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New Monsters:


  • Earth Defenders: These are natural monsters who are very instinctive and protective of their territory, Earth. They see the crystals and Vortaak as threats and go out their way to destroy them, even if it means destruction of human cities.
  • Global Defense Force: Human engineered mechas, built to protect humanity from other monsters, the Vortaak, and the crystals. They usually ally themselves with monsters who fight the Aliens evil mutants, and do not destroy too many human structures.
  • Aliens: The Alien faction is made up of monsters that have allied themselves with the Vortaak invaders, and thus want to destroy the humans and conquer Earth.
  • Mutants: Monsters from the mutant faction are driven by a lust for power. They are drawn to the crystals, and will destroy all in their path to get such power.
Image Name Faction Kaiju-Pedia Information Data Debut Episode
Godzilla 1978 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzilla 1978 Earth Defenders The King of the Monsters aligned himself with the crew of the research vessel Calico, coming to their aid whenever summoned by their companion, his "nephew" Godzuki. Godzilla arose many times to fight on behalf of the Calico crew against an array of vicious giant monsters, always emerging victorious. When other monsters threatened innocent lives, Godzilla was often called upon to fend off the creatures and help civilians escape harm. The New Godzilla
Godzuki godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Godzuki Earth Defenders A juvenile kaiju and Godzilla's nephew. The New Godzilla
Flamous godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Flamous Earth Defenders A phoenix monster that lived in the magma of the Earth, but one day she was urged to go to the surface to nest. The Fire Bird rose from a dormant volcano that threatened to start a chain reaction around the globe. The New Godzilla
Stegozina godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Stegozina Earth Defenders An underground monster and an old friend of Baragon. The Underground Creature
Achilles godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Achilles Earth Defenders A rock monster that looks like a lion. Godzilla vs The Sand Monster
Denkidon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Denkidon Earth Defenders An aquatic reptile monster. Battle in the Deep
Kaisor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kaisor Mutants A green seaweed monster. Battle in the Deep
Bestialities godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bestialities Aliens A centipede-like monster that came to Earth in a UFO that looked like a meteor. Tremors
Regitartis godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Regitartis Global Defense Force an Atlantean robot monster. Battle in the Deep
Cyclani godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cyclani Mutants A one-eye creature with two claws. The Cyclops
Magneniticania godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Magneniticania Mutants A size-changing turtle monster. The Monster Magnet
Great Watchuka godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Great Watchuka Earth Defenders A yeti monster. Frozen Terror
Axor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Axor Mutants A cobra monster. The Black Cobra
Gravity Goliath godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gravity Goliath Aliens A moon monster that has spots around his body. Capture of the Moonlode Beast
Golemmonster godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Golemmonster Earth Defenders A golden statue monster with four arms. Godzilla Against the Golden Four Armed Monster
Congar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Congar Earth Defenders A giant ape kaiju. Colossal Day!
Yetigo godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Yetigo Earth Defenders A yeti-like kaiju that lives in Mt. Everest. Travel to Mt. Everest
Mecha-Congar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mecha-Congar Aliens An evil robot clone of Congar. The Wrath of Mecha-Congar
Meca-Julie godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Meca-Julie Aliens An evil giant robot similar to Julie Craedo based on a drawing created of herself, and with the help of the aliens to take revenge on Ami and Yumi. Features a Guitar-Keyboard, Lighting Flight, and Launch Rain Missiles. Meca-Julie
Breedra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Breedra Aliens An amoeba kaiju is a strange kaiju, with a grub-like semi-transparent body and the ability to consume almost anything. Its name derives from the fact that its metabolism has been compared to a breeder reactor. The Breeding Kaiju Rises
BurgerZilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
BurgerZilla Mutants A Cheeseburger-like Kaiju. Get Your Cheese On It
Togera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Togera Earth Defenders A gargantuan dinosaur kaiju. Togera's Revenge
Zarguru godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zarguru Mutants A purple kaiju with green eyes that is similar to Togera's. The Strength of Zarguru
Mecha-Togera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mecha-Togera Aliens A alien robot clone of Togera. The Rise of Mecha-Togera
Black Widowa godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Black Widowa Mutants A giant arachnid monster has a bulkier navy blue body compared to her children. Her abdomen has two rows of small bumpy triangular spikes running down, a red pattern on top, two spinnerets and a stinger at the end of the abdomen. Her cephalothorax has eight legs with two claws on each foot, and a patch of brown hair on top of it that ends at the beginning of the abdomen. The Queen Spider's head has seven eyes, five small eyes, two larger eyes, two red fangs on top of her mouth and two red fangs on large mandibles on the sides of the mouth. Her mouth appears to have six human-like teeth in it as well. Battle of the Devil Monsters
Takora Mutants A squid monster has several tentacles which it can use to ensnare foes. Godzilla vs. Takora
Mantice Ray godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mantice Ray Mutants A giant mutant manta ray that breathes freezing air from it's mouth. Elsie had to leave her sister's wedding to help H.E.A.T. and Zilla Jr. defeat it. Battle of the Devil Monsters
Agamo godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Agamo Earth Defenders A sentinel statue kaiju from Polynesian Island. The Terror of Paradise!
Khage godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Khage Earth Defenders The moss green, gold and red kaiju. Deep in the Thorny Jungle
Mooku godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mooku Earth Defenders The brown, red and gold kaiju. All Fired Up!
Hebira godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Hebira Mutants A giant snake monster. The Mysterious Monster Island
Mahngoh godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mahngoh Aliens A giant mushroom that was form by a space virus. Mahngoh, the Giant Mushroom
Cyborg Whale godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cyborg Whale Global Defense Force A robot whale. A Tale of Two Whales
Rakan Aliens A dragon monster. Beyond the Clouds
Preytor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Preytor Mutants A mantis kaiju. Preytor the Creeping Chaos Mantis
Creeg godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Creeg Mutants A red ant Kaiju. The Swarm of the Creegs
Mecha-Preytor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mecha-Preytor Aliens A mechanical pray mantis. Gomora and Eleking Fights Against the Robotic Mantis!
Mechaninx godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mechaninx Global Defense Force A mechanical sphinx-like monster. Godzilla vs The Sand Monster
Xipe Totec godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Xipe Totec Aliens This Kaiju flies and terrorizing everyone and the owner of the swarm tribe. Dangers of Flight
Kasee godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kasee Aliens The leader of the swarm. Dangers of Flight
Kuri godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kuri Aliens The second-in-command of the swarm. Dangers of Flight
Kia godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kia Aliens The second-in-command of the swarm. Dangers of Flight
Glacieron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Glacieron Mutants Glacieron. A granite Kaiju that can smash anything he wants. Glacieron
Kujigon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kujigon Mutants A snail-like kaiju with tons of red spikes on It's back. It can retract the spikes whenever it wants. Baragon and the Snail
Grandgoyle godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Grandgoyle Earth Defenders A giant gargoyle that has awakened from a thousand years of suspended animation. Trouble in Paris
Devila godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Devila Aliens A living UFO. Destroy the Living UFO!
Raptros godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Raptros Aliens A dragon kaiju. It Came from the Flying Dragons!
Angelic Dragon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Angelic Dragon Mutants A purple dragon kaiju with green wings. It Came from the Flying Dragons!
Gallozon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gallozon Earth Defenders A green dragon kaiju with gold wings. It Came from the Flying Dragons!
