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The Queen's mothership first attacked the Earth Space Defense Rhea Base before making its appearance on the Moon, where the mothership annihilated the ESD Moon Base and then wiped out Earth's orbital defenses. The mothership then made landfall over the Atlantic Ocean while massively damaging human cities in the process, and begin drilling into the planet to harvest the Earth's molten core, which would destroy both its magnetic field and atmosphere in the process. The ESD launched an attack on the mothership in an effort to kill the Queen, but the Queen countered by releasing an electromagnetic pulse-like weapon that disabled ESD fighters and destroying human satellites. Concurrently, Harvester forces killed President Elizabeth Lanford along with the others in the Cheyenne, while the Queen brought Lanford to her presence before ultimately killing her. The Queen later became aware of the Sphere's presence on Earth and located it at Area 51. The Queen departed on her personal ship from the mothership and led her forces on attacking the ESD base. However, the ESD under David Levinson were forewarned of the Queen's imminent arrival and laid out a last ditch plan by luring her into a trap by duplicating the Sphere's signal to an space tug loaded with cold fusion bombs. Thomas Whitmore acted as the decoy in which he flew the space tug into the Queen's ship, and detonated the explosives right in front of her while Levinson trapped her ship inside a energy shield. Although the humans succeeded in their trap, this did not kill the Queen, as she was equipped with a shield generator that protected her from the explosion. Emerging from the wreckage of her ship, the Queen first saw Levinson, his father and a group of children, and, enraged by the deception, began to chase them as they flee in a school bus. The Queen was then attacked by H-8 Global Defenders led by Patricia Whitmore. The Queen's shield continued to protect her as she fended off the fighters, and brought them down, until Whitmore herself managed to destroy the Queen's shield generator. The Queen, furious by the fact that her shield is now gone, was about to crush Whitmore, but only to be assailed by Fighters piloted by Dylan Hiller, Rain Lao, Jake Morrison, and Charles Miller. But at the same time, Harvester soldiers managed to break into Area 51, and located the Sphere. Informed by her drones, the Queen disengages from her opponents, and telekinetically controlled her entire Fighter forces (including the Fighters commandeered by the ESD pilots) to form an encircling shield surrounding her as she assaulted Area 51. The Queen brutally forced her way through the human fighters and broke into the cell where the Sphere is being kept. Although having the Sphere literally in her grasp, the ESD pilots in the Fighters managed to break out of the Queen's control by overheating their ships' engines and opened fire on the now vulnerable Queen. Sustaining fatal wounds with her suit completely damaged, the Queen dies and her body almost collapses on the school bus driven by David Levinson. With the Queen dead, Harvester forces immediately lose cohesion and falling into disarray, in which Fighters start falling from the skies. The mothership stopped its drilling operation and automatically leaves Earth.