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“Oh Geez”-Goofy In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episode,Goofy Babysitter


Goofy is a character dog from Mickey Mouse.

Voice Actors:

  1. Pinto Colvig (1932–1965) - English
  2. George Johnson (1939–1943) - English
  3. Hal Smith (1983) - English
  4. Will Ryan (1986–1988) - English
  5. Tony Pope (1979–1988) - English
  6. Bill Farmer (1987–present) - English
  7. Yu Shimaka - Japanese
  8. Takehiro Koyama - Japanese
  9. Carlos Segundo - Spanish
  10. Gérard Rinaldi (1983-2012) - French
  11. Emmanuel Curtil (2012) - French
  12. Vittorio Amandola - Italian
  13. Roberto Pedicini - Italian
  14. Krzysztof Tyniec - Polish
  15. Pep Anton Munoz - Catalan
  16. Ami Mandelman - Hebrew
  17. Yoram Yosephberg - Hebrew


He played as Chef Louis in The Little Mer-Cat and The Little Mer-Cat 2: Return To The Sea

He is a chef.

He played as Pacha in The Bugs New Groove And Aladdins New Groove

He played as Nibs the Rabbit Lostboy in Orinoco Pan and Orinoco Pan 2: Return to Neverland

He is a lost boy.

He played as Animal in The Children Show (The Muppet Show)

He played as Demetrius the Pot Maker in Orinocules

He is a pot maker.

He played as Little Robot Toy in Children Story 3

He is a toy robot.

He played as Sneezy in Nellie White and the Seven Childrens

He is a dwarf.

He played as Tracey Sketchit in Pokemon (396Movies Animal Style)

He is a Pokemon watcher.

He Played Dinoman In Dinosaur King (170Movies Style)

He is Dad

He Played Rock Saller In Pokemon (1985Movies Animal Style)

He is

He played as Happy in Cleo White and the Seven Disney Animals

He is a dwarf.

He played as Boomer in The Dragon and the Deer

He is a woodpecker

He played as Louis in The Princess and The Lion and The Princess and the Mouse (Abeiscool40 Style)

He is an alligator.

He played as King William's Captain in The Mermaid Princess (PierrickCanalFamille)

He is a captain.

He played as Monkey in Kung Fu Puppet, Kung Fu Puppet 2, and Kung Fu Puppet 3

He played as Thaddeus 'Phlegm' Bile in Circus, Inc.

He is a monster.

He played as Sushi Chef in Ohanas Inc.

He is a chef monster.

He played as Heimlich in A Children's Life

He is a fat caterpillar.

He played as Jacquimo in Bettylina, Bettylina 2: The Magic Dreams and Bettylina 3: A Curse of Time

He is a pigeon.

He played as Horror in The Pagemaster (Disney and Sega Style)

He is a book.

He played as one of the Other dogs on leash in Larry and Company

He is a dog on a leash.

He played as Friar Tuck in Orinoco Hood

He is a badger.

He played as Puggsy in James and Sniffles: The Movie

He is a dog.

He played as Pain in Kermicules

He is a demon.

He played Pedro in Rio (Disney and Sega Style)

He is a woodpecker.

He played Genie in Mickeyladdin and Phineasladdin​​​​​​​

He is a genie.

He played Quasimodo in The Dog of Notre Dame

He is a hunchback.

He played Clopin in The Mouse of Notre Dame

He is a jester.

He played The Archdeacon in The Penguin of Notre Dame

He is an archdeacon.

He played Dodo in June in Wonderland

He is a dodo.

He played Roller Bob in Canal Famille Story

He is a rolling machine.

He played Tortoises in Canal FamilleTubbies

He is a tortoise.

He played Bender in Canal Famillerama, Goofy's Game, Goofy's Big Score, Into the Wild Green Yonder and The Beast with a Billion Backs

He is a robot.

He played Jumba Jookiba in Kai Lan & Chase, Chase! The Movie, June & Mickey Mouse (Lilo & Stitch), June & Mickey Mouse 2: Mickey Mouse Has A Glitch, Mickey Mouse! The Movie (Julian Bernardino Style), and June & Mickey: The Series (Julian Bernardino Style)

He played Grundel in Auroralina

He is a toad.

He played Stubbs the Clown in We're Back! A Children's Story (Disney and Sega Style)

He is a Clown

He played Flwedder Fllum in The Black Cauldron (Uranimated18 Version)

He is a Minstrel

He played Merlin in the Sword in the Stone (Uranimated18 Version)

He is a Wizard

He played Slim in A Farm Animal's Life

He is a stick insect

He played Wallace in Goofy and Eeyore (Wallace & Gromit)

He played Chas Tenenbaum in The Royal Jetsons

He played Barney in Goofy & Friends (a.k.a. Barney & Friends)

He is a purple dinosaur

He played Woog in We're Back! A Disney Animal's Story

He is a Triceratops

He played George Sanderson in Animals, Inc. (Ponis Couples Style)

He played Fear in Inside Out (BenFranklin&JohnDarlingFan Style)