Kineticlops godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kineticlops Aliens An elemental kaiju. Battle of Atomic Island
Ebiras godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ebiras Aliens A second elemental Kaiju. Battle of Atomic Island
Kamasoribi godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kamasoribi Aliens A third elemental kaiju. Battle of Atomic Island
Beatera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Beatera Earth Defenders A giant rhinoceros beetle. War in the Amazon
Deganguirus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Deganguirus Mutants A dimetrodon monster. The Mysterious Monster Island
Meca-Yumi godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Meca-Yumi Global Defense Force A giant robot similar to Yumi created based on a drawing created of herself features a slingshot guitar, flight and launch rain missiles. The Duo of Mechanical Females
Komodithrax godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Komodithrax Mutants A giant reptilian monster is brown with a lighter underside and is mainly just a large Komodo dragon with small, darker brown bumps on her back, and dark brown spots on her body. Komodithrax has two forelimbs with five-digit hands with one claw on each finger, two back legs with four claws and one dewclaw on each foot. Her head has two orange eyes with bright orange pupils, a mouth full of sharp teeth and a forked tongue. Battle Of The Devil Monsters
El Gusano Gigante godzillathemonstrousmission.png
El Gusano Mutants A giant annelid monster has a bulky blue body with a tan underside with two rows of spikes running down its back. El Gusano Gigante has twelve legs with three claws on each leg. El Gusano Gigante's head features six orange eyes and four antennae on the top of its head, along with a mouth filled with sharp teeth and a spiked tongue. El Gusano Gigante has four spikes in the middle of its tail. El Gusano Gigante's tail ends with club tail with four spikes. Clash of the Giant Monsters
Crustaceous Rex godzillathemonstrousmission.png
C-Rex Mutants A giant crustacean monster is yellow-green in color with a dark green shell on its back with four spikes on it, as well as one large spike at the end of its shell that resembles a stinger. It also has two spikes in front of its arms on both sides. It has two lanky legs with two spikes on its lower arms and large, clawed feet with four claws on each foot, and four tentacles on its chest, two vestigial tentacles on its thorax, as well as two smaller tentacles in front of the tentacles on its chest. It has two black eyes, a segmented mouth composed of four tentacle-like flaps around a simple, toothless mouth. That Giant Lizard from New York is Back!? Return of Zilla!
Flygan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Flygan Aliens A bat-like kaiju and Gigan's daughter. That Giant Lizard from New York is Back!? Return of Zilla!
Gus Mutants Its most notable feature is its extremely large mandibles, it is reddish in color, has a stinger on the back of its body and its legs appear to be hollow. The Kaiju Invasion
Megalonious Aliens This creature has large horns, spider-like mandibles and an armored back. It also has very skinny arms compared to its bulky body and tentacle-like hands. Clash of the Giant Monsters
Mandarm Mutants This creature has an elongated body that appears to be multisegmented, is green in color, has a mouth with large teeth, lacks visible eyes, has small horns, and has small legs that run through its entire body. That Giant Lizard from New York is Back!? Return of Zilla!
Queen Beetch godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Queen Beetch Mutants A giant insect monster who was a nemesis of Godzilla (Junior). After a volcano erupts on the popular island resort Santa Marta, a bizarre new ecosystem is created from the irradiated lava. While Randy and Nick fought Mutant Carnivorous Plants (homage to Biollante), Monique and Craven find a beehive of Giant Mutant Bees. The whole team is then attacked by the giant bees while Godzilla battles the queen bee in the heart of the volcano. Godzilla was able to destroy the hive, and kill the queen bee. However, the queen reappeared when an alien race tried to invade the Earth, during the Monster Wars arc. It was sent to aide El Gusano Gigante in invading Moscow. However, it is believed to have been killed when the aliens lost control of the mutations, and they became a threat. Buzz, Buzz
Chamelzilla Mutants A transformation monster chameleon, and a zilla clone monster. Attack Of The Reptilian Monster
Nanotechura godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Nanotechura Mutants A petroleum-eating microbe colony monster who was sent out to devour the garbage that had been collecting during a sanitation worker strike. Unfortunately it hadn't been tested and just kept growing and growing. It was defeated by infecting it with a computer virus, which caused it to harden and then Godzilla (Junior) struck it with his tail, shattering it into a million pieces. Taking out the Trash
Gen Du Marais Mutants A mysterious slimy monster of possibly mythical origins living in the swamps, the Swamp Beast was composed of both animal and vegetable matter, and could fire mud at its opponent, trapping it. Spirit of the Swamp
Pyrorah Mutants A strange creature with squid-like body and eight spider-like legs, the Fire Monster was able to surround itself with a "second body" made of flame, and fed on fire. I see Fire
King Cobra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Cobra Mutants A giant snake monster has a spiked frill and a long blue serpentine body with a red and tan underside. The King Cobra has a row of smaller spikes running down its entire body. The King Cobra has green eyes, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and a spiked tongue. Terror of the Snake Cobra Monster Fate
Lizunder Global Defense Force Were advanced battle machines created by Cameron Winters to kill Godzilla. Lizard Hunt
Hummindan Mutants A giant mutant hummingbird. Follow that Bird
Tortisera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tortisera Mutants A giant reptilian monster who has green skin with a lighter underside, with a dark green shell topped with numerous spikes. The Giant Turtle has multiple dark green spots all over its body. It has four legs with five claws on each foot and spikes running down its tail with the tail ending with a large, spiked club. The Giant Turtle's head has two yellow eyes, a beak on top of its mouth with two giant fangs on its bottom jaw and six smaller teeth on its top jaw. The Return of the Beast
Nightscream godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Nightscream Mutants A giant chiropteran monster has a blue body with enormous wings and no upper arms. It has long pointed ears and thin, long, hair on its head. Its elongated, pink nostrils stand erect on its light blue snout, and its yellow eyes are ringed in red flesh. Its lower back sports a visible bone structure resembling vertebrae. The Kaiju Invasion
Xavier godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Xavier Mutants Xavier. A monstrous crocodile-like Kaiju. Xavier the Mighty Crocodile
Orogonder godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Orogonder Aliens A one-eye creature. The Creature That Came to Earth
Thonryrus Mutants A thorny devil monster. The Kaiju Invasion
Megapedthra Mutants Also known as Cicadthra, is an enormous mutated caterpillar monster. Clash of the Giant Monsters
Cryptocledius godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cryptocledius Mutants A giant plesiosaur monster have the body of a plesiosaur with four fins, a long neck, two front legs with four claws, and two small fins on their tail. Cryptocledius are red with the underside of their neck being gray. They have four spikes running down their back, as well as four spikes on their tail. The skull like head features a mouth full of sharp teeth, three spikes underneath the mouth on both sides, and green eyes. The Primeval Wars
Cyber Zilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cyber Zilla Mutants The result of the Leviathan Aliens recovering and cybernetically reviving the corpse of the first Godzilla, Cyber Godzilla was the centerpiece of the aliens' planned invasion of Earth. They first released the cyborg to intercept its son, using its parental influence to bring him under the aliens' control. Cyber Godzilla was then set loose on Tokyo as the aliens' other mind-controlled monsters assaulted major cities around the globe. Cyber Godzilla was eventually defeated after the current Godzilla's surrogate father Niko Tatopoulos freed him from the aliens' mind control and convinced him to fight his biological father. Zilla's Robotic Clone
R.A.Y godzillathemonstrousmission.png
R.A.Y Global Defense Force Also known as Robot Albino Yeti is a giant yeti mecha created by Dr. Ifukube to fight monsters and assist Zilla. Terror of the Snake Cobra Monster Fate
Queen Termitihus Mutants A giant Termite monster. Clash of the Giant Monsters
Rattrap godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Rattrap Mutants A giant rodent monster have three separate types. The smallest and most abundant type of Mutant Rat is thin and covered in brown fur, while the middle-sized rat is bulkier in its build and has bare chestnut-colored skin. The largest rat has six green eyes that shine red in the darkness. Each rat is shown to have red eyes and a mouth full of enormous, jagged teeth. While the smallest rats have four claws on each foot, the medium-sized rats and largest rat have six claws on each foot. Each of the three different types of rats have a different number of teeth. The smallest rats have twelve: two large teeth in the front, with two smaller teeth behind on the top of the mouth and eight smaller teeth on the lower jaw. The medium-sized rats have eight teeth: four teeth on the top of the mouth and on the lower jaw. The largest rat has twelve teeth: eight on the top of the mouth and four teeth on the lower jaw. Pest Control
Galga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Galga Mutants An armored shelled kaiju who scares them off. Meanwhile, Godzilla attacks the armored kaiju. Shell Shocked
Berserker godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Berserker Mutants A flying glowing kaiju who faces Godzilla. Lucifer
Magmo godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Magmo Mutants A four-armed lava kaiju. The Terror of Paradise!
