqua Mothra, then splitting apart into countless Micro Mothras and destroying Dagahra's internal organs. Dagahra subsequently exploded along with the Nilai-Kanai Temple, destroying every last trace of the civilization. 1997-12-13 Battle of the Ocean
Neosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Neosaurus Earth Defenders Neosaurus. An ancient, villainous dinosaur-like monster that was created thousands of years ago by an ancient society in Antarctica. Originally a guardian monster, Neosaurus eventually turned on its creators and started to attack until it was stopped and imprisoned by Ultraman Dyna. For many millennia, it remained locked away until a monster battle between two monsters freed it. 1997-12-20 Attack of the Hyper-Clone Monster
Gyanzar Aliens 1997-12-23
Bishmel Mutants Bishmel. Three high school girls, Erika Honjou, Mizuki Kuno and Saya Nagase had associated themselves with witchcraft and used it to create an evil spirit named Bishmel. The trio used it to exact their revenge on any student that rejected them. 1998-01-10 The Girls Who Listen To Darkness
Kokakucho Earth Defenders Kokakucho. A monster that was actually a sentient cloud of plasma which took the form of its spiritual namesake and first appeared in the dream of Mayumi, reminding her of the death of her boyfriend at the hands of Gazort. The monster made herself known in the center of the Chinese Mainland, heading straight towards Tokyo while destroying Chinese power plants. 1998-01-17 The Birth Of Medusa!
Alien Lasesta Aliens 1998-01-24
Sodom Earth Defenders 1998-01-31
Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar Global Defense Force Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar. A robot clone of Jet Jaguar that is depicted by a 1993 Bandai Jet Jaguar figure painted completely red, with the exception of its black eyes. When it is not equipped with a fire hose, it carries a matoi on its back. 1998-02-05 FIRE! FIRE! Fire Figher Jet Jaguar!
Mozui Mutants Mozui. Four centuries ago, the Soldiers of Tsukuyo sealed Mozui in the "Pond of Ice", and every time before they left for battle, they hailed Mozui as their protector, and concentrated their fear in a rock and then threw the rock into the "Pond of Ice", giving it to Mozui, who then consumed them. However, the soldiers realized that being fearless means being with a "soul", thus being donated to violence and destruction. Mozui was then sealed in another "Pond of Ice" and buried underground, never to be seen again. The Soldiers then disappeared as well. 1998-02-07 The Great Spirit Celebration
Diplas 1998-02-14
Maricula Aliens Maricula. Are marimos (seaweed/algae balls) that mutated after a cosmic ray meteor entered their lake. After Super GUTS' interference, all the lifeforms combined into a larger form, but was destroyed by Ultraman Dyna. 1998-02-21 The Vampiric Maricula
Anemone Mutant 1998-02-21
Reicubas Aliens Reicubas. A biological weapon used by Sufume. Reicubas was released just as Dyna appeared to rescue to moving base from Sufume. After a short battle, Reicubas and Dyna emerged onto the surface of Antarctica and began a new confrontation. However, Dyna was weakened by the cold and was also distracted by Sufume's threats of crashing the Man-Made Sun onto Earth. Reicubas quickly gained the advantage and froze Dyna, causing Asuka to fall into a unconscious state from the cold and Dyna's color timer to blink. 1998-02-28 Dyna Defeated!? The Clarkov Will Not Surface!
Sufume Aliens Sufume. A space monster that created a crisis at Ice Castle, a facility meant to keep the waters cool to combat the effects of Global Warming. 1998-02-28 Dyna Defeated!? The Clarkov Will Not Surface!
Digon Aliens Digon. Sufume's servants are like aggressive and ancient gill-man creature. As the maintenance crew tried to escape more Digons made themselves known and quickly killed them except for one of them that managed to escape just as the base was about to blow up. 1998-02-28 Dyna Defeated!? The Clarkov Will Not Surface!
Bazob Aliens Bazob. A monster from space that attacked the Super GUTS's Helios Solar Space Station, devouring it and flying towards Earth. As Super GUTS arrived, they encountered the electric field and was slapped aside by Bazob, who was hungry for electricity and decided to pay Earth a visit. 1998-03-02 Fallen Home
Deathfacer Aliens Deathfacer. A robot servant of the Alien Monera. Originally a TPC battleship Prometheus, it was manipulated by the said aliens to become their ultimate weapon. 1998-03-14 Battle Between Two Machines
Geranda Aliens Geranda. Geranda was a monster sent by the Alien Monera as a decoy in their attempt to conquer Earth. Geranda was their first part in their plan and was seen in battle against Super GUTS. The battle between Geranda and Super GUTS was evenly matched until Ultraman Dyna arrived to stop the monster, taking the battle to the Moon's surface. Both monster and Ultra seemed evenly matched in strength and abilities, until Geranda was destroyed by the TPC's new weapon (secretly under the Monera's control): the Prometheus. 1998-03-14 Fallen Home
Queen Monera Aliens Queen Monera. Originally Alien Monera are a group of intelligent aliens whose nefarious motif is to invade Earth. While aboarding the spaceship Monera Seed, they finally appeared and fuse themselves with their spaceship to form the gigantic Queen Monera. 1998-03-14 Fallen Home
Alien Chern Aliens Alien Chern. An alien that made his way to Earth, Alien Chern first made his presence known, attacking Shin Asuka in his human form and throwing him. The alien decided after a short hand to hand fight to show his true self and Asuka shot him several times, but the energy blasts went straight through him, leaving him unharmed. 1998-03-14 A Monster Video Game
Demagorg Mutants Demagorg. Demagorg is a video game monster created by a boy and is secretly controlled by the Alien Chern. The Chern made a video game called "Giant Monster Coliseum" which features Demegorg as one of the characters another can create. 1998-03-14 A Monster Video Game
Gigantes Earth Defenders Gigantes. Are massive apes that are originally, they are a race of gigantic Australopithecus that have gone extinct 1 million years ago as the two last member male and female survived till today. 1998-03-21 Gigantopithecus Forest
Gaigareid Aliens Gaigareid. A monster from space who travelled in the form of a comet. Its course was set on a collision course for Earth, but as detected by Super GUTS's base on the moon. With a diameter of 200 km, it had to be destroyed near the outskirts of the solar system or its debris could still rain down upon the earth. With no alternative of getting there in time, Shin set out in the Plasma Type 100 spacecraft used for breaking the speed of light in order to stop the course of Gaigareid. 1998-03-28 Threat of Sphere! Disappearance of the Solar System!!
Gregore Aliens Gregore. A polymorphic alien and member of a family of extra-terrestrial fighters who traveled the universe seeking opponents to challenge to a battle. Gregore arrived on Earth with the intention of challenging, then defeating Ultraman Dyna. He copied Dyna's form in attempt to even the odds, but was ultimately defeated and left after admitting his defeat. 1998-04-11 Dyna vs Dyna
Alien Fabiras Aliens 1998-04-01
Geomos Aliens Geomos. A Kaiju that he transformed into Neo Geomos to become more stronger than ever before. Originally a Sphere fragment from Pluto which took the form of a smile facial expression, it assimilated with one of Clarkov NF-3000's Neo Maxima Engine and nearby rocks from Mount Rokkō to become Geomos. 1998-05-09 Osaka Great Decisive Battle! Defeat Neo Geomos!!
Yumenokatamari Mutants 1998-05-23
Bundar 1998-05-30
Mountain Gulliver 5 Global Defense Force Mountain Gulliver 5. A robot used by Super GUTS to combat a Space Pirate threat. However, the whole event was all a figment of Asuka's dream, and therefore the robot, presumably, isn't real. 1998-06-27 Dispatch the Giant Robot! Mountain Gulliver 5!!
Pulgasari Earth Defenders Pulgasari. Or Bulgasari is a legendary creature from Korean mythology. He resembled a a bull. He is exceedingly tall, and has a muscular body reminiscent of the Minotaur. He has long horns, and dark fur covering his body. His belly also appears to be protected by plates of gold-colored armor. 1998-07-04 Godzilla vs Pulgasari
Kraa 1998-07-09
Graikis Aliens Graikis. A Kaiju who was created when a Sphere assimilated with Ice Venus, artificial bacterias developed by TPC as part of terraforming Venus. 1998-07-11 What Kindness Can Amount To
Torongar 1998-07-18
Moravia Aliens 1998-07-25
Terranoid Aliens Terranoid. A man-made Ultraman that was created by TPC staff Gondo Kihachi who decided to restart the frozen Project F, which was to create a man-made Ultra from the remains of Tiga's companions. He was later corrupted by Spheres and morphed into Zeluganoid. 1998-08-15 A New Shadow! Zeluganoid Appears!!
Super C.O.V. godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Super C.O.V. Aliens Super C.O.V. C.O.V.'s race along with Pazuzu's originate from Star (Planet) M91, where the Radical Destruction Bringer harvested them for their invasion of Earth. 1998-09-05 The Cyborg Vanguard
Vision Dragon Aliens Vision Dragon. When Gamu Takayama was proceding in a virtual reality experiment, to discover the will of the Earth, he briefly encountered the mysterious glowing red giant, Ultraman Gaia, at the end of a tunnel of light. He witnessed a fierce battle between Gaia and the snake-like Dragon, inside what appeared to be the center of the Earth itself. Gaia eventually used his finishing move, the Photon Edge, completely obliterating the Vision Dragon before making contact with Gamu. 1998-09-05 Brave Stand! Ultraman Gaia!!
