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Grévy’s zebra (Equus grevyi) is the largest of the equids (a group that includes horses, donkeys and zebras). Possessing the same body shape as other equids, Grévy’s zebra has a long head and neck and slender legs resting on a single digit in the form of a hoof. The sleek coat is patterned with black and white vertical stripes that are much narrower than those of the plains zebra (Equus quagga) and persist until above the hind legs where a chevron pattern occurs. The horizontal stripes on the legs remain distinct all the way down to the hooves, and the tall, upright mane is also striped in a pattern that continues on from the neck. A wide black stripe along the back is very distinctive and is bordered by white on the rump. Grévy’s zebra has a tan-coloured muzzle with white edges, and the large, rounded ears have one thick black stripe on the back with white tips. Grévy's zebra stallions have the largest territories of any living herbivore, at up to 10 square kilometres. Following birth, grévy's zebra foals can stand after just 6 minutes and run after 45 minutes! It is not known why Grévy's zebra has stripes, but they may serve a social function and stimulate grooming.



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