Robo-47 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Robo-47 Global Defense Force A defunct military robot kaiju. Battle of Titanic Robots!
Robo-48 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Robo-48 Global Defense Force A robot clone of Robo-47. Robo-47, this robot has blue around it's body. Battle of Titanic Robots!
Robo-49 godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Robo-49 Global Defense Force Unlike both Robo-47 and Robo-48, this robot has a green eye and a red body. Battle of Titanic Robots!
Ultra V godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ultra V Global Defense Force A giant, high-tech robot kaiju. The Arrival of Ultra V
Virback godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Virback Global Defense Force The blue and silver ninja robot kaiju. The Duo of Fighting Robots
Blitz godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Blitz Global Defense Force The red and silver samurai robot kaiju. The Duo of Fighting Robots
Zorgulon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zorgulon Aliens An alien kaiju with a helmet wearing on his head and a brain inside of it. Terror of the Universe
Sargas godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sargas Aliens An alien clone of Zorgulon. Terror of the Universe
Genesis godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Genesis Aliens A third alien clone of Zorgulon. Terror of the Universe
Daniel godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Daniel Earth Defenders Daniel. A lion-like kaiju which show bears some resemblance to King Caesar, also combining reptilian and leonine features. Godzilla on Mythology Island
Meca-Ami godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Meca-Ami Global Defense Force A giant robot similar to Ami created based on a drawing created of herself has earthquake drumsticks, flight and launch missile rain. The Duo of Mechanical Females
Goliath Prime godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Goliath Prime Global Defense Force Goliath Prime. It is primary objective is to guard a secluded military facility known only as "Outpost X". The operations carried out in Rosdale Canyon remain shrouded in mystery. Goliath Prime Strikes
Vegon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Vegon Mutants Vegon. Over the years Vegon hadn't only continued to grow, but mutate due to the long period of direct exposure to radioactive elements, both in the soil, as well as in the sea from which it drank. Hope It Gets Vegetized
Cerebulon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cerebulon Aliens Cerebulon. He stands upright on four tentacle-like legs and swipes the air with his blades, angered and ready to destroy this lesser beast that has somehow bested his technology, as well as caused him pain. Cerebulon's Revenge
Kishira godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kishira Mutants A blue fish monster with gills. What a Light for a Kaiju Fight
Drakiba godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Drakiba Earth Defenders A purple dragon. A Triple of Kaijus
Dwelligator godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dwelligator Mutants Dwelligator. It lives in the Hazy Bog and it is an ability to Jaw Smasher. Monsters Attack
Iwatough godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Iwatough Mutants A rock monster. A Triple of Kaijus
Congara godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Congara Earth Defenders Congara. A muscular kaiju whose stance is similar to that of a gorilla. King Kong in Africa
Thornerfist godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Thornerfist Earth Defenders A Thorny devil-like kaiju with alot of spikes in his back. The Spike Monster
Armydon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Armydon Earth Defenders A monster with spikes on his back and can roll himself into a ball and Anguirus' cousin. Let's Get Rolling
Okano godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Okano Mutants A sea creature with claws. A Triple of Kaijus
Dragonar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dragonar Earth Defenders A black dragon Kaiju. Michael x Cindy
Kamra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kamra Mutants A dragon-bat-like Kaiju that hangs upside down. Monsters Attack
Crackler godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Crackler Mutants An electromagnetic projection kaiju has a lanky body structure with four legs with one claw on each foot, and two arms with three fingers on each. Its head contains six eyes and features two tusks on the lower jaw and a horn at the tip of its snout. Nightmare
Quetzalcoatl godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Quetzalcoatl Mutants A giant bird monster with her name comes from a feathered serpent deity from Aztec mythology. Monster of Mexico
Sharptooth godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sharptooth Earth Defenders A Saber-Tooth Lion-like Kaiju. Cat Fight!
Sconar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sconar Earth Defenders A Dinosaur-like Kaiju with horns. The Primeval Wars
Hiregon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Hiregon Mutants A fish-like monster. Awaken in the Murky Sea
Super Jet Jaguar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Super Jet Jaguar Global Defense Force Jet Jaguar's second form and become extremely powerful. Completion! Super Jet Jaguar is Born!!
Grizzhorn godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cyrus Earth Defenders A giant bear-like Kaiju. We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Flashgon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Flashgon Aliens A powerful robot and one of Zeron Black's creations. Flashgon the Powerful Robot
Migron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Migron Earth Defenders A rock monster with muscles. Godzilla vs. Migron
Suradon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Suradon Earth Defenders A dinosaur monster that has a head of the styracosaurs. Monsters Attack
Fincroc godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Fincroc Mutants A crocodile-like fish kaiju. Monsters Attack
KASAR godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Macco Earth Defenders A styracosaurs-like kaiju. The Primeval Wars
Kyro godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kyro Mutants An insect monster. War in the Amazon
Beetletor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Beddra Mutants A stag bettle kaiju. War in the Amazon
Protodon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Protodon Earth Defenders A purple dinosaur. Attack of the Flying Protodon
Leanna godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Leanna Earth Defenders A dragon kaiju. Leanna, the Lovely Dragon
Zaptirius godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zaptirius Mutants A bat-like monster. The Electricity of Zaptirius
Moldice Mutants Moldice. Are giant mole monsters that are brown with rose red fur, four legs with three claws on each foot with the front legs having one large middle claw and two smaller claws. The head of the Ice Borers have a split bottom jaw with sharp teeth, a patch of rose red skin on their forehead, two tusks, two black eyes with rose red skin around them. Beneath the Ice
Loch Nessie Mutants More commonly known as the Loch Ness Monster, is a prehistoric sea monster kaiju. Monster of Scotland
Bacterah Mutants A mutated bacteria kaiju that resembles a round plant with a dull green and blue color scheme on its outside area, and a pale beige color on its interior. Bacillus' most notable features are four tentacle-like appendages with pink ends and a wide mouth in the middle of its body. Let's Fight the Flu!
Repflappy godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Repflappy Mutants A kaiju with six wings. Monsters Make the Best
Kejam godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Lidoron Earth Defenders A Saber-Tooth cat-like Kaiju. Cat Fight!