Mimos Mutants Mimos. Originally a computer virus, called Crisis Ghost, created by Queen Mezard that infected the photon computer Crisis, which was designed by Hiroya Fujimiya (Ultraman Agul's host). Crisis Ghost went berserk during the arrival of the giant Kaiju Zoruim. After Crisis' systems were frozen, Crisis Ghost transferred its content to the internet and transferred itself into the remains of the alien lifeforms Apatee and Alguros that GUARD had retrieved placed in a research building, and created his physical from. 1998-09-05 Brave Stand! Ultraman Gaia!!
Geel godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Geel Earth Defenders Geel. A Kaiju who was the second threat to be destroyed by Ultraman Gaia. He was drawn to the city and emerged from underneath the city and began to all destroy he saw around him. 1998-09-12 Geel Rampage!
Apatee Aliens Apatee. A kaiju and the first of the Metal Organisms to attack the Earth. 1998-09-19 The Village Under Attack
Mezard Aliens Mezard. Also referred to as Wave Life-forms, are a species of Kaiju. The Queen Mezard is the one responsible for the implanting a computer virus on Hiroya Fujimiya's super computer Crisis. 1998-09-26 Something from Beyond
Bokurag Mutants Bokurag. A monster with most of his body mass is made up of sea water, making it undetectable to radar. 1998-10-03 Another Giant
Gan-Q godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gan-Q Aliens Gan-Q. An inter-dimensional creature and an unorthodox Kaiju that initially appeared as an eyeball-themed monster with no sort of origin. Later at some point in the series, it was revealed to be a manifestation of an ancient sorcerer Kijuro Mato, wanting to harvest the power of the Radical Destruction Bringer. 1998-10-10 Contemptuous Eye for an Eye
Tenkai Global Defense Force Tenkai. The first of the three Nature Control Machines that it's purpose was to cleanse the atmosphere, being the first step of Earth's repopulation. 1998-10-17 To See That Blue Sky
Crabgan & Anemos Mutants Crabgan & Anemos. A Kaiju that is originally two of the Kaijus. When they become weak, they fused together and it became Crabgan & Amenos to become more stronger than before. 1998-10-24 One Crabby Day
Rezaito Aliens Rezaito. Coming from space, Rezaito landed on earth and damaged buildings and stranding people. XIG found out because of its spinning it was going to hit oil pipe lines under the city and because of his heat will blow up and cause a "China Effect' on Earth. 1998-10-31 Godzilla vs. Rezaito
Mizunoeno Dragon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mizunoeno Dragon Earth Defenders Mizunoeno Dragon. A monster with eight heads on the back of his tail, he can do Water Manipulation (Travel Sphere and Barrier), Violent Collision Light, and he can make Super Psychokinesis. 1998-11-14 The Water Dragon’s Capital
Wolf Gas Aliens Wolf Gas. Are alien creatures that appeared n Earth from space after arriving in a small capsule, and was eventually returned back to outer space by Ultraman Gaia. Months later, unidentified aliens brought several cyborg versions of the Wolf Gas creatures, known as Wolf Fire, to Earth as a means to abduct and study humans. 1998-11-21 Strange! The Evaporating Wolf
Balkzardan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Balkzardan Earth Defenders Balkzardan. It releases electric blasts from its tusks, charges its entire body with electricity and can travel at Mach 3 on land. 1998-12-03 Balkzardan Charge!
Barugaron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Barugaron Aliens Barugaron. A vampiric space kaiju that is very dinosaurian, and it has a slight resemblance to Godzilla. It has three claws on its hands, two on its feet, and many horns on its face and some spikes on its knees, as well as a row of spikes on its back, all of which are yellow. 1998-12-03 Balkzardan Charge!
Jyarumu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Jyarumu Mutants Jyarumu. A kaiju that looks like a dinosaur, and has two strong forelegs with two gliding wings attached to them and two smaller hind legs. It also has a knife-like protrusion on its head, a spike on its back, and a small tail fin. 1998-12-03 The Flight of Jyarumu
Razin godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Razin Mutants Razin. An armored-plated kaiju that has an opening in his armor in front of his chest, similar to Destoroyah, Biollante, or the Mother Legion 1998-12-03 Varan vs. Razin
Seagan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Seagan Mutants Seagan. Because of its aquatic nature and close resemblance to Gigan, Seagan's name may come from combining the word "sea" with Gigan's name. Seagan resembles Gigan, sporting scythe hands, spikes on its backs, and a similarly-shaped head. 1998-12-03 The Sea War Part 1
Vagnosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Vagnosaurus Mutants Vagnosaurus. An ancient kaiju that is completely yellow, and has black claws. She has strong forelegs and lacks hind legs, using her tail in their place. Her tail resembles that of a lobster, and various tentacles emerge from it, similar to Biollante's tendrils. 1998-12-03 The Sea War Part 1
Antimatter Aliens Antimatter. A Kaiju that emerged from a wormhole near the Trojan asteroid belt. Scientists from around the globe tried to think of a way to prevent the strange Kaiju from coming to Earth and Team Falcon was launched only for their attacks to fail. Antimatter quickly turned a large portion of Tokyo into his personal palace, making everything in the force field become anti-matter. 1998-12-05 The Shield of the Alien
Mothrapleura Earth Defenders Mothrapleura. They're the Cretaceous divine moth kaiju. Although their imago form is never seen, the Primitive Mothras resemble most other examples of a Mothra larva. However, their skin appears to be much thicker and bears what seems to be armor plating. Unlike modern Mothras, the eyes of a Primitive Mothra do not glow, but are blue in color. 1998-12-12 Tokyo Reunited
Cretaceous King Ghidorah Aliens Cretaceous King Ghidorah. Grand King Ghidorah's younger form, Cretaceous King Ghidorah, has dull gold-colored skin. The necks are relatively short but thick and are covered in bright gold spines, while the his three heads are proportionally larger than in previous designs. In keeping with the other ancient monsters who appear in the film, Cretaceous King Ghidorah is designed to look more primitive and fierce. Cretaceous King Ghidorah also draws on features from theropod dinosaurs, as seen in the suit's legs and faces. 1998-12-12 Ghidorah's Wrath
Grand King Ghidorah Aliens Grand King Ghidorah. This powerful King Ghidorah is an evil space monster, and first invaded Earth millions of years ago during the Cretaceous. King Ghidorah returned to Earth in the present day to feed on the life forces of human children, trapping them all inside a gigantic dome in the forests around Mount Fuji. Rainbow Mothra attempted to stop King Ghidorah, but was soundly defeated. Rainbow Mothra traveled back to the Cretaceous period and battled King Ghidorah's younger and weaker form, seemingly killing him by dropping him into an active volcano. When Rainbow Mothra returned to the present day, King Ghidorah reappeared and continued his reign or terror. Rainbow Mothra then transformed into Armor Mothra and destroyed King Ghidorah. 1998-12-12 Ghidorah's Wrath
Deents Mutants Deents. A Kaiju that went went on a "killing" spree, liquefying humans for their energy but keeping them alive. Originally, they were spawned from their leader, Mother Deents. 1998-12-12 Godzilla and Kiryu vs. Deents
Alguros Aliens Alguros. Alguros, like Apatee, is a Metal Organism created by the Radical Destruction Bringer to bring destruction to Earth and humanity, but this time, Alguros was made for another purpose: destroy the "Place of Agul", which also serves as Hiroya Fujimiya's power source. After appearing from space in the form of huge metal spikes, Alguros quickly formed himself and began to proceed to the "place". 1998-12-19 Metal Organism! The Shapeshifting Alguros!
Zonnel Earth Defenders Zonnel. A Kaiju that was awakened by Hiroya. Awoken and placed under control by Hiroya Fujimiya, also known as Ultraman Agul, this massive beast was led to the surface to destroy Diglobe. X.I.G. 1998-12-26 The Walking Bomb Crisis
Super Pazuzu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Super Pazuzu Aliens Super Pazuzu. A bull-themed kaiju's race race along with C.O.V.'s originate from the star M91. 1999-02-06 Wings of Stones
Gomenos Earth Defenders Gomenos. Alternatively called Ganemos, is a monster that was the subject to mind-control by Dr. Inamori. A second one later appeared to fight against Zog and the Dobishis. 1999-02-13 You Dig It, You Rang?
