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He is a newborn baby wolf and a son of Grey and Bianca.

Grey Jr..png


He played as Nemo in Finding Grey Jr. and Finding Simone

He is a clownfish

He played as Mowgli in The Dreamer Book and The Dreamer Book 2

He is a man cub

He played as Flounder in The Little Animatronic Trilogy

He is a fish

He played as Blue in Grey Jr.'s Clues, Grey Jr.'s Room and Grey Jr.'s Clues & You!

He is a blue puppy

He played as Boo in Superheriones, Inc.

He is a human child

He played as Boots in Carmelita Fox the Explorer, Carmelita Fox & Friends: Into the City! and Carmelita Fox and the Lost City of Gold

He is a monkey

He Played as Benny in Luna Loud the Explorer

He is a blue bull

He played as Tico in Skye the Explorer

He is a purple squirrel

He played as Elmo in Sesame Street (Mirai Forever2017 Style) and The Adventures of Grey Jr. in Grouchland

He is a red monster




  • Grey (Father)
  • Bianca (Mother)
  • Cassie (Love interest later wife)
  • Bodi (Grandfather-In-Law)
  • Darma (Grandmother-In-Law)
  • Brodi (Father-In-Law)
  • Astro (Mother-In-Law)
  • Angus Scattergood (Grandfather-In-Law)
  • Glory Ackerman (Grandmother-In-Law)
  • Duke (Older Brother)