Giganto godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Giganto Earth Defenders Giganto. This Kaiju is furry and he's friendly. Mystery in the Forest
Psichlos godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Psichlos Aliens Psichlos. A robot alien-like kaiju with one eye and a brain. Battle in Outer Space
Cosmuchu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cosmuchu Aliens An alien with claws and a helmet. A Supreme Strategy is Easy
Xenowing godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Xenowing Aliens An alien with horns and wings. Summer Time in Tokyo
Purple Claws godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Purple Claws Aliens Purple Claws. This creature has long arms and can scratch those who can go near him. The Monster from the Second Galaxy
Mechana Tick Aliens An alien kaiju has unique characteristics, such as the ability to incorporate any kind of machinery or technology into its body, allowing it to increase in size & mass. The alien gains the properties and abilities of the technology/machines that have been absorbed into its body. For example, when the monster absorbed a refrigerator, it had the ability to launch ice shards; and when it absorbed a tank, it gained a cannon. Amazingly, the outer space fiend also has the uncanny ability to disable missiles and render them harmless before they can explode in its body. The creature is also intelligent to a degree, as it found the location of a top-secret missile installation by utilizing the internet. Godzilla Against the Mechana Tick
Silverdrah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Silverdrah Mutants A mineral-based kaiju and A giant creature of unknown origin that lived in a mine in Blind Rock, Wyoming, the original Silver Hydra turned a group of miners into silver statues fifty years ago. Face-to-Face with Silverdrah
DNAMimic Mutants A shape-shifting kaiju with its natural form the creature is a gelatinous grey mass of biomass. If it encounters another lifeform and makes physical contact it can assume that creature's form through genetic sampling. Mimic Madness
Norzzug godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Norzzug Earth Defenders A sphinx-like monster who has a greyish blue body with a lighter underside that resembles that of a sphinx. His head has two yellow eyes that glowed red after being awakened, grey cheeks with lighter grey patches on the cheeks and around the eyes, a lighter gray snout with a black nose, two gray and lighter gray ears, and a gold chin piece on his chin. He has four legs with four claws on each foot, with his front legs sporting a pair of gold braces with a dark yellow stripe on them as well as a gold fin behind his front legs. He has a long tail that ends with a gold patterned tip. His back, neck, and head are covered in gold metal, with the sides of the metal on his head being a dark yellow and the metal on his back having a square pattern on it, he also has two large gold rectangular wings that have patterns resembling that of feathers on them as well as three dark yellow stripes. Gods of Egypt
Fungus Humungus Mutants A mutant fungus kaiju that appears to be a grey and pale blue round structure of varied fungi sprouting on its body. Prominent structures include mushrooms and pale green tentacle appendages with yellow stripes near the end. Don't be a Fungus, Lungus
Komorigon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Komorigon Mutants A bat-like kaiju. We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Erad♂ godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Erad♂ Aliens Erad♂ and Erad♀. A pair of two aliens that are brother and sister. Oh, Brother...She's My Sister
Erad♀ godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Erad♀ Aliens Erad♂ and Erad♀. A pair of two aliens that are brother and sister. Oh, Brother...She's My Sister
Shrewster Mutants A masked shrew kaiju. Twister
Skeetera Mutants A giant mosquito kaiju that resembles a mosquito. She is dark brown with yellow eyes, a hard carapace and two insectoid wings sticking out of her back. Not Too Itchy
Kaibutsu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kaibutsu Earth Defenders This kaiju is a large blue dinosaur-like monster. The Primeval Wars
Stegasaur godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Stegasaur Earth Defenders A stegosaurus-like kaiju. The Primeval Wars
Ts-Eh-Go Mutants A giant scorpion mutation monster. Sting of the Scorpion
Jelfisha Mutants A jellyfish kaiju. Dragon Slaughters
Dragma Mutants A genetically-engineered kaiju that resemble a cross between a Triceratops and a dragon. They have three legs, wings, and razor-sharp teeth and claws. Dragon Slaughters
Dwellah Mutants A giant fish monster has the body of an anglerfish and is red with an orange underside. The Deep Dweller has orange eyes, a row of spikes running down its back, and two arms with three claws on each arm. Dwellah is a deep-sea-dwelling fish that was forced up to the surface due to unknown circumstances. Tag, Gilled It!
Titanus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Titanus Mutants The data of this monster are unknown but sources claim that it has in its large body all the cells of all known monsters, it could be the greatest threat to humanity the universe and the other monsters, known attacks and lighting. The Titanic Kaiju, Titanus
Meducea Mutants A giant sea anemone monster. Meducea's body is brown with six tan tentacles with grey rings on them and multiple smaller, grey tentacles beneath them. Her head has one orange eye, a mouth with four teeth on the bottom jaw, two small tentacles on both sides of her head, and one long tentacle on top of her head. Most Terrifying Show On Earth
Rhinosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Rhinosaurus Mutants A rhinoceros kaiju that does not posses any special abilities, for it was merely a titanic rhinoceros. However, the Rhinosaurus was still a force to be reckoned with, being equipped with thick, durable hide and a massive horn. King Kong in Africa
Armadiroll Mutants A giant armadillo mutation monster. The Kaiju Invasion
Shetanisokwe godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Shetanisokwe Mutants A giant baboon monster. King Kong in Africa
Mwindaji godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mwindaji Mutants A giant sabertooth leopard monster. King Kong in Africa
Kufuli godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kufuli Mutants A giant crocodile monster. King Kong in Africa
Borock godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Borock Mutants A Gill monster. It Came from Beneath the Sea
Koopzilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Koopzilla Earth Defenders Bowser's alter ego. However, unlike with most of his other alter egos, King Koopa's wardrobe is unchanged, with the exception that he's much bigger and fatter than his normal state. King Koopa became Koop-zilla after eating Dr. T. Garden's Super Sushi, and he used his enlarged state to try to destroy Sayonara. However, King Koopa would later be returned to normal size after Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool injected him with the Super Sushi Shrinker. Great Battle of Two Kings
Yoshizilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Yoshizilla Earth Defenders Yoshi's kaiju form in order to fight Koopzilla in order to protect the city of sayonara. Great Battle of Two Kings
Charizilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Charizilla Earth Defenders After being zapped by the Kaiju Pulse Blaster (That cannon can turns the Pokemon's into the giant creatures with kaiju-looking shaping form) Ashs' Charizard transforms to the giant kaiju form as Charizilla. Clash of the Dragons
Tyranizilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tyranizilla Earth Defenders This Tyranitar belongs to Ryo's older brother who has the ambition to rule the Cascade Kingdom and gather all of the Primeval Crystals named "Kazar". He was transformed into a Giant Kaiju in ordered to fight Shin Godzilla in order to save the city. The Primeval Wars
Mukozilla Mutants A villain/kaiju that is extremely tyrannical and destructive. He will manipulate anyone, even other super-villains, to get what he wants. The GX Annihilation Strategy
Kurosa godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kurosa Earth Defenders A rock kaiju. Godzilla and Kurosa
Satkuma godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Satkuma Mutants Satkuma. Originating as a mutated bat born from plasma energy in 1975, Satkuma first attacked humanity in 1980, causing several airliner disasters over the nation of Japan. Satkuma was first encountered by the J.S.D.F., but the monster decimated their forces and made a bee-line for San Francisco. Giant Monsters Converge on Townsville
Ryugon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ryugon Earth Defenders Many eons ago after the reign of the dinosaurs, the egg hatched, and the baby dragon was almost big as a giraffe. He learned faster than any human can learn. He learned the first thing is to fly and soar into the highest mountain that can take a long slumber before he's growing into a full-grown dragon. But many years later, Ryugon was grown, and he's now ready to taking over the world to follow the path of the dinosaurs and attacked Hong Kong in the present day. The people fear him as the king of the dragons; the fire, the death itself. King of the Dragons
Maneater Mutants Originally a shark that can eat and destroy everything, the mutation toxic spread the water and turns the shark into a giant Kaiju so he can terrorize the humanity and eat everything that stood in his way. Clash of the Apex Predators
OctoKraken Mutants