King of Mons godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King of Mons Mutants King of Mons. A Kaiju created by a boy's greedy desire for the strongest Kaiju. Despite its subtitle, King of Mons is not a monster born from fusion, but his clay model uses parts "loaned" from Basiliss and Sculla, the latter two would be spawned at some point in the show. 1999-03-06 Super Monster Battle
Basiliss godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Basiliss Mutants Basiliss. When King of Mons was winning in battle against Ultraman Gaia, he summoned forth the monsters Basiliss, from the back, and Sculla, from the chest, to assist him in the battle to triple-team the giant and turn the tide of battle even more. Together all three monsters triple-teamed Gaia and the battle became impossible for Gaia to win. 1999-03-06 Super Monster Battle
Sculla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sculla Mutants Sculla. When King of Mons was winning in battle against Ultraman Gaia, he summoned forth the monsters Basiliss and Sculla to assist him in battle to triple team the giant and turn the tide of battle even more. (Sculla was spawned by King of Mons's abdomen.) Together all 3 monster triple-teamed Gaia and the battle became impossible for Gaia to win. 1999-03-06 Super Monster Battle
Satanbizor Aliens Satanbizor. An alien member of what Gamu Takayama described as Spirit Parasites. Former Alchemy Stars Klaus Eckart learned made contact with the Radical Destruction Bringer and he was offered power if he allied himself with the RDB. Klaus created a small Transmission Diode that was used by Σ-Zuigul when it captured Gamu to hack into his XIG-NAVI wacth, which gave him visions of Satanbizor in his dreams. 1999-03-06 Oh Yeah Teamwork!
Enzan Global Defense Force Enzan. The second of the three nature control machines that appeared in the series, Ultraman Gaia. According to Shinryoku, Enzan's purpose was to melt the ice caps and prevent the new inhabitants of Earth from suffering an ice age, the second step to repopulating Earth. 1999-03-20 Heat Wave
Rukulion Earth Defenders Rukulion. Also known as Ruku, is a monster that travels around with a floating city called Uqbar. 1999-03-27 The Guardian is the Only Guardian
Gokigumon Mutants Gokigumon. Coming to Earth with nesting in mind, this massive insect-like beast landed in the heart of one of Japan's major cities and quickly transformed a large building into a nest for itself and its future babies. 1999-04-03 Don't Burn the Nest!
Iris godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Iris Aliens Iris. An ancient Gyaos mutation kaiju who shares some sort of genetic connection to his arch-enemy Gyaos. A legendary demon referred to as the "Ryuseicho" by residents of Asuka in Nara, Japan, Iris was sealed away long ago inside a small shrine outside of a village. Iris remained inside a stone egg within the shrine for countless generations until it was discovered by a young woman named Ayana Hirasaka, who held an intense hatred of Gamera because she believed it killed her parents. Ayana's hatred caused her to form a bond with Iris, which hatched from its egg and began growing rapidly until it reached the size of Gamera himself. Iris followed Ayana to Kyoto and attempted to kill Gamera for her, then tried to forcibly merge itself with her. Gamera rescued Ayana from the beast, then destroyed Iris by plunging his flaming arm into a wound on its chest. 1999-04-06 Revenge of the Southern Guardian
Syazac Earth Defenders Syazac. Living deep within the wilderness of the Canadian province of Alberta and viewed as a god by the native Canadians, Syazac lived in peace with the rest of mankind until its presence became known. 1999-04-24 Face with the Legendary Mystical Beast
X-Savarga Aliens X-Savarga. X-Savarga appeared from a wormhole that Hiroya Fujimiya made to attack the XIG airbase using Gaia V2's Photon Crusher which was a copy of attacks that was used to awaken and summon Zoruim, but something went wrong and the monster attacked Hiroya, but Ultraman Gaia blasts his hand and saves Hiroya. 1999-05-15 Fired?
Tigris Earth Defenders Tigris. A species of Kaiju that he and Mizunoeno Dragon ruled the Earth, which the dragon controlled the water and the tiger took the land and slumbered underground. 1999-05-29 The Ground Guardian Rises Again!
Pazgeek Aliens Pazgeek. Arriving to Earth in a slew of energy rings, Pazgeek challenged the GUARD Geo Base. The alien beast was met by a barrage of missiles, but the creature fought back with its energy balls. To make matters worse, a child from a recent tour of the Aerial Base was stuck inside the cockpit of XIG Fighter EX and was now in massive danger as the jet flew around the beast. 1999-06-12 A Wrestle in the Air
Σ-Zuigul Aliens Σ-Zuigul. Coming from a wormhole, Σ-Zuigul's appearance prompted XIG to send Team Crow to defeat the monster. However, just in time Ultraman Gaia came in to stop him, but Σ-Zuigul uses two blue balls that hit the Ultra. Gaia could not use his finishing move, so he uses the hand cutter and destroys Σ-Zuigul. Soon the fiend reformed. Gamu went to transform, but the Esplender was covered in metal! 1999-06-19 Fight the Space Capture Mecha-Beast
Bizorm Aliens Bizorm. Originally a German man named Klaus Eckart, a former member of Alchemy Stars. He was part of Project CRISIS alongside Hiroya Fujimiya, but he left the project, stating that he believed that should the Radical Destruction Bringer ever appear, humanity shouldn't try to attack it. 1999-06-26 Bonds Stronger than Regret
Izac Mutants Izac. Also known as the Izac Project, was a mutated clone of a rare tiger species, the Altes Tiger, that were made extinct in the year of 1970. However, in year 1999, two scientists successfully created a clone of the extinct species and named it the Izac Project. Unfortunately, a wormhole opened over the laboratory building and the energy it released destroyed the building, also sucking in the Izac tiger clone. Later, the wormhole released the mutated version of the Izac. 1999-07-03 The Eye of the Izac
Blitz Blots Aliens Blitz Blots. An alien servant created by the Radical Destruction Bringer and the motif of Blitz Blots design is a "Crow Tengu". 1999-07-17 The Ground Guardian Rises Again!
Deathbringer Aliens Deathbringer. An alien and ally to Zog. He is the messenger of the Radical Destruction Bringer. His true form is Zebub. 1999-07-31 The Attack of the Destruction Devil
Mokian Aliens Mokian. The gigantic kaiju that served under the Deathbringer. 1999-07-31 The Attack of the Destruction Devil
Zog godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zog Aliens Zog. She was sent by the Radical Destruction Bringer to finally defeat the two Ultramen, Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul, and to crush mankind's spirit, in order to make a quick and easy victory. 1999-08-14 Angel Descent! Gaia's Final Battle!
Kaiser Dobishi Aliens Kaiser Dobishi. Are locust-like aliens whom served as Zog's final army in order to invade Earth. Despite each individual being small in size, they can merge into a giant form called Kaiser Dobishi. 1999-08-14 Angel Descent! Gaia's Final Battle!
Alien Zagon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Zagon Aliens Alien Zagon. He had come to Earth in the hopes of conquering it. With him he brought his monsters: Momo, Blublu, and Tabu to assist him. However, every time he had come to attack, Ultraman Nice appeared and would fight against him, or his monsters, sending them into retreat. After battling him several times, Alien Zagon was finally destroyed by Nice's Very Nice Ray. 1999-10-20 Three Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo
Momo Zagon Aliens Momo Zagon. Momo Zagon was one of the three monsters deployed by Alien Zagon to assist him in conquering Earth. However like his master, Momo Zagon was met with opposition from Ultraman Nice. Momo Zagon was revived several times, but despite the increased odds when assisted by his monsters and even his master, Momo Zagon was no match for Ultraman Nice's powers and abilities and was ultimately destroyed. 1999-10-20 Three Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo
Blublu Zagon Aliens Blublu Zagon. Blublu Zagon was one of the three monsters deployed by Alien Zagon to assist him in conquering Earth. However like his master, Blublu Zagon was met with opposition from Ultraman Nice. Blublu Zagon was revived several times, but despite this advantage from his master, Blublu Zagon was no match for Ultraman Nice's powers and abilities and was ultimately destroyed. 1999-10-20 Three Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo
Tabu Zagon Aliens Tabu Zagon. Tabu Zagon was one of the three monsters deployed by Alien Zagon to assist him in conquering Earth. However, like his master, Tabu Zagon was met with opposition from Ultraman Nice. Tabu Zagon was revived several times and was given far more abilities than his fellow monsters, Momo and Blublu. Despite the advantage from his additional powers, Tabu Zagon was no match for Ultraman Nice's powers and abilities and was ultimately destroyed. 1999-10-20 Three Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo
Godzilla 2000 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 2000 Earth Defenders Godzilla. In 1999, it acted much like its predecessors, being animal-like in attitude. However, it is shown to intentionally destroy mankind's energy sources, as if it loathed the human race and its advanced science. 1999-12-11 Ready, Aim, Rapid Fire!
Orga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Orga Aliens Orga. It was originally an advanced bio-spaceship sent to Earth by an unknown alien force. Upon meeting Godzilla, the bio-spaceship came to the conclusion that it required hand-to-hand combat capabilities to subdue Earth's monsters. 1999-12-11 Ready, Aim, Rapid Fire!
