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The golden jackal (Canis aureus), or Asiatic jackal, is a slender, medium-sized canid with long legs, a long, pointed muzzle, and a relatively short, bushy tail. The coat is rather coarse, and, as the name suggests, is generally golden or yellowish in colour, although individuals vary from pale cream to tawny, and coat colour may also vary between seasons. The back is often mottled black, brown and white, while the head, ears, sides and limbs may have a reddish-brown hue. The underparts are pale. The golden jackal can be distinguished from other jackal species by the black tip to the tail. Occasional melanistic individuals are reported, and several subspecies of golden jackal are recognized. The golden jackal is a very vocal species, using a variety of barking, growling, cackling and whining calls. The most distinctive is the high-pitched, wailing howl, often given in chorus at dawn and dusk, and thought to reinforce family bonds or advertise territory ownership.




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