Fanta godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Fanta Aliens A Jellyfish-like Kaiju. It Came from Outer Space
Ice King godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ice King Earth Defenders The ice dragon kaiju. The Wrath of Asylus
Asylus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Asylus Earth Defenders The legendary evil, cold-hearted, ferocious, wild and indestructible demonic monterous beast, who can do Fire Cannon, Bloody Smash, Flight, Omega Flash, Atomic Ray, Tail Whip, Energy Shield, Gigantic Hammer, flaming Blow, Gigantic Buster and Omega Blaster. The Wrath of Asylus
Golem Maya godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Golem Maya Earth Defenders Before he was the guardian of the great empires of the Mayans and Aztecs, but an evil force took over this guardian, only Ultraman Aztec stopped him at the cost of turning stone with him, his origin is unknown but he was sculpted by gods and their great resistance. The Guardian of the Golem
Crocodon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Crocodon Earth Defenders A crocodile kaiju. Let Crocodon Rests A Might
Dracotitan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dracotitan Earth Defenders A dragon kaiju. Love Story
Excavadon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Excavadon Earth Defenders A wyvern kaiju. Goliaths
Gakogon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gakogon Earth Defenders A dragon kaiju. Goliaths
Corona godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Corona Mutants A Coronavirus-like monster. Godzilla vs. Covid-19
Ignis Mutants A large red lion like creature with lizard-like scales, horns, face and a fur mane. It also sports a large cannon on its back that is gold in color. Aliens from Space
Kakurtle godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kakurtle Earth Defenders A turtle kaiju. Goliaths
Korinox godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Korinox Aliens An ice demon kaiju. The Ice Men from Outer Space
Kyodaking godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kyodaking Earth Defenders A tree-like kaiju. Area 51
Leomega godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Leomega Earth Defenders A lion kaiju. King Kong in Africa
Mammolossus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mammolossus Mutants A mammoth kaiju. The Primeval Wars
Megarex godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Megarex Earth Defenders A tyrannosaurus kaiju. The Primeval Wars
Midronbo godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Midronbo Mutants A dragonfly-like dragon kaiju. Godzilla Against The Mutants
Shironagi godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Shironagi Mutants An ant kaiju. Mountain Monsters
Shokulien godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Shokulien Mutants An octopus kaiju and Oodako's adoptive son. Under the Sea
Yakedon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Yakedon Mutants An iguana kaiju. Area 51
Yankishi godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Yankishi Aliens A evil-powered mecha. Mechanical Demise
Diplodocus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Diplodocus Earth Defenders A dinosaur kaiju that has no known abilities. Diplodocus was a real dinosaur genus, and was actually an herbivore that lived on land rather than the ocean. Diplodocus lived from 154 to 152 million years ago during the Late Jurassic period and, at up to 25 meters in length, was one of the longest land animals ever to walk the earth. The Lost World
Jyugami Global Defense Force A statue of liberty robot. Colossal Clash in the NYC
Striker godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Striker Mutants Striker. A crustacean-insect-like Kaiju that emerges from the sea and terrorizes the beach. Godzilla Against The Mutants
Kesagake godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kesagake Earth Defenders Kesagake. One of Akakabuto’s members of his clan KESAGAKE is another member of his clan. Kesagake out competed both Madara and Mosa for his intelligence and brute strength. He was considered to be the second strongest bear in Akakabuto's stronghold second to Akakabuto himself. Mosa was now Part of Bagan’s army of Monsters. Cyrus vs. Kesagake
King Elephus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
King Elephus Earth Defenders King Elephus. A mammoth-like Kaiju that can use his powerful tusks to attack enemies. The Mysterious Monster Island
Chyros godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Chyros Mutants An ancient lava god monster is a bulky volcanic being with three fingers on each hand, and thick armor-like plating. He has three yellow eyes and a single set of flat teeth. While bound to his temple, he is attached to a column of lava emerging up from a hole in the temple floor connecting to the volcano beneath it. When freed, he has a black serpent-like tail with a red scaly underside, with the sides of his tail laced with spikes. Rise of the Demon
Animous godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Animous Mutants A sentient statue kaiju that is a bulky creature with quadrupedal and bipedal abilities. Animous has muscular arms and five fingered hands, but its hind legs are more reptilian, with three claws and a dewclaw on each. Animous has three eyes, and one pointed horn on the top of its head, accompanied by two flat-topped ear-like protrusions. It has two color schemes that vary depending on whether or not it is being controlled by Chyros. While possessed, Animous is primarily brown in color with pale-green hands, pectoral muscles, and face with red eyes. When Animous is in its organic form it becomes much more colorful, with a red snout, yellow eyes, and a primarily green body with blue horns and pectoral muscles. Animous also sports tattoos on both of its shoulders. Rise of the Demon
Alien Crusty godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Crusty Aliens An alien-like crustacean that can control Kaiju that lived under the sea. Trouble Beneath the Sea
Orcasaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Orcasaurus Mutants The orca-like kaiju. Godzilla Against The Mutants
Gargolking godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gargolking Mutants A demon-like kaiju. Tokyo Terror
Dwellodon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dwellodon Mutants A crocodile-like Kaiju. The Trap
Drillera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Drillera Earth Defenders A Ceratopsian-like Kaiju. Thrill Of The Hunt
Tigrage godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tigrage Mutants A large anthro tiger Kaiju. Weretiger
Surface godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Surface Mutants Before a blue shark when it was reached by the radiation of alien kristales thus causing its mutation making it a true marine predator with aquatic agility and layers of being on land. Trouble Beneath the Sea
Jackalopezilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Jackalopezilla Earth Defenders A Jackalope-like Kaiju. Thrill Of The Hunt
Krampus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Krampus Mutants The shadow of Santa Claus. A Kaiju Christmas 2
Casawargon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Casawargon Mutants A cassowary-like kaiju. The Attack of Casawargon
Black Assassin godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Black Assassin Aliens A saucer beast-like snake. Face-to-Face with the Eyes of the Snake
Rudorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Rudorah Mutants A Rudolph-like kaiju. A Kaiju Christmas 2
MechaSanta godzillathemonstrousmission.png
MechaSanta Global Defense Force A robotic santa claus. A Kaiju Christmas 2
Star Galayta godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Star Galayta Global Defense Force She is a great warrior of the galaxy E-67, when her world was destroyed, this alien cyborg wanders through the cosmos in search of battles, and then reaches the planet kaiju from there sets out to face aztec, flight, kung fu, swords of munecas and galaxy ray. The Great Warrior of the Galaxy
Metal-Goroga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Metal-Goroga Aliens An alien monster of two cabesas rebuit as a cyborg by a new alien race of the dark galaxy it is equipped with space titanium claws, proto plasma canon and can attack in the skay. A Cyborg Alien with Two Cabesas
Huitzilopoxtli godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Huitzilopoxtli Aliens A cruel god corrupted by his own power, he was the cause of the disappearance of Ultraman Aztec and lascains of the other empires of Central America, now returns to have the maximum power to destroy both good and evil, and create and universe to his image. Godzilla vs. Huitzilopoxtil
Govtoral godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Govtoral Mutants Govtoral. A creature that came to earth by traveling on the meteor and landed there, as it wreck the havoc on Tokyo. He was on the book called creatures of the ancient Maya. The Attack of Govtoral
Monsborg godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Monsborg Aliens Monsborg. Zeron Black's first robot that first to sent to earth & was programmed to destroy test rocket S9Y after Hiroshi Ibuki found his hiding place the monster appeared and tried to attack Hiroshi but Jet Jaguar V3 fought him then Monsborg became huge and Jet Jaguar fought him & destroyed him. Jet Jaguar's Enemy
Jumbo Gander godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Jumbo Gander Aliens Jumbo Gander. A second robot that Zeron Black created and was sent to earth to kill Jet Jaguar but Jet Jaguar destroyed him first. No, my Invention's Better! Clash of the Inventors Down Under!