Zabangi Earth Defenders Zabangi. The weapon of the Nonmalt in their quest for vengeance. They planned to destroy Earth because their home planet was destroyed by humanity's ancestors. Once the Nonmalt's secret disguise was exposed, Zabangi was released from underground and immediately headed towards O-Parts Storage Facility to attack. 1999-12-31 Zabangi the Guardian God Kaiju
Camearra Aliens Camearra. The leader of the first Giants of Darkness trio. Ultraman Tiga was one of her comrades, as well as her former lover before he chose the light. After being defeated by Tiga at the climax of a civil war between the factions of Darkness and Light, Camearra and her comrades were petrified into statues in the ruins of the ancient city of R'lyeh, before being awoken many millions of years later by accident during an archaeological expedition to the site by TPC. 2000-03-11 The Trio of Humanoid-Like Kaiju
Darramb Aliens Darramb. One of the three Giants of Darkness that has superhuman strength stronger than the other Giants of Darkness, and at one point was not only Tiga Dark's comrade, but his friend as well. 2000-03-11 The Trio of Humanoid-Like Kaiju
Hudra Aliens Hudra. One of the three Giants of Darkness that has superhuman speed greater than other Giants of Darkness. 2000-03-11 The Trio of Humanoid-Like Kaiju
Megaguirus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Megaguirus Mutants Megaguirus. A vicious and greedy creature who exists to dominate. She stops at nothing to try and kill Godzilla and steal the rest of his energy. Megaguirus relies on her speed and agility to outflank, confuse, and batter Godzilla. 2000-11-03 The Mutant Stops Here
Meganulon Mutants Meganulon. Also known as Meganula are giant Paleozoic dragonfly kaiju that it's name comes from Meganeura, a species of extinct dragonflies from the Carboniferous period approximately 300 million years ago. 2000-11-03 The Mutant Stops Here
Drengeran Aliens Drengeran. A monster who was being controlled by Alien Zamu in the alien's efforts to conquer Earth. When Alien Zamu returned to a city to resume his destruction, he was yet again confronted by Ultraman Neos, but this time Drengeran appeared to assist his master by attacking Neos himself. 2000-11-22 The Confrontation of Alien Zamu
Arnagaruge Aliens Arnagaruge. Arriving to Earth a granite-like meteor hit the side of a large hill and nearly destroyed a road where a couple were cruising along. 2000-11-22 The Confrontation of Alien Zamu
Alien Zamu Aliens Alien Zamu. Are aliens that are designed after Alien Baltan and Zetton. Since Neos incorporated elements from Ultraman and Ultraseven. 2000-12-06 The Confrontation of Alien Zamu
Seagorian Earth Defenders Seagorian. A natural creature from the ocean Seagorian came to a fishing harbor late one night to find food and scared two fisherman in the process. The next day the two men were interviewed and a large pink fish scale was found in a large gash in a building. 2000-12-21 Godzilla vs. Seagorian
Nozera Earth Defenders Nozera. He was somekind of an ancient insect-like monster that was frozen over thirty million years ago in the Arctic. 2001-01-05 The Monsters from the Arctic
Sazora Earth Defenders Sazora. He was somekind of an ancient bird-like Kaiju that was frozen for over thirty million years ago on Antartica. 2001-01-05 The Monsters from the Arctic
Shildoban Mutants Shildoban. A Kaiju that appeared in a small construction site, he was buried underneath the construction site and was given an honorable burial. As mentioned by the official site, this monster is said to be a mutated cicada. 2001-01-24 The Smash of the Parasites
Backacoon Mutants Backacoon. A Kaiju died a large fungus was found in the middle of the city. As the day went on the mushroom broke itself with energy and evolved into the monster Backacoon. 2001-01-24 The Smash of the Parasites
Degouf Aliens Degouf. Some time ago in Tiga Village, before Tsubasa Madoka's time travel into the era, Degouf attacked the village until Ultraman Tiga appeared. The two fought, ending when Tiga performed the Tiga Multi Kick on Degouf, blowing him apart before the giant walked away to the mountains and faded. 2001-01-25 Battle in the Past
Dogouf Aliens Dogouf. The successor of Degouf, Dogouf was a golem unleashed on Tiga Village by Dogramagma after his two minions and Jomonoid failed to destroy it. Upon Jomonoid finding a golden pyramid containing three Tiga statues, Tsubasa Madoka turned into Ultraman Tiga. After failing to phase Dogouf, Tiga quickly fought Jomonoid and destroyed him with the Zeperion Beam. Before Tiga could recover, Dogouf kicked Tiga while he was down, sending him back hundreds of yards. After Tsubasa went into human form, an adolescent boy named Amui grabbed the Sparklence and turned into a larger version of Tiga to fight Dogouf. As the two monsters fought Tiga out maneuvered and out muscled Dogouf, and with Mahoroba's help soon destroyed him and Dogramagma with a shot of the Deracium Beam Torrent. 2001-01-25 Battle in the Past
Jomonoid Mutants Jomonoid. A Kaiju that was taken into the past by the dark Espers to destory the golden pyramid that held the three Ancient Ultras, one of which being Ultraman Tiga. 2001-01-25 Pyramid of Tiga
Kurayaminoorochi Earth Defenders Kurayaminoorochi. A dragon-like monster that was killed by Mahoroba, with a single slash. Later, she took the legendary blade, Yaminaginotsurugi which was believed to be inside the monster all along that would be given to anyone whom killed the beast. At the same time, she also discovered the Bronze Sparklence that was among the rubble. 2001-01-25 Battle in the Past
Zamu Revenger Aliens Zamu Revenger. A robot made by Alien Zamu and constructed in the image of its creators. 2001-02-07 Undying Will
King Bamos Earth Defenders King Bamos. Or nicknamed Bamo-Chan, is a furry mammal-like Kaiju that is befriending a Japanese professor that was sent to his island, Bamos ferociously defended his friend from the savage packs of Rock Eaters. 2001-02-21 Deathmatch of the Giants
Rock Eater Earth Defenders Rock Eater. While investigating a nearby island for a lost professor, the HEART team accidentally stumbled upon the Rock Eater species. Luckily for them, the good professor was close by with his friend Bamos. Together, the team and Bamos were able to kill and scare away the hordes of reptiles. Unfortunately when dawn broke the next day, a giant Rock Eater was on the prowl. The creature attacked with little care and severely injured the good doctor. This act of violence drove Bamos to become enraged and made it grow into King Bamos! 2001-02-21 Deathmatch of the Giants
Arwon Aliens Arwon. Arwon firstly sent by Casa Madara to test Dyna's strength. As both Ultra and monster fights, Arwon easily absorb the firepower of Dyna Strong Type's Garnate Bomber via his horns and disappears. When combining with the meteor Power Lock by its master Casa Madara, it can transform into the monstrous Wanzetto. 2001-02-25 King Caesar vs. Arwon
Ragstone Aliens Ragstone. A Kaiju that came from Planet Nowar of the J34 Star System. When remodeled by Alien Nowar, it became Ragstone Mechalator. 2001-03-02 Eternal traveler
Lafreshion Earth Defenders Lafreshion. A giant creature created by the threat of Dark Matter. It was named after a creature in a book by a renowned scientist, who used the creature to represent man's need for change. It was found by Misuki, the daughter of the scientist, who found the creature as a small baby the same day her father died. Noting the similarity between it and the creature her father envision she named after the fictional beast. 2001-03-07 The Holy Phantom of a Chance
Mahagenom Earth Defenders Mahagenom. A demon monster and Yamawarawa's old enemy. The demon rampaged on an old folk's home. When the monster started its assault again, Yamawarawa appeared and battle the demon as the villagers cheer for the protector. It was revealed according to the legend, Yamawarawa had once fought the demon Mahagenom and brought peace to the Hidaka village. 2001-03-09 Life After Death?
King Dainas Earth Defenders King Dainas. A Kaiju that was originally bones of a deceased dinosaur, until he was created by The Dark Matter to go on a rampage the countryside without any mercy. This creature has the head of a Triceratops, and something that you can ride on the back like a horseback ride and bullfighting, which he proves himself to be stronger. 2001-03-23 Mothra and Baragon Confronts the Coalescence Dinosaur
Gakuzom 2001-03-25
Giga Dread Mutants Giga Dread. An astroid Kaiju made of Dark Matter, Giga Dread came to Earth to aquire new technology to improve itself. It started by absorbing a weather satellite and soon crashed to Earth. 2001-04-05 My Meteor, My Technique
Grall Aliens Grall. A combination of Dark Matter monsters from outer space. He attacked the Planet Zamu under Mensch Heit's orders and forced it native people into exile. Seeing their existence as a threat to him the space conqueror sent it to murder the last of the Alien Zamu hiding on Earth. Attacking a ship, the assassin killed a giant Zamu and destroyed the ship and all in it. 2001-04-21 Assassination Smash
Mensch Heit Aliens Mensch Heit. A being that was born from the will of Dark Matter, Mensch Heit is responsible for Alien Zamu's banishment to Earth. 2001-04-21 Assassination Smash
Lidorias godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Lidorias Earth Defenders Lidorias. A friendly giant bird is a rather peaceful bird-like kaiju from the long-dead Kapuya Island, Lidorias lives in harmony with the rest of the world. Once saved by Godzilla before her island disappeared, she now lives on Monster Island and maintains a decent friendship with the King of the Monsters. 2001-07-07 The Chaos Virus: Lidorias
Chaos Darkness godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Chaos Darkness Aliens Chaos Darkness. During his conflict with Earth and Ultraman Cosmos, the entity eventually took on physical manifestations to attack the Earth directly. It was eventually redeemed and returned to space. 2001-07-07 The Chaos Virus: Lidorias
Golmede godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Golmede Earth Defenders Golmede. A dinosaur-like beast that defended the Earth against the Gloker invasion force. He fought alongside Bolgils, Don Ron, and Lidorias. 2001-07-14 The Chaos Virus II: Golmede
Spittle Earth Defenders Spittle. A large creature from beneath the Earth, Spittle scouted the surface in the middle of the night and returned the next morning near an active airport. 2001-07-21 A Good Day
Igomas Global Defense Force Igomas. A building-like robot from outer space and was actually a toy from which fell from their ship and crashed into the Earth. While the SRC investigated him, the toy makes friends with three children, Atsushi, Tatsuya and Naoko. Igomas divulges in them the nature of its origins, its owner Geban, and comments on how Earth is just as beautiful as its home planet, before encapsulating the children in a levitating sphere with its powers to show them the beauty of their planet. 2001-07-28 Don't Freeze, Igomas!
