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(Poison Ivy finally finds Tigress in her chamber and shoots her with her wrist crossbow. Tigress roars in pain and Ivy kicks her through the window shattering glass. Ivy laughs wickedly and leaps out after her. She kicks her.)

  • Ivy: Get up. (She kicks her again.) Get up! (But Tigress doesn't budge.) What's the matter, Tigress? (She chuckles evilly.)
  • Ivy: (Mockingly) Too kind and gentle to fight back?

(Tigress looks on with a sad face and still does nothing. Ivy breaks off a piece of rock shaped like a club and plans to smash Tigress' head. Suddenly, just below, Aladdin along with Chicha and Rain arrive at the entrance.)

  • Aladdin: No!

(Tigress looks down and sees Aladdin)

  • Tigress: (softly) Aladdin.
  • Aladdin: No! Ivy, don't!

(Suddenly, Tigress gets up and grabs Ivy's club with her paws, obviously boosted by Aladdin's appearance. Ivy is surprised and tires to hold back.)

  • Aladdin: Let's go, Rain!