Gravitron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gravitron Aliens Gravitron. A UFO Robot that sent to earth by Zeron Black to provide parts for robots for mass production Hiroshi Ibuki found a way inside but got trapped inside lucky for him Jet Jaguar got him out and destroyed Gravitron for good. Rodan vs. Gravitron
Mega Puffy Rock godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mega Puffy Rock Global Defense Force Result of the combination of Meca-Ami and Meca-Yumi, thanks to to this new robot they saved Tokyo from their own heroes manga, flight rain of missiles, sonic wave, and storm elek-rockstars. The Birth of Mega Puffy Rock
Gop Nyai godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gop Nyai Aliens An alien frog-like Kaiju that live in outer space. The Frog That Ate the Moon
Phaya Nak godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Phaya Nak Mutants A three-headed serpent-like Kaiju. The King of the Nak
Erawan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Erawan Earth Defenders A three-headed elephant-like Kaiju. Godzilla vs. Erawan, the three-headed elephant
Babe godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Babe Earth Defenders A big giant blue ox. Godzilla and Babe
Kudajira Aliens An alien dragon kaiju that came from outer space. Wrath Of The Hybrid
Tyron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tyron Earth Defenders A member of supernaturally enhance T-rexes. Tyron is pretty much your average tough guy. Tyron homeland is unkown, but him and his mother lived on Monster Island where his made friends Cyra and Godzilla Jr, and grew up. After his mother died of old age, he discover an egg she had laid. Tyron took the egg to seemingly uninhabited island for it to hatch. The baby hatch from her egg, and Tyron named his new little sister Tiaonna after his deseased mother. Tyron had since then dedicated his life to rise his sister. However recently he had a dream that seams to bother him. New Allies
Cyra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cyra Earth Defenders A green sea serpent that lives under the sea and order to protect earth from evil threats. New Allies
Bioseed godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bioseed Earth Defenders The offspring of Biollante but unlike his mother,he has naturally inherited his genes removing him from the Mutant class. He first starts in child stage(Rose form) then later grows into a adult. New Allies
Kori-Kuma godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kori-Kuma Earth Defenders The polar bear-like kaiju who lives in Antarctica and make friends with the earth monsters. New Allies
Cosmar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cosmar Aliens Cosmar. This creature came from outer space and energy beams from pods, survives in space, and can travel to any dimention or location. New Allies
Behemoth godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Behemoth Earth Defenders Behemoth. It know sectrect that the real behemoth is a saurapod. For the monsters who weren't mutanted by the atomic bomb testing they were transmutated by them. They also have other powers to. Behemoth is as tall as two Biollante standing on top of one another. New Allies
Leviathan godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Leviathan Earth Defenders Leviathan. The Leviathan and his brother the Behemoth. They used their transmutation powers to geneically enhance certain dinosaurs and certain animals when prehistoric earth was under attack by a prehistoric ghidorah. When the pokemon came to earth Leviathan was not too happy. He and Arceus never got along. After thousands of years Leviathan grew lonly. So he ask The Heavens to give him children. The Heavens told him that he would give him 3 children 2 sons and 1 daughter each seperate by a 500 years. Thus Manda was born. 500 years later Ladon was born, and 20 years ago Cyra was born. Each were born in the city of Atlantis the city founded by The Leviathan. He love the Atlantians. But at the birth of his daught the King of Atlantis had a daughter born at the same time as Cyra. Leviathan could not be any happier. So much he stated Cyra and the princess would rule Altantis when they come to age. However the Leviathan loss everything when his son Ladon betrayed him. New Allies
Minotaur Earth Defenders An ancient kaiju that does not have any known powers. Godzilla on Mythology Island
Cyclops godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cyclops Mutants A mythical creature that has terrorized Sicily for a long time. Godzilla on Mythology Island
Ladon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ladon Mutants Ladon. Ladon is the brother of Manda and Cyra, as well as the middle child of The Leviathan. Manda being the oldest, and Cyra being the youngest. New Allies
Nikkugon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Nikkugon Earth Defenders Nikkugon. It was long thought that the three Yamato Guardians, Baragon, Manda, and Varan, were the only ones of their kind.  A new find shows that they were a smaller class.  The Yamato people also put their faith into a fourth guardian monster.  But this was a "master" Kaiju.  For centuries, this Master Guardian, NIKKUGON, sat ever watchful, intent on protecting Japan from whatever may threaten it.  While Baragon wielded Earth, Manda wielded water, and Varan wielded wind, Nikkugon wielded fire.  This ancient dragon rises every 500 years to defend the Land of the Rising Sun from the forces of evil. Protector of the Rising Sun
Amphibodon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Amphibodon Mutants Amphibodon. This creature can defend himself by using claws and can use his head as a weapon. New Allies
Axel godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Axel Mutants An axolotl kaiju. Axel the wonderful axolotl
Lafiras Mutants A mutated dragon kaiju. This here kind of mutated dragon kaiju, not seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Togeragon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Togeragon Earth Defenders Togeragon. The dragon monster and an ancient guardian that lives in a giant cave in the heart of Mount Fuji. The Ancient Togeragon
Gargados godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gargados Earth Defenders A Native American insect deity kaiju has has an insectoid body that is mostly light green in color, but with yellow pectoral muscles and a yellow midriff. It has a small green head with two thin antennae with bulbous blue eyes. It boasts four arms and two legs with brown digits on each, four on each hand and two on its feet. Locust Guardian has four wings that extend from its back. The Rise of the Locust Guardian
Turu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Turu Earth Defenders An enormous black Pteranodon and Demon of the sky. A type of pterosaur, a prehistoric flying reptile. Turu's wings are black on the outside, with a purple underwing. It's belly is a darker shade of purple. It has a yellow beak. The Lost World
Keraco Mutants A mutated green iguana kaiju. This here kind of iguana kaiju, not seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Drasgon Mutants A mutated thorny devil kaiju. This here kind of thorny devil kaiju, not seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Heavy Metal godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Heavy Metal Mutants A heavy metal guitar-like kaiju. Godzilla vs. Heavy Metal
Silver Jack godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Silver Jack Aliens Silver Jack. The last robot built to destroy Jet Jaguar V3 and kill Hiroshi Ibuki Silver Kack was to attack tokyo after a fight Jet Jaguar V3 retreated Silver Jack also attack a nuclar power plant but shortly after Silver Jack was destroyed by Super Jet Jaguar. Rage Unleashed
Ceratopsianosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ceratopsianosaurus Earth Defenders A Triceratops-like kaiju. The Lost World
Cerberus Mutants A two-headed German Shepard-like kaiju with four arms. Cerberus, the Two Headed Monster
Cat Burglar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cat Burgler Mutants A cat-like kaiju. Cat Thief
Megadragira Earth Defenders A giant orange dinosaur-like monster. Guess Who's Coming to Townsville?
La Rator godzillathemonstrousmission.png
La Rator Mutants La Rator. Are now less like the rat creatures; duller colors, more rat-like, and jaguar spots on the king variant. Battle Cry
Set godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Set Earth Defenders An ancient Egyptian god kaiju. Set appears as a brown skinned man with clawed feet and a black Jackal's head with yellow eyes. He wears decorated arm bands and a breastplate that matches his Staff, and a short yellow cloth around his thighs. Gods of Egypt
Kabugani godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kabugani Mutants Kabugani. A volcanic crayfish-beetle-like kaiju. Calm Before The storm
Windigo godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Windigo Mutants Windigo. An wind kaiju which his named after the Wendigo from Algonquian mythology. Windigo
Harpy Mutants A sentient flying reptile kaiju that appears as a nimble and muscular female reptilian humanoid with winds and long arms. She has pointed ears with portions of flesh missing from each of them, slit pupils, and a small yellow jewel on her forehead. Harpy also has three spikes on her shoulders, and two spikes on her abdomen. She is primarily sickly pale-gray in color, with green wing membranes, and dark blue armor-like skin. She has four claws on her feet, with three in the front and one in the back. Rise of the Demon
Rocket Panther godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Rocket Panther Aliens An evil robotic version of Jet Jaguar created by Zeron Black. The Rise of Rocket Panther
Moby Dick godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Moby Dick Earth Defenders Moby Dick. A legendary sea monster and a gigantic white sperm whale and a fearsome monster that happens to be a Kujira Gami's Rival Brother. Godzilla and King Kong vs Moby Dick
Cetatyrannus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cetatyrannus Earth Defenders A prehistoric terrestrial whale from the Eocene epoch, CETATYRANNUS was related to the killer whale.  It is also an apex predator awoken by earthquakes off the coast of Hawaii.  Afterwards, shipping disasters began to occur around Hokkaido until the Cetatyrannus showed itself and attacked the coast.  While killer whales have preferred prey, Cetatyrannus is not a fussy eater and will hunt anything that is considered fair game.  Although sluggish and cumbersome on land, he is a graceful swimmer.  When fighting, he deploys sonar attacks and spits boiling water.  This makes Cetatyrannus an extremely dangerous monster. Battle Cry
Achilles (1) godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Achilles Mutants Achilles. A genetically altered chimpanzee mutated in a nuclear fallout, he develops an intelligence not seen in normal chimps, and capable of making tools and communicating using sign language.  He is roughly the size of Baragon. Salvation
Venatus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Venatus Mutants Venatus. An ancient super predator distantly related to Godzilla's species. Found frozen in time and global warming unleashes him. Salvation
Xenorah godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Xenorah Aliens Xenorah. A deadly parasite that devours and assimilates its prey.  Called the Black Serpent by the Tyrannoids for its serpentine appearance, it was once indigenous to the Tyrannoid homeworld, but after it was destroyed by King Ghidorah, they scattered across the universe and infested many planets.  Xenorah starts life as a spider-like parasite that attaches itself to its prey.  This form is just a vessel that dies as soon as it finishes transplanting an egg into the host.  After one week, the egg will hatch and burst out of the host, exploding it to reveal a more developed juvenile form.  It grows rapidly during its hunting until it eventually matures into a gigantic adult form.  Xenorah can reproduce asexually.  When it has reached that stage, it will build a nest to hatch more Xenorahs, which is what they do on many planets across the galaxy.  Xenorah is quite intelligent for a parasite, and seems capable of analyzing the situation it is faced with using trickery and deceit, indicating a cold calculating mind. Salvation
Diamond Kiryu godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Diamond Kiryu Global Defense Force Diamond Kiryu. A Metallic Green version of the original Kiryu. Salvation
Xenodraco godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Xenodraco Aliens Xenodraco. It's a deep-space creature and it flies dangerously fast.  It is sacred to the Dajji, and it is said to keep Nekark and King Ghidorah in their place.  Lacking eyes or true jaws, it senses with sonar and feeds through a proboscis. Legacy X
Alien Gogole godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Alien Gogole Aliens Alien Gogole. A new alien from the planet Gogole and wants to take over Earth for his own good. Legacy X
Fugura Mutants A giant fish balloon and a fearsome brute with a short temper. Guess Who's Coming To Townsville?