Don Ron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Don Ron Earth Defenders Don Ron. The Legendary Drug Klesha-beast, also known as "Don Lon", Don Ron is an ancient monster from Japan's past. An old creature revered as a god, Don Ron is also from Kapuya Island. 2001-08-03 Evil Ultra
Clevergon Global Defense Force Clevergon. Also shorted as Gon is a robot. He had became giant twice as Chaos Clevergon by Chaos Header and Clevergon Giant by Gigi Doctor XX01. 2001-08-03 Lost Weapon
Chaos Bug godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Chaos Bug Mutants Chaos Bug. One night Chaos Organism encountered a swarm of fireflies and turned them into ravenous killers. The swarm quickly fed on one man's car leaving only the tires. 2001-08-04 The Absorb of the Chaos Bug
Mogrudon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mogrudon Earth Defenders Mogrudon. A giant mole monster who was disturbed of his sleep by electromagnetic waves caused by underground construction. In hopes of silencing the noise, Mogrudon tried to stop the construction with his long tail on the surface. 2001-08-11 Baragon vs. Mogrudon
Inculas Aliens Inculas. A sheep-like Kaiju that originated from a mysterious aurora that appeared in the night sky, inducing sleep in anyone who looked at it. Originally, before it grew into a kaiju, Inculas took the lesser form of Small Inculas. 2001-08-25 We're Getting Bleated Out
Yamawarawa Earth Defenders Yamawarawa. A yeti-like monster that lives in the mountains for many years and one day met a boy who was injured. They soon became close friends until one day when he had to leave. As he left, one of the monster's tears formed into a nut for the boy to remember him. In later time that same man had a family and a kid who then saw the same monster in the cave and they also became friends. 2001-09-01 The Great Spirit Celebration
Geshot Aliens Geshot. Long ago, he was originally a small statue given to a village as a gift from "a friend in the sky," implied to be an alien. It lived in the village where it absorbed the stress of people, but if it absorbed too much stress over hundreds of years, it would grow giant and rampage, spreading the stress. 2001-09-08 Godzilla and Gomora vs. Geshot
Mudon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mudon Earth Defenders Mudon. Small but violent tremors occurred at a drilling area which appeared to be Mudon waking up from a long sleep. She is able to penetrate her opponents easily and cause them to bleed by stabbing them with her horn and can burrow at moderate speeds. 2001-09-15 Bad to the Bone
Ephemera Earth Defenders Ephemera. A Mayfly-like Kaiju that never wanted to cause destruction, hatched underground nearby a building and destroyed it in order to make a nest, which she lays an egg, so that her baby can be hatched while he was born. 2001-09-22 Ephemera the Ill-fated Baby
Waroga Aliens Waroga. Waroga is notable for its ability to transform into small energy orb and fly with high speed. It is capable of firing energy bolts in orb form. In physical form, Waroga can teleport at short distance and shooting energy shots from its arms. It's certain that Waroga posses some advance technology, capable of take control of creature by implanting bio-chip. 2001-09-29 Attack from Planet Waroga!!
Galbas Earth Defenders Galbas. A friendly monster that was summoned by Waroga to wreck the city. Another variation of him exists as Dolba who was temporarily infected by Chaos Header in Chaos Dolba, but was purified by Cosmos. 2001-09-29 Attack from Planet Waroga!!
Jelga Earth Defenders Jelga. An aquatic monster that lives under the sea. Several torpedoes were launched that created an energy net around Jelga to prevent him from running away. Jelga possessed a vacuum on its back, which it used to feed on planktons. 2001-10-13 The Jelga story
Jirak Earth Defenders Jirak. A flying blue whale kaiju that was created by Chaos Header who had overheard her wish and created an illusion of a flying whale. She was excited by this, and named it Jirak. 2001-10-20 Jirak the Flying Whale
Gigi godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gigi Aliens Gigi. Long ago, after a crisis in their own dimension, the Ghighi races had a conference. The Scientist-Type chooses not to migrate to Earth since their presence will disturb the human race but the Soldier-Type chose otherwise and began an invasion scheme. 2001-10-27 The Other Dimensional Trap!
Renki Earth Defenders Renki. Sometime ago a civil war raged within Japan. Two lovers, a soldier general and a princess, from different sides fell in love with each other but they knowing that the war would keep them apart they commited suicide. But their spirits could not find peace and together they formed the ghostly samurai, Renki and terrorized Japan, but a samurai named Kagetatsu Nishikida appeared and seal the restless spirits beneath the ground sealed by a magic stone. 2001-11-03 Giant Samurai's Vengeance 80's Assist
Bolgils godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bolgils Earth Defenders Bolgils. Bolgils was a monster that arose from underground to feed on energy. He has a crystal on his back that absorbs energy like lasers, plasma, and such. 2001-11-17 War of the Giant Monsters
Parastan Aliens Parastan. Some time ago, the planet that became Chaos Header's next target was Juran. As Chaos Header rampaged on the planet, Parastan, the protector of the planet, fought and defeated him. This was witnessed by the planet's ancient civilian, who wrote the story on a wall. 2001-11-24 The Revive of the Guardian
Gelworm Mutants Gelworm. Gelworm was a Kaiju whom had lived its life on a tiny meteorite with its mate. When the gelworms were separated, The mate was trapped on the meteorite, which was then transferred to a university, where it was being tested with special radiation that was causing her great pain. The male Gelworm tried many times to reunite with its mate on the meteor, taking on the forms of several people to infiltrate the university and steal the meteorite back. 2001-12-08 Godzilla vs Gelworm
Gragas 2001-12-15
Godzilla 2001 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 2001 Earth Defenders Godzilla. This mighty and scary Godzilla is a supernatural entity inhabited by the restless souls of those killed in the Pacific theater during World War II. Godzilla sought revenge against Japan for forgetting and ignoring the past, and came ashore to punish the nation by obliterating its cities. To combat the beast, the prophet Hirotoshi Isayama awakened three Guardian Monsters, Baragon, Mothra and King Ghidorah, in the hopes they would defend the country. Godzilla easily defeated all three monsters, but their efforts exploited a weakness in Godzilla that the JSDF used to finally defeat him. However, even after Godzilla's body was destroyed, his heart was left behind, continuously beating on the sea floor. 2001-12-15 Two Godzilla's for the Price of One?! Tokyo S.O.S.
King Ghidorah 2001 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Ghidorah 2001 Earth Defenders King Ghidorah. A Thousand-Year-Old Dragon and a benevolent guardian monster that defends Japan against Godzilla. King Ghidorah was one of the three Guardian Monsters, and in ancient times was known as Yamata no Orochi. After being slain by ancient Japanese warriors, Ghidorah was laid to rest under the Aokigahara, where the warriors hoped he would remain until returning one day to save Japan. Ghidorah was awakened in 2002 by Hirotoshi Isayama to battle Godzilla, and aided fellow Guardian Monster Mothra against Godzilla in Yokohama. Mothra was killed in the fight, but imparted her energy into Ghidorah and allowed him to become King Ghidorah. King Ghidorah fought Godzilla in an intense battle, opening a wound on his neck that would prove critical in his eventual defeat at the hands of Admiral Tachibana. 2001-12-15 Two Godzilla's for the Price of One?! Tokyo S.O.S.
Guinje Global Defense Force Guinje. Sometime ago, the Alien Srayu decided that any planets that became a potential threat to them must be destroyed. With Earth as their target, they send Lamia, a representative of them to brought the planet annihiliating robot Guinje to Earth. 2001-12-22 Mechagodzilla vs. Guinje
Zaranga Aliens Zaranga. A kaiju that is pregnant with her child inside of her belly. A baby version of it is called Baby Zaranga. As the species is viviparous, a female Zaranga journeyed to Earth to give birth to her child, but became in peril after she began to rapidly overheat. Fortunately, Ultraman Cosmos managed to rescue her, saving her life as well as that of her child. 2002-01-05 Heat Kaiju!
