MrErikDouglas 21:56, August 22, 2014 (UTC)Heather was the main antagonist on Total Drama Island. She is also Alejandro's love interest.                    

Heather played Tiffany in The Wild Animal Bully

She is Lucas' Older Sister

Heather played Orddu in The Black Cauldron (Oriana160 Style)

She is a witch

Heather played Queen Grimhilde in D.W. White and the Seven Insects

She is a Queen

Heather played Rapunzel in Yogi (Shrek)

She is a Princess

Heather played Vanessa in The Little Goth Girl

She is Ursula in Disguise

Heather played Drizella Tremaine in Gwenerella

She is a Wicked Stepsister

Heather played Shenzi in The Medieval King

She is a hyena

Heather played Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty (Disneymovielover103) and Heather (Maleficent)

She is a witch

Heather played Mother Bird in Kimiko in Wonderland

She is a Bird

Heather played The Queen of Hearts in Princess Camille in Wonderland and Anna in Wonderland

She is an Evil Queen

Heather played Chantel DuBois in Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted (Disney THX Style)

She is an Animal Control

Heather played The Old Hag in Charity White and the Seven VeggieTales and Alice White and the Seven Robots

She is a witch

Heather played Morgana in The Little Mer-Total Drama Contestant 2

She is Ursula's sister


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