Nekark godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Nekark Mutants Nekark. A huge Kaiju that dwells in deep space, this 800 meter giant is said to be a devourer of worlds.  It fires a powerful concentrated blast of energy, fires organic missiles, and can extend tentacles from its back. Legacy X
Badaxtra Mutants A powerful, mutated, axe-bladed kaiju from Japan, accidentally created during the 1960s by atomic science gone wrong. Armed with axe-bladed feet, tail and head, it can simply trample and/or slice any opposition. It was later captured and sealed in Mt. Fujiyashiyame by brilliant scientists. A Monster for a Day
D.Y.N.A.M.O Global Defense Force Also known as Dynamic Nanotechtronic Mono'bot is basically a robot with A.I. Guess Who's Coming To Townsville?
Naga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Naga Earth Defenders A Cobra god kaiju is named after a snake creature from Hindu mythology. Rise of the Cobra God
Kraken godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kraken Mutants A cephalopod monster from Scandinavian mythology is a highly territorial species indiginous to Mondo Island's waters in the South Pacific and renowned for sinking ships. Godzilla vs Kraken
Minokawa Earth Defenders A giant eagle-like kaiju. Rodan vs Minokawa
Kaiju Baby godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kaiju Baby Mutants Kaiju Baby. Baby has three forms, Kaiju Baby (the normal one), Scrap Kaiju Baby (when she change part of her body after Godzilla turns into God Incarnate Godzilla) and Death Kaiju Baby (when she is almost killing Godzilla after she removes part of his tail and she gets corrupted by radiation). Godzilla vs Kaiju Baby
Ravagar Rex godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ravagar Rex Earth Defenders Ravagar Rex. The King of the Dinosaurs of the Prehistoric Past and Godzilla's old rival. The Mysterious Monster Island
Plugora godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Plugora Mutants Plugora. A power electrical plug-like kaiju that can create shock to electrocute everything that gets in it's way. Electric Shock
Badkat godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Badkat Earth Defenders A genus of the extinct machairodont. The Lost World
Ganonzilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ganonzilla Mutants Ganon's kaiju form to fight Godzilla that gets in his way. Godzilla vs Ganonzilla
Megatherium godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Megatherium Earth Defenders A giant sloth kaiju. Journey to the Center of the Earth
Manticore godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Manticore Mutants A horrible hybred of man, beast and vermin, the Manticore beast is part man, part prehistoric lion and part scorpion, with the wings of a pterasuar. A horrid beast that lives in the lost underworld of the earth, serving his master and creator Chyros, a powerful entinty made of lava but posessing great power. The Manticore Beast
Ginko godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ginko Mutants The Ginko is a sort of prototype monster, created by Dr. Hugo Frankenstein. Made from the stitched together elephant, crocodile, and human body parts, treated with Frankenstein's family regeneration formula, a side effect of which is an increase in size. Hugo Frankenstein parades the Ginko in front of Carl Denham, to show that his reanimation process works. Impressed with the Ginko, Denham sells the body of Kong to Dr. Frankenstein. The Ginko
Tezcatlipoca godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tezcatlipoca Earth Defenders A jaguar god-like kaiju. Monster of Mexico
Gryffin godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Gryffin Earth Defenders A legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and sometimes an eagle's talons as its front feet. Godzilla vs Gryffin
Mindcrawler Mutants A variety of spider monster has a red body in two segments with three orange stripes on its black-tipped thorax. It has five purple eyes, and eight gray legs with red tips. It has two small pincers on its face. Rise of the Demon
Yukon Earth Defenders A kind of snow yeti-like kaiju. King Kong and Yukon
Zeron Black godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Zeron Black Aliens An alien that brought material to earth in order to mass produce robots across the land. Jet Jaguar's Enemy
Serratus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Serratus Mutants A trilobite-like monster. Clash of Prehistoric Beasts: Godzilla vs. Serratus
Hira-Jin godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Hira-Jin Aliens A part-man, part-Gila Monster, part human. Revenge of the Mysterians
Sundera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Sundera Aliens A giant sea louse-like kaiju. Signal from Outer Space
Hauler godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Hauler Mutants A mutated armadillo/galapagos turtle/rhinoceros hybrid monster kaiju. This here kind of mutated armadillo-rhino-turtle hybrid kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Mixsander godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mixsander Mutants A mutated rattlesnake/peacock/coral snake/earthworm hybrid monster kaiju. This here kind of mutated worm-snake hybrid kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Aquilamimus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Aquilamimus Earth Defenders A feathered raptor-like kaiju. The Mysterious Monster Island
MetalGreyZilla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
MetalGreyZilla Earth Defenders MetalGreyZilla. This kaiju was combined a mechanical monster by scientists. The Mighty MetalGreyZilla
Tarbosaura godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tarbosaura Mutants A mutated tarbosaurus kaiju. This here kind of dinosaur kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Necrotherius godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Necrotherius Aliens Necrotherius. No one knows where this malevolent monster came from.  Some say it is from a world that is similar to Hell, while others say it was created by an alien race beyond our comprehension.  Whatever it is, Necrotherius is very powerful, and he has a deadly ability: necromancy.  Necrotherius is capable of spreading a virus that mutates genes at the cellular level, but it can only spread through necrotic flesh.  Dead bodies mutate into horrible "Z-Monsters" and exist to be the evil being's slaves.  Their objective: to harvest and infect all living organisms on a planet so Necrotherius can then absorb them and consume their planet. Armada
Chigan Mutants One of the many creatures that escaped Doctor Oniyama's island was something that resembled the monster, Gigan. It was found near Spaine, sunning itself on a cliff. It was frozen by Karyou and brought to Monster Island, where it was dubbed Chigan, due to its resemblance to Gigan and a giant chicken. Chickened Out
Claudandus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Claudandus Mutants Claudandus. means "he who must be sealed."  And fitting as this evil Kaiju came to be when an ancient evil sorcerer sealed himself within an organic cocoon while performing a spell.  Claudandus thrives on Kaijunite, a rare mineral which is molecularly unstable and very dangerous to anything organic, even other Kaiju.  This mineral can absorb any organic matter, and Claudandus is immune to it.  In fact, he feeds on the mineral to harness its deadly power.  In the 21st century, Claudandus has awoken to absorb all organic life to become the ultimate lifeform. Battle Cry
Dreadvenator Mutants A mutated dinosaur kaiju. This here kind of dinosaur kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Cyaneus-X godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Cyaneus-X Mutants A Mutant prehistoric Jellyfish-like kaiju. The Lost World
Anguiron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Anguiron Mutants A mutated anguirus/guiron hybrid kaiju. This here kind of mutated kaiju hybrid monster, seen in planet. Signal from Outer Space
Kinzokutaiga godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Kinzokutaiga Global Defense Force Kinzokutaiga. With the loss of the Robangel units, humanity needed a new mecha to defend its cities from Kaiju threats.  Multiple designs have been accepted and are currently under construction.  The first one to be finished was China's KINZOKUTAIGA.  Although the revealed design was a prototype, people loved it and it was approved until a better version would be made.  And when young Ida Carver was revealed as the pilot, the world fell in love with her.  She was the beautiful warrior-princess astride a tiger of steel.  Designed to fend off even the fiercest of Kaiju, Kinzokutaiga may be humanity's current hope for survival.  Meanwhile, England cooperating with America and Japan in creating the Sun Lions, and Russia is developing the Volch'ya staya, but until then, we must rely on the metal tiger, Kinzokutaiga. Eye of the Tiger