Eligal Earth Defenders Eligal. A long time ago, Team EYES had to face Eligal, a monster that can emit poison from it’s mouth and twin gas tubes on its back. However, they failed as the monster was too fierce and Hiura had no choice but to kill the monster. Another Eligal resurfaces sometime later in Area K where it wanders off but the monster seems unwell. 2001-01-12 Disturbances from Below
Dragreder Global Defender Force Dragreder. A Contract Monster summoned by Kamen Ruder Ryuki. He along with every other Mirror Monster, was created from Yui Kanzaki's and Shiro Kanzaki's pictures from when they were younger. He's also a red mechanical Japanese dragon which is Dragon Knight's Advent Beast. When Dragon Knight activates his Survive Mode card, Dragreder evolves into Dragranzer, a dragon that can turn into a motorcycle. 2002-02-03 Monster in the Mirror
Dispider Aliens Dispider. The first of the Mirror Monsters Shinji encountered, a giant gold and white Spider-like monster that targeted women like Ida Megumi. 2002-02-03 Monster in the Mirror
Neldorand Earth Defenders Neldorand. One of Ultraman Cosmos' Kaiju. It became Chaos Neldorand when fallen into Chaos Header's influence and Neldorand Mechalator when modified into a cyborg by Alien Nowar. 2002-02-16 The Ruin's Tale
Reycura Earth Defenders Reycura. Reycura is a gigantic sculpture created by an ancient civilization centuries ago and glorified as a sea god. If a magic conch shell was detached, the sculpture would rise and terrorize the humans out of anger. However, Doigaki's friend on a archaeological site accidentally detached the conch shell, causing the monster itself arise and attack the humans. Musashi transformed into Cosmos and held off the sculpture while giving Doigaki and his friend time to put the shell back. Afterward, the sculpture stopped and returned to its original position. 2002-02-23 Reycura the Golem
Taildas Earth Defenders Taildas. A monster that appeared out of the ground near a town. He was attacked and shot with a NX-0117 missile, but it lodged on his back. He soon dug underground to escape and hadn’t been spotted since. It became Chaos Taildas when possessed by Chaos Header and Taildas Mechalator when remodeled by Alien Nowar. 2002-03-16 Monster Island
Helzzking Aliens Helzzking. A robot created by Alien Beryl colonies. After its previous destruction, the JADF secretly collected all of its remains and reformed it into Alt-Helzzking. 2002-03-23 Hell Awaits
Sydevakter Aliens Sydevakter. A large transformational ship is used by a bounty hunter by the name Exter, he was used to find fugitives throughout the universe. He was designed as a sleeker and mechanical counterpart to Helzzking. 2002-04-13 Switching Mode!
Delgoran Aliens Delgoran. Delgoran is a monster whom had been researched by Sol and his father. They had been traveling through the galaxy together, but when they landed on an asteroid, Chaos Header quickly possesses the peaceful monster and killed Sol's father, along with their spaceship. 2002-04-20 A Friend in Need
Giragas Aliens Giragas. They were two variations with the humanoid/male version called Giragas M and the wing-like/female version called Giragas F. 2002-05-25 Rodan and Litra vs. Giragas
Alukela Earth Defenders Alukela. A monster that can use her claws in close combats. 2002-06-08 Godzilla Fight Against the Shellfish Kaiju
Venosnaker 2002-06-09
Vadata Earth Defenders Vadata. A dinosaur kaiju's name may came from the English word "Vendetta", which means "grudge" and "vengeance". 2002-06-15 Monster Smuggling!? Save Life, Cosmos!
Mazalgas 2002-07-20
Genocider 2002-07-21
Arados Earth Defenders Arados. A monster that came from the future. A snail-like monster whom can stop time in a certain area. After an analysis made by Doigaki, he revealed that the monster came from Earth, but five-thousand years in the future. It had been traveling through time due to its growth period but because the monster was still a cub, it had a weak immune system which meant it could not adapt to its present era. 2002-07-27 Arados the Future Kaiju
Tablis 2002-07-31
Scorpiss Mutants Scorpiss. Are savage, insect-like monsters that act as the drones for the monster, Sandros, who planned to conquer Earth with his vast armies of Scorpiss. 2002-08-03 Battle at Sea! The Last Capsule Monster
Sandros Aliens Sandros. An evil alien monster and the leader of the Scorpiss army, he is more powerful than any member of his army. 2002-08-03 A Blast-to-Blast Fight
Reija Earth Defenders Reija. Are Ray daikaiju (giant monsters) that live in the oceans; should one merge with an Alien Gyashi (which look remarkably like humans), the Reija can become a scrappy humanoid triphibian monster. Once merged with Alien Gyashi, the Reija were much more suited to brawl outside of the sea and take the fight to the Scorpiss invaders wherever they were. 2002-08-03 Battle at Sea! The Last Capsule Monster
Dragblacker 2002-08-17
Blancwing 2002-08-17
Hydragoon 2002-08-17
Mienin Earth Defenders Mienin. Whom originally known as by their true name Gamodama, are a peaceful alien race which were destined to become the destructive monster Gamoran 2002-08-18 A Call for Help
Kawanoji 2002-09-06
Dispider Reborn 2002-09-19
Gaimos Aliens Gaimos. Alien Garut's biological weapon monster that was summoned to stop the Ultra Guard from finding the Akashic Records thereby finding the evidence that would've undone all of his schemes. 2002-09-25 The Rarest are the Rarest
Alien Garut Aliens Alien Garut. Or Alien Gult, is an alien and an evil invader, Alien Garut appeared on Earth after Ultraseven was banished to the Dark Nebula and the Earth Defense Forces had signed a peace treaty with all the invading alien species. 2002-09-25 The Rarest are the Rarest
Gruanfan 2002-10-08
Zurasuimar Earth Defenders Zurasuimar. A Kaiju that lived in a volcano, it loved the heat and lava until the 1855 Ansei Earthquake when it awoke for the volcano and decided to live under (where would later be) a Kannon-sama statue. 1981-01-28 Zurasuimar the Whip Arm Monster
Kiryu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kiryu Global Defense Force Kiryu. It is genetically identical to Godzilla, but has been augmented with armor plating, enhanced reflexes, and limited flight capabilities. 2002-12-14 Modification
Godzilla 2003 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 2003 Earth Defenders Godzilla. This Godzilla first appeared in 1999, 45 years after the first Godzilla was killed by Daisuke Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer. His attack led the JSDF to begin arming itself against another attack. The JSDF salvaged the original Godzilla's skeleton from the sea floor and converted it into a bio-robot named Kiryu, which was sent into battle against Godzilla in 2003. Godzilla's roar reawakened the spirit of the first Godzilla within Kiryu, causing it to go berserk and turn against the JSDF. When Kiryu was repaired and battled Godzilla again, the two monsters fought to a draw and Godzilla was expelled from Japan. However, this Godzilla was attracted to Japan again by the presence of the first Godzilla's remains, and engaged in another battle with Kiryu the following year, this time with Mothra and her twin larvae aiding Kiryu. Godzilla was severely wounded by Kiryu, but rather than finish off his organic counterpart, Kiryu became possessed by the original Godzilla's spirit once again and sank itself with Godzilla in the Japan Trench, saving Godzilla's life and taking him far away from humanity. 2003-01-01 Two Godzilla's for the Price of One?! Tokyo S.O.S.
Mothra 2001 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mothra 2001 Earth Defenders Mothra. A giant divine moth kaiju and one of the three sacred Guardian Monsters and the God of the Sea. Slain in ancient times by Japanese warriors and laid to rest under Lake Ikeda, Mothra was awakened in the modern day by the prophet Hirotoshi Isayama, who hoped to awaken the Guardian Monsters so they could defeat Godzilla. After the defeat of Baragon, Mothra traveled to Yokohama to battle Godzilla, and was joined by the third Guardian Monster, Ghidorah. Mothra was killed in the ensuing battle, but her spirit flowed into Ghidorah and transformed him into King Ghidorah so he could continue on the battle against Godzilla. 2003-01-01 Two Godzilla's for the Price of One?! Tokyo S.O.S.
Gloker Global Defense Force Gloker. A whole army of robots that serve as the agents of Universal Judge Delacion, the Glokers were deployed to Earth after she deduced that humans would be the next threat to the universe's peace. 2003-08-02 Battle with the Space Resetter
Elasmotherium Orphnoch Mutants Elasmotherium Orphnoch. It is an enormous Orphnoch, appearing only in a beast-like Violent Emotion with no apparent human form. It was the trap that Smart Brain lured Kiba, Yuka, and Kaido into for being Orphnochs who don't attack humans, claiming that they were there for a meeting. In the fight, it killed Yuka and ate Kaido. It later appeared again in the arena where Mari was to be executed, but Faiz interrupted. It smashed the Auto Vajin and nearly ate Mari before Kiba, as Orga, sided back with the humans and saved her, being mortally wounded in the process, before it was destroyed by Faiz Blaster Form's Photon Buster. It was armed with sharp claws and teeth, had a large horn on its head, and fired giant needles from around its six eyes. 2003-08-16 Attack of the Beast!
