Greg Wiggle Pan

HitEntertainment's Spoof of 1953 Disney's "Peter Pan


Peter Pan - Greg Wiggle (The Wiggles)

Wendy Darling - Rachel (Barney and Friends)

Michael - David (Barney and Friends)

John - Shawn (Barney and Friends)

Tinkerbell - Dorothy the Dinosaur (The Wiggles)

Captain Hook - Captain Feathersword (The Wiggles)

Mr Smee - Henry the Octopus (Thw Wiggles)

Tick-Tock Crocodile - Chinese Dragon (Thomas and Friends)

The Lost Boys - Murray (The Wiggles) Anthony (The Wiggles) Jeff (The Wiggles) Wags The Dog (The Wiggles) Thomas and Percy (Thomas And Friends)


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