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Gru (Felonius Gru) is a main character from Despicable Me.



  • Allies: Minions, Margo, Edith, Agnes, Lucy Wilde, Dr. Nefario, Kyle (pet), Silas Ramsbottom
  • Enemies: Vector, Mr. Perkins, Eduardo Pérez/El Macho, Scarlet Overkill, Balthazar Bratt

Gru played Milo Thatch in Atlantis The Lost Empire (Justin Quintanilla Style)

He is a James Thatch

Gru played Genie in Anarioladdin

He is a genie

Gru played The Sultan in Jasladdin

He is the sultan of Agrabah and Princess Jasmine's father

Gru played Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Oh the Boov

He is a detective

Gru played Eugene H. Krabs in SheenBob KidPants

He is a crab

Gru played Marice in Beauty and the Deer

Gru played The Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince Charming Hood

He is a sheriff

Gru played Zeus in Prince Charmingcules

He is a god

Gru played Adult Thumper in Prince Charmingambi

He is a Bunny

Gru played Chester V in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (TongueSpeakingFool Style)

He is a villian

Gru played Lucius Best/Frozone in The Incredibles (Davidchannel's Version) and Incredibles 2 (Davidchannel's Version)

He is a Super Hero

Gru played Toki in Canimals (RockoRules2008 Style)

He is a Easter Bunny

Gru played Skips in Regular Show (TongueSpeakingFool Style)

He is a gorilla

Gru Played Lumiere in Beauty and The Henry

He is a Candle Man

Gru Played Quasimodo in The Gru of Notre Dame And The Despicable Of Norte Dame (TheTureDisneyKing Style)

He is a Hunchback

Gru played Jeremy in The Secret of NIMH (160 Movies Human Style)

Gru played Dr. Johanson in Deadly Friend (NimbusKidsMovies Animal Style)

Gru played Chief Brody in Jaws (JV46Ship style)

He is a police officer

Gru played Queen Elinor in Brave (Gender-Bender Style)

Gru played Albert Henckels in The Grand Underpants Hotel

Gru played Prince Edward (with Stanley Ipkiss) in Enchanted (Movies Spoof)

Gru Played Miguel In The Road To El Dorado (Dragon Rockz Style)

Gru played Rourke in Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Good or Evil Style)

Grupo player Lovi in Gene & Sherman

Gru played Shovel in Woofster's Clues

Gru played Chief in Isle of Minions

Gru played Commander Walters in Wallykazam and Sabrina and Ami and Yumi (Sonic The Hedgehog) (2020)

Gru played Rod Redline in Character 2 (Cars 2)


  • Wife: Lucy Wilde
  • Adopted Daughters: Margo, Edith and Agnes
  • Mother: Marlena
  • Twin Brother: Dru


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