Dorcrus 2003-10-04
Guncaesar 2003-10-04
Garuda 2003-10-18
Cloud Dragon 2003-11-22
Achelon 2003-12-20
Leviathan 2003-12-27
Guntras 2004-02-07
DaiSazer 2004-03-06
DaiLogian 2004-03-13
Monster 2004-04-07
Type-05 GS Assist Robot Youhi Global Defense Force Type-05 GS Assist Robot Youhi. A red robot that can fight monsters by helping out the Gransazers. Two six-cell heat seeking rocket launchers located on either side of head; equipped with a dual 120mm cannon on shoulder 2004-04-17 The Robot of the Type-05
Omega 2004-06-26
Bosquito Aliens Bosquito. An incredibly powerful and dangerous alien lifeform feared across the universe and it is something the Warp Monarch seeks to eradicate. Despite being wiped out in the war that obliterated the ancient Earth civilizations, Belzeus claimed that the humans were descended from the Bosquito as a way to encourage the Warp Monarch to finish the global genocide they started long ago. 2004-07-24 The Fight of the Dragon Bosquito
Kani Robot 2004-07-28
Fire 2 2004-08-25
Troius 2004-08-28
Fire 3 2004-09-01
Jashin 14 Aliens Jashin 14. A monstrous entity, sealed in a Stone Relief, whose power is reserved for whoever wins the Battle Fight. It is capable of flight, launch fire balls from its mouth, use a pair of swords, and can use its tail as a whip. However, it requires the life of a human who came near the slab that houses it. Amane was targeted by the Albino Joker as a sacrifice in place of her father who evoked it prior to his death. Once fully awakened, it was used by Albino Joker to fight the Kamen Riders until Hajime sacrificed himself to weaken it for Blade in King Form to destroy it with Royal Straightflash. 2004-09-11 Duelists of the Swords
Cabyron Aliens Cabyron. A dragon-like Garban serving under Belzeus to hold off the Gransazers while Gorgion completed his mission. Cabyron easily holds off the Chouseishin and heavily damages Guntras, keeping the Gransazers from being able to DaiSazer. Cabyron fights off several of the Chouseishin, before shooting down and apparently killing Tenma when he attempts to go to the Warp Monarch to negotiate. 2004-09-18 The Evil Dragon Cabyron
Pedoleon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Pedoleon Mutants Pedoleon. They are known for their appetite for gasoline, ethanol and oil, as well as living organisms including humans. 2004-10-02 Inheriting the Bonds of the Soul! Ultraman Nexus!!
Deafrog Aliens Deafrog. The Space Beast has the appearance of a bipedal dinosaur with a wide, black-colored body, long hook claws in place for the hands, and a long tail. He has a Chinese dragon-like face with blank red eyes, two rows of teeth, and blue horns. His back is covered with big black spikes while there are big blue spikes sticking out more above his shoulders. 2004-10-02 War of the Giant Monsters
Riseross Global Defense Force Riseross. Built by Nolan, Riseross is a giant monster-type Core Robot that can be summoned by any of the three Justirisers, though it requires all three Justirisers to be in its cockpit to harness its full power. While the main Justiriser controls Riseross, the other two can summon and control their own Seishinjuu (Enoh, Houki, and Ranga) remotely from Riseross's cockpit to support the main mecha. 2004-10-02 Giant Monster Battle in Tokyo
Doctor Zora Aliens Doctor Zora. A female fox-armored scientist who is devoted to freeing her master Kaiser Hades from his prison. 2004-10-02 War of the Giant Monsters
Zaurus 2004-10-09
Morgulis 2004-10-16
Bugbuzun godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bugbuzun Aliens Bugbuzun. It has a large mandible-like pincer on the end of it's tail. The skin of this tail can also increase the temperatures of their targets upon impact. 2004-10-30 Invaders from the Nexus
Galberos godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Galberos Aliens Galberos. The Fiendish Type Beast, also known as "Gelberos" or "Garubelos", Galberos is a three-headed canine-like kaiju from space and a force to be reckoned with. 2004-11-06 Evil Ultra
Gildoross Aliens Gildoross. Based around the data Dr. Zora obtained on the Justirisers, Gildoross is sent after the Justirisers and able to counter their attacks. But though defeated by their combo, Gildoross enlarges into a giant monster that battles Riseross before emerging again. How Enoh's arrival allow the Justirisers to form Kenriser and take him out for good. 2004-11-06 Kiryu vs. Gildoross
Ken Riser 2004-11-06
Armorgunner 2004-11-13
Daron Mutants 1980-07-23
Dark Faust 2004-11-13
Juu Riser 2004-11-20
Lafleya Aliens Lafleya. It can emit yellow pollen gas from it's flower-like mouth that can dissolve humans within mere hours. This gas is highly explosive, any none physical attack can trigger it. 2004-11-27 Eternal Life Spreads Everywhere!
RhinoSlave 2004-11-27
Godzilla 2004 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 2004 Earth Defenders Godzilla. This Godzilla first appeared in 1954, and became the most fearsome enemy of mankind over the following decades. The Earth Defense Force was formed to battle Godzilla and the other monsters that threatened the world, but could never defeat Godzilla until one fateful battle where the Gotengo managed to seal Godzilla under an ice sheet in Antarctica. When a malevolent alien force known as the Xiliens took control of Earth's monsters and unleashed them against mankind in the year 20XX, the last remnants of the EDF freed Godzilla from his prison and used the Gotengo to lure him across the globe, where he defeated the Xiliens' army of monsters one-by-one. Godzilla finally reached Tokyo, where he took on the Xiliens' ultimate weapon: Monster X. Godzilla was nearly killed when Monster X transformed into Keizer Ghidorah, but the Gotengo successfully imbued him with energy and allowed him to triumph over his extraterrestrial foe. Godzilla was then convinced to end his feud with humanity by his son Minilla, and returned to the sea without further conflict. 2004-11-29 The Return of the King of the Monsters II: Millennium
Anguirus 2004 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Anguirus 2004 Earth Defenders Anguirus. One of many monsters placed under the control of the Xiliens in 20XX, Anguirus attacked Shanghai before being recalled as part of the Xiliens' ruse. When the invaders' true intentions were exposed, Anguirus was unleashed once again to ravage Shanghai. The Controller of Planet X then deployed Anguirus along with Rodan and King Caesar to battle Godzilla at Mount Fuji, but the King of Monsters succeeded in defeating all three. 2004-11-29 The Return of the King of the Monsters II: Millennium
Rodan 2004 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Rodan 2004 Earth Defenders Rodan. A mind-controlled pawn of the Xiliens, Rodan appeared in the skies over New York, destroying the plane carrying United Nations Secretary General Naotaro Daigo and allowing him to be captured by the Xiliens. Rodan devastated New York before being recalled by the Xiliens as they posed as mankind's savior. When their true colors were exposed, the Xiliens unleashed Rodan and their other mind controlled kaiju across the globe. Rodan resumed his destruction of New York, and was then deployed to Mount Fuji alongside Anguirus and King Caesar to battle Godzilla. The combined might of all three monsters was not enough to bring down Godzilla, who knocked them all unconscious and stacked them in a pile before continuing on his way. 2004-11-29 The Return of the King of the Monsters II: Millennium
Gigan 2004 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gigan 2004 Aliens Gigan. In 2004, An ancient cybernetic monster that was sent to Earth by the Xiliens thousands of years ago, where he was defeated by Mothra and subsequently mummified. 2004-11-29 Modification
Zilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zilla Mutants Zilla. It was shown to not run away nearly as much and tried to fight even when outmatched. 2004-11-29 That Giant Lizard from New York is Back!? Return of Zilla!
