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V3 Miku Append had been confirmed for the VOCALOID3 engine. The move over to the new engine means that all of the Append data must be readjusted from scratch for optimum results from VOCALOID2 to VOCALOID3.[1]

On July 24, 2013, it was confirmed VOCALOID2 Hatsune Miku and Append vocals would be included in a new update Hatsune Miku V3 version.[2]Crypton's website was updated in July to include MEIKO V3 and Hatsune Miku V3.[3]

Users who registered with Hatsune Miku vocals later were e-mailed special deals on the new Hatsune Miku V3, and a special Hatsune Miku V3 bundle which included her new English version.

Upon release Miku was offered on Amazon with several bundles:

  • "Debut" set: this contained Japanese Miku only, this also contains a KorgmicroKEY-25 MIDI keyboard, a TASCAM US-322 unit and headset.[4]
  • "Recording Starter set": contains the same contents as "Debut" set with extras. These include Cubase LE6, pop guard, wind guard, a boom arm microphone stand, a dynamic microphone and microphone cable.[5]
  • US-122MKII "Debut" set: contains the Hatsune Miku V3 complete software. this also contains a Korg microKEY-25 MIDI keyboard, a TASCAM US-122MKII unit and headset.[6]
  • "Invinicble" set: This contains the complete Miku V3 bundle. It contains pop guard, wind guard, a boom arm microphone stand, Korg microKEY-25 MIDI keyboard, music stand, microphone cable and Peavey PVi2 Dynamic Microphone. Cubase LE6 is included and the TASCAM unit is a TASCAM US-366 unit.[7]

These bundles are not intended for normal PC set up and were designed for a special set up. They also contain "Studio One ARTIST Piapro edition”.

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Six Greetings (short ver)(All append & English) YouTube
Six Greetings (long ver) (All Append & English) YouTube
ペイメント (Payment) (Soft feat Sweet append) YouTube
Happy Rainy Day (Solid & Soft) YouTube


Voicebank Libraries[2]

Product Information
  Trial/Demo Vers?:Yes  Starter Available?: No
Package details
The updated version of Hatsune Miku. It includes both the new version of the original Hatsune Miku, plus the Append vocals "Dark", "Soft", "Sweet" and "Solid".[8]

This vocal package comes with Piapro Studio included.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Triphones added
  • At a lowest optimum range of #D2 kokoneV3 Lily, Hatsune Miku V3 vocals Dark and solid as well as Yuzuki Yukari all jointly hold the title of "lowest Japanese female" optimum range between them. They are beaten as overall lowest female by Clara at #C2.
Cross-Synthesis notes:
*Hatsune Miku V3

When imported into VOCALOID4, the cross-synthesis (XSY) function can be used on all 5 Japanese Hatsune Miku voicebanks.

  • In total the complete package offers the equivalent of 20 additional voicebanks achievable via XSY. The total tone variation offered by the package comes to a theoretical 25 voicebanks in total.
Software issues as noted:
  • "Vivid" and "Light" were initially missing from the original Hatsune Miku V3 release, resulting in some consequences:
    • The missing two vocals meant that the V3 package compared to the VOCALOID2 era releases lacked any focus on faster genres of music.
    • This also meant "Dark" and "Sweet" were missing their polar opposing vocals.
    • "Solid" is now the only Append remaining that focuses on powerful vocals and therefore this particular package has a tendency to favor softer tones overall. As a consequence, the original Hatsune Miku vocal is the vocal left most adapt to act as a bridge between "Solid" and the other Append vocals.
  • All vocals now are listed as an octave lower than the original VOCALOID2 optimum ranges gave the equivalent vocals as.

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Individual Voices[3]

Product Information
  Genre: Pop, Dance  Optimum Tempo: 70~150BPM  Optimum Range: A2~E4
  Total Tempo (min-max): 80BPM  No. of Keys: W=12, B=8, Total=20
Package details
DB 1 ORIGINAL Append is intended to be a cute-sounding vocal and was designed to maintain characteristic quality within her voice. This is an upgraded version of her VOCALOID2 version with improved results for VOCALOID3.
Vocal traits as noted:
  • Miku's transition from note to note is smoother than her V2 voicebank.
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • Miku's issues with the transition "e" to "i" or "i" to "e" have been fixed.
Software issues as noted:
  • May not always sound like the VOCALOID2 vocal, despite being an update of it.
Voicebank sample

Hatsune Miku V3 Original


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Hatsune Miku V3 also includes Piapro Studio.

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