Gravitina is a Character form Buzz Lightyear of Star Commander (TV Series)

She Played Yzma In The Street Rat's New Groove

She Played as Madame Medusa In The Rescuers (Baloo The BearFan Human Style)

She is a Evil Woman

She Played as Mrs. Toad In Sawyerlina

She is a Toad

She Played The Old Hag In Ariel White and the Seven Men and Ariel White and the Seven Animals (CoolZDane Style)

She is a Hag

She Played Ursula In The Little Padme

She is a Sea Witch

She Played Morgana In The Little Arabian Princess 2:Return to The Sea

She is Ursula's Sister

She Played Queen Narissa (Live Action) In Enchaned (SimbaandKovu Fan360)

She Played Joanna In The Rescuers Down Under (Coolzdane Human Style)

She Played Aunt Figg in ??? and ???: The Movie

She Played Lori Quaid in Total Recall (??? Style)

She Played Scarlet Overkill in ??? (Minions)

She Played Mrs. Tweedy in ??? Run

She Played Hildy Gloom in

She played Queen Beryl in Sailor Moon (Chris1702 Style)



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