Monster X godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Monster X Aliens Monster X. It first emerged from a giant meteorite known as "Gorath" that landed in Tokyo. Monster X is thought to be the ultimate weapon of the Xilien invaders, who approached mankind in a spirit of friendship. 2004-11-29 Monster X
Keizer Ghidorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Keizer Ghidorah Aliens Keizer Ghidorah. While the pre-mutation Monster X version was noted for its sense of speed, Keizer Ghidorah has a figure more massive even than Godzilla. 2004-11-29 Monster X
Troydon Aliens Troydon. A kaiju sent to attack along the coast to bring the Justirisers out into the open while fighting the JSDF until JuRiser is formed. But though it overpowered JuRiser, the monster is killed by KenRiser. 2004-12-04 Red King vs. Troydon
Gijera Mutants Gijera. An ancient plant Kaiju that was an ancient, gigantic plant, and was one of the servants of Gatanothor itself. A UFO began to appear in the area where the minion of the dark ruler threatened to rise again. When GUTS tried to scan for energy readings, their scan led to a strange flower and when Daigo got near, he had a vision of cities burning with plants overgrowing them. 1997-07-12 Gijera the Ultra-Ancient Plant
Nosferu Mutants Nosferu. Nosferu's name is taken from the title of the vampire film Nosferatu. The Kaiju also shares Count Orlok's signature long, spindly fingers and ratlike face, with the fingers being long, deadly talons. Nosferu's motif is that of a termite and a rat. 2004-12-11 Invaders from the Nexus
Zekard 2004-12-11
Buglian 2004-12-11
Beast the One Aliens Beast the One. He and Bemular were both have the similarity of appearing in a body of water and coming from space, but The One is a being with similarities to the Ultras. 2004-12-18 To Combat the Beast, to Defeat the Beast
Guardius 2004-12-18
Raijimeus 2004-12-25
Gillmone 2004-12-25
Gundelon 2005-01-08
Kaiser Hades 2005-01-22
General Bacchus 2005-01-29
Destalan 2005-01-29
Gillmond 2005-01-29
Froguros godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Froguros Mutants Froguros. A frog-like Space Beast, along with Arakunia sent by Dark Mephisto as subjects to test the Night Raiders in action, specifically Mizorogi (who had joined the Night Raiders). Froguros was spotted in a Parking Facility where it attacked the Night Raiders with its fireballs. However, the monster was no match for the Night Raiders' weapons and was quickly killed by their gunfire. 2005-02-05 An Ultra's Vow
Arakunia Mutants Arakunia. Arakunia and Froguros were Space Beasts sent by Dark Mephisto as subjects to test the Night Raiders in action, specifically Mizorogi (who was deputy captain of the Night Raiders at that time). Two Arakunias were spotted in a factory where the big one attacked the Night Raiders with its tongue after the smaller one was killed. However the monsters was no match for the Night Raiders' weapons and were quickly killed by their gunfire. 2005-02-05 Invaders from the Nexus
Tsuchigumo Mutanst Tsuchigumo. The giant-type spider Makamou with the features of a tiger. It is capable to release webs from the mouth, and can move very fast. 2005-02-06 Godzilla vs. Tsuchigumo
Golgolem Mutants Golgolem. A space beast that is feeding on humans in the countryside, Golgolem was quickly met with opposition by the Night Raiders. Golgolem's phasing abilities however allowed him to outmaneuver most of their assaults. 2005-02-12 The Invisible Fighting Kaiju
Leogaias 2005-02-12
Nin-Riser 2005-02-12
Yamabiko Earth Defenders Yamabiko. A giant-type Makamou with the features of a parrot and an ape that has long hair which covers much of its face, able to mimic the sounds in the mountain side. It first appeared in Okutama where it was destroyed by Hibiki's Kaen Renda form. 2005-02-13 Godzilla vs. Yamabiko
Bakegani Mutants Bakegani. A giant crab with acid-shooting barnacles on its back. The Bakegani comes in variety of colors. Has four legs and two large pincers, used as its weapon. This Makamou usually lives in rivers, streams and coastal areas. The string-based instrument Oni are better suitable to battled with this kind of Makamou. It makes a sound like "nkyi, nkyi" that squeezes indirectly. 2005-02-27 Giant Crab Attack!
Kutuura Aliens Kutuura. A Space Beast that appeared in the Land of Death. Kutuura's motif is based on squid, octopus and coral while its agonized expression designs on its body was taken from Edvard Munch's infamous painting, The Scream. His name is likely derived from Cthulhu, a monstrous god from author H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. 2005-03-05 The Fiendish Type Beast, the Kutuura
KingZero 2005-03-05
Bulgario Aliens Bulgario. A giant robotic ape built by Space Pirates, it was sent to Earth as part of Bachuss' plan to destroy Riseross by using its power to cause the Geishinjuu to malfunction and unable to summon the Star Beast. But once Glen destroys the source of the disruption, the Justirisers summon all three Star Beast to back up Riceross as it delivers the deathblow. During the final, an army of Bulgaros are sent to Earth before all being destroyed by the Genseishin 2005-03-12 The Strong-Built Robot
Basky 2005-03-12
Ittanmomen 2005-03-13
Dark Mephisto godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dark Mephisto Aliens Dark Mephisto. The Dark Ultra Warrior bonded to Shinya Mizorogi, the former Deputy Captain of the Night Raider Division of TLT and a mentor/love interest to Nagi Saijyo. 2005-01-08 Evil Ultra
Grantella Mutants Grantella. A crustacean-like space beast, Grantella began to attack the countryside that Dark Zagi had brought it to with energy blasts. 2005-03-26 Godzilla Fights the Space Mutant
Twin Knights 2005-03-26
Ooari 2005-03-27
Otoroshi 2005-03-27
Danhauser 2005-04-09
Devoras 2005-04-16
Scarabaeus 2005-04-23
Ubume 2005-04-24
Banpira godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Banpira Aliens Banpira. A spider-like space beast that took a home in the mountain regions of Japan, the creature began to stalk and hunt human prey in the fog it created, and erase the memories of those that seen it. 2005-04-30 The Beast in the Forest
Lizarias Aliens Lizarias. A dinosaur-like Space Beast, Lizarias attacked the earth and was confronted by Ultraman Nexus. The guardian of the Earth fought against the beast, eventually transforming into Junis Blue and taking the battle to the Meta-Field. Inside the field, as the beast began to target the Night Raider forces, Nexus charged forward, slicing the creature with his Schtrom Sword, almost instantly vaporizing it. 2005-05-07 The Meaning of Love
Glaster 2005-05-07
Yamaarshi 2005-05-08
Majin Daruga 2005-05-21
Oonamazu 2005-05-22
Mega Flash godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mega Flash Aliens Mega Flash. It can spin extremely fast to make its body act like a giant drill. 2005-05-28 The Extremely Drill Attack
Valgan 2005-05-28
Adorocs 2005-05-28
Bahadorg 2005-06-11
Gargoid 2005-06-11
Amikiri 2005-06-12
Izmael Aliens Izmael. Also known as Ezmael, is a Kaiju that is considered the ultimate Space Beast, and is the final monster to fight Ren Senjyu. He is a brutally powerful kaiju, having all the powers of the previous space beasts. 2005-06-18 The Conquering of the Fists!
Dark Zagi Aliens Dark Zagi. Originally known as Ultinoid Zagi is a demonic clone of Ultraman Noa and was created by a race of aliens as a biological weapon against Space Beasts until Zagi turned on his creators, which they tried to end him by destroying their home planet but failed. Zagi then took an army of creatures known as Space Beasts and began a spree of universal destruction on any planet in his way. 2005-06-25 The Conquering of the Fists!
Gameleon 2005-06-25
Grangon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Grangon Earth Defenders Grangon. Awakened by a curious boy who strayed too close to his cave, Grangon emerged from the side of a volcano and began to attack whatever was in his path of destruction. As he began his violent attack, the volcano he emerged from began to erupt to everyone's horror. DASH was quickly on the scene and after slowing down Grangon with their missiles, a cooling missile was fired at the monster, solidifying it in ice and weaking him for DASH to fire another barrage of missiles, blowing the monster to pieces and killing him successfully. Shortly after DASH left to deal with the newly revealed Lagoras, the volcano that Grangon emerged from was still erupting, causing a lava flow to overtake the pieces that made up Grangon's former body. Coating in his very own element, Grangon was revived and resumed its rampage. 2005-07-02 Fire and Ice
Lagoras godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Lagoras Earth Defenders Lagoras. Lagoras was an aquatic monster who appeared shortly after Grangon was destroyed by DASH, attracted by the monster's appearance. 2005-07-02 Fire and Ice
Reguila Earth Defenders Reguila. An ancient creature sealed beneath ancient ruins in Central America awakened. Its name was Reguila, based on an ancient Mayan god, and burst through the ground. 2005-07-16 Reguila the Ancient Monstrous Bird
Zarigan 2005-07-16
Alien Sran godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Sran Aliens Alien Sran. Are a race of aliens who came from the planet Sran to make Earth as their second home and annihilate humans for having caused so much pollution on Earth. 2005-07-23 The Speed of Light
Armyul 2005-07-23
Salamadon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Salamadon Earth Defenders Salamadon. Salamadon was one of two monsters, along with Paragler, who was guarding Pigmon and the island's shrine. Salamadon was first seen threatening DASH until Pigmon arrived and calmed the monster down, informing him that DASH meant no harm. 2005-07-30 Beyond the Island Guardians
Paragler godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Paragler Earth Defenders Paragler. Paragler was one of two monsters, along with Salamadon, who guarded Pigmon and the island's shrine. After the death of Salamadon at the hands of Red King, Paragler arrived on the field of battle after Ultraman Max temporarily stopped Red King. 2005-07-30 Beyond the Island Guardians
Kesam godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kesam Aliens Kesam. A member of the People of Nebula KJ-K5, Kesam is part of an organization that takes it upon themselves to destroy all civilizations that cause nothing but wars among themselves. Kesam was responsible for destroying many civilizations throughout the universe, however, when he arrived on Earth, DASH member Mizuki Koishikawa was able to make him realize that his mission was wrong. 2005-08-13 The Rightful Decision
Bugdalas Mutants Bugdalas. Imprisoned in a meteor for centuries, Bugdalas emerged from the confines of its rock to feast on the life energy from people. 2005-08-20 DASH Infiltrated!
Drake 2005-08-20
Egzerion 2005-08-20
Grazos 2005-08-20
Yoroi Tsuchigumo Mutants Yoroi Tsuchigumo. An evolved Tsuchigumo made by the "Armored" Black Puppet Hime at Kayanoki, remaining underground for its armor to harden whiles its parents gathering food for it. The Yoroi Tsuchigumo emerged briefly to help its father escape the Oni. 2005-08-21 The Armored Earth Spider