Hanazuki is the titular main protagonist of the animated web-series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. She is a Moonflower who lives on her own moon, and her mission is to protect it from any evil forces threatening to destruct it. Whenever her moods change, she will also change colors, which are the keys to great power that could save the galaxy. These colors are usually seen on the highlights on her hair, and the tip of her flower-bud.


Hanazuki has fair skin, pink freckles on each cheek, and a pink nose as well. She has black or brownish-black hair, depending on the lighting, which resembles petals, with white parts inside serving as the highlights. On top of her head is a white flower-bud (known as the "Moodploom") resembling a dandelion.

She wears a white bracelet (known as the "Moodgleam") on her right hand, and a sleeveless two-piece skirt set which exposes an inch of her bare midriff. The top is completely black and the skirt is short with white trimming. She also never wears shoes. The white areas of her clothes and body glow different colors depending on which mood she is feeling intensely. Her skin also changes to pink in the dark.


Hanazuki is an optimistic, friendly and youthful individual. She also tends to be curious, innocent and naive about the outside world. Hanazuki is a very expressive character who reacts to scenarios around her with her colorful array of moods. Her strong connection to her emotions is her key attribute that makes her a powerful Moonflower.

Hanazuki is a natural Green Thumb. She loves tending to her Friendship Garden when she is stressed or in deep reflection.

Hanazuki is also a capable leader. When the need arises, she can lead the Hemkas and her friends to safety and out of harm's way, and they usually trust her on this.


Hanazuki's "birth" is shown in the first episode, "A Moonflower is Born" after a child-like being (later known as Little Dreamer) plants a strange flower seed on a moon using his breath. Once she appeared, she met a group of Hemkas who were frightened by her sudden appearance and ran away, thinking of her as a threat. Once alone, she wonders what her purpose is, and when Little Dreamer tells her to grow the treasure he has given, she is further confused. After getting feisty over the Hemkas fighting over the treasure, she grows her first treasure tree.

She falls into the flow of growing treasure trees as time passes, by the episode "Slow Sand Rises", she can already recognize all the signs that go with it. In the same episode, she grows a garden the treasures from her treasure trees which she affectionately calls their Friendship Garden.

In the episode "Friend or Foe", she finds out from Kiazuki that the massive black clouds nearing the moon are actually an evil force threatening to destroy it, and that the only way to prevent this evil force (referred to as the "Big Bad") is by growing treasure trees. Upon this discovery, Hanazuki takes growing and taking care of treasure trees more seriously.

In "Big Bad Sickness", as the Big Bad is slowly nearing her moon, Hanazuki feels more concerned. She starts to understand Kiazuki's pain over losing her moon, despite her anger showing otherwise. She is able to comfort her and because of this, Little Dreamer rewards Kiazuki with Treasures of her own. With Hanazuki's help, they plant a myriad of Treasure Trees, driving the Big Bad away for good and saving the moon.


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