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Harmony B. Sharp is the most gifted and multi-talented star in Lalaloopsy Land. She's a natural entertainer who loves to be center stage. She can do it all - act, dance, and sing...even if she sometimes misses a note or two. Her name comes from music vernacular, harmony being the simultaneous sound of notes - and B. sharp being a note itself!

About Harmony


Harmony is a fair skinned girl with black button eyes and eyelashes and a small music note-shaped beauty mark below her left eye. Her cheeks are a carnation pink. Harmony's hair is a magenta color with curled strands of hair flaring out on both sides going around and straight cut bangs with two single strands of bangs curling inward. She has a jet black top hat on the top of her head. Harmony has multiple pieces of hair that can be attached to her head. There is a scarlet red bow with hair curled in loops, a single curled pigtail with a small turquoise blue bubble ornament, a row of sunshine yellow stars with many curly pieces of hair, and two small bright pink bows with long noddle-like curls of hair. Usually, on her head, she wears a black top hat with turquoise blue band and bow.

Harmony wears a turquoise blue and bright pink outfit consisting of a sparkly turquoise blue dress with a sparkly two-layer skirt with carnation pink ruffled lining. Around her chest is a scarlet red bow. The sleeves of her dress match her skirt. She also has vermilion leggings with white polka dots and ruffled lining. Her socks are turquoise blue, matching her dress, along with black Mary Janes with mulberry bows on top.


Harmony's pet is a sunshine yellow kitty with a clump of spiked amber orange hair. It has plain black button eyes, magenta nose and open mouth. He has rose pink cheeks and carnation pink inner ear coloring. Her cat wears a jet black bow tie with a white dickey collar. It stands on its hind legs.


Harmony is normally seen on a big pink and gold stage with red curtains and blue areas on the top of the stage with golden designs all over them. Her stage has multiple steps, anywhere to put her stand and a small blue one for her kitty. She usually has a small board next to the stage for her to write down what she plans to perform. The trees in her part of land are filled with musical notes, piano keys, and ribbons.


  • March 27th is International Theater Day.
  • She shares her birthday with Yuki Kimono.


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