Barostenna godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Barostenna Mutants A mutated stegosaurus/carnotaurus hybrid kaiju. This here kind of mutated dinosaur hybrid kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Tyrantis godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tyrantis Earth Defenders A dinosaur kaiju resembles a blue Tyrannosaurus rather than a dragon. Along with standing upright like theropod dinosaurs were thought to do at the time, Tyrantis has a row of spikes along its back, as well as longer arms than an actual Tyrannosaurus. The Lost World
Scar godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Scar Earth Defenders A Monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Demon of the Land who controls the Raptors and many other carnosaurs. The Mysterious Monster Island
Lotan Mutants A Giant electrical angler-fish-like kaiju. Aqua Showdown
Venomfang godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Venomfang Mutants A mutated king cobra kaiju. This here cobra kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Mecha Sailor Moon Global Defense Force
Mecha Sailor Mercuryn Global Defense Foce
Mecha Sailor Marsn Global Defense Force
Mecha Sailor Jupitern Global Defense Force
Mecha Sailor Venus Global Defense Foce
Crocosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Crocosaurus Mutants A mutated nile crocodile/spinosaurus hybrid. This here mutated crocodile/dinosaur kaiju, attacked and destroyed new york city. Colossal Clash in the NYC
Spinosuchosaurus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Spinosuchosaurus Mutants A sarcosuchus/spinosaurus hybrid and the Demon of the Seas. The Mysterious Monster Island
Pinsersaurus Mutants Otherwise known as Pincersaurus, is an insectoid reptile that has two massive pincers for hands, but rather than using them to grip, he usually uses them as a bludgeon-like weapon. Godzilla vs. Pinsersaurus
Entelodguirus godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Entelodguirus Mutants A mutated entelodont kaiju. This here kind of entelodont kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Bungi godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Bungi Mutants A mutated horned lizard kaiju. This here kind of horned lizard kaiju, fighted Zilla. Zilla vs. Bungi
Seadora Mutants A mutated dinosaur kaiju. This here kind of mutated dinosaur kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Atari godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Atari Aliens A alien jellyfish-dragon kaiju. This here kind of jellyfish dragon kaiju, seen in planet. Signal from Outer Space
Protohydra godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Protohydra Aliens An alien hydra monster kaiju. This here alien hydra monster kaiju, seen in planet. Signal from Outer Space
Tyros Mutants A mutated dragon kaiju. This here dragon kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Galvashark godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Galvashark Mutants A mutated tiger shark kaiju. This here kind of mutated tiger shark kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Piranhagon godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Piranhagon Mutants A Giant Piranha/Lizard monster an earliy expeirment can live on land as well as the sea, fast in the water, powerful jaws, sharp claws. Congara vs. Dead Eye
Tyranta godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Tyranta Earth Defenders A Tyrannosaurus rex-like kaiju. The Lost World
Dead Eye godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dead Eye Earth Defenders A huge red Theropod Dinosaur with one working eye and Congara's most hated enemy. basically the one who took Congara's Family away from him. he is an aggressive, cruel, vicious, ruthless, cunning, relentless and heavily territorial Tyrannosauried like kaiju, and would've been recruited by the Tachyons to fight Zilla and his allies. Congara vs. Dead Eye
Torpedraco godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Torpedraco Earth Defenders A torpedo-powered torpedo psychic fire-breathing dragon kaiju. This here kind of dragon kaiju, fighted and fought Mothra Leo. Mothra Leo vs. Torpedraco
Ankyla godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Ankyla Mutants A mutated ankylosaurus kaiju. This here kind of mutated ankylosaurus kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Mogera godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Mogera Mutants A mutated drill-mouthed mole kaiju. This here kind of mutated drill-mouthed mole kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Dasluz godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dasluz Mutants A mutated frill-necked lizard kaiju. This here kind of mutated lizard kaiju, seen in desert. Trip to Egypt
Megathorn godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Megathorn Mutants A mutated tyrannosaurus rex/carcharodontosaurus/stegosaurus/dragon hybrid kaiju. This here kind of mutated dinosaur-dragon hybrid kaiju, fighted and fought Godzilla. Godzilla vs. Megathorn
Ragedragon Mutants A mutated dragon kaiju. This here kind of mutated dragon kaiju, seen in monster island. The Mysterious Monster Island
Stargreen godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Stargreen Mutants A mutated starfish/praying mantis/fish hybrid kaiju. The Mysterious Monster Island
Starred godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Starred Mutants A mutated starfish/praying mantis/fish hybrid kaiju. The Mysterious Monster Island
Deathinsect Mutants
Strongbug Mutants
Diresquid Mutants
Spikespider godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Spikespider Mutants A mutated spike-clawed spider kaiju. Battle Of Double Monsters!
Tiratron Mutants A mutated Tyrannosaurus rex kaiju. Battle Of Double Monsters!
Dunkleostron godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Dunkleostron Mutants A mutated dunkelosteus and a prehistoric fish-like kaiju. Aqua Showdown
Crystalgolem Aliens
Reaperpede godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Reaperpede Mutants A mutated skeleton centipede kaiju. Little Girl Lost
Thornydon Mutants
Snakebird Mutants
MechaEbirah Aliens A cyborg lobster and Ebirah's robot clone. The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch
Gigshel Mutants
Barugarin godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Barugarin Aliens A female species of Barugaron. This here kind of electric female dragon kaiju, attacked and fighted King Ghidorah, and Godzilla. Barugaron's Mate
Gilager Mutants
Chainlon Aliens
Squidra Mutants
Scorpiotron Mutants
Mudyor Mutants
Beastthra Mutants
Firemoth Earth Defenders
Megahydra Aliens
Boratora Mutants
Ankyron Mutants
Megnaconda Mutants
Topo Mutants
Saigar Mutants
Zasunek Mutants
Akkorokamui Mutants Akkorokamui. A gigantic octopus god which resides in Hokkaido’s Uchiura Bay. When it extends its legs, its body stretches over one hectare in area. It is so big that it can swallow boats and even whales in a single gulp. Its entire body is red. It is so large that when it appears the sea and even the sky reflect its color, turning a deep red. Akkorokamui the Octopus God
Lythrotherium Mutants
Lusca Mutants
Panthros Earth Defenders A fire-breathing panther and the god of sloth. Hunger
Baryor Mutants
Technotherium Aliens
Megalorra Mutants
Futurehead Aliens
Armadillor Mutants
Carnotaurkaiju godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Carnotaurkaiju Mutants A mutated electric carnotaurus kaiju. This here electric dinosaur kaiju, attacked and destroyed new york city. Colossal Clash in the NYC
Mesias Mutants
Kumoraiju Mutants
Megaraptor godzillathemonstrousmission.png
Megaraptor Mutants A mutated megaraptor kaiju. This here kind of megaraptor kaiju, attacked and destroyed new york city. Colossal Clash in the NYC
Kaproden Mutants
Crowbar Mutants
Sealra Mutants
Electrosaurus Mutants
Taurus Mutants
Sapioteras Mutants
Mammothra Mutants
Necro-Tripod Aliens
The Thunderbird Mutants
Octo-Rex Mutants
Zombie Rodan Mutants
Sea Rodan Mutants
Mecha-Redavagnos Aliens
Dragonfly Monster Mutants A Giant Mutant Dragonfly kaiju. The Mysterious Monster Island
Zombie King Ghidorah Aliens
Mecha Sharp Hammerhead Aliens
Dagon Mutants Dagon. Amongst the number of colonies established by the British in the Americas, one has been forgotten by history. Remote, small, cut-off from its allies and encompassed by rugged mountains, this obscure little town was barely mentioned by the early settlers as rarely went there, and they eventually just assumed that the people of this little hollow were all dead. But that wasn't quite true: Innsmouth, this infamous town, persisted into the 20th century, but by then most of its population was far from human. However, all of the Innsmouthians were united in one practice: they worshipped a god of the Mesopotamians, a dormant, bizarre Kaiju named Dagon, the sunken god. Godzilla and Dagon
M. I. C. K. A. Global Defense Force
Dominox Mutants A mutated allosaurus kaiju. Hunger
Zombie Kong Mutants