Gru: Hi, Lucy.

Lucy: Oh, hey, Gru.

Gru: My Scarlet is getting sick. So I would date for you.

Lucy: Really? Are you sure you're going on...a dinner date with me?

Gru: (looks confused) Not really. Scarlet Overkill is having a nap with me and I supposed to come with you.

Lucy: Scarlet Overkill?

Gru: Yep. She is tired of watching Despicable Squad on Family Jr., but that theme song was removed.

Lucy: Silly Gru. I'll come get you home. So, ta-ta.

Gru: Ta-ta. What else needs for? Lucy on a date with me?

Scarlet: Don't worry, Gru. It's all good for you. Wanna bite of a pizza with my minions, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob?

Gru: Certainly, I'll give Lucy a dinner date at Hooters?

Scarlet: What?

Gru: Also known as Owl Joe's. We got to get to the City of Barrie in no time and an enchanting city moment for us at our night.

Scarlet: Sounds good to me.

Gru: I'll get in my kids, Agnes, Edith, and Margo to challenge on, Scarlet.

Scarlet: But I watched Minions, I was good and nice in the future. Bad, red, brilliant.

Gru: (sighs) Whatever, Scarlet, we should have guessed it going to Chuck E. Cheese's.

Discord: Did somebody say Chuck E. Cheese's?

Gru: Yes.

Discord: Chubby, it is time! Yippee!

Chubby: Touches the train is not a rotten egg!

(Discord and Chubby zoomed to Chuck E. Cheese's)

Gru: So where are we now? Hooter's...

Gru: This is a good and warm spot.

Lucy: Gru, I have always doing it with you. Scarlet is in the right with the minions.

Gru: Minions? Our time has come.

Minions: (all cheering)

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