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(Icy finally finds Tigress in her chamber and shoots her with a shard of ice. Tigress roars in pain and Icy kicks her through the window shattering glass. Icy laughs wickedly and leaps out after her. She kicks her.)

  • Icy: Get up. (She kicks her again.) Get up! (But Tigress doesn't budge.) What's the matter, Tigress? (She chuckles evilly.)
  • Icy: (Mockingly) Too kind and gentle to fight back?

(Tigress looks on with a sad face and still does nothing. Icy breaks off a piece of rock shaped like a club and plans to smash Tigress' head. Suddenly, just below, Aladdin along with Chicha and Rain arrive at the entrance.)

  • Aladdin: No!

(Tigress looks down and sees Aladdin)

  • Tigress: (softly) Aladdin.
  • Aladdin: No! Icy, don't!

(Suddenly, Tigress gets up and grabs Icy's club with her paws, obviously boosted by Aladdin's appearance. Icy is surprised and tries to hold back.)

  • Aladdin: Let's go, Rain!

(Rain neighs and she and Aladdin ride into the castle. Back at the tower, Tigress and Icy fight fiercely. Icy tries to hit Tigress with her club but she ducks and weaves with ease. Aladdin, meanwhile is running up the stairs to the tower to help Tigress. Back at the battle, it is thundering and lightening outside as Tigress hides among a row of beastly gargoyles with Icy in pursuit.)

  • Icy: Come on out and fight!

(The thunder shows all the gargoyles looking scary and menacing as Icy searches for Tigress.)

  • Icy: Were you in love with him, Tigress? Did you honestly think he'd want you, when he had someone like me?

(Sure enough, Tigress angrily growls from her hiding place and when Icy gets closer she leaps at her. The two fight again with Icy swinging her makeshift club at the giant cat, but misses.)

  • Icy: It's over, Tigress! Aladdin is MINE!!

(Another lightning flash occurs and Tigress manages to swipe the stone club from Icy’s hands. She angrily then picks her up by her neck and dangles her over the edge of the tower, obviously planning to drop her. Icy nervously starts to plead with her, showing that she is not as brave as everyone says.)

  • Icy: Let me go! Please! Don’t hurt me! I’ll do anything! Anything!

(Just then, she realizes that because of her love for Aladdin, she can’t kill Icy. So instead, she drops her on the balcony.)

  • Tigress: Get out.

(Aladdin then arrives.)

  • Aladdin: Tigress.

(Tigress sees Aladdin in the top tower.)

  • Tigress: Aladdin.

(Tigress rushes to the top tower)

  • Tigress: Aladdin.

(Tigress and Aladdin take hands and she is happy to see him again)

  • Tigress: You came back.

(Just then Icy stabs her knife on Tigress's back)

  • Icy: (laughs evilly)

(With a flash of light Icy looses her balance and falls to her demise)

(Aladdin lays Tigress into the floor)